REPORT Adrienne Maloof to skip today’s RHOBH reunion for legal reasons

Adrienne Maloof Real Housewives of Season 3 Premiere

Adrienne Maloof went through a rough third season of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. Not only did her co-star Brandi Glanville expose her use of a surrogate for her twin boys, she also lost a few friends. Among them were Taylor Armstrong, who reportedly went so far as to “fire” Adrienne as her daughter Kennedy’s godmother, and Lisa Vanderpump, who Adrienne was previously very close with. Now it appears that the 51-year-old reality star has had enough and is reportedly skipping out on tonight’s Reunion taping!

According to TMZ, Adrienne and soon-to-be ex Paul Nassif signed a restraining order as part of their divorce, prohibiting them from talking about each other, their kids, or the divorce. So if Adrienne attends the Reunion she will be unable to defend herself when her cast mates inevitably bring up her divorce from Paul — and we all know that even if they know she can’t talk about it, they’re going to bring it up! (Yes, I’m looking at you Brandi.)

As you might expect, Bravo is not happy and things allegedly have gotten ugly between them and Ms. Maloof.

Adrienne Maloof reportedly isn't attending the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Season 3 reunion

While that all seems plausible, another report claims there may be a bit more to it. “She doesn’t want to deal with the women. They are all going to just hash the same thing over and over again and she needs to be with her kids anyway,” an insider tells Life & Style. “She’s headed to Mammoth Mountain in LA for a field trip with her children instead.”

“She chose to go on the trip instead because that’s where she needs to be. She is always a mom first and foremost,” the insider explains. “But she is also dodging the Housewives because she knows she’ll be attacked and doesn’t want to deal with it.”

In addition to missing The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Season 3 Reunion Special, Adrienne has reportedly decided to quit the show altogether. “It’s doubtful she’ll come back next year,” asserts the insider. “Nothing has been decided, but she probably won’t. She just got bashed so much this season and it’s been truly hard for her and her own family.”

Among those rumored to be replacing Adrienne on the show are Dana Devon and Penny Lancaster (Adrienne’s boyfriend’s step-mom).

Oddly enough, the Reunion was rumored to have already happened — and Adrienne was rumored to have missed it back then, too!

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  • Ashley

    Didn’t she attack Lisa last year? I seriously dislike this woman so much.

  • Hannah

    I will miss Adrienne, hopefully they get rid of irrelevant Yolanda, annoying Marissa Zanuck, and trashy Brandi too- but, the statement about being “fired” as Kennedy’s godmother simply isn’t true. If you remember early in season 2 Adrienne sits down with Taylor and says she doesn’t want to be Kennedy’s godmother. And even if that had been the truth, who cares, I mean Taylor is a hot mess and just as obnoxious as Brandi at this point. I say get rid of them all except Kim Kyle and Lisa (although even Lisa is starting to irritate me) and bring in some new, better castmembers.

  • Calligh

    She is paranoid, always bringing up how she feels betrayed that someone spoke to Radar Online about her, which is a little paranoid right? She’s the one talking to Radar Online, besides I never believed her about anything and she looks suspicious not gonna miss her, bring on someone else who is fun!!

  • Adrienne Maloof has LIED and been caught and exposed as a liar sooo many times in the past year it’s beyond ridiculous.

    She is lying again now.

    I can’t imagine how stupid this woman truly is in that she believes SHE can continue to lie to the public, to the press, and to the viewers AND she believes we do not see through her transparent LIES.

    Maloof does not want to sit on live tv and have to admit she lied.

    End Of Story.

  • Reality Viewer

    That is a B.S. excuse for missing a reunion. I’m sure if there was such a clause, Andy Cohen would make sure that none of this was discussed. Adrienne just doesn’t want to take the chance that anymore of her lies will be exposed.