BullyVille exposes Kate Gosselin Twitter haters’ real identities, contacts their employers

Kate Gosselin angry

For this former Jon & Kate Plus 8 star, life lately has been more like Kate Plus So Much Hate.

Kate Gosselin has endured threats to her and her children, insults, cursing, and name-calling on Twitter, and finally someone decided to intervene and put a stop to all the hate. James McGibney, who is the head of the anti-bullying site BullyVille.com, began exposing the real identities of Kate’s alleged Twitter harassers yesterday, and even went as far as threatening to contact some of their bosses!

He told Radar Online yesterday, “The names we are releasing today (regarding Kate) are the worst of the worst. The vicious. The ones who tell her she’s a child abuser, a (censored), that she should go kill herself. We are also contacting all their employers with their tweets. It’s 100% factual.”

McGibney, a former Marine, said, “We go after notorious bullies… They are absolutely vicious to Kate. One person sent over 72,000 tweets to Kate and they are all absolutely vicious.” The person that McGibney is referring to was just revealed to be a 62-year-old woman; one of her tweets to Kate, which was sent on her birthday, read, ““Happy bday u r a grifting, stealing, lying, child & animal c**t b*tch. Hope you choke on ur birthday cake. Remember Selena.” (The 23-year-old singer-songwriter Selena was fatally shot by the president of her fan club in 1995.)

Yesterday, McGibney announced on his site: “For the record: Bullyville is going after Kate Gosselin’s bullies for specific death threats and over 100,000 slanderous and libelous posts.”

BullyVille.com logo

One person who was outed by BullyVille told Radar Online, “He and bullyville put my name, address, phone number, my teen’s email address on (Web site redacted). For what!? Not liking Kate G? Now bullyville is saying he is going to call employers. I don’t know what he would say that would get me in trouble but I am a single mom living paycheck to paycheck and Bullyville and Kate G are the real bullies here… I never attacked, threatened or harrassed her.”

McGibney responded to such statements by saying that the Twitter bullies gave up their right to anonymity “when they start tweeting vile hate and tweeted and retweeted images of Kate’s death… They even used it as their….default thumbnail image. The fact that they’re claiming they’re being bullied is priceless, it truly is.”

He also told Fox 411’s Pop Tarts column about his experience contacting the employer of one such “bully”: “One employer, quite frankly, was stunned. [We] spoke to their director of HR and they even went directly onto Twitter to see the account in question for themselves… They had absolutely no idea this was occurring and assured us that the employee would be dealt with immediately. Based off of date/time stamps, it became apparent that the employee was conducting this harassment campaign at work.”

Some of the offensive tweets Kate received included, “You are a piece of sh*t and I hope your kids get hit by a car in ur care,” and “people like you are a disgrace to the human race.”

Yesterday, as the identities of Kate’s haters were being revealed on BullyVille, Kate tweeted at BullyVille: “you’re my Knight in shining Bully Proof Armor, like I’ve said before, many times : )”

Kate also recently tweeted: “yes I proudly support all LEGAL means to bring bullies – who thought they could hide to light—on the internet or in school. @bullyville #stop”

The reality star discussed her bullying experience on BullyVille’s site in early February, saying she handles all the hate by trying to ignore the bullies and letting her “haters” be her motivators. She stated that “bullies typically come from a place of jealousy.”

McGibney stressed that his goal is to out dangerous bullies and that going to the police in cases like these has proven ineffective. “Sometimes you have to be a bully to get a bully…. Kids are driven to suicide by bullies and we go after those bullies every day.”

UPDATE – James McGibney, head of BullyVille.com, has announced that he is seeking a class action lawsuit against the Twitter bullies who were allegedly making death threats, stalking, and harassing Kate Gosselin. On Tuesday, he tweeted: “After seeing death threats, pedophilia claims, theft & documented stalking against @Kateplusmy8 & fans, we’ve decided to file a class action lawsuit against the main offenders… The evidence is overwhelming and the victims deserve justice.”

McGibney has been receiving death threats since he exposed the identities of some of “Twitter bullies. Although some claim that he used illegal means to obtain and post their identities, McGibney insists everything he did was perfectly legal, even going so far as to post a step-by-step guide on how he uncovered information about their identities: “We’ve done nothing illegal,” he told Radar Online. “We are very good researchers. To get the info was super easy.”

Kate tweeted today: “FYI: I am in favor of any legal actions to stop all forms of bullying–including death threats and stalking–and if it that requires a court room setting involving a class action law suit, I support it. As always, I will do whatever it takes to keep my family safe.”

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  • Bab

    I am 100% supportive of BullyVille. In 2007 I started a business that was internet base in the music industry. I was beaten beyond beaten by friends and supporters of my competitors because my products were doing better than theirs. When they couldn’t attack my products, I became a which hunt by personal and false attacks being posted on the WWW. At the time I got a partner to help me with the business and he then bullied, lied, stole from the business and ultimately left me taking the blame for it all. I do take some of the blame by not standing up for myself, being more up front to some and giving up on my dreams but it was hard to continue being slammed on a day to day basis that I just gave up. BullyVille is onto making the world wide web a more even playing ground for all to enjoy. Slandering and threatening a person behind a false name online is coming to an end and I for one love it!

    • 1GrayGAl

      I don’t even like Kate but WAY TO GO! I had the same thing happen to me recently. I started an online business and it blew up way faster than I’d expected. Out of the blue, I was bombarded with completely unfounded yet HATEFUL, nasty, and threatening messages from competitors. It’s nothing short of slander/libel! I’m glad Bullyville is taking a stand. This sort of shameless and unethical behavior needs to stop ASAP!!!!!!!

      • Anonymous

        You’re another person who I support in this website.

    • Anonymous

      I’m sorry that you experienced those problems of yours. Heck, I remember experiences problems like those. And I hope you mean it about those nasty things coming to an end. Besides, I’m fed up with bullies.

      As for the buttwipe who voted you down, he or she probably support bullies blindly. And so, that jerk should go down like lots of bullies should.

  • Sweet Venom

    Wow. I dislike Kate as well but sending such detailed death threats seems a little insane, especially about her children. That’s way too much hate for someone these people do not even know.

    • Anonymous

      You bet. The one who voted you down probably has something wrong in his or her head.

  • ohmygeez

    Good for them. People who hide behind the screen and act like that should be outed for the cowards they are.

    • Anonymous

      You betcha. Those jerks who voted you down are just blind in the head.

  • Marian Hossa

    Kate IS a child abusing piece of garbage (and has admitted it on her show and in her journals) but stooping to her level is uncalled for and disgusting.

    • justme

      are you one that got caught to…sounds like another bully…

    • 1GrayGal

      IF this is/was true….wouldn’t it make more sense to call the police? Posting to Twitter is just a means of being petty and nasty. It’s not meant to truly solve any perceived problem.

    • 82RY

      are you one of the twitter bullies bullying her? Abusive people will try to justify their behavior or try to blame the person they victimize.

      • There are many types out there. Theres me, I dont care for her for would never threaten her. Then when a fan sees me tweet Kate about something such as marathons, then the fans jump all over me for talking to her. I am not bullying but am being bullied. Whats the difference?

      • Anonymous

        I agree with you since I’ve noticed people like them. Heck, my dad, who’s the same gender as me, is one of them. Now that I’m pleased he and my mom split up, I’m relieved to be away from him. But I’d be happy if he gets thrown in jail for all the bad things he did.

  • AW

    Kate and Bullyville need to be off Twitter. They are both cyber criminals now. Just because people have opinions and are not not Kate fans or like Kate doesn’t mean she has to stoop this low and hire Bullyville and his fake hacker punks to harass, stalk, threaten and intimidate. They have cross the line and just keeps getting more bizarre. This is Kate’s mental illness really showing.

    • Katie

      And the people messaging Kate haven’t crossed the line by sending these disgusting comments that wish death upon CHILDREN? You’re just as disgusting if you think that’s okay.

      • There are legal ways to handle things. If they broke the law they can take the information to court. If they are harassing they can have twitter ban them and their IP. What this website is doing is what they seem to be against. They are bullying bullies. Two wrongs dont make a right. If it was a serious threat let the cops deal with it. If it is just someone blowing off steam at someone who many people think is a money grubbing horrible mother so what. Send cease and desist letters. Dont destroy someones career over name calling on the internet.

        • justme

          I say HORRAY….glad they got caught and HOPE they all got fired that would me WONDERFUL….please let it be…

          • Anonymous

            Congrats for posting that.

        • 82RY

          Glad they are being exposed, all bullies and abusers should be exposed. They do it for a power and control thing over others, and so, bullies need to be exposed and get a touch of reality for what they have done to hurt others.

          • Anonymous

            I couldn’t have posted that better myself.

        • Anonymous

          What are you, some goody-two-shoes? Bullies deserve to be put in their place and see how they like it.

          Bad things that happen to bad guys put a smile on my face and a laugh on my lips.

      • Anonymous

        Way to tell AW, ma’am! Who the hell odes that jerk think he or she is, a supporter of bullies?

    • anjealka

      It is wrong to be sending death threats to kids but Kate needs to lay off the twitter a bit. It is fine if she wants to keep in touch with her fans by tweeting her about things like her new book or wishing people a happy holiday. Kate (or any mom especially one in the spotlight) should not be tweeting their every move and personal details about their kids daily. Kate tweets more then the Kardashian’s!

      • 1GrayGAl

        ITA but it goes beyond Twitter. Bullies/unethical business competitors/unscrupulous persons will go out of their way to fill your comments section, page, twitter, etc with slanderous statements. It’s as if they have nothing better to do than to try and destroy the hard work of others. And they of course do it behind the guise of a fake name! It’s shameful and it’s unfair. You can’t lodge a defense against an unknown enemy and while ignoring it is the best policy, sometimes you feel the need to respond with a general statement telling your followers/customers to ignore the foolishness.

        • Anonymous

          There’s some truth to that.

    • JustMe

      Let me guess you are one of them that got caught?

    • Liz

      Just curious- what cyber crime did they commit?

    • 82RY

      I do not think they have crossed a line, I think those who set up twitter accounts with the malicious intent to intimidate her, harass her, be abusive, send threats or tweet after tweet to her or those who tweet her nice things, those are the individuals who need to check themselves and be held accountable. Now that they are caught, I imagine they are squirming and trying everything they can to try to justify their illegal, and libelous and abusive twitter behavior. Not to mention those that come from that hate Kate blog that Bullyville outed, that blog owner should have to go into court and say half of the things that person types and see how a Judge will respond. They are not rational individuals.

      • Anonymous

        I agree with you.

  • I know this is a gossip site and all, but really, what is wrong with people? Anyone that has time to send thousands of hate tweets to a person they don’t even know cannot use the excuse that they live paycheck to paycheck. Maybe, just MAYBE if they spent their time paying attention to their job and focusing on making their life better, they wouldn’t be living paycheck to paycheck. Shame on all bully’s. Good going Bullyville.

    • 1GrayGAl


      • Anonymous

        I second that.

    • Anonymous

      You tell those bullies, ma’am. Whoever voted you down isn’t right in the head.

  • Nada

    I think the key to this story is BullyVille isn’t attacking people who said they disagreed with Kate or didn’t like her – they’re going after people who put a significant amount of time into cyberbullying (to the point of death threats) one women. 72,000 tweets – that is ridiculous. These people do need to learn that what happens on the internet can effect their lives. There is no free pass for bullying.

    • Anonymous

      I couldn’t agree with you more, sir or ma’am.

  • All for outing bullies but I wish they would use their valuable resources to go after the bullies of powerless victims. Kate has continued to put herself out there over an over again, when you put yourself on a pedestal use have to expect there will be haters out there wanting to take you down.

  • tooironic

    I think the illusion of anonymity that the internet provides makes some people act the fool, and others get outright obnoxious. Maybe if they had to use their real names they would play nicer.There should be some legal action that can be taken against those who continually threaten and harass others.

    • Anonymous

      Now that’s something I can agree on. But of course, not all anonymous posters are antagonistic.

  • Really?

    If Kate was really getting death threats, don’t you think the police and/or FBI would have handled this? Really think this out. Kate is not being threatened, she is being called out on her constant lies, bragging, selfishness and hypocrisy. She keeps doing it, she keeps getting caught- but she still keeps right on doing it. She wrote a blog post for The Stir about how she was so perfect, calm and mellow when the littles were potty training. No she wasn’t! And since America had to watch those poor kids be trained on TV, there were zillions of YouTube clips showing she was not calm or mellow about it. She is so polarizing, toxic and fake, she practically begs to have her virtual a** kicked. She and BullyVille are playing you all. She can dish it out but she can’t take it. Waaaah.

    • Thats the 1st thing I would do, call police. She has a security fence and what happened to her body guard. Plus who is to say alot of these threats werent changed and a fake tweeter. There are all kinds of scenias if you think about it.

  • Truth

    Go watch Kate Gosselin’s timeline, you will see for yourself the twitter trolls that are being abusive, harassing her and bullying her or anyone who tweets anything nice to her. See for yourself, and they now change twitter handles and are still doing it, even after being exposed, some come from a hate Kate blog that Bullyville exposed also, and they brag about what they do, in fact they are turning their bullying behavior and blaming the person they are abusing, and those they harass, these group of women need to be stopped and legally held accountable. They are caustic, toxic and abusive. Abusers love to re-victimize those they abuse when they are held accountable, instead of accepting accountability for what they are tweeting, saying, doing, they laugh, blame Kate or her fans. Just read her Timeline and Bullyvilles. You can see for yourself They still continue, it is as if this has become their life, hating and being ugly and vile.

  • Truth

    Anyone who sends a death threat or an implication of a threat or intentional reckless intimidation to even emotionally harm someone, with such malicious intent, should be exposed, sued and held liable for what they have done to hurt, harm or put at risk.

    • Anonymous

      Congratulations, sir or ma’am! You’ve earned my respect. Why, that’s probably the best thing that I’ve seen you post.

  • Truth

    That picture is not okay. It is disturbing and whomever made it, should seek some mental health help.

    • Anonymous

      I second that.

  • Truth

    Click on some of these screen names that Bullyville outed and you will see the 1000s upon 1000s of tweets they send harassing Kate, that is not normal behavior, that is deviant behavior. Why would anyone do that for as long as some of those Twitter Users have, just view their tweets, unreal.

    • Anonymous

      You impress me with that post.

  • Truth

    if you view some of those Twitter users that were exposed and even some of their friends, you will see some people set up twitter accounts just to be used to abuse, harass and bully Kate Gosselin and her fans. Just take a look and formulate your own opinion, but for my opinion here, I see Bullyville and Kate as justified for having a voice and standing up to these sad sad bullies, to know some of them are elderly, is unbelievable, that they are mothers and grandmothers doing this to Kate and to Kate’s fans? Why? What is their pay off? To elevate themselves? Why can’t they see their behavior as disturbing? Who has such time?

    • Anonymous

      I’m guessing that you live up to your username.

  • Truth

    Some of what these tweets are saying to Kate, are seriously libelous and malicious.

    • Anonymous

      You could be right.

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