VIDEO Farrah Abraham talks blow-and-go, Derek Underwood with Howard Stern

Farrah Abraham appears on The Howard Stern Show

Farrah Abraham is always good for an outrageous comment so when it comes to interviews, she’s as good as gold. Even better? An interview with the always raunchy Howard Stern on his SiriusXM station. In the latest of Farrah’s interviews, the Teen Mom turned sex tape star is telling all about her sexual experiences, the death of her daughter’s father, and the “idiot” cops who arrested her on St. Patrick’s Day.

“I’m not a w***e, I’m not a slut, I’m not a c-word, if that’s what you’re calling me!” she told Howard during their no-holds-barred chat. “I really tried not to have sex before marriage.” Unfortunately, trying wasn’t enough and Farrah ended up pregnant at just 16 by her late boyfriend Derek Underwood who she calls her “first love” and “the first person I had sex with.”

Farrah previously told The Dirty’s Nik Richie that her first sexual experience wasn’t with Derek and that the encounter featured what her film is now infamous for.

“My boyfriend was a winner,” she said of Derek. “I was very happy [with him sexually,] and that’s what I’m satisfied with.”

Farrah also addressed Derek’s tragic death, placing the blame for the car crash on him. “He was driving the car, so I guess you could say it was his fault … he was going too fast.”

Teen Mom Farrah Abraham on The Howard Stern Show interview

As for her own troubles behind the wheel, Farrah continues to deny any wrong doing despite admitting on several occasions that she was, in fact, drunk behind the wheel. “I was legally drunk, but I definitely remember the whole night, and police acting like idiots to me,” she said. “They didn’t give me a sobriety test [and] they didn’t do things legally.”

Just last week, Farrah went to court where she entered a guilty plea which kept her out of the slammer but also required her to have a blow-and-go installed in her vehicle. “I don’t think everyone should have it, it’s really difficult,” Farrah says of the device. The device not only requires her to blow before she goes, it also makes her periodically blow while driving — a total pain, even for an experienced blower.

Farrah added, “I’m like, ‘F*** this, I’m gonna rent a car right now and have someone drive me around.’ I don’t want to deal with it.”

Following the interview, Farrah retweeted a post from The Stern Show which read, “‘I masturbate to my own sex video’ – Teen Mom @F1Abraham on #H100.” The show was referring to a comment Farrah had made during the interview in which she revealed that she’s actually excited by seeing herself on film. “I masturbate to like.. I like watching my own video,” she said.

Below is a few highlights from the interview (if you’re not familiar with Stern or Farrah for that matter – the content may not be suitable for all audiences):

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  • Lana Leigh

    I’m listening to a recording of it right now. JD calling her a liar is pretty good. Farrah saying to him, “You’re an angry individual and you really need to go take care of yourself” …..hahaha

    • Farrah’s D1ldo

      Can you give me a link? Have to listen to the whole thing!!!

  • Caty C.P. :)

    Just when I think she can’t get any trashier, she goes and does.

  • Real star article on starcasm?

    “I really tried not to have sex before marriage”. Really?! Seriously?! She must not have tried that hard, or have the same definitions of sex or marriage. And it goes on and on. Gosh, can this poor stupid soul get lost ?! Can we buy her a one way ticket to the moon or something?

  • BEBE

    I love Howard Stern!

  • heyBale

    This girl has an excuse for everything. While thats wrong in an of itself… the troubling part of it is how convinced she is of her infallibility.

    One day, she will wake up from being a brat and it will all hit her how much she has to regret. Going to be many a sleepless nites for her.

  • Geniya

    staring at the same train wreck for too long does get boring

  • SammyG

    Farrah is so egotistical – getting off on watching herself – hahaha! She probably screams her own name during sex too! What a nice girl.

  • Ashley

    Ugh, her ex’s family should sue her for defamation. She’s made so much money going on and on about him. He isn’t here to defend himself. Just stop.

    • amberc88

      thats what i have been saying too! I am suprised his family hasnt taken any legal action against her yet! and if not for the defamation issue than at least for rights to his child.

  • LIAR

    The interview is out of control. Now she’s saying James Deen was her boyfriend? Didn’t she talk about how she hired him for the ‘private sex tape?’ So many lies within lies within lies.

  • LaDy

    I remember Farrah’s 16 & Pregnant episode- she said she didn’t want to breastfeed because she didn’t want her boobs to get saggy, but she doesn’t mind getting a loose butthole and exploiting her body if she can talk about how great she is on second rate radio talk shows.

    • Liz Cope

      I freaking love Howard Stern! He is the best. But he really should’ve let this girl have it. Or at least Robin should have!

    • Caty C.P. :)

      @ LaDy, ‘loose butthole’ just cracked me up ;);)

      • Real star article on starcasm?

        Me too!

    • London Raine

      if she keeps up the anal, she’ll soon be dealing with anal leakage or her carp just falling out. She’ll be wearing diapers by the time she’s 40. Remember kids – the anus is exit only 😉

  • Amber Blankenbeckler

    Her attitude is another Deb! These Teen Mom shows are making these “kids” money hungry. They are def taking advantage of the cameras for the wrong reason.