Martha Stewart’s gorgeous modeling photos


71-year-old self-made billionaire Martha Stewart, who is currently making headlines because she’s looking for a date on, was also a successful model in the 1960s. Martha looks amazing in her 70s, so it’s no surprise that she was stunning in her 20s.

In a new PBS documentary Makers: Women Who Make America Martha discusses her modeling career, which included some gigs with Chanel. “I got enough modeling jobs at $50/hour — which was a lot of money at that time.” She was also a new bride, having married Andrew Stewart in 1961. They were married for seventeen years, and had one child together, 47-year-old Alexis.

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  • frontdoor mom

    Beautiful! She looks a little like tayloe swift standing by the car.

  • Silent Viewer

    As beautiful then as she is today! Goes to show that surgery (or at least tons of it) is not necessary to age gracefully!!!

  • Kae

    I see some kate Moss, in her.. Very nice photos..