Barbie finally goes without makeup!

Screen shot 2013-04-02 at 3.33.37 PM

Barbie finally took off all that makeup and false eyelashes!

An image circulating the web attributed to Eddi Aguirre has given a glimpse at the famous doll without all the glamour. While Barbie is often criticized for having unrealistic body proportions, it’s nice to have a different perspective on Barbie’s ever perfect face.

Not only is the eye makeup, pink lipstick and presumed heavy foundation missing, this version of Barbie also has under-eye bags, braces over yellowed teeth, and some acne.


This isn’t just “No Makeup” Barbie, this girl is super stressed! She looks like she needs a good night’s sleep, plenty of water, and maybe a vacation.

It definitely awakens a little schadenfreude to see Barbie less than polished.

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    • Amanda


    • Sweet Venom

      What’s with the braces?

    • Em

      ewwww barbie, you need makeup

    • Geniya

      lets take off all the makup add acne make her teeth yellow and yeah braces would make her look uglier thats its Braces is the missing piece

    • dev g

      What is that, methface barbie?

      • Cheermom

        That’s exactly my first thought!