VIDEO Farrah Abraham explains sex tape sale, admits to crying because she’s single

Farrah Abraham explains why she made a sex tape in Keek video

Farrah Abraham will soon officially become a porn star as her highly-publicized sex tape Farrah Superstar: Backdoor Teen Mom will be available online on May 6 and in stores on May 14. This morning, the former Teen Mom star took to her Keek account and posted a special video for fans titled, “WHAT would YOU do #IF?? #TeamVivid,” in which she explains why she made the tape and why she decided to sell it.

“So on the real, what would you do?” Farrah begins. “You have been a single mother for four years off and on dating loser a** boys who always try to sell information, lie to you, manipulate, and you’ve just realized you are an awesome person and you deserve someone.”

Farrah definitely hasn’t had a lot of luck in love, but from what fans have seen on the show, a lot of that is her fault. Farrah is very demanding in relationships (to say the least), and during season 4 of Teen Mom, she tells boyfriend Daniel Alvarez that she wants to be engaged after just 2 months of dating. It was almost as it the scene had been taken from How To Lose A Guy In 10 Days.

Regardless of the reason for her being single, Farrah recently had a revelation that led to her doing her own thing. “Now that you’ve been 21, you’ve pretty much been crying every night because you’re single and you’re alone. So, you make your own video, celebrate your awesome body, get your own sexy shots,” she says. “So, the person you did this with has the urge to yell it out when he should be professional and not. So, you have companies interested, so why not sell it? And that’s what I did.”

With that, Farrah put on her official Vivid Entertainment hat, and ended the video. Peace out!

Farrah Abraham wearing her Vivid Entertainment hat

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  • christee

    So…..basically, she made a prostitute of James Deen? And maybe instead of feeling sorry for herself, she should feel sorry she’s such an abrasive bitch and try to change it.

  • Jen

    ……… I seriously wanted to pound her face in watching that…. Who cries because they are 21 and single? That is a great age to be single. You can do whatever you want. It’s sad because If she had saved her money and not bought all that plastic surgery and new cars every year, she wouldn’t have need to make a sex tape.

    • christee

      She really is cringe-inducing.

      She just realized she’s an awesome person? Well, I just realized i’m princess Fifi of the unicorns. I don’t begrudge this girl happiness, she’s human after all, but she’s so mind-numbingly idiotic and arrogant that it’s hard to feel too bad for her. She’s like the Gwyneth Paltrow of sh!tty tv.

      • Jen

        I know it’s like if you’re such an awesome person, why does no one like you?

    • Sam

      Well if you wait till May 6th, you can watch someone else pound her face in.

  • caligurl2330

    with this she will forever be single!!!!

  • Nathan

    I’m still not buying her “I made this for private use but then decided to sell because I got offers” nonsense. James Dean is one of the biggest names in porn. He didn’t do this as a personal favor. He got paid — big money — to shoot this film. Are we really supposed to believe she paid him tens of thousands of dollars out of her own pocket just to make a personal video?

    As far as being single goes — good luck finding a decent, quality guy who will want to get involved in a serious relationship with you after all this. Yeah, there will be plenty of scumbags and losers who will want to date you. But, for a nice, family-oriented guy with good values, I can think of few things as humiliating as dating a girl who the entire world has seen getting laid by some other dude, especially in the “back door.” That’s just nasty.

    • Goat Meat

      I totally agree.

  • RobertaCookie ★ ★ ★

    She’s Shameless.

  • Goat Meat

    I’m just so at a loss for words on her. With every new Farrah update, I just end up shaking my head at how ridiculous and pathetic she is.

  • Briony

    There’s a big difference between taking a few nude photos of yourself for personal memories and making a freaking PORNO with a pornstar!! This was clearly done with the intention of selling. You don’t hire one of the biggest names in porn (James Dean) for the video to be of “personal use.”

  • WTF

    I honestly think this girl has a personality disorder, which are near impossible for psychiatrists to treat because they almost live in their own reality and you cannot convince them otherwise. The fact that this nutcase is STILL claiming she made a professional porno, with a very recognizable professional porn star to just have a tape for herself and because she can’t get laid otherwise!? WHAT. She’s either highly delusional or she thinks the public is very stupid because even her most insane fans know this wasn’t meant to be a “personal sex tape”. I really think something is very wrong with her, and I honestly fear for Sophia being alone with her. Like fear in a Casey Anthony way… You don’t have to be a drug addict or beating on your child to be a danger to them. She is out of her damn mind.

    • Sarah Underwood

      ^^^ THIS is exactly right.

    • amberc88

      i want to know how ANYONE could be a fan of her. im still confused about that one.

  • Cher

    Her priorities are screwed up… Be a good example for your kid that is why not!

  • CM

    So, how about you change your, I’m better than everyone attitude and maybe a decent man will consider taking on the whack job of a person you are. This little girl needs a good reality check. If you’re so awesome how come you’re still single with no friends.? Maybe cause you expect a guy to propose to you after your first date and offer you all the money in the world. How about your the problem and not these poor guys who get attracted by your fake boobs and realize what a crazy person you are.

  • heyBale

    This girl thinks too much with her who-ha
    Put it in your pants for once and better things will come from it.

  • Corissa

    She’s already said she would be proud if Sophia followed in her footsteps…poor little girl…I am also 21, without a child, but I know I would raise her so much better than this.

    • Ash

      There’s something really sick about her saying she’d be “proud” of her if she followed in her footsteps (which would be having sex with a stranger on film for money) It’s disturbing. I don’t have a daughter but if I did that’s one of the last things I’d want for her. Creepy.

    • Dani

      I am 21 with an almost 2 year old daughter. My daughter following in my footsteps and becoming a teen mom is one of my greatest fears.

  • Jamie

    She and Courtney stodden belong in a nuthouse together.

  • WTF

    And someone needs to somehow explain to her that another reason she drives men away is because of the bitchy, snotty, condescending, miserable attitude that she has. I don’t care if you’re the prettiest, hottest girl on Earth with her kind of personality most guys aren’t going to stick around long. Remember how she treated Daniel’s step mom on Teen Mom? She straight up insulted her because the woman didn’t have children. Who does that to their new bf’s family when they first meet them!? Farrah does! Because her parents allowed her to speak to them that way her entire life I’m sure, so now she’s confused when other people get offended or think that she’s a bitch.

    She doesn’t need plastic surgery, she needs a brand new personality. Ugh. I really hope Sophia doesn’t become a mini Farrah.

  • twelfthnight

    How does she figure that starring in a porno is going to get her a good boyfriend?

    Perhaps if you didn’t do porn for money, didn’t have a kid when you were 16, weren’t a MASSIVE bitch, didn’t LIE constantly and bullshit about everything, and haven’t been on mtv for years showcasing how much of a bag of crap you are, you might get a decent dude!

    Who is actually going to date her after seeing her on tv? And even if she does snag one date with somebody who doesn’t know immediately who she is, people GOOGLE. They’ll find out who she is and find lovely youtube compilation videos of her verbally abusing everyone around her or saying completely stupid crap.

    I was just thinking last night how HILARIOUS it’s going to be when in a couple years she pops up on the Jerry Springer show or similar trying to claw her way out of obscurity and asking people if they’d like fries with that, all the while constantly readjusting her disgusting well-expired implants that she can’t afford to fix.

  • LaDy

    It’s easy to see how fake her nose and chin are. Good lord.

  • HuckabeeandSixth McRae

    at what point does the stench of her desperation hit her nostrils?

  • The Truth Says

    She is truly delusional…

  • Anonymous

    Honestly, I have no clue what she’s complaining about.. She’s acting like she’s waited years as a single person -.-.. She’s only 21? Wow… Some people are single and 40 and wouldn’t do a porn video…

    I’m 23 years old and I know how she feels but I never would think about going into the porn industry. seems like she’s blaming guys and being single for her doing porn..

    Not only that but shes being smug about it. I do feel sorry for her but there comes a point where she has to own up to change. She has a beautiful daughter, and honestly…. I wish Farrah never did porn. Im sure she regrets selling her body (at least I hope she does).

    I really respected Farrah on the Teen Mom show, when she got her own apartment… was doing well in culinary school now shes just getting messed up

    I hate to judge but honestly.. Farrah please be who you are really meant to be don’t become a hooker! :( Somebody needs to save her because it looks like to me shes going off the deep end.

    She needs counseling, she needs healing and she needs lots of prayer and a purpose in life

    • Ashley

      Im sure shes tired about hearing about her mistakes because she wanted positive accolades… but Farrah you dont need to sell your body to be loved or to be known! Be who you are and live a good life and some decent guy will respect you! Don’t sell your body its not worth it!

  • Fker

    It’s also fked up how she tried to get someone to pretend to be her bf for sone TV show.

  • LexiconD1

    Spreading your legs and having sex with a stranger for money is a GREAT way to catch a man…

    said no single human being ever.

  • Grace

    Sounds like this video is ALSO for personal use as a morning peptalk to prevent self-loathing.

  • Jenn

    Keep crying Farrah, cause even if you met a guy who’s never heard of you before, he’ll be chased away fast because you’re disrespectful and psycho. And no one buys that you made the tape to “celebrate your awesomeness”. I’m awesome and I’ve never had sex with a stranger on camera. You did it for attention and because you have no respect for yourself or your daughter. Farrah is the next Amanda Bynes.

  • andie

    The guy she was in love with passed away and she was carrying his child when it happened. How would you feel after that? Clearly she has a lot of problems and hasn’t been able to get over them because that is a VERY hard thing to get through. I know that is not an excuse for her actions. And I don’t nessisarily feel bad for her, but I deffinitley think she does these things to try and get over her problems. People are really hard on her and maybe thats why shes so messed up. I would have a bitchy attitude too if all that had happened to me while I was 16 and pregnant. I know you need to move on from the past but its something you don’t just move on from. I know the death of her daughters father has nothing to do with this but I believe she is probably depressed and needed to get it off her mind and needed to do something to feel better about herself. and maybe she wanted the money so that she could just be happy. Not the best way to approach getting money though and not a good way to fix insecurities. this whole thing is pretty screwed up but maybe it was what she felt would make her happy finally. I don’t know , maybe what I’m saying sounds really stupid. I’m just saying You can tell shes struggled a lot emotionally..she is not a role model. but maybe everyone should just back off and let her live her life the way she wants to. someday she’ll learn.

    • Dani

      That guy she was so in love with she didn’t bother telling him she was pregnant with his baby and blew him off when he directly asked? Not buying it, she uses his death as a pawn to gain sympathy. Her struggles are due to her being a pretentious, spoiled brat.