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Preachers' Daughters Lifetime

One of the new shows coming our way this spring is Lifetime’s docu-series Preachers’ Daughters. Via the official press release:

Teaching kids right from wrong may take a village…except when it takes a congregation! Lifetime will premiere its provocative new family docu-series Preachers’ Daughters, following the lives of three families for a behind-the-altar look at what happens at home after the sermon concludes. Preachers’ Daughters reveals a hard-hitting but often humorous look at the lives of these pastors’ daughters as they balance the temptations every teenager faces with their parents’ strict expectations and code of conduct as influenced by their faith. What happens will change these families forever, and surprise viewers with this unvarnished peek into their lives and the universal issues all households with teenagers face daily.

Since we know we ain’t preaching to the choir yet, we’ve assembled photos, bios and social media links for the three young women who are the focus of the show; Taylor Coleman, Kolby Koloff and Olivia Perry.

Taylor Coleman

Taylor and Kenneth Coleman Prerachers Daughters
^ Taylor Coleman and Ken Coleman of Preachers’ Daughters

Eighteen-year-old Taylor is set on pushing boundaries established by her strict father, Ken, a pastor for City of Refuge Pentecostal Church of Lockport, Illinois, who, following the mistakes he made with his older children, wants nothing more than to keep Taylor as his little angel. Taylor craves freedom from all of the rules in the house and occasionally rebels by sneaking out, kissing boys and giving into temptation, all the while trying to maintain her relationship with her Lord.

Taylor Coleman of Preachers' Daughters
^ Taylor Coleman of Preachers’ Daughters

While her mother Marie tries to keep the peace between Taylor and Ken, she fears his stern rules will push Taylor to act out even more, especially when she gets to college. Conflicted and frustrated with her father’s demands, Taylor confides in her half-sister Kendra, who Ken kicked out of the house when she was pregnant at 20.

Taylor has uploaded a few clips to YouTube, with most of them featuring her own singing. Here’s an original, written and performed by Miss Coleman, entitled “To Love You.”

You can keep up with Taylor Coleman of Preachers’ Daughters via her Twitter account here, her Facebook account here and her YouTube channel here.

Taylor from Lifetime's "Preacher's Daughters"
^ Preachers’ Wives cast member Taylor Coleman

Kolby Koloff

Kolby and Nikita Koloff of Preachers' Daughters
^ Kolby Koloff and Nikita Koloff of Preachers’ Daughters

Kolby is a fun-loving, curious 16-year-old from Kannapolis, North Carolina that’s ready to start dating, but quickly discovers it won’t be as easy as she thinks since she has not one, but two preacher parents. Her father, Nikita, a former professional wrestler-turned traveling evangelist who often gives sermons to thousands of parishioners at a time, has his own struggles with Kolby’s adolescence.

Kolby Koloff Preachers Daughters
^ Kolby Koloff of Preachers’ Daughters

Meanwhile, her mother and Nikita’s ex-wife, Victoria, a Christian preacher who hosts a faith-based radio show and is the director of two pregnancy centers, carries a no-nonsense approach to talking to teens, including Kolby and her friends, about sex. With three older sisters – Teryn (30), Tawni (28) and Kendra (20) – Kolby leans on them for support and guidance on her life, particularly when Nikita and Victoria become too overbearing and embarrassing.

In his day, Nikita Koloff was a superstar professional wrestler known as the “Russian Nightmare.” Let the following old-school wrestling pic awesomeness also double as a public service announcement for any boys wanting to court Kolby – her pops is packing and can probably still bring the “Russian Sickle!”

The Russian Nightmare Nikita Koloff cast for Preachers' Daughters
^ Nikita Koloff of Preachers’ Daughters during his wrestling heyday

You can find out the latest in Kolby’s life via her official Twitter account here.

Olivia Perry

Olivia Perry and baby daughter Eden
^ Baby Eden, Olivia Perry and Mark Perry of Preachers’ Daughters

Olivia is an 18-year-old teen mom who, after partying hard, using drugs and drinking in high school, dramatically changed her life after the birth of her daughter. While trying to balance life as a young single mom, Olivia relies heavily on both her family and her faith, especially when she questions the paternity of her baby. Her father Mark, pastor of Everyday Church, and wife Cheryl, lead a hands-on approach to parenting, but often rely on prayer, rather than discipline, for their daughters.

Olivia Perry Preachers' Daughters
^ Olivia Perry of Preachers’ Daughters

Olivia’s sister Emily (20) lives in Los Angeles, where she works as a model and faces temptation as part of her lifestyle and career, while oldest sister Audrey (23) never went through a rebellious phase like her sisters are facing.

Olivia has authored an eBook for teen moms called “Tips For Teen Moms.” According to her bio information from the family’s website, she currently attends Cuesta College and works for Esteem Surf Company in Pismo Beach, California.

You can follow Olivia via Twitter here and because it’s just as awesome as old wrasslin’ pics (if not more so), here’s a super-cute photo of baby Eden!

“Don’t box me up momma!”

Preachers’ Daughters comes your way via Lifetime on Tuesday, March 12, at 10pm ET/PT.

  • Jenn

    It is nice to know that Mark didn’t kick his daughter out of the house after getting pregnant unlike Ken. I will never understand parents that kick their children out for getting pregnant. Help them better their lives, get a job and earn some money so they can at least get a place of their own not just kick them out on the streets. You would think a Pastor would be more compassionate then that.

    • Harley

      Probably because you’re not an adult and therefore don’t understand how being an adult works.

      Doing what’s right isn’t being evil. What you mean is you want your own way, which is highly un-Biblical. You also, like most anti-Christians, have no idea what Christianity is about, or what Pastors are supposed to do. Therefore you are being judgmental about something you don’t understand. A pastor is a leader. His job is to help people do what is right, not enable rebellious kids just because you selfishly would want that done for you.

      And how do you know everyone who kicks them out doesn’t do that? Also, if a kid is using their money for drugs or whatever, THEY HAVE A RIGHT TO NOT GIVE THEM ANY. In fact they have a right not to anyway.

  • Kayla

    In that first picture of Olivia, she looks like the man’s wife instead of daughter. She looks at least 30 there. The drinking and drugs really got to her. But it’s amazing of her father to not have kicked her out like the other man did. Aren’t pastors supposed to be Godly and forgive and love like God does? Not kick their own children out of the house!

    • Harley

      If the kids refuse to abide by the rules and want to do things their own way (like do illegal stuff) the parents have every right to, although personally I wouldnt. What the HECK does forgiveness have to do with letting a wild party child do whatever they want? judgmental people should learn what forgiveness and Christianity mean before criticizing them. I would love to see how you’d act if your kid rebelled against you. Would you sit by and take it?

      Also, way to imply God is a doormat. Bet He loves that. Please try reading the Bible.

    • Scott Leigh

      “Aren’t pastors supposed to be Godly and forgive and love like God does?” God uses ‘goodness” and “severity” like any good father. His own people were kicked out to Assyria and Babylon so He could help them kick their habit of prostituting themselves to others. So maybe learn more @ God and His Word before making baseless statements @ fathers or the Father.

    • Al Ly Cat

      She is beautiful and didn’t look 30. Grief.

  • Becca

    Is it just me…or is Tayor extremely pretty? And she’s a rebel! lol this is going to be good. And the wrestler was huge…maybe kolby sholdnt date for the safety of the boys, and i agree with everyone else, im glad mark didnt kick his daughter out for becomng pregnant.

    • Al Ly Cat

      If you mean Taylor, that kid is an ungrateful punk who will end up with 4 baby daddies. I cannot believe how she treats her family. Funny how she thinks once she is 18, she can do whatever she wants. LOL. Like turning 18 means you get a big lottery check, a free house and bills paid. So sick of teens who think they know more than their parents.

  • Jasmine

    Im sorry, but say what you will… If it was my daughter who got pregnant at 20, i would have kicked her out as well. At 20 you’re a full adult unlke the other girl