Girl comes out to parents with a cake!


15-year-old Laurel posted on her Tumblr her really cool coming out to her parents story. While her parents were asleep, she backed them an “I’m Gay” cake and left it out for them with a note full of puns. (She also left them dirty pans.)

Good morning parents,

i’m gay. i’ve wanted to tell you for a long time. i thought doing it this way would be a piece of cake. i hope you still love me. i mean, it’s hard not to love someone who baked you a cake.

all my friends know and still love me. your acceptance would be the icing on the cake.

i hope you, much like this cake, are not in tiers.

i hope we can look back on this and say “boy, this one really takes the cake.”

it gets batter.

love, laurel (sorry for so many puns)

My favorite pun: “It gets batter.”

Laurel updated after her mom saw the cake. They hugged and cried together, ate cake, and talked. “I am very luck to have such supporting parents and to have so much support from you guys. Thanks everyone! Have a gay day!”

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  • Maiko Higa

    What happened to having a good old discussion? Baking the cake thing is like what weird women do to tell their bfs they’re pregnant. Not girls coming out.

    • Sound of Reason

      To each their own, whatever works for her! Add clearly, the cake worked for her, and her mom…they ended up talking about it over a piece of cake. I like it!

      • Sound of Reason

        And* clearly

      • Maiko Higa

        Good for you. I think its better for people to act like adults in serious situations like that. Would you really want to read that your kid is gay on a cake rather than have it come out of their own mouth?

        • Sounf of Reason

          Who gives a hoot what I’d want. A child coming out to their parents is all about them in that moment. But to answer your question, I would want my child to tell me in whichever way he or she felt comfortable, and if that means baking a cake, or a banner on an airplane on the 10 o’ clock news, then so be it!

    • Mickey

      Maybe this made her more comfortable.

      • Maiko Higa

        Yeah, its easier to distract with cake.

        I mean I’ve had to tell my parents some serious things that I didn’t think they would like, I had no idea how they would react but I sat down and told them like an adult. And yes, even at 15. I would hope my kids would do the same for me, acting like an adult in a serious situation. But whatever.

        • Lindsay Leigh

          I think you are just upset that you didn’t think of the idea first. There, there…

        • Sound Of REason

          Well hopefully your kids know this, that way they don’t go baking you squat when one of them has some scary news to tell you, and he/she is unsure of how you’ll react!

        • molly nicolson

          Adults still enjoy cake.

  • karina

    I love it :)

  • Caty C.P. :)

    Thanks, Starcasm for publishing this! :) I’m a straight girl, but I love my gay/lesbian friends dearly, no matter who they love.

  • amberc88

    awwe thats cute! im glad it went well for her! I could not even imagine how hard it would be to not have your parents support, because of a personal choice! I know one thing for sure, cake or no cake i would still love and support my daughter no matter what her preference! although adding a cake would just be n added bonus lol

    • Caty C.P. :)

      I agree, absolutely everything is better with cake! 😉