Felicity’s Keri Russell has a dramatic new look


Long gone are the golden curls from the Felicity era. 37-year-old actress Keri Russell has a dramatic new look on the Brooklyn set of F/X’s The Americans.

Keri rocked a black wig and red leather skirt in her role as a Russian spy undercover as a U.S. housewife.

Many actress put on wigs or dye their hair for acting parts, but let’s face it: we’re all still attached to Felicity’s curls, and we’re still not over the haircut from 2009.

In a recent interview Keri discussed coming back into acting after a hiatus, hinting at an attempt to shed being synonymous with Felicity Porter: “The great thing about disappearing is that people forget about you a little bit. Your past is forgotten. You can come back as something fresh and new. These past two years, I’ve come back to all these interesting things that people might not have thought about me for in the past. They just happened.”

This isn’t the only acting gig for Keri: she’s also set to star in the upcoming film Dark Skies.

Keri Russell PHOTOS black hair, new look

PHOTO: Jose Perez / Splash News, WB Network

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  • Honeybear

    Love her. She can do no wrong.

  • lindsey

    Ugh, the hair cut happened in like 1999, not 2009. The article linked was reflecting on it 10 years later.

  • FlowerGirl120

    The Haircut Heard ‘Round the World happened in 1999 (2nd season, Felicity).