Catfish star Sunny Cross mug shot photo for DWI

Catfish Sunny Cross mugshot photo for DWI arrest in Arkansas

In the very first episode of MTV’s Catfish we met Sunny Cross, a 21-year-old nursing student at the University of Arkansas who had fallen for Jamison, a handsome model living in Los Angeles. SPOILER ALERT It turns out Jamison was actually a young girl named Chelsea living in Tuscaloosa, Alabama.

Well, it seems Sunny’s bad luck (that she sort of made for herself) didn’t stop at being catfished because she was arrested Sunday morning in Fayetteville Arkansas for driving while intoxicated. The arrest happened at 8:20am and according the Washington County Sheriff’s Office Sunny was charged with driving on the left of the center line, driving too close to another vehicle, and DWI.

Above is Sunny Cross’s mug shot, in which her disposition really seems to live up to her name! Sunny was also a bit lighthearted on Twitter later that morning, tweeting, “Well I guess it’s safe to say last night was an epic fail.”

UPDATE – Local station 5 News has more details about the arrest from the preliminary police report. “An officer observed a maroon passenger car following another car too closely on Gregg Street at approximately 2:40 a.m.,” the station says of the report. “The officer said he noticed the car cross the double yellow middle line so he pulled the car over.” Sunny was given a field sobriety test which she failed. She “had red, watery eyes and smelled of alochol.” Sunny arrived at the detention center at approximately 3:39a.m., at which time she took a breathalyzer and registered .08 blood-alcohol content.

TMZ says they attempted to contact Sunny for comment, but that claim is adamantly denied by Sunny, who writes, “And despite what TMZ is saying they never tried to contact me. Just lies.”

Catfish Sunny Cross episode 1

Actually, Sunny’s interaction with friends and family over the incident is pretty funny. Here it is chronologically:

Sunny: Well I guess it’s safe to say last night was an epic fail.

Tweeter: your on tmz! you made it big time now! jealous tbh

Sunny: ewww I am! Dear Jesus

Tweeter: “ewww I am! Dear Jesus” nice mugshot tho!!

Sunny: I was like might as well awkwardly smile

Tweeter: now your on channel 5s facebook page. even more jealous now. i need to get arrested in Fayetteville sometime

Sunny: of course I am.

Tweeter: HEY sunny how are u doing my name is David I think u are really cutie [couldn’t resist including that actual tweet lol]

And speaking of couldn’t resist, here is a photo tweeted by someone who bumped into Sunny during her “epic fail” of a night along with the caption, “My roomie and Sunny from MTV’s catfish in Arkansas hahaha” (Of course I edited out the other person in Photoshop #catfish)

Catfish star Sunny Cross out the night before her DWI arrest
(Sunny’s lookin’ pretty good in that hot pink y’all! Some people — not me — might suggest she consider using just one more button.)

Sunny’s Sister Summer: I will have my sisters back until the day I die. I love you @SunnyCross21!! Keep your head up and don’t you think twice about pointless ppl!

Sunny: thanks baby sister. Love you. Just glad to be away from those crystal meth tweekers.

Sunny: And despite what TMZ is saying they never tried to contact me. Just lies

Sunny: At least I’m not in Shawshank Redemption.

Tweeter: dont stress this stuff to the best of us its what u do now is what makes u

Sunny: Mom treating me to a pedicure after a stressful day! My feet so need it after my ratchet night in good ole’ jail! She’s the best!

Harvey Levin [from TMZ]: The girl who was on the very first episode of the MTV show “Catfish” was busted for DWI

Sunny: @HarveyLevinTMZ pretty pathetic u think I’m worthy enough to do a story on me. Find a celebrity to harass. Must be a slow day in the office

Tweeter: you know your truth. I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me. (Philippians 4:13 NKJV)

Sunny: love this verse amen!

Sunny: Movie night with the seester

Tweeter: tell me this isnt so [with a screen cap of the TMZ article]

Sunny: made a bad choice but learned from it and moving on. First time I’ve even ever been pulled over for anything. I’m only human

Tweeter: well keep your head up maam, true no one is perfect. but nice mug shot haha. crazy girl

Sunny: I know I already printed it out and put it on my fridge!

And just in case you wanted a refresher, here’s a condensed video recap of Catfish Episode 1 from MTV followed by the full episode for those of you who wanted to see a mug shot photo and now find yourself with 41 minutes to kill 🙂

I hope Sunny doesn’t yell at us for publishing this story – I don’t think I could take it. (She will probably be disappointed to find out starcasm is actually a nine-year-old boy living in West Virginia.)

  • awoman

    Sunny was such a moron. Online classes for anesthesiology?

  • This chick seems like an idiot and also seems to be making a big joke out of something that could have killed an innocent person if she got into an accident. Moron.

    • burkey

      Seriously.. like yea i know a decent amount of people who have gotten DWI but none of them had made it into a joke like this. Like you said had she been unlucky and actually got into an accident she could’ve seriously injured or killed someone..

  • gigi

    Must get the moron gene from her mother. Treating your child to a pedicure after she is snagged for DWI?! No ma’am.

    • My mom would have beat my butt for that.

    • Jenn

      Yeah way to show your daughter getting arrested is okay.

      I read an article from one of my local news sources and a 23 yr old woman in my hometown just killed a taxi driver when she was drinking and driving. Could have been this girl.

      And really? Talking about it makes you look trashy. “meth tweekers” noone cares honey.

  • Cheermom

    So she arrived at the jail at 3:39am, but wasn’t arrested until 8:20?

  • Rebeldutchess

    To minimize behavior that was completely avoidable Shows lack of remorse for her actions,then she’s rewarded for having a “rough” evening..ridiculous!!!

  • Catfish star? Star? Really, a star or a featured idiot for 1 episode? Please stop overdoing starcasm, thanks

  • lili

    she’s only human? human mistakes are when you don’t check your blind spot, or rear-ending someone that’s HUMAN! drinking is premeditated. She sounds so stupid

  • AreYoUForReal

    She looks really thrilled. Which is odd, that blazer is a f*cking eye-sore.

  • Daniel Collins

    Hello Sunny Cross saying hello to you and saw you on MTV Catfish on Comcast Cable Television and want to be friends Daniel Collins 34 Lake Wales, Florida

  • Amara Jean

    Sunny, you’re fat and stupid. No male model would ever want to date you. Better give Chelsea a call!