VIDEO Farrah Abraham to be on Dr. Phil on Friday

Former Teen Mom Farrah Abraham on Dr. Phil show

In the immortal words of The Fashion Show‘s Calvin Tran, “Oh, here go hell come!”

It was just revealed that part of the reason former Teen Mom star Farrah Abraham and her mom Debra Danielsen were in Los Angeles last week was so they could appear on Dr. Phil! Check out this clip from the episode set to air this Friday titled “Teen Mom Farrah Exposed:”

We need Babs Evans here… “Oh Mah GAWD!” You thought watching Farrah have sex for 30 minutes with James Deen was going to be embarrassing? This looks 400 times worse! We’ve seen Farrah in a similar scenario with Dr. Drew many times, but Dr. Drew had on kid gloves and was on MTV’s payroll. Say what you will about Dr. Phil, but he doesn’t tolerate BS and he doesn’t consider stupidity an excuse, so Farrah is almost certainly going to be in for 60 minutes of brutality.

“Unlike you’re mother, I don’t care if you throw a fit or not.” – Dr. Phil.

Farrah Abraham her mom Debra Danielsen and dad Michael on Dr. Phil

Here’s the official synopsis from

Teen Mom Farrah Exposed

Farrah Abraham gained instant fame while starring in the MTV reality shows 16 and Pregnant and Teen Mom. Television cameras no longer follow the 21-year-old’s every move, but her antics are keeping her in the tabloids. Most recently, a sex tape surfaced featuring Farrah and porn star James Deen — a tape she says was made for her own personal use and documentation of how great she looks. But Deen tells a different story — Did Farrah plan to leak the tape in an attempt to stay in the spotlight? Dr. Phil confronts Farrah about the X-rated video and other reckless behavior being reported. How does she explain her actions? And, is she ready to make a change? Then, Farrah’s mom, Debra speaks out about her turbulent relationship with her daughter. And, Farrah’s dad, Michael, weighs in on his daughter’s controversial behavior. What he says may surprise you. Plus, don’t miss Dr. Phil’s advice every parent needs to hear.

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  • Jenna

    Finally! someone who puts her in her place!

    • teenwolffan

      I know right I think all the girls. Should go on dr Phil they need the truth. Is it just me as does Farrah looks way older. Than 22 year old

    • Ashley

      I’m glad for it to she needs it. She treats her parents like crap.

      • VERSACE

        She sure does! And also, it is just purely disgusting how she is doing everything and anything to try to stay relevant! It is over Farrah, Go Away Farrah! Your Fame is Up! Bye-Bye Farrah!

        • anjealka

          I’m not a Dr. Phil fan. I’m curious how he will react to her parents situation, that they are divorced but still lived together and constantly fight. I know her parents odd divorce back and forth does not justify Farrah’s poor treatment of them but I think Dr. Phil should tell her parents if they are divorced and continue to live together and travel together and fight constantly maybe they need some separation time and separate relationships with Farrah and her sister.

    • Ace

      Yea but the sad thing is, I really don’t like she cares. Farrah lives in la-la land and seems so stupid, so I’m sure she will just continue acting how she does. Poor Sophia!

  • Nicole

    I’m so excited for this! I can’t wait to see her make an ass out of herself. “I drove around the corner and parked.” “So you were driving?” “No I was parked. Not drunk driving.” OH MY GOD SHE IS SO STUPID. How, how, how does that make any sense? She seriously has to be DELUSIONAL. I bet she actually believes the shit she says because she seems that f*cked up in the head. God, I can’t wait for Dr. Phil to put her in her place!

    • Nicole

      Also, she should get that giant mole on her neck checked. I always heard if they were bigger than a pencil eraser you need to get them looked at. Her’s looks like the size of a nickel!

  • LexiconD1

    YAY! I have that day off work!!!!

    I can’t wait for this. She is finally reaping every ounce of crap that she’s sown. This looks like it’s going to be a great episode of Teen Mom (yeah I know it’s Dr Phil).

  • Kelly

    I can’t wait for Dr. Phil to put this entitled brat in her place. This is one episode I will definitely not be missing!

  • Natalia Salinas

    Cannot wait!

  • OverIt

    This is all happening so fast. Conspiracy theories, anyone? Maybe her parents were in on it from the beginning. There is no actual set tape, but they want you to believe there is one so they go on Dr. Phil. Weird, right? I don’t know what is true anymore.


      You know I was thinking that her parents may also be attention seeking FameWhores like her! Just saying!

  • GumballGiggity

    XDD Totally watching it!! Lolz Gawd gonna grab a bag of popcorn and enjoy this!! XDD

  • Allison

    She’s a class act! DUI, porn, and now Dr. Phil!


      Yup, she is an attention seeking FameWhore! Lol! 😉

  • ashley

    Here’s to hoping Dr. Phil won’t fall into her web of lies and actually tells her like it is! Come on Dr. Phil, tell her what we’re all thinking!!!

  • micro OP

    I’ve said it a million times, she has a personality disorder, she doesn’t hear criticism nor feel remorse. I wouldn’t be surprised if she kills someone one day

    • Anna

      Yes, she has some kind of personality disorder for sure. There is something seriously wrong with her–she’s delusional, clueless to the feelings of others, narcissistic, entitled, above and beyond hearing any criticism, never does anything wrong or makes a mistake, thinks the world loves her, envies her, and wants to be her, expects to be the center of attention, thinks she’s more important than others, feels no remorse, only thinks of herself, etc, etc, etc. With all those issues in place, I see how she could kill someone day, as long it is served her doing so.

    • Sansa

      I completely agree, she really creeps me out. Jenelle is a waste of space who would’ve been a mess with or without tv cameras but Farrah’s different. She seems intent on making news and getting attention, how far is she going to go? She’s void of any real emotion.

  • Terri Marsh

    Oh boy not really a fan of doc phil but I’ll be watching this..

  • Geniya

    I wanna see her break down

  • Sascatchulokino

    Please let this be the end of her 15 minutes!!! #stupidfuckingslut

  • oh dear

    omg ive been waiting for this for ages! finally! cant wait!

  • Amanda Richard

    I love love love dr phil and I’m so excited for this.

  • steph

    I love Dr Phil,he is honest and put people like her in their place. That Dr Drew is a joke. Cannot wait to see this!

  • tab

    oh no!! we’re going to have to see her ugly cry face!!!

  • Sara

    I can’t believe I’m saying this but…I NEED TO SEE THIS! Can’t wait to see her (hopefully) getting put in her place…

  • Amy

    Excellent. I can’t stand Dr. Phil but Farrah is one of the few people who deserves him. Sadly I doubt it will change her at all. Any hope Farrah had of a career was effectively killed by her ‘sex tape’.

  • Me

    Drew Pinske is a quack. He pretends to be an expert in EVERYTHING. He did a radio show on sexual issues for years but he’s supposedly an addiction medicine psychiatrist. Drew says some really dangerous things. Anyway, Phil is slightly better insofar as he stays within the area he knows, but he has become totally sensationalistic. Phil doesn’t really offer help, but he does offer entertainment. And we have ALL been waiting for someone to knock Farrah off the pedestal she put herself on. And by the way, her parents are TOTALLY in on this. They are disgusting fame whores too and have done everything possible to stay relevant. Debra’s refers to herself on her resume as “talent”. That speaks for itself.

  • Ashley

    Coming from a dysfunctional family is no excuse for treating people like dirt. She needs to grow up and take responsibility for her actions.

  • Kara

    Poor Sophia. That’s all I have to say.

  • anjealka

    The one thing I worry about is Dr Phil is all about “the brand”. Ihope Farrah doesn’t think by going on the show he is going to help her Brand or her parents don’t think the same(as much as we think of it as the Farrah show, he parents seem to be into the spotlight as well). I remember Jon Gosselin refused to go on because Kate and Dr Phil were trying build up The kate plus 8 brand and it wasnlt really about therpy or helping the relationship.

  • Anna

    Hmmm, notice how she is shrugging her shoulders in the video at :06, when she says “I made my own personal video”? I’d love to see a body language expert decode her behavior on the show!

  • Dani

    UGH I don’t have cable! Anyone know where I will be able to find it afterwards?

  • Grace0105

    I think Farrah has a substance abuse problem. She seems to have gotten stranger after her plastic surgeries… Painkillers… Addiction. She speaks like someone who has somewhat of a speech slur. She reminds me of a much younger “Tan Mom” who, btw is trying to get a porn deal thru Vivid because of Farrah. Vivid turned Tan Mom down. But TMZ has her letter to V stating she is hotter than Farrah etc… Wow SmH!

  • Grace0105

    Does anyone know what channel and time Farrah’s Dr. Phil episode will be on today on the east coast (new jersey)? TV guide app and Phil’s site were no help. Thanks in advanced anyone know!

  • Feisty

    Who thinks Farrah will put on her ugly cry face for sympathy??? LOL This is going to be a good show. Put it on your calendars people!!

  • rosepompey

    All the Dr. Phil’s in the world cannot solve her problems.
    she can yell, and whine about being young and vulnerable
    but the bottom line is that she is delusional, and she will do absolutely anything to stay in the lime light.
    She had her 15 minutes and she should go and get a job
    using her culinary skills and Get some intense counseling.
    She’s 22 and already hit rock bottom. Where is she gonna go from here ? I pray her parents are there to pick up the pieces.

  • bigfun

    she is a worthless and unfit mother that can’t get a real job or don’t want one so she is more or less telling her daughter when times get hard just do a porn video what a useless parent her kid should be taking from her and I wish it would of happen