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It’s been one week since Teen Mom 2 star Jenelle Evans tweeted “Sooo tired just need sleeeeeeep. :(” before vanishing online, reportedly to voluntarily check into a rehab facility of some sort at the request of MTV. Obviously, with Jenelle isolated from technology, rumors and reports have swirled about where she was and how long she would be there.

We had a source tell us early yesterday morning that Jenelle would be getting out yesterday, but later reports indicated she may remain longer after MTV found out about her early release and insisted that she stay or else they wouldn’t be able to work with her any more.

We’re still not certain what the real story is, but one thing is for certain — Jenelle’s Twitter account is active again, and it appears as though she is picking up right where she left off, with lots of angry drama! Most of the anger appears to be directed at her ex-fiance Gary Head, who Jenelle appeared to rekindle a romantic relationship with after her split from husband Courtland Rogers. Gary was reportedly hanging around one of his old flames (Jade) and Jenelle’s ex-roommate (Hannah) while Jenelle was away, and she was none too pleased.

UPDATE – Jenelle just shared this photo of herself along with the words, “I’m freeeeeeee !”

Jenelle Evans out of rehab 2013

UPDATE – And then this one with, “Mwwwwwwwwahhhh!”

Jenelle Evans is out of rehab March 1 2013

UPDATE (March 2) – Jenelle has now apparently checked herself back into rehab just as we mentioned above.

Here are the @PBandJenelley_1 tweets from today arranged chronologically from top to bottom, with some of Gary’s tweets included that she was responding to:

Jenelle Evans returns to Twitter after reportedly getting out of rehab

Although we obviously can’t be certain this is actually Jenelle tweeting, it certainly reads like her! And Jenelle’s Facebook admin Kristin says she is talking with Jenelle via Facebook chat and that the 21-year-old reality star is currently in West Park Florida making posts with her iPad while her phone charges.

Here are the rest of Gary Head’s tweets in response to Jenelle returning to Twitter, in which he makes it clear he is no longer interested in being with Jenelle and is focusing on making things work with Jade:

Gary Head breaks up with Jenelle Evans on Twitter

  • Ashley

    Let me guess, she’s going to take on charges on him for assault. Then she’s going to get back together with Courtland.

    • awoman

      Or maybe she’ll run back to Kieffah. lulz

      • Visulenia

        nah, its Andrew’s turn. he’s been on hold for way too long (Jenelle time, that is) lol

  • Steph

    haha oh my god, ! And why she always is paying all for these guys ??

    • Jen B

      Right. Whoever her cell phone carrier is must love her. Between all the phones she pays for, and the amount of times she changes numbers a month, whoever it is is making bank off of her train wreck of a life!

  • Caeleigh Shae

    How soon before Jenelle is back with Courtland?
    1 week? 2 weeks? It’ll happen. This is so stupid it’s funny.

  • :))))))))

    Braces yourself everybody we’re back at sheet-strangle-ville ! Who’s gonna be next : Queen Laquiffer or Courtland BakingSoda. That’s right folks : mystery of life …

  • kim

    while the time when he left her is bad at least he is getting away from all her bull crap

  • Here’s a better question, how soon is she going to tweet how much she loves or misses her son?! ANYTHING about her son for crying out loud!

  • Jenny

    This girl has serious metal issues.

  • Olivia

    Why isn’t she in jail? She’s got a criminal mind.

  • Jamie

    She tweeted a pic without her shirt on too but deleted it.

  • aka

    These people are idiots. You need a translation program just to understand their texts. They all need to grow up and get educated.

  • enjoythesilence

    She stayed in rehab for a week?! Yeah, that’ll help….not.