EXCLUSIVE Ashlee Wilson-Hawn post-fight interview

Ashlee Wilson Hawn of 'Big Rich Atlanta'

Ashlee Wilson-Hawn was recently involved in an epic on-screen brawl with her Big Rich Atlanta co-star, Kahdijiha Rowe. While she insists she’s innocent (she even filed charges), some reports have claimed otherwise, so Ashlee’s speaking with Starcasm to set the record straight and dish out even more details about what went down during and after the fight.

When you approached Kahdijah about the cupcakes did you have any clue that things would get physical?

I was afraid to go and approach her, but I felt there was enough backing with other people there present that it would not have escalated to physical harm.

Did you know she had a problem with you before the party?

She had made threats before that night and I walked off, as I have never been around violence in my entire life, so it was shocking! I would never touch anyone physically in violence and did not touch her that night and never will in the future. She can make any excuse she wants for her violence and claim she feels like I deserved it, but no one ever deserves violence, especially not on a television set making TV. All I can say is that is hate and I bless her and pray she gets major help and that having felony charges will be a wake up call for her to keep her hands to herself in the future!

Why was Kahdijah at your party to begin with? Did you invite her?

Production invited her. No way in the world would I have ever invited her to my own party after she has threatened me so many times previously.

What was going through your head when things got physical with Kahdijiha?

I wished I had my security and panic button that night! I knew she was a loose dangerous cannon. I made many complaints about her because I knew that she didn’t “get” that we are on the show to entertain. She threatened violence the fourth time I had ever seen her, and then she attacked me during the birthday scene, which was the fifth time I had seen her. When the police came to the scene, I didn’t even know her last name, but she was certainly on a mission to physically “take me down.”

After the fight, did any of the girls reach out to you?

Yes. Harvin and Meyer were very supportive.

What did your co-stars think of Kahdijah’s actions at your party?

They were mortified.

How long did it take you before you felt comfortable getting back to filming? (We heard you took a break)

Almost two months. Continuous therapy and professional advice.

Big Rich Atlanta Ashlee Wilson-Hawn Kahdijiha Rowe

Have you and Kahdijah spoken since?

Absolutely not.

Have you filmed with her since?

Yes, once…But I ensured I had an ample amount of security with me at all times.

Did anything positive come out of it?

My foundation Divarella, a non-profit raising awareness against violence and hate.

What do you say about her claiming self-defense?

If she was defending herself, where are her injuries?

What do you think about the possibility that Kahdijiha could file a counter suit?

How is that possible when I never touched her? Despite what some may think they saw on-air. I NEVER laid my hands on her. If I had touched her, don’t you think she too would filed a police report? They were there to protect and serve me, just as much as they would have her.

Starcasm also recently spoke with an eyewitness at the party — for that interview, click here.

For more of Ashlee Wilson-Hawn and the rest of the ladies, tune in to Big Rich Atlanta every Wednesday night at 8/7c on the Style Network.

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  • amy

    If she is so against violence then maybe she shouldn’t antagonize people with her nasty words. Always putting people down isn’t classy and no better than those who cause physical harm. She mentally beats people up all the time!

    • Violence is much worse than words… Nobody ever deserves to be physically harmed…

      • Martin

        You need to take Ashlee’s breast out of your mouth Jeff. Aren’t you married by the way. Looks like you spend more time defending Ashlee than you do with your wife. It’s apparent you’re using Ashlee as a meal ticket to bigger things “Mr. West Hollywood.” Wake up and smell the coffee, oops, I mean your wife,

        • Thanks for the advice there “Martin” (who I would still consider anonymous due to the fact that you can give whatever name you want on here and you aren’t wiling to post as yourself and link any of your social media so we can see that you really are who you say you are). I appreciate the fact that instead of debating the content of my message, you would rather play petty games and attack me personally, hoping that I will shut up. When people don’t have the truth on their side, they typically turn to attacking the messenger and trying to discredit them personally by labeling them and calling them names… Too bad you don’t have the truth on your side “Martin” and you are resorting to personal attacks… I guess that’s all you have to go on…

          • Martin

            Yes, sir, my name is Martin. Not everyone desires to promote themselves Jeff, just you buddy. What truth do you speak of? The truth your meal ticket Ashlee has conjured up to support her ego? Go remove a tattoo or something dude.

            • I could care less about me… It’s just said that people can post anonymously and say whatever they want and hide behind the fact of anonymousity and it could really be anybody saying those things… You can say that your name is Martin, but there’s no way to verify that… For all we know, you could be Khadijha… Who knows?

      • Wow… Got for dislikes for saying that no one ever deserves to be physically harmed… I guess that shows more about the dislikes than about what I said…

        • Martin

          I’m more of a man than you are dude. I don’t thirst for attention like you and the Mrs. If you’re such a supporter of your beloved Ashlee, why don’t you let the legal system decide the outcome, Why do you harass the other cast members every single waking moment. Do you not realize that you’re hurting Ashlee’s case more than you’re helping it? Besides, it’s quite girly to keep harassing ladies all day. Last I recall this was between Ashlee and Kadijiah. Let’s not forget you have it out for the other woman Megan too. Dude just confess your romantic feelings for Ashlee and get it over with.

  • Martin

    YAWWWWWWWWWWWWN!!! Ashlee needs to have several seats. She sounds like a broken record. You’re not the only one on TV who got into a fight. Hope it teaches you to keep your hands to yourself. Womp, womp.

    • Oh, so ashlee needs to keep her hands to herself, but not Kahdijha, eh? That makes perfect logical sense… (I’m praying you are hearing the sarcasm in my voice…)

      • Martin

        Thanks for the quick response Jeff. We all know you have nothing better to do. They both were in the wrong and just as guilty, yet Ashlee somehow thinks she is superior to everyone on the show. Hmmmmm….

        • wow… The first concession that KD was wrong! It’s a step in the right direction!

          • Martin

            It’s a step in the direction that you need to relieve Ashlee’s breast and relinquish your racist tendencies. It is never a good thing to witness two women fighting with each other. They’re both wrong for not controlling their tempers, but you’re so hooked up to Ashlee’s breast milk to see the light of day. Pay more attention to your wife dude, seriously,

            • I pay plenty of attention to my wife, and she will agree, guaranteed… Now, if you could please explain to me how I am a racist? Those are some pretty strong words directed at someone who has never used a racial slur, never treated any person with anything less than the utmost respect (no matter their race). I could care less about someone’s color of skin. I care about right and wrong and character, and for KD to go beyond what was planned for that argument and cause physical harm to Ashlee shows me how little character she has.

              • I’m his wife. Trust me I get plenty of attentions from my husband. I am PROUD of him for sticking up for our friend Ashlee.

                • Thank you for your concern though.

                  • Martin

                    You are most welcome Mrs. Dornick. Nice costume by the way.

                • Martin

                  Well, it sure doesn’t look like it. Most wives would be a little concerned with all the attention being paid to a “friend.” I see a threesome in your future. That’a boy Jeff!

                • Martin

                  aka “I am PROUD of him for sucking up to our friend Ashlee.”

              • Martin

                Let it rest Jeff. It’s over, done with. Let the courts do what they may. A grown man in the middle of a cat fight is so unbecoming of you. Balls to the wall dude, balls to the walls. OO

  • Chelle

    Ashlee is such a nasty person. Guess she overcompensates with the face spackle and fake hair to make up for being so ugly on the inside. I think this whole cast is hideous.

  • Fulton Cty Resident

    A lot of words wasted by people with no clue. Some live this behavior.Jeff for sure isn’t around ATL nightlife

    • And my location has to do with this how?

      • Fulton Cty Resident


  • Monica

    Team Ashlee all the way! She’s the most real girl on this show! She says what’s on her mind… Whether you like what she has to say or not, you always know where she stands, as opposed to a lot of the other girls who can be as fake as anyone ever was!

  • LOL@ATLRealityStars

    Ashlee is a disgusting, racist, narcissistic, tranny looking chick that only has friends because of her money. Why else would you hang out with someone with so many delusions of grandeur? She plays the victim oh-so-well, but could you imagine if someone started poking her, calling her jelly belly? If I ever see her around Buckhead, maybe I’ll poke her in the crotch and call her bouncy balls. Pretty sure she has some. Funnier still, my hubby knows Zach, her boyfriend, and ran into him a couple of days after the fight episode ran. He seemed completely embarrassed, not about the episode, but about being with her. I can only assume that they must not still be together.

  • This is a culture of violence, in our youth and to let these trailer trash women play it out on TV is negligent at best by Style Network.

  • kupkakes55

    I love it when Ashlee says, “If she was defending herself, where are her injuries?”. Helllooooo, when you get your tail WHOOPT, YOU TYPICALLY DON’T HAVE INJURIES!! She’s a HYPOCRITE!! Bullying that 1 little girl at her own house!! Get outta’ here. I’ve said it once & I’ll say it again……THERE’S A REASON THAT ASHLEE HAS NO1 FILMING W/HER besides those 2 sisters & frankly, they don’t know if they’re coming or going.

    Ashlee, have SEVERAL seats!!!…..& don’t get up!! lmbo

  • doesntcaremuch

    Ashley looks like a drag queen…lay off the botox and beesting lips. Her eyebrows are up by her hairline and those lips are looking like a stergen.