REPORT Teen Mom Leah Calvert gives birth to a baby girl!

Teen Mom Leah Calvert and husband Jeremy Calvert

Congratulations to Teen Mom 2 star Leah Calvert and her husband Jeremy Calvert because In Touch is reporting the couple gave birth to a baby girl this morning!

“Leah gave birth in the early hours of this morning (Feb. 4) to a beautiful baby girl,” says a close family friend. “Mother and baby are happy and healthy. Leah went into labor late last night, and the baby was born this morning.”

Many fans thought the birth may be imminent after Leah tweeted “Yes, the time is near… Can’t wait to meet you little Miss Calvert !” on Sunday. Leah’s mom Dawn Spears later tweeted “Leah is at home and NOT in labor,” (this information was also posted on Leah’s official Facebook Page at this time) but that was 16 hours ago! The most recent tweet from either Leah, Jeremy, or Momma Dawn was 15 hours ago, which would seem right if Leah did go into labor.

We’re trying to confirm the birth and will update as soon as we do. Until then, let’s assume it happened and say…


And great timing, given that tonight is the Season 3 finale for Teen Mom 2 :)

UPDATE – US magazine has since confirmed the birth. All is still quite from Leah and her family. It is assumed they have sold the story to a tabloid and the extended time without word is simply because of the timing — Leah gave birth on Monday and usually the deadline for print stories is the weekend. If that’s the case, we should hear work Monday or Tuesday about which tabloid got the story.

Leah Messer pregnant and Jeremy Calvert
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  • Sarah

    Wonder what they named her? 20 bucks says it has some form of Leah in it!

    • Sevv

      Hmm, I was thinking the same thing. How about Jeleah (Jeremy, Leah) or Jaleahana. Haha, something along those lines.

      • Sweet Venom

        LOL Those names are hilarious

      • Christine Martin

        Jaleahana for sure!! hahah

    • Ace

      I’ve always thought it was weird she basically named her kid her own name, just stuck an a on the front of it.

    • tab

      i’m sure it’s an “A” name, too. gag me.

    • Mara Page

      Totally. I’ve been thinking Leila or Leanne.

  • MiMi

    She claimed on her facebook late last night that she was NOT in labor and still very much pregnant AND it is not the Teen Mom 2 finale tonight. No where on MTV claimed that it was. Get your facts straight.

    • starcasmnet

      FACTS: Actually the Finale IS tonight. Next week is checkup with Dr. Drew. And yes, her facebook status did say that, but it is an also a fact that InTouch reported this. Another fact is that her family has not denied these reports today.

      • AK

        I just heard a commercial for the Dr Drew special airing next week and they called it a “mid-season” reunion… Insinuating there’s more episodes to this season..

        • Jenn

          But technically after the special it will be season 4.

        • starcasmnet

          Yep, saw that last night. It looks like the episodes that were meant for Season 4 have been tacked on to Season 3. Many of the cast members are confused about this as well, tweeting about the upcoming Season 4.

        • starcasmnet

          Looks like they’re calling the new episodes “Season 4” now. Hopefully that will be the end of the confusion:

    • Ace

      She also claimed her first pregnancy was a result of her iud shifting. Wouldn’t believe everything she says lol

  • starcasmnet

    We acknowledge in the post that this WAS said over 16 hours ago, but no further updates or denials from the family since.

    • Allie

      It’s very possible the would have a csection bc she had one previously. That could happen much quicker than waiting out labor and delivery. A lot can happen in 16 hours

  • amberc88

    i love jeremy! <3 Im honestly happy for them. I hope they stay happily married! I liked corey a lot at first, but lost a lot of respect for him the more into the show it got, and i havent always been the biggest fan of leah, but the way her and jeremy look at each other always makes me smile too hahhaa! and i love that he is good to the little girls, because i do absolutely love those cute lil buggers! they are adorable! so rather they actually gave birth or not, CONGRATS!!!! (this isnt jenelle, so im sure it actually is true lol)

    • Rachel

      The naivety is strong with this one.

  • awoman

    I’ve only seen a few episodes with this guy so far, but I’m a fan.

    • Courtney

      Jeremy has no personality!!! How can you tell if you like him? Lol

      • awoman

        I like that he is sweet with the children, helpful and supportive. I can’t be a fan of that?

  • Rachel

    What did she call In Touch the moment the placenta was delivered? What a train wreck.

    • Ace

      Lol love it! I bet she did!

  • Nolee

    Hey dipshits before you get your panties in a bunch maybe you should check the Sulia teen mom page and be enlightened that Leah did infant give birth this morning idiots lol

  • delyssious


  • Miss-Mandy Lynn


  • Courtney

    I kinda feel bad for the little girls in the fact that they will grow up so close in age yet have different last names. The twins with Simms and the new little girl with Calvert. Maybe it won’t be weird but I just know that it was hard for me when my mom got remarried and her and I no longer had the same last name. I know this is grasping at straws but I just had to share. :)

  • isitallfake

    Remember when she first got pregnant and said she got pregnant on accident and was on the pill but on the show she said she got off bc hmm -_- why lie? Or when kail kept denying she was married when she really was. Bunch of liars ( sorry this is off topic)

    • Kara

      Cause they are probably under contract to be hush hush about things.

  • Jayson

    That’s 3…you can stop any minute now.

  • seen her

    Yes she had it Monday morning I was in the hospital and the little girl is perfect!!!!

  • DevildogsAngel

    How is a teen on a show about life as a teen mom going to discourage girls from this when by 20 shes married two kids, divorced..engaged, drops out of school, pregnant again and then makes her fiance look like a total fool on the finale basically saying shes with him because her ex can man up and say he wants to work it out…wtf is wrong with her???? Im sorry but she doesnt deserve Jeremy…personality or not.