Teen Mom tell-all book Teen Mom Confidential: Secrets & Scandals From MTV’s Most Controversial Series

Teen Mom tell-all book Teen Mom Confidential

It’s been rumored for some time now that there is a Teen Mom tell-all book in the works, and now it’s here! Titled Teen Mom Confidential, the book is written by Ashley Majeski from TheAshleysRealityRoundup.com and Los Angeles-based journalist Sean Daly and it promises “secrets and scandals from MTV’s most controversial series!”

And this is not just a compilation of blog articles and tabloid stories we’ve all seen before, it is tons of brand new information compiled from more than a year’s worth of research and interviews with actual cast and crew as well as friends and family of the stars themselves!

We spoke with “The Ashley” and she seemed a bit over the moon to finally be finished. “We are so excited to release this book!” she says, referring to herself and co-author Sean Daly. “We have written it so that even the most rabid Teen Mom fan will find out things they never knew about the show and its stars! For years, I’ve gotten asked the same questions over and over about this show: how much do the girls get paid, whatever happened to the other 16 and Pregnant girls, is this show fake, etc. This book answers all of those questions and so much more. We actually talked to the people that were (or still are) on these shows to get the TRUE story of what happens behind the scenes!”

I don’t know what else you could ask for! Well, except perhaps a link where you can pre-order your copy now and more info about the book 🙂

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Here’s a link to preorder via Paypal, or you can visit the book’s website.

From the publisher:

Think you know everything about Amber Portwood, Jenelle Evans, Kailyn Lowry, Maci Bookout, Farrah Abraham, Catelynn Lowell, Chelsea Houska, Leah Messer and the rest of MTV’s famous young moms?

Think again!

Teen Mom Confidential: Secrets & Scandals From MTV’s Most Controversial Series is a sizzling — and completely unauthorized – look at two shows that changed the face of reality television forever. It features exclusive interviews with the stars of 16 & Pregnant and Teen Mom along with never-before-published accounts of what happens after the cameras stop rolling. From how the girls were cast to their outrageous diva demands, embarrassing arrests and re-enacted scenes, these are the true, behind-the-scenes stories of TV’s most talked about reality shows.

Maci Bookout Farrah Abraham Teen Mom Confidential book
(Yes, the above photo is Photoshopped. From what I understand, Farrah is not going to be very happy with what’s in the book!)

Teen Mom Confidential is the first book to dive head first into the exciting world of MTV’s most newsworthy personalities.

Authors Sean Daly and Ashley Majeski spent more than one year conducting research, interviews and visiting the hometowns of the girls and their families. The result is almost 250 pages of Teen Mom goodness, including:

Stormie Clark’s emotional letter to the granddaughter Farrah Abraham won’t let her see

Kail Lowry’s unbelievable journey from surviving a broken home to finding true love

Butch Baltierra’s incredible jailhouse interview

Never before heard stories of the girls’ lives before MTV

Exclusive interviews and updates on what’s happening with each the girls today!

Plus much, much more…


Sean Daly is a Los Angeles-based journalist who has conducted over 2000 celebrity interviews and contributed hundreds of stories to People, Us Weekly, In Touch and other major national publications. A former producer for TMZ, he graduated from Syracuse University and has written about television for The New York Post since 2008.

Ashley Majeski writes about Teen Mom and other reality shows on her website, TheAshleysRealityRoundup.com. She is a graduate of California State University, Fullerton, and has covered the nightlife and television industries for US Weekly, The Orange County Register and Today.com.

PUBLISHED BY: Roundup Publishing Inc (Santa Monica, CA)

LIST PRICE: $13.99

  • Kara

    There better be some untold stories in the book.

  • Roxiee

    How will they know secrets and behind the scenes? When I first read the tittle I thought “MTV finally stabbed them in the back let it all out”. Sadly, Im not sure if that would ever happen. Im pretty sure the MTV crew knows more about them. Also I feel some girls would lie about whats really going on their life after the cameras so they won’t look stupid. In reality their is always a second story. Those who did it and those who were there and thats MTV they only know how they really acted. I still can’t help but wonder what “secrets” there are we don’t already know.

    • Courtney

      From what I saw while following Ashley on her Reality Round-up Twitter account is that she WOULD know A LOT of stuff the average fan wouldn’t. She always went to ALL the reunion tapings, she was always interviewing people on or involved with the show for years now! I believe she WILL have a lot of info we’ve never heard before!

  • anjealka

    I thought the camera crew and other crew that follow the girls signed contracts not to talk about what they have seen? I remember the crew member that reported about Leah being filthy and having the girls eating cheese puffs off the floor got in trouble? I know everyone has been dying for TLC tell all books about people like Kate Gosselin but the contracts are supposedly air tight so crew members are not allowed to say a word in fear of being sued.
    If there is new information I’m most interested in Maci’s and Leah’s real life.

  • Nikki

    Most of the girls are trainwrecks. The end. I just saved you all a bunch of money. You’re welcome.

  • amberc88

    not gonna lie i will probably be one of the people who coughs up the $14 and gets one lol lol and im sure my husband will make fun of me and give me crap about it too lol

    • Kari

      Yeah, me too, me too…

    • Ditto.

  • Jenny

    These girls are terrible examples.

  • Courtney

    Congrats Ashley M!! I followed you on Twitter for the longest time now! You have always been so sweet and answered any question I had for you. I personally loved your take, comments and spin that you would add! Hope to see more of that it the book! So happy for you and to hear about your book!

  • enjoythesilence

    Oh God, don’t buy this! You’re only encouraging this shit.