Miss Delaware Teen USA Melissa King resigns over porn video scandal

Miss Delaware Teen USA Melissa King porn side-by-side photos

Delaware’s Hailey Lawler has just become the official Miss Delaware Teen USA — but not because she beat out all the other contestants. Hailey was granted the crown by default after the former Miss Delaware Teen USA Melissa King stepped down after questions arose regarding an online porn video in which she allegedly starred.

“I would like to confirm the Miss Delaware Teen USA pageant has received a resignation letter from Miss King’s attorney,” a rep for the Miss Teen USA pageant revealed today in a statement obtained by TMZ.

Alleged Miss Teen Delaware porn video Melissa King

The video (screen cap above) hit the web yesterday and while Melissa confirmed that she was aware of the footage, she denied being in it. “Absolutely not,” she said of her reported involvement. “It is not.”

In the video clip, which lasts about five minutes, a young woman who looks a LOT like Melissa King (see the side-by-side photos at the top of this post for comparison) is asked by a man off camera when turned 18, to which she replies, “about three months ago. March.” On the Miss Delaware Teen USA website it lists Melissa King’s birthday as March 29.

The young woman in the clip is then asked what motivated her to make her first adult video. “I thought it’d be fun and it sounded like I needed the money,” the woman says. “So I just decided to do it.”

Did Miss Delware Teen USA Melissa King star in a porn video?

After a series of questions about her sex life and current relationship status it comes up that the young woman is a pageant veteran. “It’s pretty interesting. You’re actually a Miss, Miss Teen?” the man asks. She seems reluctant to talk about specifics, but the interviewer assures her, “I’m not going to say the state or anything. … You did beauty pageants?”

“I’ve done them, yes,” she responds.

She’s then asked if she told anyone about the shoot, to which she replies, “It’s not a big secret. But I didn’t tell anybody specifically what I was doing.”

Former Miss Delaware Teen USA Melissa King
^ Former Miss Delaware Teen USA Melissa King with her sash

After that there isn’t much talking. At all.

Here’s an excerpt of the interview portion

Melissa has been relatively quiet on Twitter, though she did write, “Once you move on in life people shouldn’t try to use your past against you… Let them be happy” on Saturday. Recently she has basically just been retweeting people who are telling others to leave her alone.

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  • Sweet Venom

    lol…Why did she deny it? If there is proof you might as well just admit it.

  • LOL

  • Caz Kiwi

    Wow, her doppelgänger has the same teeth, smile, dimple and moles/freckles on her arms…. what an amazing coincidence! 😀 😉

  • Charla

    These girls are sad. Do anything of them think this type of footage would never come out? Think about your future before you do something so degrading because there’s no turning back once it’s filmed.

  • Honeybear

    Did she really think this wouldn’t come back to haunt her??

  • Shannon


  • RDS

    What is more pathetic is the USA’s puritanical approach to sex. Let’s keep on pretending that no one watches porn or has sex.

  • Proteus

    And why does this matter? Oh yeah, uptight Americans who think sex is bad.

    • Nathan

      No one really thinks sex is bad – just that teen pageant contestants shouldn’t star in “films” where they have sex with random guys for money. I don’t think that is too high of a standard to hold people to.


      • Proteus

        And I ask again – why?

    • Sex is great, but this jew gonzo sex is degrading to women. We don’t need to see women get choked, gagged or slapped. And A2M is disgusting, but the spawn of Satan love it.

  • jake

    where is this movie!!?!

  • Jenn

    Don’t use your past against you? Uhhh if you turned 18 last March then I wouldn’t really call that a past that needs to be forgotten. Girl is an idiot if she thought no one would find out.

  • Joel

    Where is the video I want really check if its her lol

    • Charla

      Of course gawker has the link…

      • MrLookout

        What is the link?

        • Charla

          This website won’t let me post it. Go to gawker and type in miss Delaware into their search field. The article will come up and a hyperlink in the article will take you to the video.

          • starcasmnet

            We hold links in moderatin to prevent spam. Your link is now published below.

        • It’s on celebjihad dot com.

  • lhernandez72

    I think we are ignoring the real issue here, people. Let’s talk about that crown. What is that, flannel?

  • jimbo

    Anyone else notice shes wearing the same bracelet on the same arm…its her! That being said…i think she should be able to do whatever she wants..shes 18 and this is America!!

  • She will go on to a productive job hosting at red lobster if she doesn’t continue to do porn. Yep, flushed plenty opportunity down the drain.

  • dj

    she did it for selena gomez uknow she s a martyr