Was Apollo Nida texting Kenya Moore?

On the the Real Housewives of Atlanta reunion Phaedra’s husband Apollo Nida accuses Kenya Moore of texting him looking for some action, and she accuses him of the same.

Apollo and Phaedra seem to be happily married with a second baby on the way, but at the reunion things get heated and awkward when Kenya and Apollo both accuse each other of texting each other trying to get with each other. Apollo says that he doesn’t care for Kenya, and Kenya says she’s not the one “that had sex with a convicted felon” referencing Apollo’s past charges.

A poster on Lipstick Alley had some info on this reunion this confrontation early:

Baaaaby, ya’ll know I get the 411 and CAN’T WAIT till the #RHOA reunion when Kenya pulls out the texts between her and Apollo on Phaedra! IT’S GONNA BE EPIC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ! I was side eyen when Apollo rubbed Kenya’s ass in the pool on the sly but texts that Phaedra doesn’t know about? WHEW! And don’t get it twisted, Kenya has a degree in Psychology. They filmed till 4am! A 15 hr day! I can’t wait…

Kenya was caught on camera obviously flirting with Apollo, which she addressed in a Bravo Blog last December. She also called Apollo “fine,” which doesn’t really mean anything except that she probably IS attracted to him.

“I’m obviously meeting with Apollo and Phaedra to discuss working on a workout video. I’m a very honest and vocal person and don’t consider complimenting Apollo on his physique flirting and certainly meant no harm or disrespect. Naturally, fitness and physique play a role in our potential upcoming venture. All present knew that it was not flirting. Phaedra had no issues with my compliments or jokes nor did my guy. And who flirts with their mate present if they were up to no good? Really, who does that? It was lighthearted and harmless people. It is still my opinion that Apollo is fine and Phaedra is a lucky woman but that is Phaedra’s husband. And I’m not interested in her husband or anyone else’s husband. Enough said.”

Apollo claimed that Kenya has tried to seduce him several times, telling him she could do to him what his wife wouldn’t.

What do you think? Did Kenya try to get with Apollo for reals? This takes the whole Stallion Booty vs. Donkey Booty battle to a whole new level.

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  • Yup, I said it

    There doesnt seem to be any sexual chemistry between Phaedra and Apollo. His interaction with Phaedra seem more like that of a homegirl than a wife. I saw sexual chemistry when he threw Kenya in the pool. That attraction transmitted all the way through my tv screen into my living room.

  • I don’t think it was that serious. But they did flirt on the bumper car episode and a lil when they left the country.And apollo seemed like he was over phaedra when they went to the strip club in atl. But kenya still shouldve some respect and been the bigger woman. Because men are gonna be men, but he’s still married to someone who’s supposed to be your “girl”.

  • spottedgiraffe

    I didn’t think Kenya could get any more pathetic. Trying to sleep with a cast member’s husband? And lmao at degree in psychology. That poster is obviously a minion of Kenya or Kenya herself.

  • Gia

    Help me understand WHY would Appollo reach out to Kenya a person his wife is seriously beefing with and ask her help with a business issue?? Him rehashing out to her tells me he had other motives. It is very clear that this is a keep a man baby Fakedra is having cause the “rumors” about her and Appollo having issues in their marriage was apparent at the beginning of the show when the uneducated idiot was explaining his reason for going to strip clubs regularly. Both of them are liars and always have been. And yes Kenya made her relevant on the show cause I didn’t pay attention to her lying ass before!

    • Gia

      Reaching out not rehashing! And did anyone else notice that Appollo was overly excited about the issues between Walter and Kenya?? Remember he told him about Kandi’s party and went back and told the man what she said about him! Either he wants some relevance or he’s interested in Kenya.