Justin Bieber wants you to lick his “Lolly”

Justin Bieber performing during the 'Believe Tour' at the Amway Center in Orlando, Florida

Justin Bieber tends to be pretty tame among most standards but in a just-released track by Maejor Ali which features Justin Bieber along with Juicy J, some not-so-subtle innuendoes about, well, licking things are made and any good boy image the Beibs previously had may be obsolete.

“She say she love my lolly/ She wanna make it pop/ She say she love my lolly/ She wanna kiss the top,” the song begins with a rap from Maejor Ali. And while Justin’s verse isn’t quite as up-front, it definitely hints at some X-rated activity which is definitely out of the ordinary for Justin, although he did apparantly grab a fan’s boob last month in Florida.

Selena Gomez licks a lollipop -- but not Justin Bieber's "Lolly"

“I’m messing with the clique though, meet me on the sixth floor/ Know you ain’t a model, you should let me take some pics though/ Windows down, speakers loud, look down at my sneakers now,” Justin sings. “Got your girlfriend at my crib watching Netflix/ Let’s just admit that I’m the bestest.” Then, Juicy takes over talking very explicitly about a sexual encounter.

Now, Justin is obviously having sex — that’s no secret. He was with Selena Gomez (and still appears to be) for over two years. But at the same time, his fans are young teenage girls for the most part and this song is clearly directed at a whole other audience.

What do you think: Did Justin go too far with this song?

Top Photo: Aaron Gilbert

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  • Jay

    Lil Wayne rip off

  • meg

    isnt there enough lollipop songs? time to come up with something original. and beiber is not what he used to be.

  • Shannon

    Is he talking about his vagina? What “lolli”?? I can’t stand him. And now he’s trying to be sexy. Gross.

  • Shannon

    What “lolly”?? Doesn’t he have a vagina? Now he’s trying to be sexy. Gross.

  • Ap

    He’s almost 19 years old, he can’t keep making music geared towards 12 year old girls.. Eventually he would lose his fan base so it might be a good move for him to become more mainstream and not so teeny-bopper. Only time will tell..

    • Jamie(;

      He wont lose his fan base because all BELIEBERS stay no matter what. He has 33million, possibly more fans, I doubt he’ll fade away

  • Lia

    ummmmm no comment

  • give him a break, i mean he does have a big “lolly”.. .

  • Most lollipops are 4 inches or less so this makes sense.

  • HatersAreWeird

    If you don’t like him,why keep reading his articles?

  • Belieber & Jasminator

    I like it, I mean obviosly it’s dirty, but I mean like he’s growing up and so is his beliebers and there is nothing wrong with the song, I really like it!


    Hey Justin is new 20 and adorable
    Even though I’m only 11 I’ve already gotten married to him three times technically my card board cut out of him I got married with my cousin the first time we are cousin wives the second and third times werent really weddings anyway Justin can be in appropriate especially when he has young fans but I don’t care how much trouble he gets in or how any bad things he does you shouldn’t say bad things about people because you don’t know , what if one day he decided to look on this website and saw what you wrjote about him , he’s still a human being with feelings and everyone needs to be treated with so e respect no matter how big or how small there are still people out there like me who love him so much they don’t care how bad he is I started liking him when I was about 4 or 5 I think I saw him on the show true Jackson VP and I still love him to this day the same way.

  • Nadia

    Justin lolly mmm