Britney Spears has a new baby!

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Britney Spears must be celebrating her new Vegas gig by bringing in a new member to her family!

This morning she debuted her newest “baby” to the world: what looks to be a cute little maltese puppy. She posted the photo above to her social media accounts with the message, “Say good morning to my new baby people.”

This adorable furball doesn’t have a name yet, but when she does, she’s sure to get her very own Twitter account like her sister Hannah Spears. Britney recently joked with Hannah’s Twitter account about their Vegas future. When Hannah speculated about cashing in all her bones for chips and wondering if dogs could gamble in Vegas, Britney replied: “I don’t think so honey #VivaLasVegas :)”

Here’s Britney with Hannah, who she got last November:


What should Britney name her new pup?

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  • ѕтяαиgєѕт ℓσνє

    I think she should be called Lucky!

  • britney4everDIVA

    i think she should call her littleDIVA because the mom is the BIGDIVA, whatever britney looks gorgeous on that pic( like always)

  • bobber

    Ugh. ADOPT please!

    • Jenn

      Some people like to go to breeders so they know they are getting a pure bred animal. People getting angry about people not adopting is getting old. There are plenty out there to adopt, but that isn’t always what people want. It is can be hard to find a pure bred dog or cat up for adoption and if that is what you want then you have to go elsewhere to get it.

      • DeeDeDee

        Does something have to be purebred for it to be a good dog? But alas, I went through a rescue and got a purebred dachshund. Annoying little fucker, but still purebred. AND only paid 1/4 of what everybody else pays, and she’s spade and up to date on her shots. Cha!

      • GingerAnn1212

        Thousands of animals put to sleep every single year and yet people continue to breed more. It is so irresponsible and sad. Shelter dogs and cats make great pets. I found 14 purebred Maltese dogs for adoption in my area on Petfinder. There is no reason not to adopt.

      • Anne

        Jenn, supporting a reputable breeder is one thing, but that’s highly unlikely to be the case here. Her yorkie was apparently only 8 weeks old when it was already in her possession, so it doesn’t sound like she goes to reputable breeders when she wants a dog. No reputable yorkie or maltese breeder would sell such a young puppy! The national breed club, American Maltese Association, requires that breeders do not sell any puppies until they’re at least 12 weeks old. I believe it’s the same with the YTCA.

        Dogs aren’t fashion accessories. They’re dependent family members and with lifespans of up to 20 years with some small breeds, they are huge commitments. When you think about it, it’s like choosing to have and raise a child!

        Dogs deserve better.

        …I just looked up info on her often sick yorkie and she apparently purchased her from the Barkworks pet store, which has an F rating with the Better Business Bureau.

        • Courtney

          I TOTALLY agree that when you choose a dog or puppy you are adopting a family member! Not a fashion accessory! I don’t have kids yet so I REALLY baby my little dog, Blondie. It’s like raising a little toddler and her n I have a VERY close mommy & daughter (the dog) relationship! 😉

  • spottedgiraffe

    False advertising assholes. I knew it had to be a kitten or puppy. At least it’s cute.

  • Reality Viewer

    Britney can’t even take care of herself or her children. PETA should step in. Poor puppy.

  • molly nicolson

    SoooooOooo adorable

  • Courtney

    I have a little Maltese named Blondie and she like my little baby too :) it’s such a cute name and fits her personality so I think Britney should name her Blondie! 😉