Why was Love Majewski fired from Mob Wives?

Mob Wives cast member Love Majewski

If you watched last night’s season finale of Mob Wives, you might not be upset surprised by this news: Love Majewski was fired from the show.

Love took to Twitter to explain that VH1 didn’t fire her; rather, it was the show’s production company that let her go: “I appreciate everyone’s support but please don’t blame @VH1 they did NOT fire me,I enjoyed working with @vh1,I was let go by left/right [productions].”

To add insult to injury, the controversial reality TV star was not invited to the Mob Wives season three reunion show.

Although Love only mentioned Left/Right Productions in her aforementioned tweet, she also seems to blame producer Jenn Graziano, who is cast member Renee Graziano’s sister, and heads Just Jenn Productions. Love retweeted one fan’s tweet that read: “@EdScarpo Cuz @jenngraziano of JustJennProd & Left/Right Prod Fired her! Not @VH1 Jenn Used @LoveMajewski &StabbedHerBack! NoReUnion Either!”

It seems the bad blood between Jenn and Love has spoiled Love’s relationship with Renee as well. Renee tweeted, “Look People I wld LOVE 2 b the 1 HIRING n FIRING but I’m NOT the BOSS so there’s NOTHING I can do 2 get LOVE back ~”

In response, Love retweeted one fan’s tweet that read, “@reneegraziano @LoveMajewski Hmm…but I’mSure u did a lot to get Rid of her! Jealousy is Ugly& Eating u Alive. So Sad Cuz She Had ur Back!”

Mob Wives 1

On last night’s episode of Mob Wives, Karen Gravano facilitated a “sit-down” between Love and Carla Facciolo at Drita D’Avanzo’s 80’s party. The drama between Love and Carla had been brewing all season, and Love, who has  admitted on the show to “shooting and stabbing people,” was raring to go and wanted to confront Carla. Love agreed to sit down during the conversation but as soon as Carla started to say something, and put her finger in Love’s face, Love grabbed Carla’s hair, and a humongous fight ensued.

So about Love being fired… maybe the producers thought she was too much of a liability?

After the episode aired, Love took to Twitter, giving her opinion of the fight: “This was the most horrible thing ever Thank You for being there for me n understanding how I was set up& used. #embarassing.”

If you can stomach it, here’s the video of the fight from last night’s episode:

If you’re a fan of Love, this might be a comforting thought: perhaps she is being clear that VH1 was not responsible for firing her because she’s angling for her own spin-off!

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  • Cast Love Majewski for a new show & call it, ‘Crazy, Fat Pigs’!

    • rubytuesday

      you are an idiot

    • Lmao I think you got the Fat Pig right, but crazy, she is not. Most REAL crazy people do not go around announcing that they are crazy. Its usually when you mess with them that you find out just how crazy they are.

  • rubytuesday

    Love sorry to hear you will not be back, you were the only honest person on the show.
    I wish you the best. Will miss you
    Wont be watching the show anymore , don’t like fakes

    • Ivette Jaylene

      How was she honest? Did you not notice her fake that injury? Rewind the tape sweetie. We all saw how quick that cast came off once she got in that car. For someone with 6 broken bones she sure was quickly healed from one minute to the next.

    • What was she honest about?

  • rubytuesday

    Carla got what she deserved shes a two face bitch

    • Were we watching the same show….i dont believe so

    • How was that?? How did she get what she deserved?? She didnt even get a question out before the Beast attacked her and pulled her hair! Love is like a angry bee who buzzes around and chases you down and they when she gets you, its just a tiny sting. Only difference is that Love doesnt die after!

  • Loveneedshelp

    What reality are you people living in ? Carla never met Love, Carla said”I just want to ask you something” and Love went insane. The girl has serious issues. It’s not fun watching grown woman want to kill each other. If that’s your form of entertainment than you need help also. I was going to protest the show if Love was back next season. If you read all the different articles about this, the vast majority of people are GLAD LOVE IS GONE!!!!!!!!! She is really an accident waiting to happen. Shame on Karen, when Love told her she was waiting for Big Ang to leave the party so she could go after Carla, Karen goes and gets her with a Sh**t eating grin on her face. She hates Carla and used Love to fight her instead of fighting her , herself. I thought Karen was finally growing up and now this. I think it is glad that Reality TV has finally drawn a line and said someone is too craZY to be on TV and we will be liable if we continue to have her on. I hear it was Renee’s sister who pulled the plug and I applaud her. Carla has never met Love in her life, and the only time she talked about her was when someone told her Love wanted to kill her. Any person who admits to stabbing their fiance is nuts and needs psychiatric help. I cannot believe you are saying Love was treated badly . Get real and grow up .

  • masshole72

    Clearly the Pro-Love comments are either A) From the “love lemmings” on an overdose of her “kook-aid” or B) Love herself using an online handle(s).. spare me. She’s a beast and she proves it over and over with her gangster wanna-be, filthy-mouth, poor grammar, bad taste in clothing & make-up ways. She is the epitome of a bully; one who trash talks and strikes out then ducks for cover? She’s a poser with not enough brain power to ‘fight’ intelligently,which is why she resorts to violence and then flees the scene, as displayed in last night’s episode. What kind of “self proclaimed tough girl lashes out, strikes someone, and then runs out of the building to go sit in a car outside? Why didn’t she ‘finish the job’? She clearly states she was ‘waiting’.. A slimy snake coward, who sucker punches and then runs away. Please. OH, and where did her hand cast go?? Hmm.. 6 broken bones huh? Right. That was probably a lie too, (clearly that’s one thing she’s ‘good’ at, lying) she probably wore that as a ‘weapon’ to help assist in her physical attack of Carla… Again, coward loser move on her behalf. I’m a big fan of the show and hope the rumors are true that she did indeed get fired and won’t be returning next season. She’s a classless loose cannon, uninteresting, a disgrace to fellow women, and gross to watch; (we get, you’re busty, please, put those things away – they are not nice to look at) Sincerely hope she exits stage left back into the gutter from which she slithered out from.

    • Gigi

      You said exactly what I was thinking and then some I could not agree with you more


    • lola

      she is one crazy bitch so vicious

  • Burkey

    Seems like they brought her on the show because they thought her crazy reputation would make for good tv.. So why are the producers now surprised that this happened? And why are people acting like she’s the first woman on the show to put hands on someone else. Every one of them other than Ang have been in physical fights.. It’s not like most of these girls are too classy to begin with..

  • Ivette Jaylene

    Did anyone else notice how she went with a cast cuz she supposedly “broke six bones” in her hand from hitting a steal beam in the wall but after the fight in the car she doesn’t have the cast on anymore and she’s swinging her hand around and biting her nails with that same “broken hand.” She faked that injury just to have that fake cast on just to hit carla with it. To top that off, Mrs. Toughbody didn’t do any damage to carla. She slapped her and pulled her hair. She needs to have a seat. The loudest one is always the weakest. She tweets about working on something real yet she’s faking injuries. Lmfao pathetic, she literally was obsessed with carla. She brought up carla every chance she got. #weak

  • Lollie Poop

    Shut up rubytuesday, I want the animal gone.

  • YaMama

    Love is trashy! Being so masculine and always fighting isn’t attractive. She’s not 16 anymore. Grow up! No one is scared of her, they just don’t want to be associated with that psychopath. Someone get her to a mental health professional!

  • Lou

    I’m glad VH1 showed her the door. We should not tolerate grown women punching each other. I wish Bravo would take note. I hope that Love chick gets the help she needs seriously no one likes to see a 60 year old with a temper.

  • Love is a psycho….all the stories she is telling are just stories nothing real about them. The whole season carla never mentioned loves name until Big Ang and Drita told her what Love was saying. I agree with what Big Ang said towards the end of the season finale that Love picked on the weakest person she saw because she couldnt start with Big Ang cause she isnt into that, Drita would have beat the shit out of her, Karen and Ramona would have jumped her ass defending each other and Renee would have kicked her to the side. So basically Carla was the only one left. Love just need the attention cause without it she is nothing.

  • Qi

    Good Riddance!!!! Love is trash!

  • Luvmobwives

    Love is a real mobwives be real ppl u dont tune in to watch them drink tea and eat cookies its called mobwives give me a break Carla got what she deserved she likes to tweet things then erase them I think after watching that the last episode it’s totally scripted cus love was not wearing her cast after the fight and her hand wasn’t even bruised who knows I bet she is not done with Carla

    • Sorry but Love is a person who needed to be fired! Think about this one: A TRUE fighter and crazy person does NOT go around talking bout how crazy they are. Its usually the quiet ones you gotta watch out for. Love’s biggest problem was her mouth and her wanna be tough guy attitude. I love Mob Wives just as much as the next person and the show was just as good when Love was not on the show. IM GLAD SHE IS GONE! PEACE OUT LOVE

  • MAMA D

    I am the happiest chick in the world right now after reading that Love got canned by VH1!! For starters, she was constantly tooting her own horn about how tough she was and how she did this to someone or that to someone..I was seriously considering NOT watching Mob Wives anymore cuz of Love!!! A person who is “crazy” or has done half the things Love supposedly did to people does NOT have to brag or boast about it!! I was so tired of hearing her make her weak ass threats! Love, I would love to step in the ring with you and go 2 rounds with you!! I guarantee, and I dont care how bad or tough you THINK you are, I guarantee you will not be bragging about beating this bitches ass!! She is a bully and needs to get her ass knocked out and I would LOOOOOOOVE to be the person who does it! GOOD BYE AND GOOD RIDDANCE!

  • Ash

    This is 2013 and reality tv is different. People need to get their heads out of whatever rock they live under. People fight. People get hit. People get bloody hands. OH WELL. NO ONE KNOWS THE FULL STORY. Love put up pics Of Carla talking on twitter of how Love had an abortion and talking shit about it. None of us are ever around these girls and we only see what The producers want us to see. Carla is a low blower and is very manipulative. All the other must see it cause they were all twitter beefing not 2 weeks ago about how Carla is fake. Love put her hands on her….OH WELL. No one was talking shit when Drita fought Karen. Or when Karen and Ramona Jumped Drita. Hmmmmmm…….Unless you were on the show or have a CLOSE relationship with Love or Carla just stop acting like you know everything. You only know what we were shown. It jsut doesn’t make sense to me that they would have her on the show knowing her reputation then kick her off when she fights.

  • Mimi

    Love is a rabid animal who needed to be put down, I mean kicked off the show. Her negative psycho energy could be felt through the TV.

  • Debra Sparks

    Love in insane, and should be heavily medicated.

  • stryker1988

    Re: Love’s cast – temporary (removable) casts are often used until swelling down. Then perm cast on- goes to indicate very recent injury. Sorry if prev said – could not read ALL comments

  • loves a nasty bitch

  • susan

    carla did not point her finger in her face. where do you see that in the film..plus she talks with her hands like love and the rest of them. Hey Love..Bye..lol…go home to your momma…thats where u live right?

  • gogetgonegirl

    Love wouldn’t lasted 15 minutes in the hood with all her trash talking. Not the hood I’m from. I also noticed she didn’t have that cast on either after the fight.

  • titifolol

    The only 2 off this show that I think are genuine is Big Ang and Drita but the rest of them are skip rats acting all charlie big potatoes , my daddy was a gangster so I’m dead hard to….stop right there my daddy worked a saw mill all his life but it don’t mean i must be really good at chopping tree’s down and yes Karen walked her right into that, was a nasty little bitches trick that…I am glad Carla said she would sue, I mean why would anyone do their show if they were really going to get physically hurt, i mean hair pulking and screaming with odd slap we can stomach but i don’t really want to see dockheads like Love knifing people or cracking their skulls open for real….the girl love must be delusional if he really thought she could get away with beating people up really bad…you put yourself in your own grave love…there’s a reason why your on your own love….because your a fecking nutter

  • liz

    OMG. She is a deranged animal. She is no woman just a foul mouthed tramp. She has absolutely no class. She demands respect…her words…you gotta earn respect and if VH1 give her her own show I hope they’re not paying her. She should have been arrested for assault! ! Ewww she is a disgrace