Teen Mom 2’s Jenelle Evans’ baby daddy Andrew Lewis abused her, says he’s been sober for two years

Jenelle Evans ex and Jace's father Andrew Lewis from Teen Mom 2 Season 3 Reunion Special with Dr. Drew

Tonight’s Teen Mom 2 Season 3 Check-Up with Dr. Drew was pretty intense, and kind of confusing as per usual because of all the drama that has happened since (at the time this was taped, Jenelle was with Gary Head, the first time.) Dr. Drew got to talk with Jenelle Evans’ baby’s daddy Andrew Lewis, who has returned to their lives after a few years of absence. When Andrew, first came out, he noted, “I just remember the good times, not the bad times.”

For a while, Jenelle questioned whether Andrew was really Jace’s father because she had hooked up with another guy at the time. Teen Mom 2 cameras were with them when they sought paternity results, and much to Jenelle’s mom’s dismay, Andrew IS the father of Jace.

On the taped reunion, Jenelle said she didn’t want Jace around Andrew because he had hit her, and she was afraid he might do the same to Jace. She also expressed concerns that he might hurt Jace while he was drunk. Andrew hadn’t seen Jace since he was two months old.

Andrew doesn’t deny that he hit Jenelle, in fact he responds to her accusation with “I don’t care.”

Jenelle: “I hold a grudge agaist him because he abused me.”

Andrew: “That doesn’t matter. I’m the father of Jace, I want to see him. it doesn’t matter. Stop keeping me away from him.”

Jenelle: “How do I know you’re not gonna hit him.’

Andrew: “I couldn’t do nothin like that, I’m not stupid.”

Jenelle: “But you hit me.”

Andrew: “I don’t care. Yeah that was the past, I already done that, that’s over with. I’m not gonna do anything like that It’s my child, it’s my son. I wanna see Jace, I wanna be a part of his life. I’m gonna step up and do it, it doesn’t matter with that Koofer Kid.”

Jenelle: “But you don’t care if I get hit, but what if you stumble over Jace when you’re drunk.”

Andrew: “I dont’ even drink. Last time I drank was two and a half years ago.”

Jenelle: “I didn’t know that. You took off.”

Andrew: “I didn’t take off. I didn’t take off at all. She just stopped talking to me.”

Jenelle: “You took off to Florida.”

Dr. Drew: “If you took off to Florida, you took off to Florida.”

Andrew: “Yeah, I took off to Florida.”

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  • Mimi

    Drama and more drama!! So is he the father? Or are we going to see Jenelle in a future episode of Maury? Your not the father!!

    • Chrissy

      They already covered this on the show. He took a DNA test and he is the father.

  • Ace

    I love how Jenelle acts like she’s parent of the year. “what if you stumble over him while you’re drunk?” Hmm, what about if YOU stumble over him while you’re drunk, Jenelle. Or stoned, or high on heroin..

    • Geniya

      Or just stumbles upon him.

      • Ha stumbling upon her own son will never happen! Tramp can’t keep her legs closed for more than a day. She’s too busy parading with little boys to worry about her own little boy.

  • stop

    Jenelle is forever crying wolf so whenever she speaks its like 99% lies

  • Sweet Venom

    Okay, there is never a reason to hit someone (but it sure as hell feels good sometimes) but I have the biggest feeling that Jenelle hits her boyfriends too, but plays victim when they hit her back. Look how aggressive she is, there is no doubt in my mind that she is also an abuser.

    • spottedgiraffe

      She is. Remember when Kieffer was drinking and Jenelle kept cursing at him so he got out of the car and Jenelle responds by threatening him and actually running after him swinging and punching him? He grabs her so she can’t beat him anymore and she starts screaming like she’s been murdered. He let’s her go and she picks up a change jar and pelts it at him. He then restrains her and throws her in the car closing it behind him so she can’t do any more damage. SHE files charges on him after that and he actually goes to jail simply for putting her in the car. On the teen mom 2 trailer for the next season it also shows Jenelle throwing a suitcase at Gary’s face. She definitely abuses her boyfriends and gets away with it

  • coco

    Why do all her boyfriends hit her.. probably because she is crazy as hell en drives people to the edge.

    I’m more worried She’lo do something to jace, like disappear with him when She’s lozing it than One of her boyfriends doing something to jace.

  • Sara

    I wish I could hit Janelle.

    • Tara


  • Ally

    He reminded me of a cracked out version of Lestat from Interveiw with a Vampire! But seriously I doubt he even saw Jace even when they were in the same building.
    I was kinda shocked in a way to hear him admit he hit Janelle and it not to just be another one of her lies.

  • Kara

    Am I the only one who thinks it’s strange that all of her boyfriends have abused her?

    • I think Andrew really did, only bc he kept saying he didn’t care… But then all the “others” that supposedly did is probably all her sick little fantasy! She gets off on that shit!

    • Abrianna1234

      If anyone hit her, I believe Andrew did. As for the rest of them, she probably made it up to gain sympathy from society.

  • SanJoseMama

    Jenelle is such a skank! That ho don’t care who she d!ck she has as long as its someone’s! Poor Jace! And Barbara should be enjoying her life at her age instead of raising her burn out daughter’s kid and not being appreciated! If that chick was my daughter I would have knocked her teeth out!

    • 1GrayGal

      True but in fairness, Jenelle learned her behavior somewhere. Adults often recreate the very same life situations that they grew up in…abusive or not.

      • Bs!! I didn’t have the best up-bringing, yet I turned out nothing like my influences! She is in charge of her own destiny….

  • Jessica

    It’s pretty strange that every single guy Janelle is with hits and “beats” her. Could it be that she’s deliberately attracted to abusive men and that she’s physically abusive to them herself? She’s a very, very sick person

  • Mickey

    I loved her comment “he always puts on a front, he always says he’s changed. I’VE changed!” HA! Changed boyfriends obviously

  • PaigeMyrissa

    Andrew is channeling an Edward Cullen vibe. Not good.

  • Abrianna1234

    Ok! She says that she wants Andrew to be around for Jace but then says “How do I know you’re not gonna hit him.” Really? Jenelle is beyond f–ked up in the head.

  • anon

    Two years sober my @$$, he looks like a freakin’ vampire.