Farrah Abraham moves out of mom Debra Danielsen’s house after sex tape fall out

Farrah Abraham and her mom on 'Teen Mom'

Farrah Abraham and her mother appeared to be getting along when TMZ cameras caught up with them at an airport recently. Although Debra was asked some tough questions, she seemed to clearly be on Team Farrah. Unfortunately, things have apparently gone south since the interview, and today Farrah reportedly moved out of Debra’s house where she had been living.

According to TMZ, Farrah and her mother have been arguing for days now over Farrah’s sex tape. You might recall that Debra previously denied the tape existed, stating that her daughter “wasn’t raised that way.” Once she found out the truth, it caused a divide between them that they couldn’t come back from.

Farrah Abraham moves out of her parent's house

Earlier today, a U-Haul truck was spotted in front of the family’s Iowa home and on the back of it was Farrah’s green Fiat — the one with the Blow and Go installed inside. (I assume Farrah wasn’t driving the U-Haul — perhaps he got her dad to drive it once again?)

Sources claim that after getting fed up with her daughter’s behavior, Debra kicked Farrah out of her home, but Farrah says otherwise. “After meeting with my counselor today, I’ve packed up everything and I’m not talking to my mom anymore,” Farrah tells TMZ. “My mother will never be a good mother to me and it is too hurtful to deal with let alone have my daughter Sophia around it.”

Yesterday, Farrah posted a video of herself asking for her “Keekers” to send her their cleaning tips. Perhaps she was getting a head start on moving?

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  • Karina

    I’m on Debra’s side. She must be so ashamed of her daughter.

    • Deidre Lee

      So right….and I feel for the father as well. Farrah has been horrible to both of them while on the show….screaming, abusive language. The other daughter appears to be a nice young lady

  • LaDy

    Yes, It’s big Debbie D’s fault you went and did a porno, Farrah. She’s the bad mother in this situation.

  • B

    Someone please just make her disappear. I’m so tired of seeing her.

    • Geniya

      Farrah is one of the ugliset human beings i have ever seen
      inside and out

      • @ Geniya,, LMAO you are correct on both accounts. SHe really is.

      • VERSACE

        You are right! Her and her family Need to go Away! They just may be playing us so they can get their own Reality Show like the KarTRASHians, and God knows how bad most of us want them gone! So we gotta Not let Farrah and her family weasel their way back on T.V……lol!!!! 😉

        • Geniya

          yeah but if it means farrah gets knocked out again im all for a show

  • Amy

    Well can you blame her? Debra’s by no means a saint but if your adult child insists on acting out like Farrah does you have no obligation to keep them in the house. Farrah will be back she’s too lazy and stupid to take care of Sophia alone.

    • @ Amy, I lol’d at ‘she’s too lazy and stupid’…. You hit it right on the money. Well said! 🙂

      • VERSACE

        Yup, that is why she wants to be a Fake Reality Star!!!! 🙂

  • Nikki

    Why is she still living with her mother in the first place? Oh, I forgot. Her terrible music and other endeavors haven’t worked out, and God forbid she get an actual job to support herself and her child. Not to mention she spent her Teen Mom money on fake boobs and who knows what else! Farrah is one of those manipulative people who will forever play the victim, and it’s really sickening. She doesn’t want Sophia around her mother? Oh, yeah…because she’s much better off with an attention grabbing, non-working porn star who drinks and drives and parties in lingerie. Yeah, Farrah, you obviously know exactly what a good mother is. SMH.

  • steph

    But your mom is good enough for you to babysit your child when you need to make your ´business´ trips, right farrah ?

    • And let’s not forget for a whole month when Farrah was on teen mom…

    • Deidre Lee

      What happened to her cooking career…and living in Florida….all down the tubes????

  • teenwolffan

    Farrah and her parents are going to be on dr Phil. On Friday I can’t wait for dr Phil to called them out. Farrah is a brat and its about time her parents. Realize that but sadly the moment Farrah cry broke. Her parents will let her back in because of Sophia. I think Farrah parents were on side. And just listen to her crap and bs because of Sophia. I think once they find out the true Debra flip out and kick her out.

    • RockChick7249eetew

      I just saw the preview and I CANT WAIT.. He reams them both from what I saw. It will be about time that someone calls her out..

  • OK so would Farrah be thrilled if she found out that Sophia
    made a sex tape?? Farrah wasn’t such a good mother when she first had Sophia so she doesn’t have much room to talk. I’d be so embarrassed if my daughter made a sex tape. Farrah needs to put herself in her moms shoes and see how she’d feel if it were Sophia. If anyone has ever watched Teen Mom from the beginning, they’d see how Farrah treated her mom and “Michael” or “her dad” or whatever, and know that this is just Farrah’s way of getting back at her. Farrah is a spoiled little brat, among other words. Debra is a little over the top sometimes but I believe Farrah drives her to it.

    • Geniya

      i think farrah is playing mom for the cameras


      I know that Farrah is going crazy trying to be Famous/Rich……so I’m wondering if her parents are doing the same for her! So I don’t know what to believe!

  • Rampitup

    This chick is a MESS.. But so is her mother. Did anyone see the video that TMZ got with Debra saying ” well did Farrah even know what they were doing filming” Being stupid must run in the family there. oGood God

  • Kallina

    Wait when did she move back home? Last I knew she was in Florida, but I guess not…..?


      Ya, she did move to Florida….but I guess her plans of being a Model didn’t pan out…..Plus she said she also was going to Culinary School also! Not sure what happened to any of these things! But, honestly she is No Model….even after her Nose Job, New Chin, and Boob Job and whatever else she has had done, Farrah is still Ugly! So I’m guessing she had to move back in with her mommy and daddy……so now she has cooked up other things to get her in the News and try to get famous again! It just makes her look worse!


  • Kelly

    I can’t wait for Dr. Phil to put this entitled little brat in her place!

  • Ashley

    Both Farrah and her mother, and sadly probably Sophia, are insane.


      You are probably sooooo Right!!!!

  • awoman

    Sorry your mother doesn’t support your desire to wh0re yourself for money.

  • micro OP

    Well she doesn’t need to live there anymore if she doesn’t blow thru her 2 million, on surgery and very stupid self serving business ventures


    Ok, this All could be Fake…..once again to stay relevant! Or this could be also a ploy to get on or have a New Reality Show by her or her and her entire Family! They All seem like attention seeking FameWhores!

    • Geniya

      she should punch her daughter in the nose again that would defiantly be a good show

      • VERSACE

        Oh Yes! I would Love That, but however they may now Fake stuff like that to be on T.V. Again……I don’t know, but I Love Your Thinking, Awesome!!!!! 🙂

  • christee

    I’m calling calling classic narcissist on this girl. And her parents seem ass backwards too. She gets slapped for back talk about a car and told she has a beligerent, anti-Christ attitude over nothing, but she goes out, gets a dui, makes a porn, generally acts like an intolerable harpy, and they make excuses for it. I almost feel bad for her, but at her age, you pull up your big girl panties, stop blaming your parents, and take some g-d accountability for your actions. And her parents need to stop acting like doormats one minute and raving lunatics the next.

  • Ashley

    Can’t wait to see her on Dr. Phil. She’s such an embarrassment to her family.

  • Maybe Dr Phil made mommy think too much about how her daughter was behaving and how she’s always indulging and excusing it.

  • Deidre Lee

    Oh I forgot to ask this question….why is her daughter not entitled to Social Security benefits since it was proven by DNA that her former boyfriend was the father. Farrah claims she can’t get benefits because his family are stopping it. I do no think they would be able to do this….just another filthy liew…

  • Sara

    Your mother is not a good mother? You have to be kidding. You’re not exactly a role model either, Farrah! I’m on Debra’s side as well. She may have issues, but she was always there for her ungrateful daughter.