REPORT Farrah Abraham sex tape being shopped


TMZ is reporting that a sex tape is being shopped around to various porn companies featuring Teen Mom star Farrah Abraham.

According to their sources, Abraham and an unnamed male were filmed having full-on sex for around 30 minutes in various positions. The site was told that the alleged explicit footage was recently shot.

The sources go on to state that the tape has been shown to a number of the biggest companies in town and that the seller is looking to make a deal.

UPDATE – The info continues to fly in fast and furious – here’s the latest…

Click here to watch a TMZ cameraman interview Farrah about the existence of the sex tape in Los Angeles yesterday! Also, Steve Hirsch, the President of Vivid Entertainment (one of the largest adult entertainment companies in the world), revealed to TMZ that he has seen the video and confirms that it does indeed feature Farrah Abraham.

Radar has sources who claim that the original tape being shopped featured Farrah and an ex-boyfriend (unnamed), and that Farrah was secretly involved in trying to make the sell. Kevin Blatt, the man behind brokering the Kim Kardashian and Paris Hilton sex tapes, had some harsh words for what he witnessed when he was allegedly shopped the original tape:

“I saw the tape with Farrah and her ex and I passed. Not only is Farrah not a real celebrity, but there was no release showing that she was of legal age at the time, making a tape like that useless. When I saw it I felt like I was watching child pornography.”

Blatt believes that Abraham has signed a contract, including a 2257 model release ensuring both parties involved are over 18-years-old, with Vivid to legitimize all of the sales of a newly filmed tape…

Noted porn star James Deen claims that he filmed an adult video with Abraham yesterday. He’s stated that the two had no relationship and that what transpired was strictly professional. The two were photographed holding hands at Vivid Entertainment’s headquarters. Deen told E!:

“I don’t know where that picture was taken. Holding hands was to build chemistry and help make her more comfortable. I try to be nice to everyone and holding hands is the bees knees, so I figured it was a harmless way to help make her more comfortable before she had sex with a stranger. I always want everyone to leave the set smiling.”

These reports come after Farrah was arrested for allegedly driving under the influence and accused of attempting to fake a relationship to appear on the show, Couples Therapy.

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  • No_prayers_to_spare

    I wonder if her orgasm voice is annoying as her talking voice?

    • Tree

      What if her O face looks like…her cry face?!?!?!

  • Sara Hearn

    Gross. Ain’t no one wanna see that crap!

  • LaDy

    She’s just making all good choices lately.

  • Razy

    The video on TMZ when the paparazzi is asking her to elaborate, she doesn’t know what elaborate means and asks stupidly, “a library?” Wow. She has a kindergarten level of education.

  • steph

    She knew she was being filmed ? If yes, what a stupid girl she is. Poor Sophia.

  • Bvhnfinb

    What a stupid thing to do farrah there goes your life and your dignity if there was any of that left

  • Jayson

    In all fairness, some jerk could’ve hid the camera and set her up that way. Farrah’s so dumb though she probably saw the thing and went ” What’s that blinking red light? People still have beepers? “

  • Michaela

    Is there nothing that spoilt little famewhore will stop at in her quest for fame? That girl needs a paper bag….I don’t think she gets that she is not a good looking girl?

    • DW

      Huh? Farrah may not be the most attractive. But she’s def NOT ugly. Move along, hater.

  • DW

    Get money, Farrah!

  • Caeleigh Shae

    Wow….wonder what mom and Michael think about that. Desperation has an a name and it’s name is Farrah. It also has an alias and that alias is named Jenelle. Two peas in a friggin pod. Where does MTV troll for these people?

  • Mia003

    She was a teenage mother. What do expect?!

  • Katy Mitchell

    Let’s see her stint as TEEN mom is up – she’s not a teen. The guys she meets wind up running with choice words about her stalker, creeper, psychotic tendencies. Did anyone ever see the sauce in their grocery store? Her writing career..well look at her baby book reviews on Amazon. And what story does she have left after Teenage Dream to tell? Well, she could collaborate with Nicole Richie – whose book Priceless was terrible unless you just want to know all of the designer labels being worn at the moment. Her chef career? Hmm…she did post a great cookie recipe using a store bought macarron, some coconut, and a single cherry….. Her exercise video career? No one cared except the creepers who wanted to see if she’d show kegels up close…..yep, porn is about all that’s left. Maybe this career she can stay on top of! (pun intended)

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