BREAKING Olympic hero Oscar Pistorius charged with murder

Oscar Pistorius Charged with murder

Oscar Pistorius, the first double amputee to participate in the Olympic Games, was charged with murder after his girlfriend was fatally shot in his South African home on Thursday. He will appear in court on Friday. Police officials say they plan to oppose Pistorius’ anticipated application for bail.

In accordance with South African laws, police haven’t released many details. What is known is that Pistorius and his girlfriend, model Reeva Steenkamp, were the only ones present at the luxury home in Pretoria when the incident occurred. Steenkamp was reportedly shot four times.

Initial reports said that Pistorius accidentally fired upon Steenkamp when he mistook her for an intruder. Police spokeswoman Denise Beukes denied the legitimacy of those reports, according to the New York Times. Beukes said that police have responded to previous complaints of a “domestic nature” at Pistorius’ home, but she declined to give more information.

Pistorius’ father Henke Pistorius spoke with the South African Broadcast Corporation on Thursday.

“It will be extremely obnoxious and rude to speculate,” he said. “I don’t know the facts. If anyone makes a statement, it will have to be Oscar. He’s sad at the moment.”

Pistorius gained international fame when he competed as a sprinter during the 2012 London Olympics and subsequent Paralympics. Deemed the “Blade Runner,” Pistorius was born without fibulas and had both legs amputated below the knee before he turned one. An ever-driven athlete, Pistorius was fitted for special carbon fiber blades.

Although he qualified for the 2008 Beijing Olympics, track and field’s world governing body ruled his prosthetic limbs gave him an unfair advantage. With the help of a legal team, Pistorius proved that the limbs did not give him an advantage. He was permitted to participate in the London Olympics, where he reached the 400-meter semifinal. He won the individual gold for the 400-meters in the Paralympics later in the summer.

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  • Brittany

    I’m in complete shock over this. Hoping it was just a tragic accident, but that doesn’t seem to be the case with a history of domestic violence in the house. So sad.

  • Kay

    Little tink tink?!?

  • Ashley

    Poor lil tink tink!

  • I believe this was an accident or mistaken identity. The guy had been fearful for years due to high crime in that area. He may be an athlete but he still doesn’t have legs, putting him at a disadvantage if an intruder were to break in. My guess is the girlfriend came home, he thought it was a crook and started shooting. This is sad either way

    • Although I would like to believe that, too, he lived in a gated community with razor-wire fences… I doubt think he was in too much danger of a home invasion.

      • Research a little further. That same gated community had an issue of corrupt security officers working with criminals.

      • Meg

        Where he lives there is always a danger of a home invasion. And there is a different mindset because of this constant feeling of impending danger. His fight/flight reaction could have easily been triggered by an unexpected sound.

    • burkey

      He’s an OLYMPIC athlete. Unless an intruder breaks in when he’s not wearing his legs than I wouldn’t say he’s at a disadvantage especially since he has a gun.