Designers don’t want Kim Kardashian to wear their clothes? Plus, Kim says she’s “sick” of her family

Kim Kardashian shows cleavage in March 2013 issue of Elle Magazine

Kim Kardashian’s Elle Magazine photos were recently released on the web and will be appearing in the magazine’s March issue (on 2/19.)  While she looks stunning in the photos, it wasn’t easy styling her according to the man behind the shoot. Why, you ask? Apparently, designers aren’t exactly jumping to have Kim wear their clothes.

Kim, who recently debuted a sizable baby bump, was excited to work with stylist Nicola Formichetti, who’s known for styling Lady Gaga. However, things got hectic after several designers declined his request to have Kim wear their stuff.

Kim Kardashian in the pages of Elle Magazine's March 2013 issue

“People wouldn’t lend me the clothes,” he explains. “But that’s fashion snobbery.” Despite what Nicola calls a “challenge,” he made the most of what he was given and put together some great looks and you can see from the photos.

“I love being transformed and I love, like your, vision of who you think I am,” Kim tells Nicola in a behind-the-scenes video. “That’s always so inspiring to me and so interesting to see someone else’s take on me.”

Kim even showed up for the shoot alone, which is very out of character for her. Because of her celebrity status she typically has several people with her during shoots to make sure things turn out well for her image. “I travel alone, I show up for shoots alone,” she tells him. “I don’t have an entourage. And I’m sick of my family right now and they are my [usual entourage].”

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  • jessica

    Doesnt anyone proofread anymore? I hate reading articles and find an error and have to reread the damn thing until i understand it. So annoying.

    • Courtney

      Is it just me or do you also notice how all of a sudden you get re-directed to a totally different website like every 15 seconds without clicking on anything?

      • jessica

        Nope my dear. Not over here.

  • I thought she had her own line of clothing.

    • burkey

      She does but it’s sold at Sears, so not exactly Elle Magazine standards lol

  • raphlie

    why is she sick of her family?

  • Jenn

    She wears her clothes 3 sizes too small. What designer in their right mind would loan her clothing only to wear them too small so that people get the wrong impression of how the piece should actually look. Until she can dress herself to look decent I wouldn’t put my clothes on her.

  • tab

    i’m sure it’s the other way around, that her family is sick of her. i wish she would go away.

  • Lisa

    aren’t we all sick of her and her family?

  • PaigeMyrissa

    Is it just me or are her eyebrows way to dark and thick?

  • Courtney

    She just a selfish, spoiled, arrogant B!tch!

  • spottedgiraffe

    I’m so proud of these designers for refusing to have her taint their clothing. Good job guys keep up the good work. Soon even more people will be refusing her and it will finally be the end of her.

    • burkey

      I agree. People in the entertainment industry need to stop acting like this girl belongs. She has no talent and yet you see other celebrities who actually DO have talent playing nice and taking pictures with her. Why? More people need to put her in her place and stop giving her all this attention.