EXCLUSIVE Why Kailyn Lowry stormed off the Teen Mom 2 Reunion

Dr. Drew and Kailyn Lowry at the Teen Mom 2 Season 4 Reunion Special

Now that the fourth season of Teen Mom 2 is over, it’s time for all the mothers to rehash the highs and lows in their recent histories. During a preview clip for the upcoming sit-down with Dr. Drew Pinksy, Kailyn Lowry becomes defensive about why she wants to keep Jo Rivera’s new girlfriend out of her and Isaac’s lives.

During the clip, Dr. Drew asks why Kailyn won’t allow Jo’s girlfriend, Vee (real name Vetzabe Torres), to have the same role in Isaac’s life as Kailyn’s husband, Javi Marroquin. Kailyn explains the main issue is that Vee drinks and smokes. She adds there are even pictures of Vee smoking weed with a gas mask circulating around the web, which is no way for a person who is going to be around a child to behave.

“I’m not going to allow someone around my son who smokes. I’m not going to allow someone around my son who drinks,” Kailyn said.

Dr. Drew went on to ask — in a very counselor-like way — whether we can give her a chance. But, before he even finishes the sentence, Kailyn cuts him off and says that isn’t going to happen.

Even though the clip only shows a brief segment, the interrogation between Dr. Drew and Kailyn stretched on. As another montage for the Reunion Show reveals, Kailyn eventually becomes so frustrated that she leaves the stage.

In response to the clips, many internet commenters have been saying Kailyn was too defensive. We spoke with one of Kailyn’s close friends who set the record straight about what went down — and how the line of questioning eventually pushed Kailyn over the edge.

According to our source, MTV pressured Kailyn to be extra critical of Vee during the discussion with Dr. Drew. Kailyn was also given the reassurance that Dr. Drew was going to be on her side. Then, when he started go back on his word and say Kailyn had double standards, Kailyn felt as though she was being ganged up on and that made her “feel like s**t.”

Our source adds that Kailyn understands where the negative “hypocrite” claims come from, but she is just trying to protect Isaac from people who drink and smoke. (That may seem like a large group. However, as viewers of the show know, the issues are very near and dear to Kailyn’s heart considering her estranged mother battles substance abuse problems.)

Be sure to tune in to the “Teen Mom 2 Reunion Special with Dr. Drew Monday” night at 10/9c on MTV!

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  • Jayla

    Ffs. Kail blames MTV for EVERYTHING. ‘Mtv cameras stressed me out that’s why I assaulted Javi’ ‘MTV edited the show to look like I married for benefits’ when she’s talking about the damn benefits every episode and names them herself as a reason for marrying Javi when Jo asked her.’mtv set me up at the reunion’ you do have double standards Kail, just own it. The reality is, Drew told her what she didn’t wanna hear so she stormed off like the brat she is. Can’t wait to be done seeing her on my TV every week.


      I totally agree! She is a one sided m*ther f”er!

    • K

      You could have stopped seeing her on your TV every week a loooong time ago, by turning it off or watching something else.

      • Ally

        I liked the shows, just not her. But I honestly would do other stuff during her segments lol

        • K

          Fair enough. I had that during Leah’s segments, although I don’t really know why. During Jenelle’s clips too, but that’s like a trainwreck. You can’t help but watch.

          • Ally

            I think every TM2 fan does that to at least 1 of the girls. But I agree about Jenelle, except sometimes when she is leaving Jace again cause it breaks my heart everytime!

    • KC

      MOTHERS have a right to have double standards. Was it Jo who was pushing out the baby and being in all that pain? I don’t think so. Does Jo take care of his son when he comes to visit? I don’t think so. Did Jo get the choice to move away? Yes. Why should Kailyn be chained to that deadbeat for the rest of her life?

      • BB

        1. So what if Kail pushed a baby out that doesn’t give her more rights than Jo nor does it mean anything seeing as a crackhead like Jenelle is capable of that. 2. We barely see Jo on the show so who are you to say he doesn’t take care of his child? Kail has proven herself to be a liar so you can’t judge him based off of what she says especially seeing as she isn’t with Isaac when he is with Jo. 3. Jo moved 1 hour away by car and it didn’t effect their custody agreement while Kail moving will effect their custody agreement, big difference. Nobody is stopping Kail from leaving just Isaac like Jo said Isaac can stay with him and she can visit six weeks a year.

      • Liz

        Kailyn is using double standards AND being a hypocrite — she herself smoked pot all the time, supposedly even during her pregnancy. And according to this reunion show, she’s not even bothered by the fact that Vee smokes and drinks, period. It’s that she has the audacity to post pictures of it online. What has that got to do with anything? All of this is because Kailyn is jealous that Jo doesn’t want her anymore. She has even admitted elsewhere that she hates Vee and refuses to accept her because she would have to accept that she and Jo are really truly over. It has nothing to do with what Vee does. Heck, Jo’s brother Junior, whom Kail has trusted to babysit Isaac from day one, smokes pot too!

      • Kail fans are ridiculous

        He is legally that boy’s father so yes he has just as many rights as she does, if he hadn’t had sex with Kail, Issac wouldn’t exist, it doesn’t matter if she physically birthed him! Jenelle also pushed Jace out should Barb hand him over to her today!? He has just as much responsibility and also as much right to a child he helped create as she does! How do you know who’s actually taking care of the children when they’re with their parents 24/7? Do you know any of them personally, do you not think Kail doesn’t have a babysitter now and again? If Leah let’s her family watch the twins constantly does that mean she shouldn’t have rights to them? That’s ridiculous.
        And no, Jo does not need to move away just because Kail decided to greedily marry a guy she dated for 6 months for military benefits, that’s ridiculous! If Vee joined the Air Force would you expect Kail to followed her and Jo if they got married? I’m sure you wouldn’t because it seems like you have personal issues with your own baby daddy and you’re projecting…
        And by the way, I’ve seen nothing implying Jo is a “deadbeat” even from Kail. I’m sure if he was a deadbeat Kail would be bitching 24/7 and dragging him to court in 2 seconds. Jo’s family took her in as pretty much a homeless teen with no stable family and she basically used them and then lied to their faces. If you don’t understand the importance of children having fathers in their lives (and no, not the fathers mommy picks out over and over again every few years, but a stable father figure!) then I feel sorry for any children you have.

  • Jenna

    She is the biggest hypocrite ever. She smoked pot too according to the clip. Blame MTV all you want Kail. Your tweets show exactly the way you are. A nasty smart mouthed witch. Get off your high horse and stop thinking you’re better than everyone. You’re not. You’re actually a lot worse.


      MTV needs to pull these BS Teen Mom Shows! These Shows are BS and they over pay these people, it is soooo unrealistic! Cancel this Crap! Stop watching this Sh*t people, it is Fake!!!

  • http://twitter.com/GumballGiggity GumballGiggity

    I don’t like Dr. Drew, he seems like an a** instead of being a psychiatrist. I liked Kailyn, kind of.. when she first started out I liked her but then you start seeing how selfish she is.

  • Jenn

    I am so disappointed in Kail. She just doesn’t want Jo to be happy. She doesn’t seem to want him, but no one else can have him either. Oh, one time a picture of her smoking weed surfaced on the internet. She’s like what? 20? That’s what people her age do. Kail should sit down with her and talk to her about it and share openly her feelings about it and her son. But no. She rushed into marriage with Javi and says MTV made it look like they just got married for benefits. Well ok, you love each other but why else did you get married????

    • Hateshypocrites

      She got married to Javi after telling him to join the Air Force so she could take Isaac out of state and away from Jo and Vee, the girl she obsessively hates. It was revenge and it was very calculated on Kailyns part. She didn’t even look happy when she married Javi. I hope Jo fights her when she tries to remove Isaac from his life. She is vindictive and she will stop at nothing. Watch out Javi she will do the same to you.

      • VERSACE

        Yup, I totally agree!

      • Crys

        as a military wife Isaac cant get any “benefits” Javi isn’t his father. So it was all about moving Isaac away from Jo

        • Liz

          As long as Isaac is living 80% with javi and hes paying for Isaac He will get the benefits

      • http://www.facebook.com/people/Lisa-Tate/100000728183555 Lisa Tate

        Remember this was filmed at least a year ago. Javi has graduated from basic training. They’re probably going through this drama now about taking Isaac out of state.

      • Jodina

        You are correct. She is using Javi for the monetary benefits and to get back at Joe. She is very vindictive and is jealous that Joe has another woman in his life.

    • KC

      Uh, sorry, It is most certainly NOT normal to smoke weed.

      • Richard Gumpert

        Except there are studies saying that as many as 41% of Americans have at least tried cannabis, and mind you, thats only people who felt comfortable enough to admit it. I am sure the number is even higher than that. The number of people who smoke regularly/semi-regularly is far higher than you think as well (as evidenced by the fact that two states have outright legalized it or decriminlized it, and more states are sure to follow soon).

  • Allison

    I can’t stand Kail… never could. She is just jealous that Jo has a girlfriend. Plain and simple.



    • Richard Gumpert

      Agreed, and her jealousy is so unfair, as well as hypocritical, seeing as she went so far as to marry the dude she replaced Jo with. I really do not like Kailyn. She is so fake. She has this way of fake crying where t is so blatantly obvious that no tears are in fact falling. You would think that on a cast which includes the worst mother of all time Jenelle, that she would be the most dislikable, But no. Kailyn, with her hypocri44444444444444444444444444444444444444444444444444444444444444444444444444444444444444444444444444444444444444444444444444444444444444444444444444444444444444444444444444444444444444444444444444444444444444444444444444444444444444444444444444444444444444444444444444444444444444444444444444444

  • Jayla

    Oh also – funny how she’s SOOOO high and mighty about Vee smoking weed and has estranged her family from her mother because of substance abuse. Yet she openly supports the biggest deadbeat-mother-drug-addict there is, JENELLE! You’re a joke Kail.

  • http://twitter.com/toni_ROTTEN BEBE

    Kailyn’s not obligated to do anything until Jo is committed to Vee. From watching Teen Mom, it seemed like he couldn’t even stand the poor girl, so making such a fuss over the two gals meeting and becoming BFF could end up a huge waste of everyone’s time anyway.
    With that said, Kailyn needs extensive therapy.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100000484395723 Deb-e Calvetti

    It boils down to Kailyn not being able to face up is that she’s is jealous that Jo has someone new in his life… they broke up because she was seeing someone new while living in the same house with Jo and now Javi but for Jo to move on Kailyn doesn’t want that at all.. I’d be more afraid of Kailyn loosing her temper with Isaac then Jo dating someone who smoke pot….

  • spottedgiraffe

    How convenient when the girls do something positive and people like it it’s all them, but when they do stuff people don’t like they blame MTV. Yeah right. Kail you have been a jealous hypocrite since season one that was all you not MTV. And Jo says kailyn smoked weed when pregnant so she really is a hypocrite.

  • K

    I don’t blame her at all for wanting to keep her son away from that girl. If she is willing to put her drug use on social media, what is she doing that we cannot see? That girl is irresponsible. What if Kailyn’s ex left the child alone with her? WE don’t know what that girl is capable of, neither does Kailyn. She is a parent, you don’t leave you child with someone who has no problem sharing with the world that they use drugs.

    • spottedgiraffe

      Yet she let Isaac meet Jordan immediately and then even let javi drive Isaac to daycare the day she went to court with Jo. She wasn’t with javi that long when that happened javi could have easily taken Isaac and done horrible things to him during that day care drop off. But kailyn wasn’t concerned then. Nice try.

      • kristy

        Don’t forget about that guy mike lush lol

    • Dani

      The pot is just a convenient excuse to keep Vee away. She probably views Vee as a threat, afraid of another woman playing mommy to her child. If Vee didn’t smoke and drink, Kail would find some other excuse why Vee shouldn’t be allowed around Isaac. I wouldn’t want drugs and alcohol around my child either, but we all know that isn’t Kail’s real reasoning.

      • amberc88

        exactly. I see where she is coming from as a mom. and also you can tell she still has feelings for joe. I think its more the fear of being replaced by another woman, and the jealousy of seeing another woman with joe. It is totally double standard, and i dont think she should be acting this way too joe or Vee. And she is using the smoking drinking as an excuse, because she knows how ridiculous her real reason sounds.

      • K

        Neither you nor I know that. You don’t, as a parent, leave your child with someone who openly uses drugs. No parent would drop their kid off and leave them with someone like that, it just doesnt happen. Any parent that does isn’t a very good parent and shows poor judgement. It doesn’t matter if she has other reasons, that girls public drug use is reason of itself.

        • Liz

          Jo’s brother smokes pot, too, and he was Isaac’s de facto babysitter practically since the day he was born. Jo AND Kail smoke pot. Kail’s arguments might make a lick of sense if she was against those types of behaviors on principle, but she’s not — she does it herself!

    • Liz

      Kailyn smokes pot, too.
      If she trusts Jo to be in charge of their son every weekend and trusts his judgment, then she should trust that he would never allow Isaac to be around someone who could in any way be a danger to him. Kailyn has never once implied that she didn’t trust Jo, so what’s the problem?
      Further, if you are concerned with what you don’t know about a person, then there’s a simple solution: Meet that person and get to know them and find out for yourself. Kailyn’s arguments are idiotic.
      Kailyn is just jealous. It was painfully transparent. Dr. Drew all but spelled it out to her in neon lights and Kailyn just won’t own up to it.

  • Mickey

    Kail is such a spoiled brat! She can’t stand that Jo has a gf and she stormed off because she got called out on it. She needs to get to know Vee, especially since Vee is around Isaac. And I DON’T see Kail getting majority custody of Isaac. Laws now days don’t sway towards the mother as much as they used to and I’m rooting for Jo when it comes down to it. He’s been more financially involved than Kail and he’d be more physically involved if she’d stop throwing hissy fits and claiming he never spends any time with his son.

  • Lexie Grace

    If you noticed after he asked if she has ever smoked she said “I stopped when Issac… I stopped when I found out I was pregnant”.

    Nope she’s lying, but guess what? who cares! She is clearly an insecure and jealous person, which is sad. If it wasn’t for her sneaky and childish antics I would say she is a good mom, but when it comes down to it she is very selfish. Jo cares for Issac & he is going to fight as hard as he can to keep Kailyn from taking his son away. I haven’t liked her and I don’t blame MTV or their editing, you can’t edit out selfishness. I’m even more disgusted that she rushed into her marriage and her reasoning was so her and Issac can get benefits. If I was Javi I would have let that be the deal breaker. He will be fighting for our country but she’s worried about health and financial benefits. Yuck!

    PS the only reason why I watch these shows is because I am honestly in awe that people can see these girls and look up to them. There is NOTHING to look up to. MTV money has created a false reality & I honestly believe these women have no idea what being a REAL teen mom would be like because MTV and the money has been there since day one. I’m sure it’s hard but I think a lot of struggles are eliminated because of the opportunities that come with the show. Sad Sad Sad.

  • Guest

    iam not a mom at all.but kailyn is good mom and she can do whatever she wants to do.i dont blame her at all for keeping her son safe at all..i wont never every do drugs they are bad for u

    • Mickey

      You’re not a mom so you don’t understand how all of her actions against Jo are selfish. She’s not “keeping her son safe” she’s coming up with any reason she can to keep Isaac from Jo because Jo doesn’t want her spoiled a$$ and has moved on from her. If he was with someone else, she’d dislike that woman for another reason. Kail is nothing but the jealous ex.

      • KC

        Yes but is that any reason to expose Isaac to the psycho girlfriend? No.

        They’re not going to last anyway so who cares.

        • Mickey

          I’m sorry, I think our definitions of psycho must be way different.You she’s a psycho because she smokes pot and drinks? Do you have proof she’s doing this around Isaac? Out is she simply doing this on her own time, around her FRIENDS? I’m gonna go withher friends and NOT a 3 yearold

        • Yikes

          Either you’re Kail/one of her friends or even scarier some really bitter girl with her own emotional issues…

          If your ex moved on, MOVE ON. Living well is best revenge… and if you have a kid and you’re a good mom then no one will ever replace you. If someone is an actual danger to your child then go to child custody court but just not liking a new gf because you’re bitter and jealous is not a reason for taking away custody from a kid’s dad. You’re all over this article acting odd, maybe seek therapy?

      • http://www.facebook.com/nicole.richmond.357 Nicole Richmond

        Regardless if she as other reasons or not doesn’t really matter because Vee has given reason enough for Kailyn to not want her around Isaac. I agree with her completely. Any decent parent would feel the same way.

        • Liz

          Vee has given her no reason to not want her around Isaac. She has done nothing around or in front of Isaac, and she has done nothing to suggest that she would ever do any of these things around him. Heck, last night we learned that Vee works at a daycare and is going to school to be a teacher, for pete’s sake. Kailyn can’t be offended by the fact that Vee smokes pot in general, because — surprise! — Kailyn smokes pot also. Reportedly she was even still smoking when she was pregnant. Jo smokes, too. So does Jo’s brother, Junior, and Junior was Isaac’s babysitter forever.

  • BB

    Kail is such a liar unless she wants to say MTV controls her twitter too because she has never been nothing but nasty to Vee on there. She flipped out when Vee had the audacity to mention Isaac’s name on twitter having her ass kissing followers attack her despite the fact she had no problem with Javi posting pictures of Isaac. Kail is nothing but a petty ass spiteful bitch. If she cares so much about drugs then why those she let her pothead friends around Isaac?

  • Evie

    I actually feel a little sorry for Kailyn. She’s obviously scared of losing Isaac.

    • not team kail

      Lol, really?? This isn’t about isaac. It’s about kail wanting to control jo stil and her being a jealous ex gf. Have you seen vee compared to kail? Kail is just hating cause jo is with someone prettier than her and she can’t stand that. So like I said this isn’t about isaac, drugs, or alcohol. She can’t trick me I see right through her.

      • Liz

        Amen, not team kail. This has nothing to do with Isaac, it’s because she hates that Jo doesn’t want her anymore and moved on to someone else. If she was out for Isaac’s best interests, then she wouldn’t be keeping him away from his father — because it’s her jealousy that causes her to try to change the custody schedule to keep Isaac away from Vee, except doing so means she is keeping him away from Jo, too. Girl is nuts.

  • http://www.facebook.com/amanda.richard56 Amanda Richard

    I love kail. I thought she was being very one sided, and maybe she is a little, but when I remembered that her mom was an alcoholic, it makes sense as to why she is so sensitive to drinking. I do think she shouldn’t be moving away from jo though. She wouldn’t like to be away from her kid all year, so she shouldn’t force that on jo. I think of all the teen moms, she seems to be one of the few that have her priorities straight though.

    • KC

      Jo doesn’t care. He’s too busy with his little fantasy of a rap career and with his psycho girlfriend. His mom and brother watch Isaac, not him.

      • Mickey

        Omg, and you know that because KAIL said it on the show!

      • WTH

        And you have proof of this how? If you personally know them why not just say it? Most likely you’re a psycho fan who takes Kail’s word for 100% truth. Did it ever occur to you that Kail may be biased? And her side may not be the entire truth?

  • Cheermom

    Kail is friends with Jenelle, even bailing her out of jail once. She has been to Oak Is. to visit Jenelle. One would assume Issac has been around Jenelle. She clearly smokes pot among other substances. I like you Kail, & think you are a great mom, but DOUBLE STANDARD! No wonder you are always at odds with Jo & his family!

    • K

      WE have no evidence of Kailyn leaving Issac alone with her, we also have no evidence of Issac being around her period. you’re just assuming. Would you leave your child in the sole care of someone who publicizes their drug use on social media? No, and neither would Dr. Drew.

      • BB

        Kail let one her friends who openly does pots and post about on twitter watch Isaac at one point..Don’t get me wrong the girl doesn’t sound like the type of person who would do drugs around a child but neither does Vee. If she can trust her friend not to do drugs around her son then she should be able to trust Jo and Vee as well.

      • SHA

        There are people who drink alcohol. Post pictures on social media at a club with bottles. Are we now assuming that because they do that they would be drinking heavily in front of or if they’re caring for a child? The fact is the pics of Vee were before she met Jo and there is a lot of things ADULTS do in their lesiure that children cannot and shouldn’t be exposed to. When Kaylin hit Javi while Isaac was clearly there & knew what was going on, does that mean automatically she should have to give up custody? Stop making excuses and acting like you or her are holier than thou. Let he/she who is without sin cast the first stone so unless she is a perfect angel without any sin, she shouldn’t be judging anyone base off of that.

  • Cori

    Haven’t been watching Teen Mom lately but as a mother I wouldn’t want my ex to have someone in their life that would potentially replace me for my children. My guess is she i trying to control that, which I don’t blame her, but it is something she is going to have to get over.

    • SHA

      The feeling is understandable but the double standard comes when she’s fine having Javi take over Jo’s role like it’s nothing. Even to the point where she wants to move away and have Jo see his child 6 weeks out of the year. Can’t be trying to control that if you’re doing the exact same thing you’re trying to contol.

  • tab

    vee is a grown woman and can do as she pleases when she isn’t around Isaac. she isn’t his mother and jo is a good father and wouldn’t allow anyone to harm Isaac in any way.
    kail needs to get over it and I’m hoping that she has a little since this was taped so long ago.

  • Ally

    No mother wants to worry that someone else is going to “take over” the role of being mom. Now with that said ITS LIFE, GET OVER IT! Kail needs to learn that Jo is going to be with other people JUST LIKE SHE IS and she can’t pick and choose who Jo dates just like Jo can’t pick for her. Unless Isaac is being abused or in harms way around someone there is NOTHING she can do about. Its extremely inconsiderate of her to even think of trying to take Issac away just cause she does not like his new girlfriend. Kinda funny cause she sure wanted Issac around Jo when she was jumping in bed with Jo then gets pissed when he finds someone new.

  • KC

    Don’t get me wrong, I think Kail has her issues. I’ve never heard her blame MTV for assaulting Javi. That was very wrong of her but she admits it and she feels horrible about it- that is the ONE time I’ve ever seen her show any emotion.

    Her faults- she always talks in monotone, she shows no emotion about anything, she didn’t even kiss Javi when he proposed, and she really is too focused on benefits and money. Do I think she married Javi for the money and benefits? Definitely. But Javi’s a great guy and he is a better influence for Isaac than Jo is. He’s a real man who does what he has to to support Kailyn and Jo. While Jo plays around like a kid and focuses on his joke of a rap career.

    Team Javi!

    • Mickey

      You DO know that Jo had an ACTUAL job right? He does the rap thing on the side, but he DOES work to support Isaac.

  • thalia

    She is such a big hypocrite. I dislike her very much. She is just jealous because Jo has a hot girlfriend. Vee is very pretty and looks sweet. I doubt any of her exes or Javi dont drink or smoke. B**ch Please!!!!

  • christee

    I have felt bad for Kail at times, I think she’s just young and doesn’t really know what she wants and hasn’t learned to accept and deal with her emotions (with an absentee addict of a mother, it’s no wonder, and I think it’s good that she also didn’t go that direction.) That said, she’s old enough to get help to learn to deal with these issues. She can get help to get over Jo.

    I think she is probably being petty about Vee, I don’t blame her for not wanting Isaac around someone who very openly parties. Vee is of age and can do as she pleases, but the other side of that is Kailyn has every right to not let/want her around her son. She needs to get over Jo, accept that that part of her life is over and done with, and come to some sort of compromise. If she wants to take Isaac and move, she has the right. Even if he stayed with Jo’s family, he probably still wouldn’t be caring for him the majority of the time. Until he starts school, he could spend every other month with each of them, then he can spend summers and holidays w/ Jo when he’s older. It’s not ideal, but they both have to know that ideal flew out the window a long, long time ago. They both need lessons in compromise.

    And for what it’s worth, I think it would be great if Kail got to know Vee better and they deicded to get along for Isaac’s sake. It would be the mature, adult thing to do.

    • Yup, I said it

      She cant take the kid an just leave.. This is not about what she wants its about the stability and the best situation for the child. Kailyn knows she will not win that fight that’s why she needs Javi’s military orders to help sway the court. Being nomadic is not good for a small child. Constant moving makes its difficult to lay roots ask any military kid. I suspect that’s why Kailyn has no family because her mother lived a nomadic lifestyle. Its no good.

  • http://www.facebook.com/nicole.richmond.357 Nicole Richmond

    Any decent parent wants the best for their child and wants to protect them from any bad influences. What Vee does in her personal life is up to her but when you choose to be in a relationhip with someone who has children your personal life choices will affect more than just you now. There is also a maturity level and common sense that needs to prevail. If you are going to post pictures of yourself getting drunk and high, then it appears that you do not have very good judgement. The fact that these posts show that Isaac was supposed to be in Jo’s care at the time proves that he is not spending time with his son, but rather having his mother take care of him while he parties. Kailyn has every right to feel the way she does about Vee. Kailyn does not expose Isaac to those kinds of people and Jo should have the same common sense as well. As far as when it’s time that Kailyn and Javi have to move because of the Air Force, I have no doubt the judge will side with her. She is and always has been Isaac’s primary caregiver so why shouldn’t he go with her. Jo can’t even take care of Isaac by himself for the time he has him now, there is no way he could take care of him the way Kailyn has since birth. In the past, Kailyn has always put Isaac first and done whatever was necessary to make sure he has what he needs and I have no doubt that she will continue to do that. She does what is best for her son and has proven to have pretty good judgement. Jo has yet to prove any of that.

    • christee

      This. Yup.

    • mrsh

      Your argument would be valid, except for the fact that when Kaylin has had Isaac she had Javi watch him, or Javi’s parents watch Isaac. Shouldn’t she be spending time with her son instead of going out with the man of the moment? During Jo’s time with Isaac it is up to Jo how he spends that time. Even if Isaac is with Jo’s parents , at least they are his grandparents. Who the heck are Javi’s parents to Isaac? Yet Kail feels its ok for Isaac to call them grandma and grandpa? Kail doesnt love Javi, heck I dont think she even likes him. She wanted to build her own family and take Isaac away from Jo and Javi seems like a naive guy so she ran to him. God help poor Isaac whenhe starts dating or gets married, because mama Kail will make his life a living hell if she feels she is being replaced as the woman in his life. I honestly think he marriage to Javi will only last a Few years at most. As a military wife there are women built to handle the stress of deployments and training and I dont see Kail having the strength to deal with it. When things dont fo her way she immediately flies into a rage or storms off.

    • SHA

      You’re right any decent parent does but you couldn’t care less that she hit Javi right when Isaac was there. Worse there wasn’t pictures but a damn camera that will be broadcasting to Millions of households yet she still didn’t exercise proper judgement with her son RIGHT there. If you don’t know VEE you’ll never see these pictures she posted, a lot smaller platform than TV cameras. Now this thing with Jo you keep bringing up. Isaac is how hold? Do you think he stays up all night with the adults? No, so who are you to say that Jo didn’t spend time with him up until he went to bed and then went out afterwards, you know like ADULTS do. You’re just assuming that. Secondly, you’re trying to crucify Jo for having family support? Are you serious right now? Kaylin has no options and I can guarantee you that if Kaylin had options, she would have left Isaac with family as well. Not because she’s a bad mom but because they are still young. The fact is Jo is his father not Javi. Javi is a great guy and a great role model but Javi has and will do ADULT things that Isaac will not see. Jo is the one to make the decision about Vee. If he felt she was a harm to his son she would ditch her because of Kaylin didn’t turst Jo’s judgement she wouldn’t leave Isaac with Jo in the first place. Kaylin has done drugs so she can’t be judging someone on that basis or else she would be telling the world she also isn’t someone to watch her own son and the only person in that childs life that is qualified would be Javi by those standards.

  • GW

    Most adults drink, so in a few years is her son not going to be around her friends if they drink? Is he now not allowed around anyone who is 21+ if they drink? Is it the drinking she has an issue with or the fact Vee is underage? She is ridiculous and immature to use this as the premise for not wanting Jo’s gf around THEIR son, she just blatantly doesn’t like her and knows in herself that she is being unreasonable so uses this as an excuse. Jo seems like a really calm and reasonable person, she is lucky. Kailyn is so transparent and extremely defensive and unreasonable. She IS a hypocrite

  • yesisaidit

    Kailyn seems to have some underlying inter issues with her self. She isn’t happy and the fact that Joe and Vee got together and are still together kills her. She rushed into a shot gun wedding to a naive guy in hopes of playing out her “Fairtale” fantasy of having a family in her mind. Its so funny how everything she does against jo is to protect Issac.But what about her behavior hitting Jo Hitting Javi and this acceptable hmmmmmmm Her first words are it was mistake lets move on VEE SMOKED WEED MOVE ON KAILYN. Her marriage isn’t going to last because she isn’t right within Javi will wake up and realize that he has been played a fool. The shit will hit the fan once Javi is home and has to tolerate her 24/7 for sure……

    • SHA

      Couldn’t have said it better. Poor Javi because he does seem like a genuinely good guy. I didn’t like the fact that he kind looked like he wanted to take Isaac and be a family with Kaylin like Jo doesn’t exist but I really think that he can only go by what Kaylin puts in his head. Even with the physical altercation with Jo, she made it seem like Jo came at her only initally to Javi.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100000586846204 Karen Mitchell

    To bad she doesn’t try to protect her son from anger. This girl is a time bomb.I don’t know how Javi puts up with her. Kailyn is mean, nasty, aggressive and violent.

    • Yesisaidit

      They were only married a few days prior too him leaving for the Air Force. Remember they were still in the honey moon phase before that they haven’t been together long I give it year end.

  • Shanon

    Kailyn needs to grow up! She knows she is unreasonable regarding pretty much anything that has to do with her son…she is more like her mother than she can see…not as far as being a mom to her son but doing and acting however she wants to get what she wants…don’t bother looking in the mirror to see your reflection Kailyn, look at your mother..you are her…just a tiny tiny tiny bit better!

  • Demona

    She would have been smarter to blame the bipolar diagnosis she recently got – as a lot of bipolar people have problems seeing more than one side of an issue. Yes there are always exceptions and milder forms of it but bipolar tends to make an individual selfish at times and very one sided.

  • yesisaidit

    You really should be worried how Isaac will flip the shits on Kailyn when he is old enough to realize what a jealous,vindictice ding bat bitch his mother is. This may be in kailyn’s best interest for now but JO and Issac have already established a father son relationship not matter the distance Isaac knows who his father is and Kailyn may control and manipulate it for now but its only temporarily. Kids aren’t stupid they are much smarter than we give them credit for and you best believe Isaac will loose all respect for Javi and Kailyn when he is old enough to really understand.

  • http://www.facebook.com/guillermo.santiago.1420 Guillermo Santiago

    I’ve had bowel movements that look better than Kailynn. She has been on welfare since she was in the womb. Hopefully Javi will wake up and realize what a POS she is and leave her pathetic ass

  • Alx87

    Honestly, at 25, married and finishing my graduate degree I still rely on my parents to watch my 19 month old all of the time. I can’t imagine how difficult it is for her to not have a support system or someone to lean on; I realize she’s married now, but it really does take a village, and she largely has to rely on Joe’s family. Just because Kailyn drank or smoke at one time doesn’t mean she hasn’t evolved as a person and a mom. I drank in college, but I haven’t had a drink since before I became pregnant with my son; people grow up and decide to make better decisions. I think Kailyn is often insecure and lashes out, but I’ve always thought she envies Joe; he has family, support, and people to fall back on. Hopefully age will provide her with the ability to see how important a father is in a little boy’s life. I am a pretty understanding and reasonable person, but the idea of someone replacing me in my son’s life would be pretty upsetting; Kailyn has described Issac as her only family, I imagine the idea of losing him to Vee is pretty upsetting. Not excusing her behavior, but hopefully age will help her see how childish her actions have been.

  • Mother Father

    She thinks domestic violence is alright though?Seems like she is just a jealous witch who needs to get over her ex..cause he sure got over her :)

  • Kail will realize at some point that she’s not very unlike her own mother (not in her mothering, I think she seems like a very good mom to Issac) but in her psychiatric issues. And that will be very hard to accept because she probably blames most of her issues on her mom. But until she can learn to accept criticism and rejection she will never ever change. I sure she really has valid issues with her son being around Vee but it seemed like she didn’t like the girl before she even saw the pot smoking and drinking pictures. She probably initially didn’t like her because she had tried to get back with Jo and he rejected her so she has a bitterness. I’m sure Jo could date a saint of a girl and Kail would still find some issue to bitch about. And I don’t remember Kail asking Jo if he was okay with Jordan being around Issac when they were dating at first (when she was still living under Jo’s family’s roof)

    Kail’s just the type of person that thrives on being the victim and anytime anyone calls out any of her behavior she can’t handle it and gets aggressive. I highly doubt this marriage with Javi will last, most of all because I never saw her mention her love for him once, just lots of things about military benefits. Bad sign.

  • siriusthecat

    How she thinks she has the right to dictate what goes on his house is ridiculous. She’s already had two different men living with him.

  • Insane in the membrane!

    You are insane. If I were Kail I’d be embarrassed at having you on my side.
    Seek help.