Derek Underwood’s mom Stormie Clark’s letter to Farrah Abraham’s daughter Sophia

Farrah Abraham's daughter Sophia with Derek Underwood's mother Stormie Clark

Teen Mom fans probably remember the dramatic episodes in which Farrah Abraham had to go to court to prevent Stormie Clark, mother of Sophia’s deceased father Derek Underwood, from gaining visitation rights to see her granddaughter. On the show, we were only given Farrah’s side of the story, and that side of the story portrayed Stormie as obsessed and threatening. But despite Stormie having some harsh things to say about Farrah (which, knowing what we know now, don’t seem quite so exaggerated any more), she has always seemed very sincere about her motives to see Sophia: that her granddaughter is the only thing left of her only son, and Stormie wants to be able to get to know her.

We previously posted a moving Christmas video tribute to Derek Underwood created by Stormie Clark in December of 2011, just a few days shy of the 3-year anniversary of the car accident that took Derek’s life on December 28, 2008. Now, Stormie has written a lengthy letter to her granddaughter Sophia included in the new book Teen Mom Confidential: Secrets & Scandals From MTV’s Most Controversial Shows.

In the letter, Stormie shares Derek’s life story, starting when he was a young boy living on a farm outside of St. Joseph, Missouri. She talks at length about the time in which Derek and Farrah were dating, including the time when Derek first brought her home to meet his mom. “In high school, lots of girls wanted to date [Derek],” Stormie tells Sophia. “He had a few relationships, but your mom was the only girl that he had ever brought home for me to meet. She seemed sweet and was very pretty. They were a cute couple and looked very happy together.”

Teen Mom Farrah Abraham and Sophia's dad Derek Underwood

But things soon began to go bad, and the rest of what Stormie had to say about Farrah wasn’t quite so pleasant. “A friend of Derek’s had told me,” Stormie writes, “that whenever Farrah would call Derek and Derek was in his car with his friends, that he would have to stop the car, turn the radio off, shut the air conditioner off, roll all of the windows up, tell his friends to stop talking, so that Farrah could hear him without any distractions. His friend told me that happened a lot.”

Stormie also talks about the MTV film crews following Farrah around at school and the rumors that she was pregnant. “I was told after his death that Derek had tried many times to call Farrah and ask her if the baby was his,” Stormie says. “And each time, she said no. One of their conversations was aired on 16 and Pregnant.”

The letter also includes a description of the night of the car crash and the unimaginable moment when police officers knocked on her door in the middle of the night to tell her that her son had died.

I walked into the living room and one of the officers asked me if I was Derek Underwood’s mother. I answered “Yes.” He then asked me to sit down. My heart was pounding with fear. He said that there was an accident. Your son was involved in a motor vehicle accident with two of his friends. As I stood up to get my coat to go to the hospital, he said, “Your son didn’t make it.”

She reveals that it wasn’t until after she watched Farrah’s episode of 16 and Pregnant that she realized Sophia may be Derek’s daughter. She repeatedly attempted to contact Farrah to verify it, and even asked for a paternity test on several occasions, but got no response.

Imagine Stormie’s surprise when out of the blue Farrah contacted Derek’s sister Kassy asking her to take a paternity test! Fans of the show will remember these scenes as Kassy and her daughter Ali (who was born on the same day as Derek’s funeral) visited with Farrah and Sophia, and it was determined that Derek is indeed Sophia’s father. But, according to Stormie, once the cameras stopped rolling Kassy never heard another word from Farrah.

In case you’re wondering where the photo at the top of this post came from, it is from the only time Stormie Clark has ever been able to spend any substantial time with Sophia — which was the result of coincidence.

When spring arrived, your Aunt Kassy, Alissa, baby Ali and I had all went to a park one day here in Council Bluffs. As we were getting out of our car, I saw you for the first time in real life. We were all so very excited to see you. You were with your babysitter. We explained our story to her, and then asked her if we could play with you and hold you. She hesitantly agreed. It was the most amazing experience holding you for the first time ever.

I took a short little walk with you. Just you and me. I carried you the whole time. I told you that I was your grandmother. I told you all about your daddy, and mostly I told you how much I loved you and wished that we could be together. After lots of hugs and kisses, we were able to get a couple of pictures, and then it was time for us to leave.

Sophia, walking away from you that day was the hardest thing that I have ever had to do. But I was very thankful that I got to at least have that moment with you that I can cherish for the rest of my life.

To read more from Stormie’s very long letter, including details on an encounter with Debra Danielsen at her house and a heart-wrenching final paragraph, be sure to pick up your copy of Teen Mom Confidential via amazon, or hop over to to get one!

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  • Ace

    This puts the story in a very different light. And yes, seeing how Farrah is, I’m more inclined to believe Stormies version of events. And how sad she refused to even tell Derek she was pregnant, and now she feeds us all this b.s. on Teen Mom about how they would have lived happily ever after and were so in love – yea right.

    • Ally

      I was just about to post basically the same thing just not put so nicely, you toke the words out of my mouth! All Farrah wants to do is cause drama and pull the victim card how she was “robbed” of this perfect little life with him. Also you so know Farrah was foaming at the mouth when she found out Stormie got to see and hold Sophia! Hopefully at the very least Sophia is not brain washed by her mother and will pursue a relationship with her grandmother when she is older.

      • vic1230

        MTV really needs to get Farrah off of the show.

  • Courtney

    I feel SOO bad for Stormie! Could you imagine losing your son and then finding out that he lives on through a child that you never got to see or even know about the birth let alone ever have a chance to have a relationship?!? Just shows How selfish Farrah is! That’s pure evil! I hope Sophia turns on Farrah when she gets old enough to feel the shame from her mother!

    • Steph

      Yes exactly, I hope when Sophia is older she reads this letter and will try to contact the family of her father. Because I am sure one day Sophia will have questions about her father and his family, I wonder what Farrah will tell her. It´s just strange to me, she does have contact with the father of Derek.

    • Caeleigh Shae

      This happened to my ex-sis-in-law. Her son died in his twenties when he was riding his motorcycle at dusk and ran into a chain connected between two barricades. Died instantly. His girlfriend was just barely pregnant a bit on the outs with him and his family but after everything happened, she at least had the good sense to put it all aside and moved forward with a much better relationship with her baby daddy family. Still has a good one with them as I understand.

  • Mickey

    I’m pretty sure that Stormie can request grandparent custodial visits (or something like that). Hell, if I were her I’d just fully fight for custody. Farrah obviously isn’t a fit parent and her mother has some pretty messed up charges on her because of Farrah.

    • spottedgiraffe

      She already tried to get grandparent rights but Iowa doesn’t value them very much so she lost.

  • ellen

    How can any mother keep her baby from someone who simply wants to give their love to the child. I have to admit my ex’s mom and I hardly get along but I bite my tongue because I know she would take a bullet for my kids. Even if Stormie can’t buy Soph tons of things at least she could show her the value of love. Farrah is going to ruin her daughter.

    • Mickey

      Exactly. She could tell her tons of wonderful things about Derek (something EVERYONE is sure Farrah isn’t going to do).

    • Gina007

      Farrah is a selfish, ugly twit. Hope Stormie develops a relationship with her granddaughter someday.

    • Momof3

      How? Easily because she knows they will tell her the truth about what a psycho her mother is. Sophia, unfortunately is surrounded right now by people who are paid/threatened by her mother. Derek’s family has no obligation to Farrah can’t wait for that shit show

  • jess

    Farrah gosh wasn’t her 5 min’s of fame over long ago. I can’t stand her she isn’t a very nice person, very rude and disrespectful

  • Lisa Keller

    Farrah is lucky to have Derek’s family want to be involved because they will be able to answer questions about him that Farrah can’t or won’t answer for her. She is being 100% selfish to isolate them from her. But that behavior is expected from her. My son’s father also died when he was a baby and sadly his family does not want to even see him. We were not welcome at the funeral and I have no pictures for him. They blame us for his suicide when he was 23 years old. Going as far as kicking him out of her pet store they own when he was just 6 years old. Then at 15 riding his skateboard in the parking lot by calling the police on him. He had no idea that those were his grandparents store. He is now 20 years old and has questions no one can answer for him. Hopefully when and if Farrah grows up a little things will change for little Spohia. But that is not likely. She is an ugly person inside and out and will live a lonely life when the cameras stop rolling.

  • Stupid Kids

    Farrah is full of BS from what i can tell and she is just as crazy as her mother. So i pitty the life that soph has to live. She needs to see her fathers side of the family more than anything because when she gets old enough to ask her mother where they are and why they dont contact them and what happend to her daddy, shes not going to have a good answer. Shes setting a horrible example for her kid being a whore, yes a whore farrah! Dont act like that video was just for personal use, im sure you needed the money since you dont want to get a REAL job.

  • StefaniAnn

    I remember Farrah saying that she didn’t let Stormie see her because Stormie didn’t like her and Derek together. I’m sure Stormie had a VALID REASON for that. Perhaps Farrah was just as much of a delusional, selfish, manipulative horrible b!tch back then like she is now. If I had a song I wouldn’t want a pig like that seeing him either! Stormie did try to push those issues aside for Sophia though. Of course, Farrah probably won’t grow a heart and let Stormie see Sophia anytime soon. Poor Sophia :(

    • StefaniAnn

      If I had a son*

    • Jackie Sorensen

      If Stormie did feel that way….what does that have to do with Sophia?? Farrah is a very selfish girl. Maybe with maturity she will see things differently. But if I had to guess right now….she is just a very shallow individual and she will always be that way. Her daughter will suffer because of it, just like Farah did with her mother and so on….she IS a lot like her mom…Im not a fan of either of them. They are not bad people or evil…just shallow. But now they have another person to take into consideration who has family outside of their own who loves her….how sad….boo hoo

    • Lauren R.

      Really? I thought Farrah said that about her own mother. That’s why she has a grudge against Debra. Derick had to hide at one point when Farrah’s mom walked into her room.

  • Sansa

    Look up “Parental Alienation” I think Farrah will end up brainwashing Sophia into hating her father’s family. It’s so sad. And I don’t know if Stormie would even have a case against Farrah because most courts are on the side of custodial parents. Maybe if her son was alive he’d be able to argue custody but It’s not as easy to get grandparent visitation if the mother is completely against it. :(

  • Amy Lynn Wood

    I think Farrah is a stuck up brat as much as most of you but she has some reasons to hate that woman. People forget how after the paternity that his mother still tried getting Sophia denied her social security survivor benefits by claiming that she was not 100% sure he was the father. That would piss me off too. Farrah did try to mend things with the sister but was blown off quite often. She does still let Dereks fathers side see her. There have been photos of them recently. You cant expect a bratty teenager to be understanding to the person she feels took away her babys father. It has been said that the alcohol he got came from his own mother. Farrah needed therapy during her pregnancy and still does. She hasnt let go of the hate. Maybe one day she will but until then she has a right to keep her child away from anyone she feels will be a negative influence. Dereks mother isnt making a good case for herself by badmouthing Farrah in a book. Let the past go and maybe the future will look better.

    • Caeleigh Shae

      Occasional photo ops and scripted dialogue on a “Reality” show do not exactly deliver truthful facts. Farrah is obviously unbalanced and the things she says happened or didn’t happened are unreliable.

      • Amy Lynn Wood

        The same can be said for this story. Dereks mother is pretty unbalanced herself which has even been said by her own daughter. Who is to say that this story has any truth to it? If she really wants to be in Sophia’s life she has to stop trashing Farrah. That is just reality. It may be painful but at least then she can say she held her head high and kept her morals.

        • Caeleigh Shae

          Is she psycho too? I haven’t read too much about her but I’m mainly skimming headlines.

        • greenThumb

          Can u say Farrah holds her head high still?. Doubtful

          • mutedexposure

            You seriously commented on something from 3 years ago? Idiot.

            • greenThumb

              Why am I not surprised you would resort to name calling? Sorry that you take my opinion of Farrah so personally. I’m commenting on things I’m researching. That makes me an idiot? Very mature

            • greenThumb

              Was I being aggressive toward you? Was it necessary to call me an idiot?

  • Samm

    There is grandparents rights.. she can fight for them 😀

    • Jackie Sorensen

      she tried….Iowa doesn’t recognize ‘grandparents’ rights….its too bad in this case. Farah and her family are very selfish people. But Sophia won’t always be a little girl…she will seek her daddys family out some day….Stormie…hang in there!!

  • chaley

    Farrah is a selfish bitch! To whoever said that Derek’s mom bought alcohol for her son- Can you read??? The kid Zach Mendoza that passed away in the front seat- HIS MOM bought the alcohol. As I read further, it said that Zach’s mom just got probation because Derek’s BAC was under the legal limit. This is the second time that Farrah is getting paid to lay on her back! Once for 16 and pregnant, and now a PORN video! Wow! What a good example she is setting for young girls! NOT!! Gtfo!!!

  • SunlightStation23

    I don’t know much about custody law, but these grandparents have to have rights….this is their son’s child. If they don’t have rights, it’s a crying shame.

    Knowing now how Farrah is only out for whatever money she can gain by literally doing anything and everything, this child needs her Grandmother, Aunts, Cousins, on Derek’s side now more than ever….

    I’m heartbroken for this woman….she needs her granddaughter and vice versa. This poor little girl’s mother doesn’t have the first clue as to how to be a parent or role model. The one who stands to hurt most from this is Sophia and someday she’s going to wonder what the heck happened to her life…and she’s going to have her mother to blame for most of it. I wouldn’t want to be Farrah when this little girl grows up and finally starts realizing what kind of mess she grew up in.

  • darwin

    oh this is so sad. stupid farrah. ruining that kid. let her see her grandma who loves her! let her raise her. you and your mom are ruining her. that chance encounter is so cool!

    you bitch farrah tellng derrick it wasnt his child.

  • Muggy C

    I know I’m not going out on a limb when I say what a vile waste of a human being Farrash Abraham is, but really, she is.

    • greenThumb

      Guarantee she had something to do with his death

  • greenThumb

    I hope there is some kind of investigation looking into Farrah and her father being suspects in his death

  • Gayle

    Having lost a child myself I can tell Stormie Clark I understand some of her pain as we all grieve differently. Regardless of our unique grief the pain is so excruciating it nearly takes our breath away. I’m sorry you have not had the opportunity to make a positive change in Sophia’s life.

  • kaykay

    As much as I can’t stand Farrah. I side with her on this situation. This woman is awful. When Sophia was born, Farrah took her to her house and all she did was scream at her and say it wasn’t Derrek’s child. It wasn’t until the show took off that this women decided she Sophia around. She reached out to several news sources and demamded money for interviews. She only wants Sophia in her life becasue she is money and fame hungry. So I side with Farrah on this one.

  • Sondra Cherry

    Farrah is a total bitch for not allowing his family to be in Sophias life! I watched her 16 and pregnant episode not too long ago, and she wasn’t that bad at first, she was just doing as her parents instructed her to do, but by the time teen mom aired, we got to see how Farrah truly is! She’s such a spoiled BRAT! She treats her parents like shit, and she thinks she’s this A list celebrity or something! She irks the heck out of me! She definitely needs to come back down to reality, because she’s a horrible human being, and no amount of plastic surgery can make her pretty, because she’s horrible on the inside!