Farrah Abraham records keek video while driving with Sophia

Farrah Abraham posts keek video while driving with Sophia

Over the last few years I’ve probably written more about Teen Mom star Farrah Abraham than just about any one else on the planet, and yet it seems like every week (every day lately) she is still able to absolutely amaze me — though obviously not in a good way. The latest jaw-dropping entry in Farrah’s WTF resume is a video she just posted on Keek… while driving! With Sophia in the vehicle! After “driving like 13 hours non-stop!”

I’m sorry Amanda Bynes, but you’ve got nothing on the current phenomenon that is Farrah Abraham! (Farrahnomenon? Farrahmanda Bynes? Farrah Abrahamanda Bynes? Sorry…)

Here’s the clip:

I’m speechless.

Farrah, on the other hand, is not. Here’s what she says in the video:

Sup keekers? We are road tripping right now. We’re, uh, hint, in the middle of a move. Um, but, yeah, so I’m like the crazy mommy trying to like do everything. Work, move, and you know, just make the best for Soph right now. So I’m in the midst of all this. So I’ve been driving like 13 hours non-stop, totally working hard. So keek it if you’re driving or road trippin! Love, on the road. Whooooooo!!

Contrary to what Farrah says, I beg of all of our readers to please NOT “keek it if you’re driving.” Pleeeease.

In case you missed it, Farrah is currently “in the middle of a move” because she and her mother Debra Danielsen reportedly had a falling out over the sex tape scandal and Farrah either moved out of, or was kicked out of Debra’s house — according to whose story you believe. I tried be all sleuthy and figure out where Farrah was, but all I could see was a light-up construction sign that read “Roberts Cemetery.” The only other clue would be that it is probably at least 13 hours from Council Bluffs, Iowa. That is, unless Farrah has been driving in circles.

What’s that? You feel like you didn’t get enough of Farrah embarrassing herself in a car? No problem. Here are the folks at TMZ having a laugh at Farrah’s expense while watching a video of her in a limousine reportedly with James Deen and reportedly just after they had wrapped production on the now infamous sex tape:

What’s that? Still not enough footage of Farrah embarrassing herself on tape? I wish I could offer up a SFW snippet from the sex tape for you, but alas, that has yet to surface. I suppose you will just need to tune in to Dr. Phil on Friday where Farrah will try to defend all of her recent actions, including the sex tape as well as her recent DUI arrest. (Click here to watch a preview clip.)

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  • Jess

    I think it’s time someone called Cps on her ass. Sophia would be better off with Debra!

    • http://www.facebook.com/maiko.higa.33 Maiko Higa

      Debra raised Farrah though…I’m not convinced she could do better a second (third? how many siblings is there?) time.

  • ashley

    Wow. She is seriously dumb and delusional.

  • Courtney

    I love how Farrah blames everything on having a psycho mom yet SHE is even MORE of a psycho mom than Debrah! See needs a reality check on how DUMB she is! She’s so close minded and ingnorant that I just can’t understand how even when she’s proven wrong she still thinks she’s right! Her arguments are about as mature as a two year old! (Hint Sophia has more common sense and intelligence than Farrah)

  • Sascatchulokino

    That is one stupid skank bitch!!!

  • JJ

    Delusional… Completely delusional. She is a prime example of why we
    need to stop allowing kids to become part of the internet age and thrown
    into adult thinking before they develop their minds. No cell phones, no
    personal computers, no facebook accounts. Nada! It’s a shame that
    people like her are raised to be like they are. Kids do not need to be
    having children and parents need more proper observation if they are
    considered a high risk to raise trash. It sucks but take a look around,
    this generation of teens are wilder than anything we have seen in the
    past. It’s our own faults.

    • Nope

      I couldn’t agree more, very sad.

  • steph

    Wow what mature Farrah, so everytime when you are having problems with your mom you just pack your bags and move to another state, and taking Sophia away from her family ???

  • tab

    i mean this is the most serious way, farrah is the textbook definition of psychopath. it’s alarming to me and makes me worry for sophia.

  • MayaAyala

    I almost feel pity for Farrah Abraham. HOWEVER, when she opens her mouth, she whines about others, lies, reeks of a ingratitude, and acts like a petulant, spoiled child. Now, I just WINCE when I hear/see her.

    Her ONLY claim to fame was being classless enough to get pregnant as a teenager and then pretend to be someone that Americans care about. She is oblivious to the fact that we are watching her like we would watch a slow-moving train wreck.

    She is not only untalented, she is also a stupid enough to think that Americans value her for something other than being a bad teenager who made poor choices and turned into a bad mother.

    The difference between someone like Farrah Abraham and Lindsay Lohan is that Lindsay Lohan is marginally talented. Farrah, on the other hand, is a PHONY — from her pretense of being “talented” to her fake breasts and ugly, horse-like implanted chin. I don’t think that she can even cook (even if she went to a culinary school).

    If anything, I think that Sophia should be taken away from her and custody should be given to the parents of her deceased baby-daddy. While he may have made a poor choice in knocking up an idiot like Farrah Abraham, his parents seem to have been very well-rounded.

    Farrah should just stop the cameras, enroll in a REAL university (if she can get into one) and try to make something with whatever is left of her tainted life.

  • J3nni3

    Sophia needs to be taken away. This isnt the first time she put Sophia in danger I can name afew. When Farrah brings Sophia home from the hospital she leaves baby Sophia on the table and walks away. Another time Sophia pukes on Farrah and Farrah leaves baby Sohia on the top of the stairs and walks away again. Another time she moves to her very first apartment leaves Sophia alone in the apartment complex hallway while dumbass is inside fixing up her apartment. Then another time she left Sophia alone in the kitchen to have a bath in the sink and Sophia turned on the hot water n burned her hands. In Canada its illegal to use ur phone because of so many deaths that happen. Shes the dumbest person in the world. Once Sophia was having a temper tantrum like babies do and Farrah said “Sophia look at yourself OMG”. Her sister is a clone too the only normal one is Micheal. Disrespectful dumb woman n she wonders why she has no friends.

  • a

    umm DCFS anyone? can TMZ call on her?