REPORT MTV to cancel Teen Mom 2 because of Jenelle Evans?

All of Jenelle Evans mugshots

MTV’s hit show Teen Mom 2 follows the lives of four young mothers. But, if you follow keep up on Teen Mom 2 news, it sure seems more like The Jenelle Evans Show. Now another headline will be attributed to the embattled star as sources report the show will end after the fourth season because of the trouble Evans has created for MTV.

“The decision to end the show follows several months of erratic, headline-grabbing behavior by loose-cannon star Jenelle Evans,” reported The New York Post, citing multiple inside sources.

We should note that Starcasm editors have spoken with reliable sources close to the production who say no final decision has been made about the show’s fate. However, all other signs seem to indicate that Teen Mom 2 will wrap after the fourth season.

Although a potential cancellation can’t be positively attributed to Evans, multiple sources say she is a big factor in the decision. With a history of arrests, drug use, engagements, breakups and — most recently — a marriage, pregnancy, divorce and miscarriage, the 21-year-old Evans has burned more bridges than most people do in a lifetime.

Gangsta Jenelle Evans

Even though some of her antics have made their way onto the show, the majority of Evans’ transgressions have been covered up by MTV. For example, footage of Evans attacking a former friend went viral in March 2011. Yet, it was never mentioned on the show. (In MTV’s defense, the shows are only 41 minutes long with each mom getting just 10 minutes each — to cover all of Evans’ antics would basically require a live feed 24 hours a day, seven days a week.)

But covering Evans’ tracks has become increasingly difficult. According to The Ashley’s Reality Roundup, Evans is now too big of a liability.

If MTV were to choose to continue to follow the four girls of Teen Mom 2, they risk having to deal with the possibility that one of their four stars could die on them. Although that may sound harsh, it’s simply a reality, especially when you are dealing with a person who is using very dangerous drugs, engaging in risky behavior, dealing with bottom-of-the-barrel people and seemingly having no concern for her own health or well-being.

Unfortunately, it seems that the other stars will have to pay the price. In addition to Evans, Teen Mom 2 features Kailyn Lowry, Leah Messer-Calvert and Chelsea Houska, all of whom appear to be relatively stable.

A decision to cancel the show, which is still in its third season even though filming for the fourth season has wrapped, would likely not be because of ratings. Similar to its predecessor, Teen Mom, the show is very popular — more than 3.4 million viewers tuned in for the season premiere last November.

It’s important to note that there was a great deal of speculation that the original show was canceled because of Amber Portwood’s trouble with the law and eventual prison sentence. MTV never confirmed the cause of the show’s cancellation, so it seems unlikely that the network will publicly place blame on any one star.

UPDATE-  It seems our sources were accurate! “No decision has been made yet regarding a fifth season of Teen Mom 2,” MTV said in a statement. “But the network is planning to air the fourth season this year and will announce the premiere date soon.”

So what do you think? Should MTV cancel the show, and if so, is it because of Jenelle? Take the poll!

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  • Bebe

    Why blame only Jenelle? These teen mom 2 gals are the worst of the worst.

    • jeff

      I agree. I thought Kailyn had a chance but with those tattoos she’s got, I’m having second thoughts. I love tats, but those are just trashy and it does reflect on her badly. Chelsea is a moron, that goes without saying. She’s like a dumber version of Farah (including not giving a crap about her dogs), and Leah… well, Leah is just trailer trash.

  • Paige

    Why don’t they just cut her out of the show and make it about Chelsea, Leah and Kailyn?! They don’t deserve to be the victim of Jenelle’s idiotic behavior and I would like to see more of them on the show. I don’t even care about Jenelle’s parts on Teen Mom, it’s the same old. She doesn’t deserve all the attention.

    • jeff

      I agree, or bring another chick in to take her place. I’d rather see a struggling mom get a chance, then have it get cancelled out right. I don’t quite remember the other girls from that season, but one of them has to be able to take that lunatics place.

    • AreYoUForReal

      I say bring in Nikkole. They called on her to replace Janelle during her first legal squabble.

      • who knows

        Um the one that’s keeps trying told on to her 5 minutes of fame? Plus her episode was such a bore & her voice is super annoying.

        • AreYoUForReal

          Still a better candidate than someone who might die on them!

      • :))))))))

        They never did it was Nikkole way to get back at Jenelle in one of their facebook feud. Bad idea to get her on the show, not only did she also had/have legual problem, but so as almost all of her friends, boyfriend and Baby Daddy.. This chick is pathetic and trying to stay relevant : the corey thing, all the allusion of being pregnant, her so called blog smh…

    •!/bylindseyd Reporter

      You don’t even know that Jenelle is the reason.

  • Jeeeeeeeeee

    So where’d you guys get the idea for that collage? Cause I’m pretty sure I know. You could at least acknowledge it somewhere!

    • Jeeeeeeeee

      @least acknowledge the petition! That’s just shady

      • Jeeeeeeeee

        I originally had all 8 mugshots too besides that sideways one. Way to steal my idea and not give me credit!

        • tiff

          uh news flash you’re not the only one with that idea of a collage of mugshots, a lot of other people have them too. get over yourself.

          • Jeeeeeeeeeee

            Bitch was I talking to you? Show me something from today. I tweeted Starcasm TODAY about it. So stfu..

            • michele

              Wah wah wah. It’s probably Jenelle herself. She whores herself out to men and media, afterall.

        • Kelly

          Who cares?

    • Geeeeee

      Do you know how many sites have this or something similar? Unwad your panties and shut up.

    • Asa Hawks

      This is Asa Hawks (starcasm editor) Normally we don’t get involved with comment discussions very often, but I felt I should step in here. Mug shot collages are not something new — it’s something we’ve been doing for years. Heck, you can see some smaller Teen Mom mug shot collages from our “Top 10 Teen Mom Mug Shots” post from back in April of 2011, including Jenelle: And here’s one of my favorites of Real Housewives of Atlanta’s Marlo Hampton from June, 2011: As another kind of example, check out the background for the infamous @JenelleBOMBS Twitter account: I guess if anyone should be angry it’s starcasm – we came up with the idea of Jenelle Evans mug shot collages first! Of course I’m kidding. Now, let’s get back to debating whether or not MTV should continue airing a show starring a 21-year-old mother of one who has nine mug shot photos to make a collage out of in the first place.

  • Shannon

    Cancel the show. Give these white trash kids the boot. It’s time to grow the f*ck up and get real jobs. Enough of his reality TV bull$hit. Janelle should have never been on the show in the first place. She gave birth to Jace but she hasn’t been a mother to him. Not even close.

  • Leena Ellieea Cyrus

    I hope they don’t cancel just because of Jenelle’s shit. They should just replace her with someone from Season 2A of 16&P. As they should have done after all the drama with Jace’s custody. After the pilot episode they should have just re- filmed with someone else.

    • A.J.

      That’s an interesting idea. There were a few girls from that season who I would have liked to have seen on the show instead of Jenelle, like Valerie, Samantha, and Nicole (not the one with two “k”s).

      • Leena Ellieea Cyrus

        Yeea any of them. Or even Lizzie or Megan from Ssn 2B.

        • A.J.

          There could have made a whole season of “Teen Mom” from 2B.

      • sammi

        Valerie wasnt that much better than Janelle. She was shitty towards her mom and was a total hothead. She even got arrested since her show aired for assaulting her mom. I wouldnt go as far as calling her the black Janelle lol, but she was no saint either. She was very pretty though lol

  • Karina

    Huh… Teen mom ended after four seasons, no? O_o Surely, Teen Mom 2 will do the same loll, with or without Jenelle!

  • A.J.

    It doesn’t make sense to cancel the entire show solely because of one person. If they do need to cut her, they should just focus on the other three girls and keep going. Maybe being out of the limelight will help her. I will miss seeing Jace, though.

  • Christina

    They should cancel the show. It’s clear that the money and fame has gotten to a few of these girls and honestly, they aren’t teens anymore so why be on a show called “Teen Mom”.

    I think Jenelle is a huge part of the problem but I also think Leah’s pregnancy contributes too. The point of the show is to deter young girls from wanted to start families and to show the struggles, but there really aren’t too many parenting struggles that are show. Not bashing the show because I’m a fan but it’s not always realistic/accurate.

    • Lindsay Merritt

      I agree, although this it seems mostly to do with Jenelle, Leah has been married twice, had three pregnancies in as many years- she is not exactly the ‘role model’ that the show wants to portray. I think Leah is a great mother, but she doesn’t always make good decisions, whereas Jenelle is a terrible mother who makes terrible decisions- either way, these girls are not helping show teen mothers in a better light, and they certainly aren’t doing MTV’s reputation any good.

    • anjealka

      I think they should have 16 & prgenant epsidoes and then do yearly updates on each girl. All this following them around taping constantly & extra money is not realistic. It would be interesting to have the yearly updates & maybe mtv gives them 5k for the update that could hopefully go towards school, down payment on a house, wedding, used car, depending at what point they are in life. I wonder if Jennelle would have such a bad drug habit if she never got MTV money? or Kail have some many tattos?

      • Have a seat

        Without Jenelle the show would be redundant and dull.

        I dont think Jenelle would be anywhere near her current state of wreckage if she did not have access to the MTV money and fame. The girls have no problem getting boyfriends.. Most single teen mothers or any age single mothers have difficulty maintaining romatic relationships. These girls attract fame/ money hungry men who want to be on camera. Keifers mother said that he hooked up with Jenelle because she had money and hes an addict so he attached himself to someone who can provide a steady supply of dope. Kailyn will be so tatted up she wont be able to get a decent job once MTV checks stop. Leah lives in Lala Land. Their not teens, cancel the show or change the premise.

  • Jess21

    They should just take jenelle off. In fact they should of done this after the first season. She needs to pay the price not all four of them.

  • Nikki

    The whole thing needs to come to an end, not simply because of Jenelle, but because of all of the girls. It’s the same nonsense every episode; not one of the girls on Teen Mom 2 is doing anything with their lives. Leah drops out of school after like two weeks, starts on her second marriage, and gets pregnant again. Chelsea will lie around with terrible hairstyles for the rest of her life because her dad pays her way. Jenelle is just a psycho who will never take care of her kid, and the other one just wants to get attention with tattoos and ugly piercings. No jobs, no college, just cruisin’ on MTV money. The show is not an accurate depiction of teenage pregnancy and is just a bunch of drama and nonsense. Get rid of it.

    • gigi

      Ditto. The people who support these girls and their repetitive bad choices need a smack upside the head. Chelsea relies on Daddy’s money. Leah is too fast with men. Jenelle, well, that one is obvious. Kailyn just seems to be wandering aimlessly. MTV says this show is about preventing teen pregnancy yet they pay these girls to pawn off their kids, either totally or half the time, so they can party with friends, get high and arrested, date/get married/divorced/re-married or get knocked up again.

    • burkey

      Kail actually has been in school throughout all of the shows we’ve seen and has always had a job with absolutely NO help from her family like most of these girls so I think its unfair to group her in with the rest of them.

      • :))))))))

        yeah she did have help, she relied on Jo parents money for a while, then lied about her future income to get an low-rent apartment , then buy a house with mtv money. While i did gotta admit she worked hard, she certainly not did it without support . Saying that is a total disrespect for jo’s parents, MTV network and all the tax payer

  • Kelly

    4 seasons is more than enough. Cancel Teen Mom 2 and Teen Mom 3. Enough is enough, the message was lost long ago, especially with both leah and jenelle getting pregnant.

  • Jenn

    They should have never put Jenelle on the show to begin with after the way she acted during her 16 and Pregnant episode. I have absolutely no idea why they thought it would be a good idea to put her on this show anyway.
    The show needs canceled and not just because of Jenelle, I would think that the way Leah has choosen to carry on since her 16&P episode is clear that the message they were trying to put across failed big time.

  • Tasha Pork

    I think that the kids are getting old enough that the show should stop. I would love to see a yearly update show for them and the original Teen Mom families

  • naty

    The show should just get cancel this doesn’t even focus on teen pregnancy anymore. Their all getting paid a lot of money so their not even struggling like real teen mom. As you see they all can effort new cars and house plus their not even teenagers anymore. The show should just be done clearly their not struggling mother and just jumping into getting pregnant and married again

  • J

    I’m sorry but she could bark at the moon with that face! Ugh!!

  • Ally

    Keep filming her if she dies then it shows that side of what happens when you use drugs. Plus I love seeing Jace. If anything else keep Jace and Barb but cut Jenelle out!

  • HoardersFan

    Get rid of Jenelle if need be, but don’t cancel the show.

  • HoardersFan

    Why does she look drastically different in those mug shots? That’s not normal?

    • burkey

      probably just depending on what her drug of choice was at the time of each arrest..

  • KH

    I think they would cancelled it because Teen Mom only had four seasons and Teen Mom 2 is a spin off of that show. It makes sense to cancel it after four season because of Teen Mom. Jenelle might play a little part in the cancellation, just like Amber did in Teen Mom, but she wouldn’t be the whole reason. Also they wouldn’t replace Jenelle or just have the other three girls because Jenelle has been on there since season 1 and we have kind of seen her grow a little. Just like with Amber, after all her problems aired they didn’t replace her because she had been there since season1. I love Teen Mom 2 so I don’t want it to end but we still have Teen Mom 3 to look forward to lol.

    • sammi

      Do you mean see Janelle grow in terms of having a birthday every yr and getting a little taller maybe? lol. Cause she has not grown up morally. Have we been watching the same show?

  • ceci

    its crazy how this girl gets away with a lot but Amber is doing time in prison…pray they cancel this stupid show

    • A.J.

      That’s an excellent observation, and I think that Jenelle is actually more destructive (and less sympathetic) than Amber.

    • christee

      So agreed! Amber just smacked someone who had it coming. Being a pill head isn’t reason to go to jail, but hey, it’s working for her, so good for her. Jenelle meanwhile, is a walking petri dish, had custody of her kid less than a year if i’m not mistaken, is arrested REPEATEDLY, yet she’s still on the show? Maybe that’s why mtv doesn’t air all the crazy crap she does. Isn’t that how amber got in hot water originally?

      I’m also willing to bet that starcasm’s “reliable source” is jenelle.

  • Ave

    Just cut jenelle leave the other 3 for a fifth season

  • LaDy

    Her face is so infuriating.

  • yesisaidit

    Defiantly well over due these girls haven’t learned anything.. They all seem to be the same fast ass girls they were in there original 16 & pregnant episode. I think all Leah and Kailyn have taught them selves is how to be gold diggers. Kailyn makes me sick trying to use her fans to buy her overpriced under fashion clothes and purses. Its seems no matter how hard she tries she still looks old fashioned and hippie like. (Its 2013 Kail). Leah has done absolutely NOTHING in the bettering herself category. No schooling No job what the hell does she have to offer other than ass. I can’t wait until the fame is over for all of these girls than MTV should air a “where are they know special” My prediction

    Jeanelle- Dead or an all out Junkie
    Chelsea- Still living off daddy/chasing Adam
    Leah- USELESS 3 or 4 failed marriages w/5 or more kids
    Kailyn- DIVORCED/ LONELY (after Javi comes to his senses she looking for a hand in the military paycheck KAIL is a Ho and user

    • Mickey

      Despite what everyone seems to think the military is NOT paid that much. I know, I’m a damn Air Force wife. We BOTH work to make ends meet. Just saying. I do agree with everything else you said though. It probably IS going to end up that way, but I’m pretty sure Kail and Janelle will end up with a few more kids like Leah. Chelsea is the ONLY ONE that isn’t gonna wind up with more kids and that’s only because 1) she’s to lazy to get out and find a man and 2) even if she did get out, no guy would want her because of how spoiled and stuck up she is

      • sammi

        Chelsea does nothing but lay around in her PINK sweats twirling her awful extensions, complain, cry, and laugh stupidly about Adam, and play with Aubs. That about sums it up. Does she even have a GED yet? Its beyoond pathetic to be her age and not have her GED yet. Her dad is an awful enabler who give gives and gives without showing Chelsea the lesson of having to work for what she and her daughter needs and not depend on him or her mom. Her relationship with her dad reminds me of the relationship I have with my dad but the thing is my dad does not enable me or my brothers. He will help us if we need it but he does not give give give without seeing us try and make it on our own. Chelsea’s mom also is more like she tries to be her friend instead of giving her true mother advice. Chelsea is a big loser. Shit, even Janelle is smart academically, straight A student is HS from what I heard when the college viewed her transcripts. and she is beyond morally bankrupt.

        • Have a seat

          Chelsea is a mess. All of them are. That sloppy bummy high school look is dead. These are adults women with kids. I have never seen a grown woman walk around in public in bummy looking oversized sloppy sweats. Even the welfare rats will put on a pair of skinny jeans when they go out in public.

      • Maiko Higa

        I don’t know why everyone thinks the military gets paid that much. As much as my husband works, he literally makes under minimum wadge. I mean, I know they get paid more as they gain rank (and kids! We have 0!) but its still tight. We all get stereo typed as having coach purses and expensive cars but I don’t, I don’t know how anyone else affords it.

        • Mickey

          You don’t get paid more for having kids! We have 2 and get paid the same as anyone else that doesn’t.

          • Maiko Higa

            You’re in the wrong branch then. You do get more money when the number of dependents goes up, you get paid more when you get married. Also, you get better housing when you pop out babies.

            • Chena

              You only get more BAH. The extra BAH you recieve doesnt increase per child either. If you live in military housing, you don’t get any of that money.

            • Ashley Davis

              my husband is in the marines and we have 3 kids now but we lived in hawaii only having 2 kids at the time and got paid depended and child pay. it was an extra 100 for each kids up to 3 kids and 100 for me. but that was only because of living in hawaii.. plus you got it cause of not living in the mainlands cause of it being more costly in hawaii. but anyways military does not get paid good. if im not miss taken someone did the math while were out there and they said it was like .25 or .27 cent and hour 24/7 for like e-1 through e-3 it was not much. had to borrow money from our parents a lot just to make it. but anyways i think they should keep the show on. and keep everyone on it cause without them all over them i wouldnt watch it. its funny to me. im a teen mom and i no its nothing like what anyone of the teen mom shows are doing. its very hard. they should have them move away from there parents for about a year and friends so they can have help at all and show that on the show. now that would be a real teen mom show.

  • Jayson

    When they do cancel the show Jenelle and Kailyn will struggle the most. Chelsea has Randy to support her and Leah has an alleged $200k/yr husband. Jenelle has jackshit and Kailyn’s biggest support (her fiancee) won’t be able to tolerate her past a couple years at best.

    • sammi

      The guy Leah is with makes that much? Really?

      • anjealka

        I would love someone to investgate this. Leah refers to him as an engineer making 200k yet he never went to college? Something does not add up. I have plenty of engineers in my family some with grad degrees & are in the oil/energy sector & they don’t make 200k and they don’t work outside doing physical labor in 16-20 hour shifts like Leah describes. What she decribes is manual labor which can pay well, and maybe one week he had a ton of overtime which can happen but it is not an every week occurance. If a young man with a high school dipolma could move to west virgina and make 200k a year a place with a low cost of living why are 1000’s of unemployed with degrees flocking to North dakota for simliar work that pays less in the freezing cold with high cost of living? Doesn’t add up Leah.

        • sammi

          Aka He works in a coal mine lol. Sry Leah thats not the same as an engineer. I agree that engineers go to college, my friend went to University of Penn for his masters in engineering.

        • burkey

          I think he’s a coal miner. I’m sure he’s not making as much as she claims but given the cost of living where they live i think they’ll be okay without MTV’s money

      • Jayson

        Hence the word ” alleged ” . I’m not buying it but really who knows besides them, Uncle Sam, and his employer?

  • sammi

    How about the show should have never been concieved after 16 and pregnant. It was fine to highlight them as teens having babies at a young age but giving them a spinoff show was basically a reward for being a mom at 16. The show and shows like it need to end. You cant tell me girls arent out here getting pregnant so they can end up on the show or a show just like it. Enough is enough.

  • sammi

    They all need to get off the gravy train and lead normal lives. Thats why I havent even watched this season. So sick of seeing them talk about how they struggle, dont have money, and yet when its not filming you see them in expensive cars, houses, shitty expensive extensions, and brand new houses. Pls! They are not struggling one bit. I bet if another network made a rival show highlighting the real struggles of raising a child with little education and money, the audience would have a whole different perspective. Mtv is a joke. They need to just name it RTV(Reality Televisions). Speakin as someone who is a 90’s kid, its a shame what mtv is now.

    • CP

      I stopped watching after Season 1 of TM & TM2. It’s no longer reality. As someone who was a teen parent, I didn’t have the luxury of sitting on my ass all day doing nothing and faking school like these chicks.The first seasons were real because they had not yet received their first paychecks. Please MTV, go back to playing music.

  • EJ

    Like its predecessor, this show grows increasingly unrealistic by the season. As the girls receive more and more money, and make their way (by selling their stories or being sold out) into magazines, despite any efforts to do the opposite, they are glorifying teenage parenthood. They are far and away the exceptions to the rule, as no other teen parents are receiving paychecks of upwards of $10K for taking their kid to get a haircut or going to a concert. Unfortunately, Kail’s story is the only one that bears any resemblance to the reality of teen parenthood at this stage in the game.

    Seeing as I sincerely doubt most people would like to watch her drop Isaac off at Jo’s, go to a doctor’s appointment or go to work, I don’t foresee her getting a spin-off. Subsequently, I think it’s best this show goes off the air, so young, impressionable girls aren’t given the idea that they can land a man who will support them/their children, that Daddy will pay the way for them/their child or that if they’re overwhelmed by parenting, they can hand their child off to their mother.

    • burkey

      I agree. Kail is pretty much the only one who’s life seems close to realistic and unfortunately you don’t get high tv ratings for not being dramatic and insane lol

  • Maiko Higa

    They should just get rid of Janelle. But then Kailyn and Chelsea and Leah are all relatively boring. I mean now that Chelsea is over Adam, Leah is married again and is boring unless it turns out she cheated again and this baby is someone elses! And Kailyn probably can’t be on the show since her husband is in the Air Force (no filming on base, what really would they show anyway””)

    • burkey

      It’s so true.. most of the other cast mates lives are not too crazy or dramatic now so MTV probably figures there’s no point to keep the show without Jenelle..

  • Mikayla

    For some reason this chick reminds me Casey Anothny :/

  • EmiilyKH

    MTV should continue with the show but just kick Jenelle out. She isn’t even a teen mom on the show. All she does all day in the show is lay around and cry about how shitty her life is while her mother takes care of her child. She is a selfish immature little girl who really isn’t cut out for this world. It doesn’t seem too fair to the other 3 girls to can the show because one of their cast mates is a bumbling idiot.

    • Mickey

      I love how at the end of every episode so far this season you see: Leah or Cory with the girls, Jo or Kail with Isaac, Chelsea with Aubrey (once or twice with one of her parents), and then they show Babs with Jace, and then Janelle crying or sleeping, or right after a fight or laying in bed or doing anything BUT spending time with her son.

  • MsDinmd

    I think the real “liability” issue comes from this fake pregnancy stunt Jeanelle just pulled. I feel in some way MTV is being hit some way some how within the contracts for this crap Jeanelle pulled. Radar online was said to have paid her and Courtland $20,000 for this story that evidence Jeanelles own evidence proves was a lie. I think Lawsuits or contract breechs are flying up in the air. So they are trying to KILL THE MONSTER before it costs MTV big for what she has done. If Amber had DSS invovled as well as courts why wouldn’t MTV pull the plug on the show back than. Jeanelle has had nothing but bullshit with her since day one of the show. When have we known jeanelle to have herself together PLEASE MTV loved the attention/ratings and money Jeanelle was raking into the network with her drama. But now that she has pulled this pregnancy STUNT the shit has probaly hit the fan being as though it was all a Lie it seems.

  • Deidre Windsor

    Cut her out of the show. I think there were many valuable lessons for young ladies in these shows. She should not the power to prevent the thousands of young girls who watch this show not be able to see the ongoing problems of teen pregnancy.

  • Ashtin D’Lane Stringer

    I hate this show. Just because you’re having a child at a young age doesn’t mean you should have a reality show about it.

  • Burkey

    I think MTV will most likely just cancel it altogether. While all of the cast mates have their flaws and their share of drama, none of them are on the same level as Jenelle. Now that Adam seems to be gone, Chelsea’s part of the show isn’t too eventful (which is probably why MTV felt the need to include the horrible death of her dog which scarred me for life), Leah is just dumb but nothing too dramatic going on there now that her divorce is done with and she’s moved on, and Kail is the only one who lives a close to normal life that consists of going to school, work or dropping/picking up Isaac especially when her and Jo are getting along there isn’t much drama there. Even when all of the girls have their drama none of them are getting into fist fights, constantly having crazy screaming fights with people who are supposed to be their “friend”, getting arrested, going to see their lawyer all the time, having screaming matches with their moms on a frequent basis, or leaving their child with their grandmother so they can go get high with their latest boyfriend. So without Jenelle the show would really not be what MTV wants because they LOVE the drama.

    I think the reason they are finally getting tired of Jenelle is because her issues are becoming SO serious and difficult to deal with on the show. They can’t exactly film Jenelle shooting up heroin or god knows what else she does behind the scenes. And when she was just smoking pot of course they filmed when she was high but filming someone who’s high on pot is much different from someone being high on heroine or a bunch of pills.. and yea it’s very likely at some point that Jenelle could be seriously hurt or killed by her habits and lifestyle so MTV is prob just trying to get out before that occurs..

  • micro OP

    If the nyp article is true she must be way worse off than I thought. At risk of dying?! Ok her drug use must be so problematic even they know about it.

  • Lauren

    They definitely should cancel this whole docu saga. It started off with great intentions & has become a joke. All the teen moms got rich off it & garner attention they don’t need. Especially the Teen Mom 2 cast. Chelsea is a naive spoiled little girl whining over her boyfriend & having her dad pay for everything & enabling her. Leah is on her marriage twice & 3rd baby all by the age of 20. Jenelle is a prime example of too much money & drugs & enablers around. Kail is the most realist one but she’s always going for all these tattoo sessions & getting pierced. These are not struggling poor teen moms. Just little girls who got chosen & are glorified for having unprotected sex & getting pregnant at 15 16 years old. Please cancel the whole series & get Jenelle some serious help.

  •!/bylindseyd Reporter

    I’m pretty sure these girls only signed a contract for 4 seasons to begin with. All reality shows eventually come to an end, especially when it features the same people. You think these girls want the next 10 years of their lives documented? No. These girls agreed to do this for a limited amount of time because they get paid.
    I’m sure, now that they’ve made some money and had cameras in their face for the last 3 years, these girls want to get on with their lives and not be subject to public scrutiny 24/7.

  •!/bylindseyd Reporter

    As for Jenelle, I think she suffers from Borderline Personality Disorder.

    CRITERIA (according to Psych Central):

    This disorder occurs in most by early adulthood. The unstable pattern of interacting with others has persisted for years and is usually closely related to the person’s self-image and early social interactions. The pattern is present in a variety of settings (e.g., not just at work or home) and often is accompanied by a similar lability (fluctuating back and forth, sometimes in a quick manner) in a person’s emotions and feelings. Relationships and the person’s emotion may often be characterized as being shallow.

    A person with this disorder will also often exhibit impulsive behaviors and have a majority of the following symptoms:

    Frantic efforts to avoid real or imagined abandonment

    A pattern of unstable and intense interpersonal relationships characterized by alternating between extremes of idealization and devaluation

    Identity disturbance, such as a significant and persistent unstable self-image or sense of self

    Impulsivity in at least two areas that are potentially self-damaging (e.g., spending, sex, substance abuse, reckless driving, binge eating)

    Recurrent suicidal behavior, gestures, or threats, or self-mutilating behavior

    Emotional instability due to significant reactivity of mood (e.g., intense episodic dysphoria, irritability, or anxiety usually lasting a few hours and only rarely more than a few days)

    Chronic feelings of emptiness

    Inappropriate, intense anger or difficulty controlling anger (e.g., frequent displays of temper, constant anger, recurrent physical fights)

    Transient, stress-related paranoid thoughts or severe dissociative symptoms

  • Demona

    They should have tossed Amber on her butt and do the same with Jenelle. Maci said in interviews she wanted to pull Bentley out of the spotlight some but all of the other 3 orig. girls are going on to do things in television. Cat & Tyler’s wedding possibilities, Maci interviewing these girls, Farrah being Farrah – I suspect she’s going to star in some food version of 50 shades soon. They are starting a Teen Mom 3 so now might be a good time to combine the other 6 girls and do switch off’s. They aren’t getting out of the camera’s way so ……at least keep the ratings, viewers, and cash MTV.

  • Megan

    Put some new girls with Leah on the show. Kailyn is a dumb ass that looks like a pig. Chelsea is a big baby that cries if she doesn’t get her way and when she doesn’t get to have a relationship with Adam. Jenelle on the other hand needs to just stay locked up like Amber. Jenelle’s mother thinks just because she has custody of Jace that she is a better person for him. Not true! When she says not to yell in front of him she is doing exactly that.

  • L.C.

    I vote MTV just cut jenelle out of the show an make it about Kailyn, Leah, and Chelsea. The whole point of this show is to show teens how hard being a mother at such a young age can be, not to show the world how big of an idiot Jenelle is. I love this show and I could care less if Jenelle is on it or not, she’s barely with Jace half the time anyways and the babies are the main reason half the viewers watch the show anyways.

  • Lia

    who on earth smiles during a mug shot!?!??!?!

  • Christopher Hovde

    it only took me a few seconds of this show to see mtv has exploited our mis-guided youth once again. nice to see the class of 00′ is actually a lot more sane than kids today and that isn’t saying much unfortunately..sad kinda

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