Kim Kardashian baby bump photo #PoppedOuttaNowhere!!!

Kim Kardashian pregnant baby bump

Kim Kardashian revealed she was expecting a baby with her boyfriend of nearly one year Kanye West just last month, and already the Kourtney & Kim Take Miami star is sporting a sizable baby bump, which she showed off today during what looked to be a photo shoot with her younger sister Khloe.

“Well hello there! #PoppedOuttaNowhere!!!” Kim captioned the photo on her Instagram account, which is followed by more than 6.5 million fans. And she’s right — where did that come from? Kim is photographed several times a day, and while there may have been a small hump before, it’s very visible now — which means everybody’s going to be trying to get even more pictures.

Surprisingly, Kim’s baby won’t be seen on any of the Kardashian reality shows. “It’s a tough decision,” Kim told Jimmy Kimmel earlier this week. “From the start, as of now, that’s just a personal choice that Kanye and I have made.. We’re going to try to keep it as private as possible.”

However, she’s not exactly saying “never” when it comes to her child being on reality TV. “When the baby’s old enough, and … he or she decides that’s what they want to do, then that’ll be a decision,” Kim said.

Kim and Kanye will be welcoming their son or daughter some time in July, which is right about the time Kris Jenner’s new talk show is set to premiere! “We could have a nursery on the set and I could babysit,” Kris Jenner said in an E! interview. “What do you think of that, Kim?” she asks while looking into the camera.

For more of Kim Kardashian, be sure to tune into Kourtney & Kim Take Miami which airs every Sunday night at 9/8c on E!

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  • Ally

    Hate her but I had been kinda wondering if she was gonna show her baby bump to the public or not(since she started wearing oversized clothes the past couple weeks).
    Also is there any signs of Kate Middleton’s bump since she should be starting to show too?

  • Kim Kardashian suddenly becoming shy and wanting some privacy for her child? Am I reading this correctly?

  • Jenna

    Can she and her entire family of useless goons just go away already? For the sake of society’s sanity, grant us this one wish. Pleeeeease!

  • Allison

    Kourtney also said that Mason wouldn’t be on their reality show… not only is he on, he was BORN on reality tv, as was Penelope. So I think Kim’s baby will be on there.

    • Courtney

      That’s exactly what I thought too! Kourtney said Mason was no longer going to appear on their reality shows, and I think he was off camera for awhile in Miami (but I think that had to do with getting money for Mason’s appearances) who knows?! But now Mason is one of the stars and Penelope is getting her time in too! Kim just likes to do things big so she’s probably creating a mystery saying she won’t show any of her child on tv but then a month or two after she delivers we will be seeing previews for a new upcoming KUWTK Kim and Kanye’s birth special! I wouldn’t be surprised. She couldn’t even keep a sex tape private, we will see more than we will want to see about her new baby!

    • amberc88

      her mom will force her to have it on tv, and no one in that family has balls to stand up to kris. lol sooo pathetic. not even kanye will have any say over this kid lol

  • lollerz!

    Lol if it were up to Kim, she’d be giving birth to her baby on TV and flaunting her kids around just like Kourtney does. The whole privacy thing is definitely from Kanye. Which is good. Glad he is fighting for that for their child.

  • tab

    that’s not a baby bump. that’s a “i’m pregnant and have been eating whatever i want since i found out” bump. see the fat rolls on her back and her huge thighs? proof it’s weight gain, not a baby bump.
    i despise her and that whole disgusting family.

    • Courtney

      And it looks like she’s pushing it out a little too for more effect. She just looks like she got fat every where!!! She is going to be so freakin HUGE at even just 6 months probably! She’s not going to have that sexy pregnant body like most women have. And she REALLY needs to stop sporting that slicked back hairdo all the time where her hair looks covered in grease or gel and all slicked back. Ewwww! The worst look EVER! She only started doing it when she started dating Kanye! She’s such a chameleon cuz she always changes to fit more like her partner. She doesn’t have one true, genuine personality.

  • Tanya

    Thats not a baby bump. Thats just her being her fat self. I can look 3 months pregnant too if I’ve just eaten & I’m bloated. Puh-leeze!!! Shes just FAT!!!

  • Jenn

    I am surprised she can breath in that dress because it is stretched so tight. One day she will realize she may be curvy, but her body is nowhere close to what it use to be and these constant tight outfits make her look even bigger.

  • amy

    And in more important news….

  • shyla

    Props to Khloe because she looks a million times better than Kim (ever did).

  • mdfgdfg

    wow she looks disgusting 😐

  • alexstorm

    That is a 4th month bump imagine it at 6 months…….

  • Lucky Bitch

    I think the *only* chance there may be of the baby being kept shielded from the media glare is the fact that Kanye looks up to Jay-Z for all things and thinks he’s G-d. We all know that Jay-Z and Beyonce have officially released less than a dozen pics of Blue Ivy since birth, and I think Kanye is going to attempt to emulate his idol.

    The problem with that is Kim notifies the paps every time she makes a single move and since she’s already posting her “I ate two burritos at lunch and it shoved my guts above my uterus, look at me! I’m showing!” photos, who actually believes she isn’t going to put that baby out there?! I don’t see her holing up in Telluride like Katie Holmes did for 4 months, or releasing a few newborn photos on Tumblr to appease the masses and then staying out of the public eye. True celebs who want to keep themselves or their children hidden actually find ways to do it as best they possibly can. But I think even if Kim actually believed she was going to attempt privacy for once, her Mom would notify the paparazzi just to keep her in the tabloids … even if it would endanger her grandchild. She doesn’t care how many photogs get up in Mason and Penelope’s face, why would this baby get special treatment?

    • J-Z only hid their baby, b/c Beyonce was never preggers. They were lying the whole time while their surrogate was the one preggers. She admitted she has a miscarriage.

  • Jenn

    If the lower half of her body is this big already can you imagine what it will look like at the end of pregnancy? She is going to be HUGE! I guarantee she has it in her head that she is going to be the cute little pregnant woman like Kort was with her two.

  • I would hate that pic if I was her. She looks soo fat! That does not look like a baby…it looks like MAYBe she’s a couple months preggers, and really shouldn’t be showing yet, but she has been eating like a pig and has decided to let it all hang out and termed it a “baby bumb”.