Farrah Abraham puts a price on her porno, wishes Derek Underwood was her partner in the film

Farrah Abraham funny awkward

The news of Farrah Abraham’s sex tape hit the web earlier this week and while it was initially thought to be a leak, it was far from it. Farrah’s co-star in the film, James Deen, angered Farrah yesterday when he admitted that it was actually Farrah who set the whole thing up. Now, she’s finally coming clean about the film and revealing how much she’s hoping to make off it.

Last night, Farrah spoke with TMZ (for the second time regarding the sex tape) and claimed that while she did plan to make the porn flick, it was only for her personal scrapbook. However, she is willing to sell it if the price is right.

According to Farrah, she had good reason for making the film. You see, she wanted to immortalize her smokin’ hot 21-year-old body so that when she gets older and loses her good looks, she can look back on it and remember how she performed while in her prime.

When it comes to video going public, Farrah says her lawyer is dealing with a porn company (likely Vivid Entertainment, since that’s who she met with over the weekend) and she “will not be settling for anything less than a couple million.”

UPDATE – According to Radar Online the offers are already starting to come in! A Canadian porn company has reportedly offered her $100,000 for the rights to the video. “We are happy to hear that you have joined the ‘dark side’ by filming your own adult movie with Pornstar, James Deen,” the company’s marketing director Sam Rothstein writes in the company’s offer to Farrah. “Being one of the largest tube sites online, we know just how to maximize our Internet traffic to give you the most exposure to make you a bigger star than Kim Kardashian!” He then added, “We believe you the stand out of the show, Teen Mom, and we’d like to expose you to a much larger audience.”

During her TMZ chat, Farrah brought up her ex-boyfriend and father of her daughter Sophia, Derek Underwood, who died in a car accident back in 2008, telling them, “If my ex-boyfriend Derek were alive, I would’ve rather it had been him with me.”

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  • SammyG

    Does anyone else think is strange that her deceased bf name was Derek Underwood and then she was trying to get with that model Carson Underwood. Kinda weird …. 2 Underwoods?

    • I thought I was the only person who thought that…

  • Meg

    Where I live there are
    A lot of underwood a he area. And there’s only one thing I can say about the group as a whole. They are all dirtbags that bang each others girls and family. So the whole Carson and Derrick underwood thing seems normal for an underwood. Js

  • savannah

    This girl needs psychiatric help. OMG. There’s nothing else to say, she’s sick in the head.

  • Ashley


  • Nikki

    Who is she trying to kid? She wanted to film a porno with a random porn star for her own use? Gurl, please. No one is stupid enough to fall for that. Everyone in the world knows that she’ll do anything to stay relevant in the media, and what better way to do so than by starring in a porno flick? Well, done, Farrah. Definitely making that daughter of yours proud.

  • amberc88

    nothing less than a couple million lol OKAY(rolling eyes) hahahhahahaha wow… this girl…. Any bets janelle tries this next???

  • D

    Why can’t the girl just go to college and work at a tanning salon like a normal person?

  • Emily

    See Debra? Your precious, innocent little Farrah did in fact organize the filming of her own sex tape. Michael used to post comments on this site, I’d like to know what he has to say about all of this.

    The comment about Derek is very odd. Why does she continue to idolize him? I read her book and he was an ass. If Derek had lived the two of them would not be a happy family with Sophia. They would be apart and splitting custody, no doubt.

    • amberc88

      hahhahahahhaha I JUST posted basically this question hahaha

    • The outcome would have been the same as it is with the other teen mom 2 cast. NO father with the mother. Then again we see how much of an a$$ Farrah is maybe it would have worked with them considering he was an a$$ (allegedly). RIP Derek.

  • Kir

    To “immortalize” your body, you could just take a picture… I’m actually disgusted. Poor Sophia.

  • Ally

    Oh come off it! If Derek was alive she would still be pulling the “poor ole me card” either saying he’s mean or abusive just like she did in her “16 and pregnant” episode.

  • So gross, who would want to watch a porn with her in it anyway?

  • Weird

    I’m stuck on her making a porn for her scrapbook…really? She is a psycho!!!

  • shes not even hot thats the sad thing maybe her body

  • Geniya

    what do you call it when a horse and a dead corpse have sexual relations.

    • LexiconD1

      I was going to say “Animal Husbandry” but I didn’t want to come off as being unkind to the whole animal kingdom.

      said tongue firmly in cheek…

      • Geniya

        yes i feel i am giving shame to all horses by comparing a horse to Farrah, Horses do not deserve this

  • Burkey

    Never thought I’d say this but I think I dislike this girl more than Jenelle. At least Jenelle has the drugs to blame her antics on (not that it’s a good excuse).. What the hell is Farrah’s excuse?

    • amberc88

      i said the exact same thing this morning when i read this! who would have thought someone could top janelle! **WITH OUT DRUGS****

  • Sansa

    If I was a member of Derek’s family I would be LIVID. The kid’s already dead, don’t drag him into your insane, gross decisions! I always thought Farrah used Derek’s death on Teen Mom anyway. Had he not died you just know she would have done everything in her power to keep Sophia away from him. As far as I remember on her 16 and pregnant episode he had to find out she was pregnant from someone else. Like they would have had some wonderful love story and gotten married etc… it’s ridiculous. Sophia will end up the biggest victim of this though.

    • teenwolffan

      So true I feel that way too the moment she knew. She could of uses Derek death for sympathy. She did it if Derek was alive she would have not let him see Sophia. The fact that she is using his death and draging his name into this mess is disgusting. Farrah is hot mess if she thinks she going to get two million for a porn tape. Farrah is not pretty at all she has a horse face and nasty personality. Farrah is a gross karma is a bitch she was talking so much crap jenelle. Look who trashy now at least jenelle naked photos were a boyfriend.

      • LexiconD1

        Besides, it will be all over the internet for free just as soon as it’s release…Possibly even before.

      • Sansa

        Exactly and I think it’s messed up how the show made derek’s mother into some villain because she was just trying to see her granddaughter. Derek’s mom prob. wanted the paternity test done bc a lawyer said “well if you prove she was your son’s child, you might be able to argue in court for grandparent rights” But the show played it off to look like she didn’t want Sophia to have Derek’s insurance payments or that she was denying her grand kid.

        And i’m usually the last person to defend Jenelle, but i have a feeling she would’ve ended up a mess whether or not she was on TV. She just seems like the type. Farrah just seems like she’s intentionally doing controversial things to get fame and it’s horrible.

  • Me

    I feel sorry for her daughter.

    • LexiconD1

      I feel sorry for Sophia, and her parents too.

  • Knew it, knew it, knew it. I knew somehow she was going to find a way to throw Derek’s name into this.

  • cece

    Her parents must be so proud of her,and her daughter. Wtf is wrong with her she really only cares about her self.

  • anjealka

    If someone is that vain that they want to remember their smoking hot body at 21 (is she afraid she is going to look like her mom in 10 years?), don’t most people go to a place like glamour shots? They will do sexy lingere type shoots.
    I have a ton of videos of my teen and young adult years, and yes my body was better in those videos before I had babies. My favorite videos are those that have my father(who is deceased) or of me just being silly with my friends at the house I grew up in. My kids love to see what there grandparents were like or what the town I was like I grew up in. Poor Sophia deserves better.

  • viccc

    I bet ya she will claim to be pregnant if this tape flops. Hahaha she will call it an accident on set. Omfg move over jenelle another teen mom star is gonna fake a pregnancy. These girls are trash I got pregnant the same time the show came out and ya know I’m 20 now have a wonderful child I’m in school full time and working. These girls are all horrorible representations of teen pregnancy. I don’t know why they pull these stunts they have made so much money off the show they need to all stop clawing for this attention.

    • steph

      Agree! I also got my son in 2009, and I was 19 years old. I am now 23, married with my sons father, we bought a house in 2011, finished my bachelor´s degree in 2012, and I have now a good job. And what have most of these girls from 16 and pregnant-teen moms reached ? making porno, marrying fast with another guy whom is not their babydaddy, getting another baby fast, still not finished school, getting arrested, doing drugs, etc etc. What a bunch of losers.

  • amberc88

    Hey micheal, where are you now? i have been waiting allllllll week for your comments to appear on here saying how amazing and perfect your lil princess is, and that she can do no wrong and is suchhhh an amazing mother and role model? I really want to hear your words of wisdom now!

    • He probably had a hernia. Or aneurism. Or heart attack.

    • christee

      Am I the only one who never believed it was actually him? I recall “Michael,” and knowing the real one’s education background and seeing the posts made here, no, not buying it. Besides, if he knew about the comments here, then surely so too did Farrah, and she seems the type to comment back to anyone who’d dare besmirch her name/character. Not that she’s not doing a bang up job on her own.

      • amberc88

        i have thought that too, and i have also thought it was farrah just using her dads name, hell maybe even her mom was going by michaels name

  • Allison

    I cannot believe that she made a porn. She acts like she is so “above” everybody else, yet she does porn? WTF? Even Amber Portwood turned down a porn offer a few years ago. LOL How’s that chin implant workin’ out for ya, Farrah? Barf.

  • Ellen

    If she keeps this up she might surpass Jenelle as the worst teen mom. Does she think of Sophia at all? First she tries to leave her daughter an orphan by driving drunk and now she’s trying to drag out her fifteen minutes by making a porno.

  • so funny


  • Mia003

    I thought she said that she didn’t like sex and it will break you. lol.. Is she broken after his big.

  • Mia003

    So she wants to be a porn star now? A lot of celebrities have done this and made money off of their sex tapes. Maybe she needs the money to take care of her child?

  • nat nat

    trash. she is a rude piece of trash. i wish america would stop idolizing persons like kim k. what do they really do???

  • Yelly

    She is seriously messed up.

  • omg! I use to laugh my Ass off every time she made that awful ugly cry face, I hope her sex face isn’t anything like that!!!! first she would grit her teeth like she was smiling then start whimpering and try and talk at the same time lol oooooooo good times