Jenelle Evans timeline of events since her heroin arrest

Jenelle Evans 2013 heroin arrest timeline with mug shot photos

It’s only been four days since news broke that MTV reality star Jenelle Evans was back in jail after being arrested for heroin possession (and other charges) on Tuesday, less than 24 hours after an episode of Teen Mom 2 aired footage suggesting for the first time Jenelle had problems with drugs other than marijuana. We updated our post when more information was made available about the arrest, but since that time we’ve refrained from doing updates on all the usual Jenelle arrest fallout drama (abuse photos, Twitter hacking, “not my drugs,” random nude photos, etc.)

Instead we though it would be good to just give it a few days and then provide a “week in review” type summary post. So, here is a timeline of all the events since Jenelle Evans’ heroin arrest (and one just before) with some brief information and links to the original stories in case you want the full 411.

Gary Head mug shot photos from 2013 DUI convictions

April 23 (10:58 AM) Jenelle’s ex-fiance Gary Head is booked in Brunswick County jail to serve his seven-day sentence stemming from two separate DUI arrests. Gary beginning his jail sentence was unrelated to Jenelle and Courtland’s arrest, just an amazing coincidence. (Yes, there was a brief time in which Gary, Jenelle, and Courtland were all in the same jail facility at the same time.)

Courtland Rogers mug shot photos from 2013 heroin arrest with Jenelle Evans

April 23 (1:10 PM) Courtland Rogers is booked in Brunswick County jail and charged with assault on a female, possession with the intent to manufacture, sell, and/or deliver heroin. Initially his bail was $35,000, but a probation violation was later tacked on, as was an additional $50,000 on his bond, making it a total of $85,000.

Jenelle Evans mug shot photos from 2013 heroin arrest

April 23 (1:23 PM) Jenelle Evans (Online records did not have her name as Jenelle Rogers) is booked in Brunswick County jail and charged with possession with intent to manufacture, sell and/or deliver heroin, possession of a schedule II controlled substance (Percocet), and simple assault. She is also served with a warrant for failure to pay child support. Bond is set at $20,260 total.

April 23 (3:19 PM) A “friend” of Jenelle tells Radar Online that Jenelle says she was “set up” by Courtland.

April 23 (late afternoon/early evening) Jenelle is bailed out of jail. She returns to Twitter and tweets “Bye Twitter.”

April 24 (12:22 PM) Radar Online posts photos of Jenelle’s bloody ear and her hand with blood on it, allegedly from when she was attacked by Courtland. “Jenelle has been saying that she was hit in the head by Courtland and it made her ear bleed,” a friend of Jenelle’s tells the site. “That’s why the cops were called.”

April 24 (afternoon) Jenelle gets her wisdom teeth taken out, returns to find her Twitter and Facebook accounts had been hacked and nude photos of her posted on them. “I just got my wisdom teeth out and now crying my eyes out. Thanks a lot for hacking my account. I can’t even talk and bleeding so bad.” Jenelle tweeted.

April 24 (2:32 PM) E! News publishes an article claiming Jenelle’s arrest probably means there will not be a Teen Mom 2 Season 5. “All she had to do was complete one more week of therapy and [MTV was] going to start filming again,” a source reveals to E!. “This ruined any chance of a season five.”

April 24 (2:32 PM) In the same E! News article that suggested there will now be no Teen Mom 2 Season 5 thanks to Jenelle’s arrest, they spoke with her attorney, Dustin Sullivan, who reveals Jenelle paid the outstanding child support she owed, which was “about $360,” the day before and adds, “there is no longer a warrant out for Jenelle when it comes to child support.”

April 25 (3:15 AM) TMZ reports that Jenelle Evans was kicked out of the house she had been sharing with Courtland by his mother, who owns the house. Sources tell the site that Jenelle’s belongings were packed up in boxes and she was was told to come and get them. “We’re told Jenelle arrived to the home late Tuesday night — accompanied by her mother and a police officer — but even the cop couldn’t prevent the drama that ensued,” the site wrote. Jenelle then reportedly got a little foul-mouthed with her mother-in-law and accused her of taking her laptop computer (though it may have actually been an iPad – more on that in a minute). Jenelle would eventually leave, still fuming and without her pit bull Brody.

April 25 (9:36 AM) Kieffer Delp tweets that he would be willing to take Jenelle’s pit bull Brody.

Apri 25 (around noon) Jenelle responds to TMZ’s report that she was kicked out of Courtland’s mom’s house by tweeting, “I moved out before I even got arrested so no she didn’t kick me out. I rather not live in a house with dog sh!t and p!ss.” She later deleted the tweet.

April 25 (1:30 PM) “A source close to Jenelle tells TMZ, Jenelle says the drugs recovered by police inside Jenelle’s North Carolina home — including 12 bindles of heroin and Percocet — were not hers … and she had no idea they were in the house.” Jenelle says she attacked Courtland with a piece of furniture in self defense and her attorney, Dustin Sullivan, says they will be fighting the charges and beat the rap.

April 25 (4:21 PM) E! News speaks to Caswell Beach Police Chief George Kassler who reveals that the 12 bindles of heroin, the Percocet, and the paraphernalia were found in Jenelle’s car, not the house. The arrest came after a disturbance call was made from Courtland’s mother’s house. “We don’t know who called,” Caswell tells E! “[Evans and Rogers] were having an argument. It started in the house and they both got into the car in front of the house.” Caswell also said he was aware of Jenelle’s return to the home to pick up her belongings Tuesday night and says “there were words exchanged and an officer responded.” Caswell adds that Jenelle returned to the home Thursday to pick up her dog Brody.

April 26 (8:29 AM) More Jenelle injury photos surface on Radar Online, this time showing a scrape on her arm. “Jenelle said that Courtland hit her on the arm with a metal fan cover. He broke the skin and made her arm bleed when he slapped her with the fan piece,” the friend told Radar.

April 26, (10:20 AM) The Hollywood Gossip speaks to a friend of Jenelle’s who tells them Jenelle is accusing Courtland’s parents of stealing her iPad. “She’s worried that they’re going to leak naked photos of her from the iPad on the Internet and said if they do, she says she’s going to take action.” But the “friend” defends Courtland’s parents, saying “They would never leak photos of her because they have more class than that.”

April 26 (1:34 PM) Someone tweets “good thing momma Rogers kicked her out” and Jenelle responds by tweeting “my clothes were already packed in my car before getting arrested.” which would seem to suggest she was already in the process of moving out when the initial altercation occurred.

Jenelle Evans gets her son Jace a Spider-Man poncho after getting out of jail from heroin arrest

April 26 (4:01 PM) Jenelle tweets the above photo of a Spider-Man bath poncho she bought for her son Jace along with the words, “Some little boy is going to be happy 🙂 ”

April 26 (9:38 PM) Jenelle seems to suggest the unpaid child support was just a big misuderstanding when she tweets, “idk why everyone is saying ‘I can’t pay child support’ when really I paid in advance and they made a mistake.”

Jenelle Evans Mallory Winters

April 27 (1:43 PM) Jenelle appears to be in a much better mood as she tweets the photo above along with, “Last night. Hahahaha oh that gas station… Geeeze… Lmao @Mally21mal”

  • Honeybear

    For someone who just got busted for heroin possession, not paying their child support, and being abused by her boyfriend…she sure is carefree. If she doesn’t care, then I don’t care.

    • Sweet Venom

      I know right? She’s such a stupid girl. She had potential but it’s slowly…slipping…away…

      • jeff

        I wouldn’t say she had potential, she was just given a big opprotunity with 16 and Pregnant and Teen Mom. I dont think she ever had potential.

        • Yeah I have no idea where all these people mentioning her “potential” get it from, because she took a few college classes years ago? She would have been a hot mess with or without money and TV. There are millions of girls out there with kids just like her, just watch Intervention.

        • Sweet Venom

          I think she has the brains to be a smart girl if she tried, that’s what I meant by potential.

  • ohmygeez

    She always looks so happy after one of her boyfriends/husbands/whatevers beats the crap out of her. As for the nude photos, stop taking them and then you have nothing to worry about. Moron!

    If they want to to another season of Teen Mom, why not do it without this crackhead?

    • Mickey

      Well it would have to be without Kail too because you can’t film things on a military installation. That only leaves Chelsea and Leah unless they were to add 2 of the other girls.

      • She doesn’t have to live on base unless they are stationed overseas (with exception, but generally). I’d like to see some of the other girls actually.

  • Jenna

    Good riddance to Teen Mom 2. It shouldn’t have taken off the air a long time ago.

  • Amy

    Here we go again. The thing is that I do think she really could be a good mother to Jace and decent human being. Instead she keeps getting worse and you’ve seen it progress on the show. Don’t know if anyone remembers but she was in college back when Teen Mom started and while she had lousy friends/boyfriends and smoked weed it was still better than what she does today. MTV has some blame in this, sure they didn’t make her do drugs but they knew she was troubled when they cast her and they have essentially been paying for Jenelle’s drugs for the last few years. I don’t think it’s too late to change but she’s running out of time. Jace isn’t going to be a toddler forever soon enough he’ll start to understand why he doesn’t live with his mother.

    • burkey

      To me thats what makes her worse. I think she absolutely could CHOOSE to shape up, cut the crap and be a better mom and person in general but instead she chooses to do the opposite. I’ve rarely in my life come across someone who has such a lack of responsibility for their own actions.

    • Truth

      MTV knew exactly what they were doing when they cast her to be TM2. But now that things have escalated to the level that they have, they don’t want to be held responsible for this train wreck.

    • Sigh

      No, she doesn’t deserve Jace. Go and re-watch her 16 and Pregnant episode, she never had any interest in being mom. She was whining from the first few weeks of Jace’s birth about how she never had any time for herself and how “hard” it was, even though Barb mentions she was already going out partying not long after he was born & that she was taking care of him all the time (this was before Barb even had custody)

      This is not because of her boyfriends or MTV (even though they’ve contributed by paying her) or even the drugs. It’s HER fault. She’s a selfish person, who is not meant to be a mother and has never really been a mother, except biologically. Jace should have been put up for adoption from the get go. And he should never live with her she’s an addict and unstable and it seems like he has very little bond with her considering how he pretty much treats her like his big sister or something everytime she’s around on the show.

    • Dani

      Drug addicts are drug addicts. They don’t need MTV checks to get high, they will find it some how.

  • burkey

    So she was in the process of moving out and already had stuff packed in her car… including the drugs.. certainly sounds like they were hers to me..

    • Caeleigh Shae

      Funny though, the tweets they posted the night before basically brought you into their bedroom with them. The next day she already had crap packed in her car to leave? Something, well hell I’ll say it, most of the stuff she says just doesn’t add up.

  • Katie

    If she just got her wisdom teeth out how can she open her mouth like that?! I was on Tylenol 3’s for2 weeks!

    • Sweet Venom

      She has to be lying. I got my wisdom teeth pulled about two months ago and it took me a good two weeks to be able to open my mouth properly. Not to mention my face was swollen terribly for one week! I also researched getting wisdom teeth pulled before I went in and everyone else more or less went through the same thing, so it wasn’t just me.

      • Sophie

        Not only that, but her face would be swollen. I had chipmunk cheeks for a week after getting mine removed.

    • Yep me too, I had all my wisdom teeth pulled out and it took a good 2 weeks before I felt any better :'(

    • missemily

      I was able open mine within a couple of days, but I was 13 so I may have just healed a lot faster. Our Kennels is lying, which is probably true.

    • Caeleigh Shae

      I was also in bed afterwards because of the knock-em-out drugs.

    • Caeleigh Shae

      I’m not sure about the timeline BUT this may have been taken before the surgery – but then again, maybe not. I DO have a problem with another pic she posted POST extraction of her driving home with the gauze in her mouth. When mine were removed, they gave me a valium, an anti-inflamitory, right before we went and then the sedation drugs right before they started the extraction. You are NOT allowed to drive afterwards. She wouldn’t be driving!

    • I was about her age when I had mine taken out. Two were removed with sedation, and the other two were done with Novocaine only but on a different day. Yes, the sedation knocked me out cold for the whole day, but of course I was fine after the Novocaine. As far as pain: the first day was rough, the second not that bad, and I was almost fine on the third (both times). Maybe it’s easier if you have them taken out later? I dunno. Maybe it’s easier when you’re on heroin? I wouldn’t know…

  • LaDy

    Jesus how does she live this life? It’s so exhausting just to read about. Know what I did today? Not heroin, no cops were involved, and as far as I know, there are no naked photos of me floating around online.

    • Caeleigh Shae


  • sam

    #1. How does Dustin keep getting her out of trouble? #2. If your husband uses heroin, you KNOW. #3. There is no way or its highly unlikely that a former heroin user especially a recent one can be around heroin and not use it. #4. this chick is toxic to herself and all those around her #5. Jenelle, you truly need Jesus. I will keep you in my prayers.

  • Ally

    I hate how she seems to think everytime she buys anything for Jace she needs to brag about it to the world. Hmmm he is YOUR son! Also with as much money as she makes its pathetic that she will buy him a $5 item acting like she just got him a car or something.

    • Caeleigh Shae

      I don’t think she has as much $$ as you may think. She’s purchased multiple cars (eventually wrecked) a lot of big ticket items, jewelry, clothes, and not to mention the stuff she buys her men to stay with her to calm her fear of being alone. She does buy these little bobbles for Jace from time to time though and advertises it to pass as her undying love for her offspring. (It was $12 – cha-ching for a towel) It’s totally pathetic.

      • Ally

        Thats the problem, she completely blows through her money on stuff that’s tens of thousands then shows off the $12 towel(thank you, I was guessing on price). Then says she can’t afford Jace!?! I agree it is totally pathetic!

      • Her money is probably gone. I’m pretty sure the only thing that she’ll be receiving money for is the reunion now. Remember these shows were filmed LAST year and I’m pretty sure MTV has paid out for the episodes already filmed.

        • Caeleigh Shae

          I think, but I’m not sure, she got paid for this current season airing once it started airing. All of a sudden there was a bunch of pictures posted of the stuff she just purchased, and they were NOT cheap items either. I think any leftovers, if there are any, are going into Dustin’s pocket. If Dustin has a Twitter, next picture up is him lounging on his yacht. LOL

      • Sophie

        I wouldn’t be surprised if that was around the time she was starting to get into opiates, and actually spent all that money on pills and dope, but she didn’t want Barbra to know that so she said it was on weed instead.

    • Dani

      Right? I don’t see my friends that are parents post pictures of trinkets every time they get their kid something and I don’t either.

      • Ally

        Agreed! I have two kids and the only time I’ve posted pictures of stuff I buy them is when I think it’s BEYOND adorable. Especially when I was pregnant with my oldest and went shopping for him the first time and was freaking out on how cute baby stuff is out there. The other times(I dunno if this counts) Is pics of them opening gifts on birthdays and Christmas. If I did even 20% of what my husband and I buy them I think I would go insane lol

        • Dani

          I of course take and post pictures of her opening gifts and pictures of her playing with toys. I don’t find it necessary to mention I bought it for her either. Jenelle mistakenly thinks this proves she is a good mother, but we all know she is overcompensating.

          • Ally

            Oh completely! Her doing that especially buy say “Oh look what I bought Jace” is actually proving the complete opposite.

  • Brittany

    Since she thinks living things are disposable (just look at her son), I sure hope she doesn’t just dump that puppy off at the pound.

    • Djoust

      She has spent more time with that damn dog then with her son… that’s sad

      • Dani

        I know a few deadbeat dads like that, more time and money on a dog that will be dead in a decade.

  • Tiffany

    She will never learn… How can you make such huge mistakes over and over…. And as for that guy setting her up, he may be a loser, but what would be the point of that ?… she knew those drugs were in there. I hope she gets locked up for quite a while.

  • kc

    WOW she even abandons her dog just like she abandoned her kid. She can’t think of anyone but herself for more than 5 minutes. She disgusts me.

  • Dani

    I love how Kieffer stays relevant with this all by scheming to get Jenelle’s dog. Poor dog.

  • micro OP

    I wonder how keiffer is doing. I guess he was the one she started doing heroin with.

  • stephanie

    train wreck! goodbye teen mom2 season 5