In Teen Mom 2 Season 4 finale Barbara tries to commit Jenelle to hospital over suspected heroin use

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The Monday night footage of Jenelle Evans and Kieffer Delp was extremely hard to watch on what may very well be the last episode of Teen Mom 2 ever.

Jenelle’s storyline starts with mom Barbara Evans and her husband Mike discussing a disturbing incident at Jenelle’s apartment. Mike found what they believe was a heroin syringe and heroin, and during the incident Jenelle was completely despondent, which is not typical behavior for Jenelle during a stressful showdown.

Barbara is seriously worried about her daughter’s life, and decides to have her committed to a psychiatric hospital in a bid to save her life. “She doesn’t have to speak to me for the rest of her life, but if I can do this and save her life, I will” an emotional Barbara says.

When Jenelle and Kieffer speak about the incident, Kieffer says he wants to press charges on Barbara and Mike for taking personal property. “I don’ care if it was a heroin needle, he stole property from our house.”

When Barbara did have cops come get Jenelle for a psychiatric evaluation, but she only stayed at the hospital for a few hours before being released. Later, Kieffer filed trespassing charges against Barbara, and trespassing and assault charges against Mike.

Most of the footage on this episode Jenelle and Kieffer seem to be “out of it,” talk in a monotone, and are barely able to keep their eyes open. At one point there is a panic over finding Kieffer’s Xanax.

Although the events of tonight’s show happened months ago, and Jenelle spent some time in a rehab since, she and now-husband Courtland Rogers were arrested for heroin possession April 23. Here’s a timeline of what has happened since that arrest.

Jenelle tweeted about this episode: “I kno what I’ve done wrong, but that’s in the past. I’m looking towards my future. At least I have guts to share my story, but would u?”

Addiction is a dangerous disease that is extremely difficult to overcome. Hopefully Jenelle is making some positive steps now to at the very least save her live.

Kieffer made one of the most poignant lines of the episode because of it’s grim truth. After Jenelle noted that it was hard to stay sober because drugs take away the pain and stress of life, Kieffer responded with “It’s hard to stay sober because I want to get high.”

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  • Yup, I said it

    This episode was disturbing to watch. How is Jenelle going to have the only person raising her son locked up? Kieffer and Jenelle are junkies and MTV should not be profiting off of this lifestyle. They are exploiting the mentally ill and drug addicted for ratings. Kailyns joy at separating Isaac from his paternal family is sickening. Leah’s journey with Ali should be a private family matter. I felt like a vouyer totally invading a private family moment watching those scenes. This episode gave me that exhausted feeling you get after throwing up This show began as a documentary about teen pregnancy now its just plain exploitation..

    • jeff

      That is exactly what MTV is doing, funding drug addicts and low lives. You said it perfectly. I lost MTV from my cable package so I havent been able to watch it, and damn… I dont miss it. It was like watching car accident at first, the whole ‘cant help but watch the carnage’ mentality. But now its not just a little car wreck now, its watching the bodies crawl around moaning in pain as their entrails bake. Sometimes it’s time to put the cameras away and stop filming them as they burn alive. (and stop funding it for that matter)

      • Natalia Salinas

        My boyfriend asked me how can I watch this show, and I said what you said, it’s just like watching a car wreck, you can’t look away! This episode was pretty raw tho. Maybe they made it that way since it truly may be the last we’ll see of Leah, Chelsea, Kaylin, and jennelle. Lets just hope for the sake of these poor cutie patooties

    • Ashley

      This is exactly how I feel, almost like when I watch Intervention and I have to turn it off in the middle because it just feels way to personal
      for me to be watching on TV. And it’s creepier with this show because we’ve been watching these girls since they were 16, there were cameras there when they gave birth. And now with one of them using her Teen Mom
      “fame” to move into doing actual hardcore porn (while using the Teen Mom name in the title) it’s just gotten really gross & very far from what they intended this show to be.

      And by paying Jenelle even one cent MTV is contributing to her drug addiction, while they sit there and film her destroy her life/her mother’s life/her son’s life for ratings and that’s disgusting. At least on intervention no one is paid anything, you’re only promised free rehab. I hope this was the finale and I hope Teen Mom 3 is cancelled.

  • Sweet Venom

    Jenelle needs to get away from the spotlight and find a quiet place to heal. No more twitter and Keek (whatever the f**k that is) BS. She needs to stay away from the drama and deal with her issues.

  • Truth

    Jenelle must still be high of she believes she had “guts” cause she allowed herself to be filmed strung out. She didn’t do it to share her struggles, she did it because of the check MTV was giving her. If she really had any “guts” she would sober up for Jace, so he could have a good mother. Instead she cares more about drugs and her loser boyfriends.

    • oh dear

      agreed. plus, she says the drugs make her troubles go away. erm, the drugs are CAUSING your troubles! get it right!

      and then she has the audacity to scream at her mother for not giving her jace back. seriously! how are all these girls not taught to take responsibility for their own actions?

      if i were her mother i wouldnt give jace up until janelle was clean for at least 3 years, stayed out of trouble and loser relationships AND held a stable, full-time job for at least 2 years.

      there is no chance in hell this girl is ever getting jace back. she’s never going to change and acknowledge her problems and her own responsibility. its pretty sad. that poor little fella is one day going to be able to surf the internet. i dread to think what thats going to do to his self esteem and the way he treats women.

      • christee

        I think Barbara should place Jace for adoption. It might sound brutal, be we all know Jenelle is never going to remove her head from her ass. Why would she? Barbara enables her. She never stays in jail. She doesn’t have to suffer any consequences, until her eventual death by overdose. Jenelle could do a lot with her life, she’s not totally stupid, she just clearly lacks common sense and her development has stalled at about age 12-14. Jace should not have to live around that circus of misery. He’s seen enough already, get him out of there and never look back.

        • Sweet Venom

          I disagree. She SHOULD have placed Jace up for adoption as soon as he was born, however, at the age of three (or however old he is), I think it is a bit too late. He is already attached to the people he has in his life. Adoption now would only be cruel.

  • olivia

    it’s hard to see a teenager who gives up her life. this kind of addiction means a finished life.
    I’m really sad about Jace. An open adoption would be good for him because he needs a supportive, calm family.

    • Nancy Hartwick

      Olivia, I have been saying that all along. Barbara can be very caustic as well. He needs structure.

      • olivia

        yes, I agree.

        Jenelle has serious menthal problems and maybe also Barbara does.

        Babs loves Jace, I’m sure but she is too caustic for a lil boy as you wrote.

        The Jenelle-Babs relationship is dead I think, they just fight and abuse each other. They should keep distance and only send two postcards a year.

      • olivia

        But there’s this little boy who needs a normal life… I am really worried about him. He deserves a better future.

  • Seriously MTV

    Its disgusting to see all the lies from twitter to the show that go on with Jenelle. No I would not share my story on national tv if I were a junkie cause I have kid with whom I respect and who is going to see all this bs! O wait you don’t have respect for anyone. Yes kudos for her for glory self righteous tweet. When are people gonna stop handling her with kiddie gloves and call her out on her shit?! Im a Military wife and I am highly offend by the way Kail’s story came a crossed. It seems they just got married for the “perks” of the Marine lifestyle. There are people that do this for the benefits, and I am surprised MTV showed this. This isn’t how military life is at all! Men and women put their lives on the line everyday to fight for this country, not for healthcare and a bigger pay check cause they got married. Spouses, children, and family members go through an experience no one can relate to unless you been there. “Holding it down” please you have NO idea what it is like.

    • Mickey

      I’m an air force wife and I feel you 100%! She pissed me off these last few episodes talking about all the benefits she’s going to get, but oh she’s also going to miss Javi. God, I bawled the week of and many weeks after he left for basic training and tech school. Now we have 2 kids and he’s leaving so I get to “hold it down”. Kail has NO IDEA what it’s like to havethe love of your life a world apart from you.

      • Seriously MTV

        She showed no emotion at all! Even when he cried cause Isac was sleeping, she told him to just finshing packing!! My mouth dropped. I use to be fan of hers cause of her background and struggles. I wanted to see her do well, but she was deffinetly a different person with some insurance and a check in front of her. She talks like its a joke when in reality hes got a long road ahead of him. Thats where I lost respect for her. I feel bad for him. I wonder what his unit thinks? Here at Bragg, people don’t take too kindly to those that do this type of thing.

        I dont think we ever stop crying LoL I hope everything is going well for you and your family. I hope your husband is safe and thank you!!! :)

        • Mickey

          I hopeyou yours I’d safe as well.

          • Lisa Tate

            My heart goes out to anyone who has a spouse or loved one in the military. I can’t imagine the emotions you go through when they have to leave for months at a time. You are very strong individuals in having to deal with the deployments but they are protecting our country and I am grateful for the men and women that serve our military.

  • Me

    None of Kail’s emotions about her wedding are correct. She just doesn’t act right about it. It’s an obvious mistake and it’s clear she knows it. It’s too bad. She should be as happy about getting married as she as about taking her son far, far away from his dad and his entire family.

    Really disgusting behavior.

    • OverIt

      Yes! It is particularly painful for me to watch her interacting with Javi. He is an amazing young man and perfect gentleman, but she acts very strange around him, as if she is distancing herself from his affections. I hope she isn’t using him. Every time I watch them I cross my fingers that she is just awkward around the cameras. If not, I’m afraid that sweetheart Javi is going to have his heart broken :(

  • Mickey

    I was stupidly excited at first about teen mom 3, but now I’m hoping that they cancel it. I’d hate to watch these girls end up like Farrah, Amber, Jenelle, etc.

  • Loriey

    What is even sadder is that Jenelle’s mother Barbara is an enabler. How many times has she bailed Jenelle out of jail or out of trouble. Jenelle would have been better off to remain in jail, at least it would have kep her away from drugs & boyfriend Delp.

    The only semi stability Jace has had was living in Barbara’s home. but then Jenell & Barbara has horrific fights which Jace has to endure, with Jenelle storming off to go stay with a friend or live in her car since she doesn’t work steadily & has not income.
    Chelsea is lazy, her father pays all her bills while she sits around & doesn’t want to work, skips beauty school & can’t get past Andrew who is now locked up for DWI issues.
    Kailyn was abusive to Jo & to Javi, wasn’t honest with Jordan & then quickly married Javi & since has no family support she isn’t making good decisions.
    Leah seems to jump from marriage to marriage, continually adding children to her already sad life

  • Shakinghead

    I was actually shocked about the fact that MTV shows them (Jenelle and Kieffer) talking about bying drugs and then being high as if it is just a normal day thing. What an example for all the teenage viewers. “Oh, I’ll give our last money and then you’ll feel better.” Seriously???

  • Nancy Hartwick

    The end of this show has been a long time coming as they have been perpetuating her drug habits. She is NOT a mother and deserves no visitation with her son. The emotional damage has already been done. The courts need to commit her to a facility with no chance of leaving. As a former behaviorist (35 years) I can attest to the fact that sometime other people need to make decisions for you. I wish her a healthy future, if she chooses that route.

  • Pat Brown

    I agree with everyone’s comments. Not to mention that this show is just flat out ridulous now. I mean these girls are all 21 now, and haven’t been teeangers the last 2 seasons. They are adults, that are famous and on the cover of magazines. The show is completely staged and highly edited, to make things appear a completely different way. For instance them talking about being famous and being on MTV is never shown, but we all know they talk about it. They are never seen being asked for an autograph. I’m sure they are asked at times. This is all about money, they have the lastest phones, and nice new cars, and houses, a lot of people decades older then them don’t have that, because of the times. They are al

    • Pat Brown

      it’s a stupid silly show, and MTV should be embarrased of what they created, showing these train wrecks. Kailyn is an opportunist, how is Javi paying for Isaac, thought you can’t do that in the miltary? I don’t think that child is entitled to health or any other benefits of Javi unless Javi is his legal gardian. I would like to know about that, but all the girls from one and two are very troubled! I would be willing to be very soon MTV will anounce that that was the last season. It’s very obvious!

      • Sweet Venom

        I don’t think anyone can solely blame MTV. Yes they started it but it’s not like they gave Jenelle the drugs. The Teen Mom train kind of took its own course regardless of what MTV wanted. Besides, why should they be embarrassed? LOL Do you know how much money they have made? And, it’s not like the MTV staff are the ones doing drugs and relationship jumping for everyone to see. If anyone should be embarrassed and ashamed it is the Teen Mom girls themselves.

      • Mickey

        You are very much right about the military. Unless JAVI has some form of custody over Isaac (which being a step parent is NOT the same as having custody), Isaac can’t receive ANY military benefits.

  • Karina

    I don’t give a crap about Jenelle, but I’m so sad for baby Jace. What will be his future? A drunk mommy who puts herself first before her baby, a f**ked up dad who doesn’t give a crap about him and an intense grandma (I love Babs, but with Jenelle around, her house turns into a dysfunctional nightmare)?
    I’m sad for him, and I’ll be even sadder when he will be older and saw that his mom was not giving a shit ’bout him.
    That’s why I don’t like Jenelle. At least, the little boy will have his grandma!