PHOTOS Kailyn Lowry gets dermal piercings on her chest, adds to sleeve tattoo

Kailyn Lowry's dermal piercings on her chest

For Teen Mom 2‘s Kailyn Lowry it appears that what happens in Vegas stays in your chest – in the form of dermal piercings! The 20-year-old reality star spent the weekend in Las Vegas with gal pal Toni Ziegler and the two of them popped into Club Tattoo to let body piercer extraordinaire Chris Saint work his magic!

Kailyn had three piercings just below her left collarbone featuring three different sized faux diamonds that get larger as you move towards the center of her chest.

Kailyn shared the photo above on instagram on Saturday along with the caption, “Yup. #Vegas Done by @saintpiercing.” Piercer Chris Saint retweeted the photo and message and added, “so glad you’re happy madam :)”

UPDATE – If you’re like us you noticed on Monday night’s episode of Teen Mom 2 that Kaily was sporting two piercings on her chest, just below her collar bone on both sides. We asked her about those and she told us that yes, she “previously had two, but they got ripped out.” YOWCH! (We don’t know any more details about what happened.)

Kailyn’s friend Toni also thanked Chris, tweeting “Big thank you to @saintpiercing for the new body accessory! #dermal #piercings” So far there are no photos of Toni’s piercing, but according to Kailyn, she had a single piercing done on her chest.

If you’re curious how much getting dermal piercings like Kailyn’s will cost you, you’re not alone. @Badd3st13itch asked “i seen a picture of the piercings you did for @KailLowry and they looked awesome. how much does something like that cost?” To which Chris responded by tweeting, “@Badd3st13itch hi :) around $150”

In addition to her chest bling, Kail has also recently been back in the tattoo studio to get more work done on her elaborate sleeve ink! As we reported previously, the elaborate 360-degree design contains lots of symbolism, including an anchor, a skull, and a pocket watch. (Click here to find out what each of those mean to Kailyn.) And now we have the addition of some rather elaborate spider webbing as well as two butterflies:

Photo of Kailyn Lowry's arm tattoo Kailyn Lowry's arm tattoo full length  Kailyn Lowry getting a new arm tattoo  Kailyn Lowry sleeve tattoo skull and butterflies

So what do the web and the butterflies mean? We talked with Kailyn and she reveals the butterflies represent how time flies. As far as the web design, that was something Kailyn saw on her artist’s wife’s sleeve and she fell in love with it — nothing more than that. (Although it would be fun to work up your own interpretation with the butterflies and how time “flies” – ha!)

The tattoo is as yet unfinished but Kailyn reveals it may be more unfinished than you think! She initially only planned to go half-sleeve, but has now changed her mind and will be going with a full-sleeve tattoo! We should know more on February 21 because that is when she is scheduled to make her next trip back to Sick Ink Studios!

Oh, and Kailyn’s headline-grabbing back tattoo is still in the process as well! You can click here to keep updated on the progress of that tat, and also read Kailyn’s explanation of what all the elements mean.

For those unhealthily obsessed with all of Kailyn’s tattoos (like yours truly), here are some more links!

Kailyn Lowry’s mermaid tattoo on her forearm
Kailyn Lowry and Javi Marroquin’s matching infinity tattoos
And in case you wanted to know what that left arm (and pretty much all the rest of Kailyn) looked like prior to getting covered up, here’s a Kailyn Lowry bikini photo! (That’s worth clicking even if you don’t care about tattoos!)

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  • Miranda


    • :))))))))

      Agree, seriously every tattoos kail has makes me wonder if she served jail time.

  • Not a Teen Mom fan

    Kailyn and her friend Toni need to stop trying to get attention all the time.

  • ceci

    bet she thinks its cute…why would you want to ruin your body with a ugly tattoo

  • Ally

    These girls are just getting trashier and trashier. SMDH

  • gigi

    I’ve had a few tattoos since before it became such a fad and now I refuse to get anymore. It’s not unique as it once was and someone, somewhere has something similar to you. To me, too much ink just looks dirty.

    • Lesesne

      I think it’s more rebellious to *not* have a tattoo nowadays.

  • rebecca

    i have dermals in my chest before, they were beautiful i loved them and of course they rejected like 6 months later :(

    • sammi

      When you say rejected, what do you mean? They fell out? I dont know much about them.

  • Kait

    I had a dermal on my chest, and i dont know why in the world anyone with a toddler would even consider getting them…I ended up ripping mine out when it got caught on my shirt, but Kail is going to have to constantly guard them and hope Isaac doesnt rip them out -_-

    • tab

      not to worry, i don’t think she holds him much. only gets close to him for photo ops while she’s out to eat again.t

  • Lia

    Where’s Issac? I feel like she is turning into Jenelle!! She has been going and parting and leaving poor Issac with Jo… Not that Jo is a bad dad it just Kaylin should be around in case something happens.

    • burkey

      she said on twitter before she left for Vegas that it was Jo’s weekend to have Isaac..

      • Yesisaidit

        so funny Kail was the same concerned parent who was worried that Jo wasn’t spending time with Isaac and too worried about other things. Mean while she’s in and out of tattoo sessions maybe jo should take these pictures to his lawyer and ask for me time IJS Equal standards right. What a hypocrite

        • yesisaidit


  • burkey

    I have 12 tattoos. The only big one is a rib piece all of the others are medium to small sized and unless im at the beach the most tattoos you see on me on an given day is maybe 3 or 4. I understand why people don’t like tattoos or choose not to get them, what i dont understand is why people care so damn much if OTHER people have them? What negative affect on your life will the ink on my skin or anyone else’s have? Like I said I have alot of tattoos that are mostly hide-able so if you meet me and form an opinion of me and then see that i have alot of tattoos is your opinion of me going to change? I have friends who have tattoos that I wouldn’t personally put on myself but i dont care because its not on ME! Even if I were to regret my tattoos.. that STILL wouldn’t affect anyone else but me. There’s much worse things in this world that people should be concerned about than tattoos..

  • Insertopinionhere

    There is nothing trashy about tattoos. I think it’s a beautiful form of expression. I think so many people are jealous or afraid of things that are different. Who cares? At least she is taking care of her child.

    • burkey

      People are just ignorant and judgmental. Its not like shes telling everyone else they should go out and get tattoos. The funny thing is there are so many people with tattoos now that the whole “you’re gonna look so weird when you’re old with tattoos” line is irrelevant considering a good majority of our generation will be walking around covered in ink when we’re all older and i don’t think anyone is really gonna give a damn.. the tattoos may wrinkle and not look as good with time but then again when im older my skin is gonna be wrinkly and saggy anyway so i dont see how my tattoos will make it look worse lol.. they’ll be good reminders of important times in my life..

      • Ally

        Then I guess I’ll be one of the few old ladies that still look half way human, tattoo free.

      • Rachel

        A good majority of your generation are complete and utter morons who have been coddled and babies to think they are special and just because you think you all will be walking around inked up like Kat Von D doesn’t mean you all won’t look like idiots.

      • carrie

        That’s what memories are for. Only someone really stupid needs to have it ILLUSTRATED on their body so they don’t forget.

    • Kappy

      I am neither ignorant nor jealous of people with tattoos, I just happen to think they’re an eyesore. Just like their entitled to cover their bodies with hideous artwork that means nothing (teehee, like, the spider web on this lady’s arm was like SO COOL LOL), then I’m entitled to think that it looks ugly.

      • Kappy

        *THEY’RE entitled…Jesus, I promise I graduated from college.

    • Rachel

      Oh just shut up. If I had a dollar for everytime I heard “at least she is taking care of her child” to justify every damn thing I’d be a rich, rich woman. Kailyn spends way to much time trashing up her body, personal expression or not, they are UGLY. I also think the hundreds, if not thousands she is spending on these eye sores could be spent on something more important.

    • spottedgiraffe

      Lmao you’re right we are all so jealous of kailyn’s beautiful tattoo that looks like a Fresh burn wound. It looks like she broke into Taco Bell and picked up a tub of hot melted cheese to consume. She got most of it but some fell on her arm and burned her. Poor kailyn :(

    • tab

      i am definitely NOT jealous of kail’s tattoos or her nasty looking dermals. not afraid of them either, i just think she’s making rash decisions and ruining her body.

  • Blah blah

    At least the tattoo is well done

  • Nermal

    Good thing she didn’t get something that will look ridiculous in a few years and then she regrets it (rolling eyes)

  • Ashley

    What’s going on with her skin different colors around the dermals?

    • ohhhhno

      She just got those implanted into her skin. I’m sure there should be redness or swelling there…

    • Kait

      Dermals cause bruising and irritation when they are put in.

  • who knows

    I love tattoos I just don’t like the ones on her. Seems to me like she’s just pulling ideas out of her ass to look “cool” and not putting much thought into them. That new one is not flattering for her arm at all. It makes it look bigger. As for the dermals everyone and there mother has them now, atleast where I’m from. Your body usually ends up rejecting them. Oh and that is not flattering either because she doesn’t really have a define collar bone. Butttt whatever its not my body..

  • Mia

    I love to hear the stories these girls come up with for why they get their tattoos. Kail and Maci, by far, always have the best ones. I got it because time flies. I got this ridiculously generic quote that people used as an away message in 7th grade to honor my son. I got 3 cupcakes permanently placed on my back at 18 years old to represent my brother, mom, and dad. And my personal favorite was: I got bulletproof written on my back because I can face anything life throws at me. Who knew studying and homework didn’t fit under the category of “everything”. I think by “everything” she really meant: I can face all the penises that are thrown at me and choose a different one to focus on every single week. Everyone knows that reasoning fits Maci’s real priorities and situation a little better.

  • Hayzii

    The tattoo shown in the picture isn’t the one with the anchor and pocket watch. That one is on the underside of her arm. So she actually got 2 skulls both on her arm. So creative and unique. *eye roll*

  • robin

    trashy cuz she got a tattoo…riiiiiight….idiots…

  • Bella Marino

    The tattoo and piercings are so trashy….but since she has so many young not so smart followers she gets tons of praise

  • Mickey

    That tattoo is so ugly! And why would she get something that Isaac is sure to rip out?!? That’s not smart thinking on her part

  • Jayson

    After popping out several of Javi’s kids and gaining 40 – 50 lbs those tats will look like stretched putty

  • sammi

    That tat looks stupid as shit. How is she going to get a job in the real world with that crap on her arms? Ppl dont think these days when they get tats and where they place them. Im an early childhood major in school to be a teacher and there’s a girl in my class with full on tats on her chest and up and down her arms. Who is going to hire her as a first grade teacher with that shit on her chest visible to see.

  • sammi

    Kailyn’s tattoos look like she is a former prisoner lol

  • tab

    she is always mentioning how she feels like she looks so young. i wonder if all of these tattoos and piercings to look older.
    i think she looks incredibly trashy. she’s such a beautiful girl and she’s ruining her body. dermals are the trashiest of trash.

  • sammi

    That arm is huge with that tat on it. Makes them look bigger than usual now that she has a big ugly ass tat on it. Looks like a biker’s arm now lol

  • Sirius black

    This poor girl is going to regret this someday. She really has issues, that has been clear since 16 and pregnant.

  • Lauren

    They’re not trashy but to each his own. Kail obviously has chosen these designs because they have special meaning to her. But I must say, it must be nice to have this kind of extra money lying around to spend. 😉

  • bri

    I used to like Kailyn but now she’s getting trashier by the day.

  • Daisy MJ

    I hate all of her tattoos and piercings. I think they all look trashy. If she likes them, then that is all that matters.