REPORT Farrah Abraham sought a fake boyfriend for Couples Therapy

Farrah Abraham on Shane Dawson's The Shananay Show on Youtube

Farrah Abraham has been pretty unlucky in love, but who knew she was desperate enough to turn to a pretend boyfriend? According to a new report in Hollywood Life, Abraham begged Carson Underwood, an aspiring model, to fake a relationship so they could both participate in Couples Therapy.

“She was using me more as her boyfriend and representing me to VH1 as her boyfriend,” Underwood told Hollywood Life. “I notified them and I said I don’t know where she came up with this.”

The claims seem particularly credible considering fellow Teen Mom alums Catelynn Lowell and Tyler Baltierra are reportedly appearing on Couples Therapy. Kailyn Lowry from Teen Mom 2 also confirmed to us that she was approached by producers of the show.

Underwood confirmed that he met Abraham at an American Music Awards after-party in November. They exchanged some flirty texts afterward and discussed meeting up. They even took their flirtation semi-public in February with some tweets, which resulted in articles about their relationship.

Carson Underwood

Despite tweeting about meeting up in Los Angeles, Underwood told Hollywood Life that they never followed through. Instead, he said she became possessive by mid-winter.

“She had almost borderline psychotic episodes,” he claimed. ” She said ‘Are you single? Would you be interested in dating me?’ and I told her, ‘you know when you came out here, we would do dinner, drinks.’ But she didn’t like that.”

Underwood also shared screenshots of some of their text exchanges. In one instance, Abraham asked if Underwood could Photoshop an image of them together for her to submit to producers.

It’s not entirely clear how willing Underwood was to go along with the plot. After all, he would have gained some publicity, which could help his professional aspirations. (In situations such as these, it generally helps to have a bit of skepticism toward “aspiring” entertainers.)

Either way, Underwood claims to have backed out of the arrangement on March 17… Just before Abraham was arrested for a DUI in Omaha.

Although Underwood said he hopes things will work out for Abraham, he is slightly bitter about how everything unfolded.

“I will say that it’s unfortunate someone would ever attempt to exploit my image and/or damage my credibility only to try and pacify me with a five figure contract to extend their fame,” Underwood wrote on Facebook.

With a book, music single and variety of products, Abraham is certainly skilled at extending her Teen Mom fame.

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  • Stefani

    A. Why the hell is this ‘couples therapy’ show trying to fill it’s entire cast with the cast of Teen Mom?

    B. Why do all the girls on the cast of Teen Mom want to be on this show so badly? Televising therapy sessions? Am I missing something?

    C. It wouldn’t hurt these girls to get off tv and start learning how to be better/more stable parents.

    • Hayzii

      I’m sure they just wanted one but probably sent out a casting call to all of them. It’s better for them to have more choices and ups the chance of one actually making it onto the show.

  • Cheermom

    We always knew Farrah was pathetic, but this takes the cake!!!

    • Geniya

      something tells me shes done lower things

  • Kelly

    This doesn’t suprise me in the least.

  • Britni Shea

    Wasn’t her daughter’s father’s last name underwood?

    • Kalley

      Yes it was!

  • Katie

    I’m usually not one to believe these kind of rumours, but I really do believe this one. Farrah is so vile and nasty that I can see her being alone for the rest of her life. Unless she finds a guy who doesn’t mind a woman walking all over him.

  • MHub

    I am a regular reader of starcasm and this is the first I have felt compelled to write. This is the exact reason why future seasons of Teen Mom need to cease to exist. More so than not, the show glamorizes teen pregnancy by making these girls into instant celebrities. And for what? Having an unplanned pregnancy. Very few of them actually have any marketable skills, and I would like to see a statistic on how many of them have had more children since the show. I can think of at least three right off the top of my head. Farrah is a disgusting human being, she is an entitled princess who thinks the world revolves around her. And really? Faking a relationship to be on couples therapy? I guess a mother who would wax her toddler’s supposed “unibrow” would do anything for attention, money and fame.

    • missem

      Ebony had a girl. Leah had girl. Brooke had a girl. Jordan bad a girl. Kristina had a boy. Many others are either pregnant now, or had an abortion or miscarriahe

      • missem


      • yeahright

        I know that Ebony, Leah and Jordan got married…don’t know about the others.

  • Dandy

    It seems as though Farrah is off her meds.

  • Yeah, Ok

    All these teen moms need to gracefully leave the spotlight. GO AWAY! Raise your kids! Your not entertainers your were a person used in a cautionary tale about teenage pregnancy!

    • Hayzii

      They are ALL fame whores. It seems like some people think that they were just “found” by MTV to originally be on 16 & pregnant. No, they answered a casting call and were seeking fame. They most definitely were not doing it out of the kindness of their hearts to “educate” others of the pitfalls of teen pregnancy.

      • Jessica

        It wasn’t a casting call. It was a Craig’s list add about a documentary and mentioned nothing about MTV. Just sayin.

        • Hayzii

          A documentary implies TV or a movie though obviously. I didn’t say they were seeking MTV, but fame. In my eyes even if it’s on craigslist, if it’s an add trying to cast something then it’s a casting call. There are tons of them on craigslist.

          • Jessica

            what’s an “add?’

            • Hayzii

              It’s when someone has nothing more to say to back up their argument so they unnecessarily “add” a lame comment about an obvious typo. :)

  • Butch’s Law Degree

    Good way to breach your contract.

    • Jessica

      It’s not a breach of contract dumbass. Have you personally seen her contract?

      • Butch’s Law Degree

        Have you?

  • Murphy

    Thats hilarious

  • micro OP

    She’s really a disturbed human being

  • Jamie

    This girl…….. I don’t understand her! Wake up, Farrah! Your 15 minutes are OVER!

  • Drea

    Being a crazy b*#ch does not make one “unlucky in love”, it makes them someone no one wants to be around.

  • Jacki Robinson

    Anybody ever hear of Narcissistic personality disorder? This chick totally has it…

  • Sweet Venom

    lol She just keeps sinking lower. I wish I knew her in real life. I’d seriously slap the shit out of her.

  • Pat Brown

    I believe it, it doesn’t seem like she or the others are really doing anything. Cailyn and tyler probably need money badly that’s why they are doing it. Maybe MTV wouldn’t buy their wedding?

  • Em

    there should be a show called “that’s so farrah”

  • Me

    I don’t believe a word of this. It said the guy was an “aspiring model”. He wants his 15 minutes of fame. As for “oh it was in Hollyword Life”…they lie just like this site…you think I would learn and never come back to this site. Report some REAL news that can ACTUALLY be proven.

    • siriusthecat

      Actually, and no I’m not trying to send you to the site, they have proof. 8 sets of texts ranging from stalkerish to outright fraud, I need a pic to send to producers, should I photoshop or do you have one from the night we met. So it is a proven story and every site is telling it, but I saw pics on Hollywood life. There were also picture messages of Sophia and far rah. He didn’t go through all that trouble to fake a story. My guess is the psycho stalker texts drove him to it. My favorite “4 minutes?!?” As in its been 4 minutes and you haven’t text me back. Lmao

    • Lannister

      Hi, Farrah. Apparently you’re not busy “sale”ing alcohol or dealing with “asswhole” cops today.

  • siriusthecat

    Omg, that is beyond pathetic. She needs therapy with her parents, privately. She’s getting pretty old not to be mortified with her attitude as shown on 16 and pregnant and Teen mom. Maybe she should sit and watch a marathon. If nothing else, maybe shell pick up on the three Derek Underwoods. The Derek from 16 and Pregnant was a crazed stalker ex boyfriend that had no right to know she was pregnant. The second Derek was a deadbeat dad leaving Farrah a single mom in Teen mom season one. In season three and four, he was the greatest love of farrahs life and he tragically died. He can’t be all of those things? I’m sure he died during the filming of 16 and pregnant. They really couldn’t have more respectful? Maybe a warning about teen drinking and driving and a dedication at the end. That would have been the classy thing to do. Implying the dead kid is a deadbeat dad is pretty poor as well. Then people should feel sorry for her, her high-school ex died. Are his parents really the ones to garner sympathy from? No class.

  • siriusthecat

    Hey whatever happened to the texas guy they hired to be her boyfriend. He quit in the middle of filming! He was getting paid and still couldn’t take it. She dumped him of course, after he ran away and left his things at the hotel.

  • jaylew714

    Teen Moms wouldn’t have such a large following or viewership if there wasn’t such a thing as Public Assistance, Section 8 Housing, or Food Stamps. Now that nearly half the country is on one government welfare program or another…the situation of being an unwed pregnant teenager…..many of them also nursing off the Government Welfare teat themselves…the situation of being an unwed teen mother never used to make such a person a particularly desirable mate or partner because of the entire dynamic of the situation. Once the County and Federal Governments started rewarding this kind of behavior in teens by removing much of the consequential worry regarding the costs of sheltering and feeding not only the baby but the mother herself….teen motherhood is now apparently no big deal. But it is. And anyone with an ounce of honest observational analysis knows that…and so this story about this woman’s post Teen Mom “career” antics is hardly even a surprise. Some television shows are simply best never watched. That Honey Boo Boo mess would be another example of a waste of anyone’s hour or half hour or however long that mess is each episode. I would rather the teens just choose to use BC Pills and condoms than put themselves in motherhood mode when they are still kids themselves.