Is Theresa Caputo a real medium? Can she really communicate with the dead?


TLC’s Long Island Medium seems to get right to the emotional core of the people she visits and seems to know things that only the spirits of their dead loved ones could know. But is she for real? Are any psychic mediums real?

Of course since this is a TV show, any misses Theresa makes can easily be edited out. Like other pop culture mediums Miss Cleo, John Edward, and Sylvia Browne, Theresa seems be using a shotgunning technique, which basically means she throws out some vague things, and then begins to gather more specific information based on the positive responses.

There’s also something called “The Forer effect” which relies on the individuals to be so eager to believe that they fill in essential information. The medium may say something like “Your father passed on due to problems in his chest or abdomen,” and then the person says “Oh yes, he had a heart attack,” or “My stepfather passed from colon cancer.”

One criticism of Theresa is that while she converted several guys in a motorcycle shop into believers, it turns out that these men worked with her husband, so she was already privy to some of their private information. But Theresa does make some uncanny connections that seem impossible if she wasn’t getting some sort of external information. Furthermore she has a charming and loving personality and seems to really care about the people she’s talking to. At the very least, she’s an emotionally insightful person who deeply cares.

Is Theresa Caputo a psychic?

A medium is someone who can communicate with the dead, which is what Theresa claims to be. She does not claim to see into the future, so she is not a “psychic” in that sense.

Does Theresa Caputo believe in God?

Yes. She is a Catholic who attends Mass every Sunday.

Is Theresa Caputo certified?

Yes, she was certified through the Forever Family Foundation.

Are any mediums real, or all they all faking?

As skeptic, it seems that mediums play on the audience’s need to believe and use certain tricks to get information. We all have someone, or many people, we wish to speak to just one more time, and in that way mediums can provide a very important emotional service to people.

I’m always open to being wrong, though.

Do you believe in mediums?

If you want Theresa to give you a reading of some kind, you can contact her through her website.

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  • Anon

    Went to her show. Totally fake. Don’t buy into it, she sells herself on her personality

    • McKenna

      But, you can’t really prove that she is a fake…

      What do we know?

  • anjealka

    Fake, but if it comforts people and makes them feel better then it is up to each person if it is worth it to them. In college I installed phone and computer lines. I did a big job to install lines to one of the psychic call in centers. I was talking with the owner and by the information on my work order, last name, birthdate, ss# I could figure out a few facts about him and starte up a conversation. The owner sad I could have a job, I was great at taking a few small clues and pulling more information out. Paid $30 an hour, I actually made more installing phone lines but it was a conversation I will always remember.

    • Debby Kenimond

      too bad some people have to get sneeky and commit fraud when there are people that God actually gives the gift for free and makes other peoples lives so much better and healing.

      • Mitchell

        delusion is sad

  • LJF

    Not fake, she’s the real deal. She comes up with things you can’t know through just doing homework. There are fake mediums out there too but she’s real. This story would have been a lot better if someone had spell checked and grammar checked it….

    • siriusthecat

      They are all fake. Mediums pray on gullible people mourning dead loved ones. It’s easier than psychic readings, because they are desperate to believe. I was a phone psychic for a few years. Great money. I earned 3.75 per minute. I was trained how to be a psychic. We all were. The same company trained mediums.

      • jessix

        You can’t be trained to be a medium. You either have it or you don’t and few people have it. Those commercials for psychic readings by phone were as phony as the “mediums” who scammed the callers.

        • siriusthecat

          There is a reward of what? A million bucks waiting for a proven psychic to claim it. Its a trick, like magic. Sshhhh, thats fake, too. You have been bamboozled. I have great instincts and can cold read all day. I was taught how.

    • Antonietta Baldwin

      The article could of been better and I agree with you on the spelling issue and grammar problems.

      • starcasmnet

        You’re right. It’s been looked over now.

    • siriusthecat

      They edit her show. Oops, no Tommy, cut the tape. Medium work is so much easier and sleazier than straight psychic. It is a straight up exploitment of grieving people. It only works on people in pain. Anyone else would call bs after the first 10 mistakes.

  • Sabryna

    The typos are killing me.

  • amberc88

    to each their own. for me she is 100% real! I absolutely loveee her and would love to be able to see her

    • omgshrimpz .

      She’d love your money too.

  • joan

    Of course she is fake! Anybody who believes her are very gullible and are easy victims. I’m sure it easy to scam these people for their bank account info.

  • Jenn

    Fake! You can’t communicate with the dead…THEY ARE DEAD!

    • lily

      Actually you can dumbass. Expierence it first hand and then say all the shit you want

      • Liz

        It’s In the bible when a person die he’s like sleeping so she is actually talking to evil not ur loved ones

        • Skunky

          “So man lieth down, and riseth not: till the heavens be no more, they shall not awake, nor be raised out of their sleep.” “His sons come to honour, and he knoweth it not; and they are brought low, but he perceiveth it not of them.” Job 14:12, 21.

          “The living know that they shall die: but the dead know not any thing, neither have they any more a reward; for the memory of them is forgotten. Also their love, and their hatred, and their envy, is now perished; neither have they any more a portion for ever in any thing that is done under the sun.” “There is no work, nor device, nor knowledge, nor wisdom, in the grave, whither thou goest.” Ecclesiastes 9:5, 6, 10.

          • madethatway

            Oh sweet mother of b.s…!

            Question; ‘How do you know the bible is real?”
            Answer: ‘Oh, because it says so”.

            How simple life must be for those who choose ignorance over knowledge.

  • siriusthecat

    Total sham. I can’t believe she is allowed to be in the Catholic church. My grandmother did astrology and church busybodies got her kicked out. Harassed her for years. It was just very informal tea leaves and charts at her kitchen table for extra money. The catholic church haz a zero tolerance policy for all things super natural. At least they did. Maybe they need more members after the whole priests and alterboy scandals.

    • jessix

      An ATHEIST would say Astrology, Psychics, Mediums, and the CHURCH are all the same thing.

      How is belief in the supernatural any different from religion?

      • siriusthecat

        What are you talking about? Are you on medication? Your comment has nothing to do with mine.

        • jessix

          What does your “Are you on medication?” comment have to do with this discussion?

          If I am, at least MY medication works! What’s your excuse?

          Snarky, nasty personal attacks are used by people who have nothing constructive to add to a conversation.

      • Jen

        It’s different the bible warns about Mediums it talks about staying away from them. Leviticus 19:31
        ‘Do not turn to mediums or seek out spiritists, for you will be defiled by them. I am the LORD your God.’ (NIV)

  • Anon

    No, she isn’t real. I believe in spirits, and people who have such a gift, aka being a medium, may not sell their gift in exchange for money. I know that because I often visit a medium who was able to contact a beloved one she didn’t even know. And she does not charge for it. She just helps you. If you charge, you lose your gift doing this. You receive the capacity of hearing/seeing/feeling spirits in order to help others, not to profit with it. So even if she was once, there is no way she could still be a medium. Of course no one can prove spirits exist. I just had proof enough of it, and this is why I believe in it. But I do respect people who don’t. Just don’t fall for this fake medium.

    • jessix

      Perhaps you’re confusing greed with accepting a nominal fee for a reading? A real psychic wants to help people, but NOT at their own expense. Greed is associated with the fakes all over the world.
      Those people who charge nominal amounts for readings have to live, like the rest of us. If they are good enough to do readings full time, when do they have time to do other work? Do you expect them to become homeless in order to do readings?

      How much credibility would you give to a homeless person who approaches you claiming to be a psychic or a medium?

      • siriusthecat

        Shes actually right, not about them being real, but about charging for the gift. Its all part of the legend and gratuities are ok. Oh and gypsies don’t like being called homeless.

    • Danmit9

      Jessix is correct. I do the same thing. I charge charitable organizations for my graphic design projects. Does that make me mean and greedy? No, it makes me smart enough to never do something I’m good at for free so I can put food on my table. She’s a medium, not a ghost hunter.

    • madethatway

      Oh please.

      Who said gifted people must devote all of their time and energy to giving their gift and then be expected to live on air alone?

      Are they not also entitled to eat, to clothe themselves, to be able to feed, clothe and care for their children, to pay to keep a roof over their heads?

      I can’t believe the level of ignorance in here – the amount of people who seem to be so threatened by the thought that somebody just MIGHT actually have a genuine gift that potentially brings comfort to a great many people, and then run them down for it.

      By their fruits ye shall know them. So how are YOUR fruits looking, bucko?

  • jessix

    I was a skeptic until I met an old woman, 90-year-old Ethyl Myers. She had a small apartment in Manhattan and she contacted those who “crossed over” through her dead husband. She suggested I bring a tape recorder to our meeting. I didn’t as I thought it would be a waste of time
    Too bad for me, because I became a believer after that first meeting. As a super rational person, I figured out a real medium must have the ability to read one’s subconscious. That almost made sense – somehow a mind-reader was more acceptable to me than a real psychic.

    This was many years ago and I’m sure Ethyl Myers is now residing comfortably with her departed husband somewhere in the ether. What has bothered me since my experience is the number of fakes out there who pretend to be mediums.

    I’ve not met or seen any medium I consider to be “real” since Ms. Myers. This includes another fairly popular young female (age 30-40), also living on the West Side of Manhattan at the same time Ms. Myers was alive.

    I have no use for that Edwards guy on TV or Sylvia Brown. I cannot deal with more than a few seconds of some; more than minutes of the rest – except for Theresa Caputo.

    Ms. Caputo is a different story. She follows a pattern similar to that of Ethyl Myers, who used her husband to communicate with those who “passed”. Theresa Caputo uses “Spirit” to connect. I knew nothing about Ethyl Myers, but Theresa Caputo seems fairly transparent since much of her life and work is broadcast as part of Reality TV
    I’m writing this as an ex-skeptic, to let interested parties know there likely is such a thing as communnication with those who passed. There are many more fakes out there preying on desperate individuals than there are legitimate mediums.. I don’t know how to “warn” people about the fakes, or how to guide them to the “real” mediums.

    Just be careful and don’t be too fast to condemn the real thing without solid proof they are full of hot air, Speculation is not enough to prove or disprove the legitimacy of anything, including mediums.

  • james

    All “psychics” are frauds, so yes, yes she is.

  • Jaci

    Anyone ever heard the phrase ‘perception is reality’, if she genuinely helps the people she reads for, than she is real. The rest is irrelevant. Anyone who says the bit about how she is preying on the weak, giving people false hope, blah blah. False hope about what? Afterlife? What the hell does it matter? If you are right, and after life is just nothingness, than who cares. Maybe it helps people live without fear up to those final moments. I will never understand what makes people so obsessed to take away from other people these things that ease their pain.

    • omgshrimpz .

      She’s a charlatan and a bullshit helmet headed bitch. She doesn’t give a shit about peoples feelings she’s only in it for cash. A psychopath.

  • kevin

    No one can talk to the dead. This is just a money making scam. Edited tv shows only show the good parts and not all the questions when she doesn’t hit the mark. TOTAL FAKE/SCAM.

    • Danmit9

      Define “good parts”. I understand some mediums could be vague in their questions, but the few times I’ve seen her show, her questions are always very detailed and specific to the person she is speaking with. I’m not saying I believe her, but if she is correct 1/100 times when it comes to paranormal topics like this, then we have to assume it’s all real.

  • Me

    I thought she was real until I watched the episode where a sister and cousin come in for a reading from the sister’s brother who had been murdered. The brother came through and told the sister to stop looking for justice for his murder. However, he did not tell them who did it. If the brother really did come through, I would think that would be the first thing he would let them no so the police could investigate a connection. But no, he didn’t speak of the murderer.

    • luilui89

      I can believe that because one of the things we are here to learn is how to love and that even means those you wouldn’t think we should. To him, he might have been protecting both his family from hatred and acting on it and more suffering for his killer as he probably is already paying or will be paying his dues.

    • Andrea

      I’m not sure how I feel about Theresa, but isn’t it possible that it was included in the reading, but wasn’t televised? That seems like it would cause some legal issues…

      • Witlock

        rofl, keep telling that to yourself.

  • just because someone goes to church don’t mean that they believe in God.

  • SpringTyme14

    I saw Teresa in my apt. complex, she comes in with her white truck and a trailer. sits in the trailer til camera is ready. I stand by her hoping she gets a reading from me, as it shows on TV that she just stops people at ransom and tells them the “spirit” is channeling her. All I got were laughed at and she didn’t care to even look at me or say Hi, or even channel me plus her kids were with her too. (EGO MUCH). Just rude.. I also went into her website to get a private reading, Imagine costing $400 to get a reading depend on locations, (I’m 20 mins away from hicksville, even my aunt lives there.), ok lady you claim you’re not doing it for the money, yet you charge people and want people to tell you a story of why we should get a reading, You need to tell me, not the other way around. I wrote I can’t stop grieving and live my life and being depressed, but never mentions why. Real or fake don’t give you the right to turn people away.

    • Witlock

      Your Facebook account didn’t contain enough info that she could parrot back to you.

  • mdeggel

    See, this is why I fail to understand the concept of religion and beliefs.I’m an atheist and skeptic so I don’t believe neither, but I do know what the church believes…She’s Catholic…but she’s a medium? Riiiiiiiight. She is the definition of contradiction! The Catholic Church believes that Mediums do not speak to the passed, they only speak to demons who know about the said passed person. Dead are dead, there is nothing more to it…they do not know anything because they are dead. The church sees this as an evil act, and would believe that she would have demonic tendencies because of this. I’m surprised they haven’t tried to ruin her completely! Besides all that, she is an utter joke! I saw her on Ellen and she spoke to a guy in the audience where his sister had passed in a car accident, when she asked this guy he said “yes, WE were in a car accident and she didn’t make it” She started rambling and then said “shes telling me you were present, as if you saw the accident or something? and then he goes “yes i was in the car with her”……..ARE YOU FREAKING SERIOUS?!?! How she got away with that one i will not know!! and then of course continued on with “she’s telling me you think it should of been you, you feel guilty. you shouldn’t feel guilty” What perfectly normal human wouldn’t feel a burden such as that? So frustrating!

  • Michael Bregand


  • Isabel Bel

    Ola, falo em português.
    Diga algo,que eu pare de sofrer no meu espirito,esta infeliz por anos,estou deprimida.