REPORT Mackenzie Douthit had a late-term miscarriage before 16 & Pregnant

Mackenzie Douthit, Teen Mom 3

The fourth season of 16 and Pregnant featured Mackenzie Douthit, a cheerleader from rural Oklahoma, as she carried, delivered and began raising her son, Gannon. What the show didn’t mention was that the pregnancy was actually Douthit’s second. Tragically, she had a late-term miscarriage just before getting pregnant with Gannon.

As The Ashley recently reported, Douthit and her fiance Josh McKee conceived their first child in 2010. Although it is unclear how far along Douthit was at the time of the miscarriage, the couple learned they were having a boy and decided to name him Oakley. This indicates that the miscarriage likely occurred sometime after 18-20th week of Douthit’s pregnancy, which is when ultrasounds are, according to the American Pregnancy Associate, typically able to determine whether the baby is a male or female.

Even though her first pregnancy wasn’t mentioned during Douthit’s episode of 16 and Pregnant, sources report that it will be a prominent plot line during the first season of Teen Mom 3. 

Douthit, who has Type I diabetes, previously spoke with Starcasm about how the ailment affected her pregnancy with Gannon.

Mackenzie Douthit and family

^ Josh, Gannon and Mackenzie in Jan. 2013. Both pictures from Mackenzie’s Instagram.

“If I had a low blood sugar, it was suffocating the baby,” Douthit said. “When I had a high blood sugar, it was giving the baby extra sugar to which made him gain weight. It was very hard with all the hormones to keep my blood sugars normal. I did everything right and still had mess-ups.”

At this point, there is still a lot to be learned about the conditions surrounding Douthit’s miscarriage. There are dozens of potential causes for the tragedy that she and McKee experienced. However, as she admitted, the fact that she does have Type I diabetes is certain to complicate any pregnancy.

“It was very hard. I honestly didn’t think I would make it,” she said of her pregnancy with Gannon, who is now one year old.

Sounds like it will be an interesting and informative season on Teen Mom 3, which is set to air later this year on MTV.

UPDATE: October 1, 2013 Newlywed Mackenzie McKee revealed during a Teen Mom 3 After Show that her “very, very brittle diabetes” makes her extra prone to miscarriages. She is currently four months along with another child and said the pregnancy has been very difficult because of her struggles with maintaining a constant blood sugar. However, she did not specifically mention a previous miscarriage.

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  • B

    So she got pregnant twice on purpose at 16? Ok then… (and yes I’m assuming the first time was on purpose too, and the second obviously was)

    • Cate

      and third…

  • Sweet Venom

    She named her kid Gannon? Like from the Legend of Zelda? lol

    • Yes, exactly! 🙂 There was a mom featured on Toddlers & Tiaras last year who was also named Gannon (weird name for a woman, right?). I totally thought of Zelda then too, lol 😉

  • awoman

    You can find out the sex at 16 weeks, sometimes sooner. Where are you getting your information?

    • starcasmnet
    • starcasmnet
      • awoman

        Many people go to boutiques these days to get it done before they do it at doctor’s offices too. My doctor’s appointment was at 17 weeks, but I went to the boutique at 15 because all of my family was in town. But yeah…no mistaking it. He was DEFINITELY a boy. I had another friend who went to a boutique at 14 weeks and found out she was having a boy.

    • anjealka

      I found out at 14 weeks . With high risk pregnancies, I had weekly ultrasounds so perhaps with her diabetes she had more frequent ultrasounds. The reason most people are finding out are insurance only pays for 1 ultrasound on normal pregnacies so they wait till 18 weeks so the gender can be seen easily.

    • Ally

      They normaly wait so it’s clear, on my oldest child(I have 3) they could not see her girl parts at the 17 week ultaround, so we had to wait till see was born.

      • awoman

        Wow. Crazy. I think I had 5 ultrasounds in total.

    • Charla

      Most insurances only allow a small amount of ultrasounds for normal pregnancies. The boutiques that you talk about aren’t recommend by doctors and therefore the majority of women do not know the sex until after 16 wks.

      • awoman

        I mean, it is nice to say that, but I’ve known many women who have gone at 15 weeks.
        More people I know went to the boutiques than didn’t go.
        I don’t think it is even remotely safe to assume that she didn’t do this until we know for sure, so making stillbirth claims is extremely premature.

        • Charla

          I agree about the stillbirth thing but I guess we are just in different areas of the country. I have military insurance and I don’t know a single person who has gotten an ultrasound outside of their doctor’s office. It’s just expensive and your insurance will pay for it maybe 2 weeks later than one of those shops can.

          • awoman

            It’s cheap here in Oklahoma. When I did it, it was only 50 dollars.

            • Charla

              That explains it. In Maryland most places charge at least 300.

              • awoman

                Haha, yeah. 50 dollars to find out the sex with all of your friends and family there is really not that bad. I definitely wouldn’t pay 300 hundred though!

    • Brandi

      It doesn’t say “stillbirth” anywhere, it clearly says “miscarriage”. But once you’ve learned the gender, and even chosen a name, that baby is as real as ever to you, and the loss of a child at that point can be devastating.
      But most people won’t find out until 17+wks what their baby is. I don’t know anyone who’s found out before then, because that’s when your insurance pays for the next ultrasound. My best friend’s sister couldn’t get another ultrasound until 20wks with hers, because that’s when her insurance would allow it. Everywhere is different. And their source is clearly marked in the article. Either way though, 12wks is 3ms, that means that she was in her second trimester regardless of when she had the ultrasound.

  • Sinead

    I’ll believe the first time was an accident but the second time? And she knew how dangerous pregnancy could be with diabetes, how irresponsible.

    • TheLovingMomma

      I don’t think its irresponsible to have a child when you are diabetic but certainly irresponsible when the diabetes is not maintained well and you are 16. My two year old has type 1 diabetes and was told as long as she controls her diabetes she will have kids one day. but I agree the second is certainly not an accident and if she planned it she should of taken better care of her diabetes.

      • Ashley

        It is totally possible to have a normal and healthy pregnancy with diabetes that is well controlled and has been in tight control for awhile to prepare for the pregnancy. However, it is irresponsible (in many ways, not just in regards to the diabetes) to become pregnant “accidentally” for a 2nd time shortly after the first, especially since it ended like it did. I’ve had type 1 diabetes since I was 3, and although it is well controlled now for the most part, I know that when I decide to become pregnant I am going to have to get myself in the tightest control possible in anticipation of having a healthy and normal pregnancy.

        • TheLovingMomma

          That is exactly what I was trying to say. her second pregnancy was irresponsible even if she wasn’t a diabetic. Your wording was a lot better than mine. I’ve heard you need perfect in range numbers for 2 years I don’t know if that is true being that my daughter is only 2 years old the doctors didn’t go into great detail just stated that she can still have kids later in life. I’ve have a friend who has a 7 year old and is pregnant again which give me positive hope that she can have a family down the road if she wishes. I agree with 110%.

          • Meg

            My mom has been type 1 diabetic since she was 13. She had 3 healthy pregnancies and babies. And that was in the 80s! There are a lot more resources now and way better ways of monitoring it, and this will only improve. So it is definitely possible for your daughter 🙂

  • So much for her having strict parents


    This just proves these babies are not accidents but planned meal tickets for these 16 year old girls. That being said, no matter how foolish it may be for someone to get pregnant for whatever reason, it is always sad to lose a baby and I feel bad for her.

  • Jay

    I just want to know if she applied for 16 and pregnant the first time and maybe didn’t make it?

  • Agnes

    I’m just so mad at MTV that they let such things happen. They let teenagers know that IT WORKS. That getting pregnant on purpose at 16 works and is a great way to make a living, to have a lot of money, to be famous. And young girls see only that- fame, money, tabloids, gazzilion followers on twitter etc, they totally forget about a child, who doesn’t disappear after MTV stops caring about you. Mackenzie totally ‘succeeded’ – not only she got into 16&pregnant, but also to Teen Mom, and that only encourages silly girls to follow her footsteps.

  • Mickey

    This makes me wonder about that convo they taped of her and her mom talking about birth control. She said “I didn’t want to take birth control because I didn’t want to gain weight” o.O yeah, this show is TOTALLY not scripted

  • Allie

    If you watched this season and the follow ups you would have seen how her parents refused to put her on birth control. Her mother said she didn’t believe in it and that her daughter was too young. mackenize even admitted that she still has sex… Many girls don’t have the courage to go to their parents and be up front so I give her credit for that. If a teenager is having sex they aren’t going to stop so idk what her family expects aside from more pregnancies. Now their other unwed daughter is expecting as well..

    • Jenn

      The conversation I remember is her mom asking why she never asked to be on it and Mackenzie told her that she didn’t want to go on it because she didn’t want to gain weight.
      I give Teen Mom 3 one season before it gets canned. Too many people are opening their eyes to this mess of a show.

    • Kayla

      You do realize this is 2013 right? People do not have to be married to have a baby or to get pregnant. Why do people always want to shame someone if they are not married when they become pregnant?

      • Sweet Venom

        Unfortunately a lot of people still have the mindset that a woman must be married. Not everyone thinks like that and perhaps the person you commented to doesn’t think it either, but there are a few who still believe that.

        I just think it’s sad that she got pregnant at 16 only because her life is going to be extra hard now, all because of a small mistake.

        • Cate

          I don’t think marriage is important, heck most marriages end in divorce anyways, marriage doesn’t make you a good (or bad) parent. But commitment, financial stability, a career, a house, emotional stability, etc., are all necessary. Well you may call it a “small mistake” but now she is on pregnancy number three…

      • Allie

        I do realize what year it is, thanks! I could personally care less if they’re married or not.. I was talking about this specific family. Their mother made it clear she wanted her daughter married before having kids so obv her daughters are not in the same mindset. Time for the mom to realize what year it is and adjust her way of thinking.

    • Ashley

      There is such a thing as a condom to prevent pregnancy….

    • tiff

      she could’ve gone to planned parenthood and gotten BC for free or at a reduced cost. or go get some condoms at the drug store. no matter how strict her parents are, she could’ve gone to get contraception herself.

    • Cate

      Birth control is not the only way to prevent pregnancy…. its HER responsibility regardless of her parents views. My parents wouldn’t let me go on the pill and I still managed to find other ways to prevent pregnancy… its not rocket science,

      Wed, unwed, WHO CARES, its about the resources the parent(s) has to raise the baby and where they are in their life

  • So, she got pregnant twice specifically to be on teen mom…

  • Allison

    Wow, you would think she would’ve learned the first time around.

    • Jean

      Well basically this means she was trying to get pregnant on purpose. 2 accidental pregnancies? Bull shit.

  • tiff

    she was pregnant before?! and she STILL didn’t think to use protection?

  • Court

    Plus you have to remember that on the check up it was said that her boyfriend was allergic to condoms and that’s why they never used them.

    • awoman

      Latex allergies are more common than you think. I am allergic to latex. Every hospital has latex and nonlatex gloves stacked together because the allergy is so common.
      They do make condoms without latex, but would a 16 year old know that? I don’t know.

      • Mandy

        Then they shouldn’t be having sex in the first place!

      • Cate

        Condoms are not the only form of birth control out there …. if you KNOW if have an allergy wouldn’t it be common sense to KNOW to use a different form of contraception

        • awoman

          Latex or non latex condoms are important for the prevention of STDs. Pregnancy is not the only risk when you have sex.
          I don’t disagree that if you run into one wall, you shouldn’t just say, “oh well, who needs prevention”. It is their responsibility to protect themselves.

          • Cate

            Clearly STD’s were not their worry considering they had already had unprotected sex … that ship had sailed… . I realize pregnancy is not the only risk, but using another form would have provided pregnancy prevention, whereas unprotected sex provides no sti protection AND no pregnancy protection

            • awoman


    • tiff

      there are nonlatex condoms.. not a valid excuse at all. if you’re mature enough to have sex, you’re mature enough to figure out how to prevent its negative consequences.

    • Cate

      LOL oh yeah… because its the stone age and condoms are the only form of birth control that exist …. not. Come on that’s bullshit

  • Gem

    So basically she got a reprieve from a really crappy situation and then, what…said “what the hey, it won’t happen twice”

    I don’t get where these girls heads are at.

    • Cate

      AND guys … takes two to decide not to use contraception

  • Disgusting girl.

  • andiecohenn

    Wow, how irresponsible of her & her parents to not make sure she was on birth control.

    • Cate

      Her parents… wtf do her parents have to do with her sex life ….

  • Sounds to me she just wanted to be on the show! I liked her in 16&pregnant and was glad she was picked for teem mom but now I’m not so sure..The first pregnancy could have been an accident but to conceive again right after? Sounds like she just wanted the fame! Can’t believe it..SMH

  • Physnitch

    So…She got pregnant on purpose. The is so much more to this story. This might explain Josh’s attitude toward her and the baby. He should have wrapped that rascal!

    • Cate

      Ummm … he didn’t wear a condom either … she didn’t magically make the baby on her own .. so if she got pregnant on purpose it was just as much his doing too

  • kimberly

    I know whats she goin through when I was pregnant I was a diabetic