PHOTOS Gypsy Sisters’ Lottie Mae Stanley as a young woman

Mellie Stanley's mom Lottie Mae Stanley

While none of the stars of TLC’s drama-packed reality series Gypsy Sisters are newcomers to the small screen (with most of them having appeared previously on the network’s popular My Big Fat America Gypsy Wedding), one of the cast members’ TV resumes doesn’t include MBFAGW, but does include another reality show appearance of sorts in 2003… on America’s Most Wanted! Yes, I’m talking about Mellie and Nettie’s mom Lottie Mae Stanley, who has been featured on the premiere season of Gypsy Sisters after being released from prison, where she served nine years for a bank fraud conviction in 2004.

Find out all about the events leading up to Lottie Mae Stanley’s arrest and conviction, including a number of mug shots, here!

Lottie’s freedom has caused quite a bit of drama on the show as Mellie and Nettie try to adjust to having their mother back in their lives after almost a decade apart. Getting out has also meant a lot of adjusting for Lottie, including getting caught up with technology, which of course includes having a Facebook page! That’s right, Lottie Mae Stanley is on Facebook, and she has shared two photos of herself from prior to her incarceration. Above (and below) we see Lottie Mae looking confident to say the least as she lounges in a brown leather chair. Some fans have left comments pointing out the resemblance to Mellie Stanley in the picture.

Here’s the full, uncropped photo:

Gypsy Sisters Mellie and Nettie's mother Lottie Mae Stanley
*NOTE – Photos have been enhanced from the originals in Photoshop.

In addition to that photo, Lottie also shared this next family photo:

Old Gypsy Sisters family photo with Lottie Mae and Nettie Stanley

We spoke with Nettie and she helped us identify everyone in the photo. Lottie Mae Stanley (pregnant) is sitting, and behind her is cousin Chrissy (Shyann’s mom). To Chrissy’s left is Patty (Nettie and Mellie’s oldest sister). That’s Nettie there in the tank top, and beside her is her brother Henry. The two children in the bottom left of the photo are Nettie and Mellie’s brother William and sister Tanya.

Stay tuned, we are currently working on a very basic Gypsy Sisters family tree to help fans better understand exactly how everyone is related.

Gypsy Sisters airs on TLC Sunday nights at 9/8c.

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  • LexiconD1

    Wow…I don’t normally comment on a persons unfortunate appearance, unless they seek it out (like Kim Kartrashian), but this is what ran through my head when I saw these pictures.

    “That does not look like a women who could turn on a straight man (or men), and procreated a dozen or so kids. That looks like a women before her sexual reassignment surgery…”

    I hope she improved with age…

    • Geniya

      men dont care about looks so much as they care about a place to stick something in. there are much uglier woman who have children

      • jenn

        BOYS don’t care about looks just want a place to stick their thing in.

        MEN are gentleman who treats a woman with respect.

        • Geniya

          yeah the biggest gentlemen is warren jeffs of Colorado city of the FDLS community.” “all men” so all those convicted rapists and pedophiles and wife beaters are just things that were made up by the news and people

  • kik

    when I first saw the picture I thought it was guy till I read the article

    • LexiconD1

      Me too. I worked far too early this morning. I was tired when I wrote the comment. I fixed it. 🙂

  • Googly Eyes

    I’m with everyone, “shim” looks like a young man! In the top photo you can even see a stache! Perhaps she should drop the “Lottie Mae” and just go by Stanley!

  • Melissa Debord

    lead singer of journey is what i thought

  • batgirl2u

    This woman is reprehensible and the worst mother ever, what a stupid and selfish cow!

  • Arealhousewive

    Millie looks so much like her mom!

    • melizzi


  • MPmom

    Apparently gypsies weren’t always into sexy clothes, or looking feminine at all.

  • spottedgiraffe

    So ugly

  • Bebe

    Whoa thought it was a man. Look at that stache

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  • duststorm

    That is a black western blouse from a real western store. It had silver threads and jet black vertical tiny embroidered threads. It had the turned cuffs. The buttons were under the front placket. It was slightly fitted at the waist and flared at the hem. I wish I still had mine.