Chicago mom mourns after losing all four children to separate gun violence tragedies

Shirley Chambers has lost all 4 children to gun violence

On Saturday at least five people were gunned down on the streets of Chicago as the violence in that city raged on. One of the men who died was 34-year-old Ronnie Chambers. He was the last surviving child of Shirley Chambers who has now lost all four of her children to gun violence.

WLS-TV sat down with Shirley as she grieved and tried to understand all of the horror that has beset her family. “Right now, I’m totally lost because Ronnie was my only surviving son,” Chambers said.

Ronnie’s life was lost after he suffered a gun shot wound to the head while sitting in a parked car. A fellow passenger in the automobile was wounded. Chambers said of her son,¬† “He was trying to change… He would do anything for you. He would give you the shirt off his back.”

Shirley Chambers’ oldest child, Carlos, was shot dead in 1995 at the age of 18 by a high school classmate after an argument. Following that, Shirley’s daughter Latoya was shot in the head and killed at the age of 15, allegedly by a boy who was only 13-years-old. In July of 2005, her son Jerome was murdered via gunshot just feet away from where his sister’s life was taken.

Chambers stated that she isn’t bitter or angry even while trying to cope with the loss of all of her children. “They took my only child. I have nobody right now. That’s my only baby,” she said.

In 2012, Chicago’s homicide count topped 500 souls. In the early 90’s that terrible number was nearly double as the city averaged close to 900.

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  • Ally

    I can’t understand the pain that poor women must be going through :(

  • Diana Carbone

    I lost one child and know the agony. But guns cannot be blamed for this awful tragedy….it is the one who shot those guns…and very sadly in most cases these crimes are black on black….Why anyone things stricter gun laws will prevail I can’t imagine, drugs have been outlawed for years but you can go to just about any high school in this country and buy the illegal drugs…murder – is of course outlawed – but happens just about ever day somewhere in America. We have to use the capitol punishment when there is a murder and there is positively no doubt who the murderer is….people who take lives should have their taken in a very timely fashion.

  • Nathan

    I feel sorry for this woman, as any parent would. But, bullets don’t just fall from the sky and hit random people. People usually get shot because they are hanging out with the wrong type of crowd, involved in illegal activity, or doing something stupid that would put them in that position. Four children all killed in separate gun violence incidents? That sounds like a parenting failure.

    • burkey

      Oh just shut up. You’re right she failed as a parent and ALL of her kids are now dead as a result. Does it make you feel good that you just HAD to point that out?

  • Lia

    Who would do such a terrible thing! What is this world coming to?!?!?!? No one should be afraid to go to the airport, movies and even school! I’m give great condoles to her and anyone who has lost someone close to them R.I.P

  • Kae

    Omg that is so sad. Are they gonna kill her next? I wonder if any of her kids had kids.. At least she’d be able to look at her grandkids and see a little bit of her kids, in them…