Will The Carrie Diaries get renewed for a second season?


For the longest time, it seemed that people couldn’t get enough of Carrie Bradshaw. Sex and the City ran for six seasons. There were two feature films. Wanting to become “the next Carrie Bradshaw” was a common aspiration among young female writers.

Yet, it seems the Carrie magic is running out. The Carrie Diaries, a Sex and the City prequel that shows a young Carrie coming of age, scored a 0.73 on the Zap 2 It scale — which means it’s more likely to be canceled than renewed for a second season.  

If the show is canned, there are sure to be some disappointed fans.

“Though Carrie Diaries has struggled in the Nielsen ratings, it soars online — coming in second only to The Vampire Diaries for The CW’s streaming,” wrote a Zap 2 It reviewer.

Even though the show does seem to have a solid base of teenage fans and the acting has been positively reviewed, many viewers of the first season were frustrated by the plot’s pace.

“While this season has been full of some really great individual moments, stories and episodes, the whole piece has been disjointed and sometimes even disorienting,” wrote Cory Barker for Tv.com.

Lie With Me

In addition to the script shortcomings, the show was cursed by some criticism from Sarah Jessica Parker.

“I’m not sure,” Parker told Net-a-Porter of her Carrie Diaries opinion. “You know, I think it’s one of those tests of your generosity. She [Anna­Sophia Robb] is a lovely girl and I want her to feel good about it, but it’s… odd.”

Saying this comment “cursed” the show may seem a little dramatic. But, for a series that was supposed to run off the Sex and the City buzz, failing to gain the support of the original Carrie Bradshaw is a pretty big deal.

Do you hope the show will be renewed? Did you watch any of the first season?

UPDATE: The Carrie Diaries has been renewed for a second season!

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  • mrcwagner

    PLEASE. Do NOT axe “The Carrie Diaries”. For the love of all that is sacred…. do NOT do it. It deserves another season. If crap like 90210 2.0 could survive multiple seasons then I see no reason why a quality show like TCD should not get a season 2. The fan base is huge, it’s online numbers are crazy amazing. The acting is the best on the network & it’s just a GREAT show- PERIOD. Give it another shot, give it a Season Two!

    • Kay Nolasco

      If its not doing good on air but doing great online maybe they should change the time slot? Hopefully they don’t give up on it and just find the best spot for it.

  • Jenn

    I loved it!!

  • Honeybear

    I’m a grown ass woman and I love this cute little show. The acting is actually pretty good and the story lines are complicated (in a good way) which had me tuning in every week.

    • christee

      Me too!

    • Brittany

      Glad I’m not the only adult watching it, lol.

  • Kay Nolasco

    If you go in expecting it to be like Sex in the city yes you will be disappointed. I loved Sex in the city but since I read the Carrie diaries before the show started I already knew it was going to be different. People want to compare the 2 shows and then they don’t like it. I think The Carrie diaries its more for a new generation to enjoy before they get to know the Carrie from sex in the city. I love it and hope they give it a chance.

  • evanJ

    What’s letting TCD down is the plot and the way it goes about presenting issues. It has a fairytale representation of highschool, a fairytale representation of New York City, and a fairytale representation of romance. The school is only there for her romances and friendships, I don’t think there has ever been a class room scene. It’s an entirely unrelatable environment. It’s a fantasy environment. A wish fulfillment environment. Did they even think about the show in the long run, past season 1? She’s only going to in school for the first two seasons or so, they should have given it more of a school feel to begin with. Gilmore Girls did the whole “girl living a life in two places” better. Rory’s double life, one in Chilton (and then in the university of her choice), the other in Stars Hollow, was done fantastically.

    The only thing remotely realistically portrayed is the friendships. And that’s just what it feels like to me, having never been a teenage girl. The chemistry between the actresses and their great acting keeps TCD from being downright bad. And that’s funny, because that was one of the strong points of SATC, too. But SATC was solidly good in many facets of the show. Great humor, great relationships, great story arcs. Watching TCD and sitting through what feels like another public service announcement telling me how girls have to give consent for intimate relations, or how being gay is a-okay, just makes me sad because the potential it had has being squandered. I understand these messages can… influence people into being tolerant and respectful, especially at an age where they’re developing, but it’s nothing new, the show offers nothing new except faces. New faces on old cliche plot points.

    And the fashion! Why do the characters they want you to like always have to wear the most fashionable clothes? Have their hair in the most fashionable styles? Why can’t Carrie have a bad hair day? Why can’t Maggie wear parachute pants and giant earrings and have a fashion disaster just once? Do they think the audience is so shallow they’ll instantly hate the characters if they don’t wear something they would like to wear? I understand they’re going for “aspirational authenticity”, but c’mon, it doesn’t feel like they’re girls in the 1980’s, it feels like they’re girls in 2013 wearing clothes which they think girls wore in the 1980’s. Visually it feels like they’re giving it the bare minimum 1980’s feel just because they have to because that’s when Carrie Bradshaw was growing up, and then they just blast every scene with 1980’s music (and sometimes 1990’s music).

    On one hand I would like to see it renewed so I can see their friendships develop (Where Carrie and Maggie left off in the season 1 finale would lead to many great scenes between them, I imagine), but on the other hand I say let them go, let them go on to new and different projects with good scripts. Scripts they deserve.

  • Lovely

    If it were more like the books, it would’ve done way better.

  • Kem

    TCD deserves to renewed, but the plot should change a little, less Maggie, more Dorrit and more Donna. There should be scenes with classes, homeworks and university preparation issues too, keeping it real, it’s not just friends, love and going to the big city for us teenagers!

  • The curse of the Spin-off/Remake. These are never as good or popular as the original.

  • Brittany

    I love this show, I really hope it survives! Sebastian is just so cute too, lol.

    • suzanne!!!!!


  • I absolutely love this show. I hope and pray it does not get cancelled. Shows always struggle the first season let the characters have a chance to grow on the public before you take it away. I think CW has too many breaks between new episodes. We will get three new episodes then four weeks of repeats and people are losing interest in the shows. That’s what happened with 90210.

  • Jenn

    Having been a huge fan of the original it bothers me that they are trying to make a kid friendly version. The show was a guilty pleasure for adults and this is just making it childish. Remakes never work like the original…he’ll 90210 and Melrose place sucked. The talent in these young actors and writers makes these shows painful to watch.

  • lilly

    please dont take the carried diaries out we love it

  • sammi

    I like TCD. It was a cute show and I liked all the 80’s music and references. I want it to come back for another season

  • cbb113

    I hope they give it another shot – maybe order a half season and pick up the plot pace to see if it can gain some steam. It’s really cute and I think it could really mature into something.

  • Kittie

    i hope it gets renewed!



  • Yasmin Trigger

    The carrie diaries, is the best t.v show ever! they can’t cut it after the season finale! PLEASE CONTINUE WITH IT!

  • Joslyn

    Pretty please with a cherry on top renew the show! I need a second season!!!

  • Bring on Season Two, pelase!