PHOTOS & TWEETS Jenelle Evans post-miscarriage update

Jenelle Evans posts a photo of herself after her miscarriage on instagram

It has been a whirlwind few weeks for Teen Mom 2‘s Jenelle Evans, culminating in the tragic loss of her eight-week-old fetus due to a miscarriage Friday afternoon. Yesterday we posted updates from Jenelle and her ex-fiance Gary Head, who was with Jenelle at the hospital, and we thought we would update everyone on how she has been doing since the traumatizing event.

Here is a rough timeline compiled from Twitter (unless otherwise noted):

Gary Head: Gone shopping with @PBandJenelley_1 [Jenelle]

Jenelle: @gary_head like old times !

Tweeter: awww what yall buying

Jenelle: straightener shampoo conditioner, hygiene items πŸ™‚

Jenelle: (on her Facebook wall): Take u down another level, getchu dancin with the devil πŸ™‚ [along with the photos below]

Jenelle Evans after her miscarriage Facebook photo  Photo of Jenelle Evans after her miscarriage

Jenelle: Mmmmmm…. πŸ™‚ [along with the instagram photo at the top of this post]

Courtland Rogers (on his Facebook wall): I supposedly beat her and she just lost our baby 2 hours ago but all of a sudden there’s no marks on her and she is taking Gary shopping lol smdh the whole world will see she is a psycho crazy b!tch!! It’s just f***ed up that my life is now ruined and she is just living hers up !! Wtf I am happy to screen shot that pic of her in the mirror singing she just took after losing our baby due to Xanax use!! I cannot wait to goto court and show this judge the truth about her she needs to learn that he is not the f***ing president and that she can’t just make up some sh!t to destroy someone’s life!!!! Smdh I am so glad I don’t have to deal with her anymore now that I think about it!! Good luck Gary hope she doesn’t get u for beating her AGAIN

Gary Head: she cant even have sex for a week so you could have canceled those plans even if she was withyou. Plus shes so pissed she doesent even want to be around you. But im glad you think Im that grimmy dude that likes to f*** the bloody p***y. Im still in love with @jadedolph and ive even told @PBandJenelley_1 this. She understands and we are just hanging out.

Tweeter: and she’s shopping after just getting out of surgery & having a miscarriage?

Gary Head: she had to ge cloths and hygine supplys. Her outfit got ruined and all her hygine stuff is at courtlands

Jenelle: I’m not crying tonight and ruining my makeup over u.

Gary Head: Out with the crew at Happy Hour. Maybe the Cave later @PBandJenelley_1 @joejoebeall21 @Juliagoolia2010 Mallory,Ryan,Corey.#Goodtimes

UPDATE – Some photos have surfaced on Twitter of Jenelle, Gary, and a friend at the club last night. The person who took the pictures responded to Jenelle’s tweet, “And I was the DD last night for everyone’s ass lol.” with “No. You were drinking. We have pics.”

Click to enlarge:

Jenelle Evans after her miscarriage partying at a club with Gary Head Jenelle Evans parties after her miscarriage with Gary Head

END OF MESSAGES FROM FRIDAY NIGHT, Now on to Saturday morning:

Jenelle: Last night was epic, lmao @gary_head knocked over the waitresses tray at Waffle House of drinks hahah @Juliagoolia2010 @joejoebeall21

Gary Head: Im so sore

Gary Head: Cant believe i Hit the ground that hard lastnight

Gary Head: I faceplanted the concrete at full speed trying to race Ryan

Jenelle: Going home today

Tweeter: do you feel like you have learned anything from what has happened in the last few days#.hope you have

Jenelle: oh u don’t even kno lol

Jenelle: Did not party. Went to a weird ass bar that Gary worked at. Then we left cuz they were going to taze me supposedly…

Jenelle: “probly because you were acting dumb as f***” no I was minding my own business. I always do in public.

Jenelle: “damn, you should have stayed then!” After the hospital all day long I don’t want to be tazed lol

Jenelle: And I was the DD last night for everyone’s ass lol.

Gary Head: @Juliagoolia2010 @PBandJenelley_1 come smoke with me

Gary Head: @Juliagoolia2010 f*** it. Im gonna do my good deed for today. Im coming to you. To smoke πŸ™‚

Jenelle: Ouch. πŸ™

Tweeter: back to setting the stage? I’m pretty sure you’ve already cried this wolf a few other times this week.

Jenelle: if I showed u a pic right now bet u would throw up but that’s what u want, my business…

Jenelle: Money bag, literally lol gary_head [with the photo below]

Jenelle Evans Crown Royal money bag

Jenelle: Mmmmmm. [with the photo below of what I assume is a hot dog]

Jenelle Evans Cook Out hot dog photo

Nikkole Paulun [A 16 & Pregnant cast member from Jenelle’s season]: Had my first car accident πŸ™ Never ever driving ever again. Too scary

Nikkole: Casino for the night

Jenelle: @nikkoleMTV yr really partying hard after yr “accident” Nikkole… Lol

And just for the sake of completeness, here are Courtland’s Facebook posts apparently made while driving through wintery conditions on his way back to North Carolina after staying a few days in a Cincinnati hotel room with stickam buddy Tiffany Knabe:

Omfg the snow is so bad it’s so hard to drive πŸ™ HELPPPPPPPPPPP πŸ™

I miss my other Half sooooooooo bad πŸ™

Why are y’all disrespecting me like this I have done everything I could to prove to her I love her an she just takes out fake charges on me!! Do u really think I don’t wanna b beside her threw this?? Really?? She’s my world no matter what I am to her πŸ™

I’m going 120 trying to get to her hospital right now!!! Somebody help me find out which one she is at please god!!!! I’m sliding all over the road !!!:( this hurts so bad!! I want to b the one beside her threw this I wanna b by my wife!! Why is everyone telling me that I am a horrible person?? I am so depressed and to know fry is the one beside her kills me I have done everything possible to prove I love jenelle and y’all keep dogging me:( goddddd dammitttttttttt

I need a friend to chill with so bad!!!! Whose in NC???

[In reponse to critical comments] Yea and also how she falsified reports they know she makes sh!t up just like Gary “strangled her” and I supposedly beat her and keiffer chocked her out and what next I would never put my hands on a women I have seen that shot happen to my sister I would die before that!! I guess the judge is the only one I can prove that too tho

OK – That should get you all up to date for now! More updates in an hour or so I’m guessing.


    Yes Starcasm, that must have been very traumatizing for her to lose the pregnancy. She doesn’t give a damn about the kid she already has and she’s shopping and going on Twitter right after it happened. Definitely the looks of someone who is traumatized.

  • K

    What in the hell…

  • Mickey

    After my mom had her miscarriage all she did was stay in bed and bawl her eyes out. I don’t know ANYONE who has had a miscarriage and went shopping after and then to a bar??? And then to waffle house??? Seriously?!?

    • Sweet Venom

      That’s true for any normal human being, but remember this is Jenelle. She doesn’t even care for the son she already has, I doubt she would care for her unborn child.

    • For people like Jenelle having a miscarriage is like having a bowel movement, she doesn’t care for anyone but herself.

    • Courtney

      Notice how she’s already (or still) smoking cigarettes?! She has a pack on her lap! That’s responsible… She just really doesn’t care what she does to her body!

  • jean

    Thank you for delivering on my request starcasm!!!!

  • Amber

    Damn she looks good in the top picture… Then she post one of her fave… Womp womp

  • Sam

    “…..that’s what you want,my business”….doesn’t she give that away on her own? What a dumbass

  • Me

    O dear!,,

  • Jean

    Hmm money bag. Everyone knows what crown royal bags are used for. Stripper tips!

    • Karen

      …..or stashing dope!

  • Ashley

    You left out the fact that she posyed yet another “bye twitter” and when no one cared continued to post merily away. She was never pregnant. I’m calling it now that sometime next week her and Gary get back together. She’ll tell us Babs is super supportive. He never stil, he never cheated. Then they’ll break up and she’ll say she lied, he DID hit her, smashed her phone, stole money from her. And round and round we go.

    • Kristy

      No you got it wrong, it’s going to be Kieffer she gets back with lol

  • Jess

    She was never pregnant. Sold both stories of pregnancy and miscarriage for quick cash. She’s a disgusting human being!

  • Jakesgirl

    This girl is SICK! She tells lie after lie after lie! These dumb people that stick up for her must be as messed up in the head as she is! The girl who said not to long ago how much she hates going out to bars and clubs, goes to a bar the same night she has a miscarriage! O let’s not forget she also said she has major social anxiety!

  • Allison

    Who goes out and parties on the very day that they have a supposed “miscarriage”? Sick.

  • Demona

    She got rid of the baby bump pretty quickly in that smoking outfit – had she gone to the buffet before the “bump” photo post?

  • gigi

    Whatever. You get yourself into these sh*tty situations with men and then come up with some elaborate story to get out of it. Same crap, different day. Your body needs to rest and recuperate after a miscarriage. Tweeting, shopping, going out and posting for photos is NOT something you would be up for afterwards – I don’t care who you are! End of story.

    • gigi

      posing for photos*

  • Hannah

    As someone who actually feels sorry for Jenelle and kind of liked her before this fiasco, even I have to say this isn’t adding up. I’ve never been pregnant and even I wouldn’t be strolling around town and shopping if I had a miscarriage. The hygiene products- okay I get that, but if she really was having a miscarriage, couldn’t she have sent Gary to the store for her? If her “outfit was ruined” what was she wearing there? It looks fine to me. A ‘normal’ woman in miscarriage carries a lot of emotional turmoil with her. Where is that in all of this? Either this is fake like everyone suspected to begin with, or she never had much invested in this baby in the first place. If she really was pregnant, she should have stuck to the 12 week rule of not telling anyone to avoid this type of reaction but like Honey Boo Boo, she’ll “holla for a dolla.” Gosh I can’t believe I just said that.

    And one last thing that i’m surprised no one said yet- I just had to LOL at her comment to that Nikkole girl, saying she’s partying too soon after her “accident” (as she put it). Isn’t Jenelle doing the exact same thing? Gosh sometimes I think she is a few french fries short of a happy meal.

    • burkey

      Yea that Nikkole comment was annoying. But I vaguely remember Jenelle and Nikkole getting into some sort of twitter fued years ago so maybe she is just being a bitch because she doesn’t like her all that much? Who knows?

    • 1GrayGal

      Bwahahaa…..a dolla make her holla!

  • burkey

    So Jenelle can be a bitch and make a comment about that other 16 and pregnant cast member for going to a casino after an accident (which i didnt see nikkole say anywhere she was injured in it she just said it was scary) and then proceeds to go out to a bar the SAME day she supposedly had a miscarriage? Given the type of people Jenelle seems to be around and how incredibly stupid she is I am honestly shocked that someone hasn’t TRULY beat the crap out of her by now..

    • Jenn

      I read that and thought the same thing. I was like uh she went out drinking the night she claimed to have a miscarriage and you’re judging someone else for going to a casino after a car wreck? Shit I’d go to a casino after a car wreck and drink. But I would not go to a bar after a miscarriage with my ex-fiancee who beat me.

      • burkey

        Yea i actually saw on twitter that jenelle and that girl are cool and it was a sarcastic joke. That being said she’s still a lying piece of trash.

  • christee

    1) something that never existed cannot be lost
    2) can we all vote to have her sterilized? Just in case?
    3) this whole circus is a slap in the face to every woman who has ever suffered a miscarriage.
    4) next she’ll probably up the ante to “courtland/gary/kieffer/guy I fell in love with in the walmart parking lot after knowing him all of half an hour raped me and cut out my kidney to sell for something, can’t talk about it but it’s f*cked up lmao.” Which will lead to another hospital stay of about 5 minutes, and will end in a trip to forever 21. But there will be pictures! Because you can’t just go into a random hospital room and start snapping. No, THAT would be crazy.



  • christee

    1) something that never existed cannot be lost
    2) can we all vote to have her sterilized? Just in case?
    3) this whole circus is a slap in the face to every woman who has ever suffered a miscarriage.
    4) next she’ll probably up the ante to “courtland/gary/kieffer/guy I fell in love with in the walmart parking lot after knowing him all of half an hour raped me and cut out my kidney to sell for something, can’t talk about it but it’s f*cked up lmao.” Which will lead to another hospital stay of about 5 minutes, and will end in a trip to forever 21. But there will be pictures! Because you can’t just go into a random hospital room and start snapping. No, THAT would be crazy.


  • Jenn

    who the hell runs to their ex fiancee who beat them instead of her mother and son? oh that’s right jenelle……..jesus.

    if i got hit by a boy i’d never have communication with him again.

  • Jay

    I’m going to be real for you with a moment. Please, for the love of all things Holy, STOP publishing articles about this girl. We are watching a girl destroy her life with drugs, alcohol, promiscuous sex, lies, arrests, etc just so she can get her name on a website like this. It’s just wrong that you keep – for lack of a better word – MOTIVATING her to continue on her path to destruction. If this was just one girl destroying her life, it wouldn’t be as big of a deal, but this girl is a MOTHER. In the process of destroying her life, she’s destroying a part of her son’s life. Continuing to post these articles about her just adds fuel to the fire. I think I can speak for everyone when I say we do not care what this crazy person does anymore so I don’t know why you continuously report on her. A media silence would not only good for us, but it would be good for her, and for her son Jace.

    • Sam

      1000% agree!!!

    • tab

      remember when starcasm was advertising a couple weeks ago for new “writers”? i’d be willing to bet jenelle is one of them in exchange for a lot of publicity. i find it nothing short of miraculous that this site can have almost instant information on jenelle, but any other, story, they’re days behind and/or “borrow” it from other sites.
      something stinks here, starcasm.

      • Sweet Venom

        That’s possible. I find it more likely that Starcasm can get instant information because Jenelle willingly gives it all up over Twiiter though.

        • burkey

          And because Starcasm keeps a pretty friendly relationship with her so Jenelle will talk to them directly

    • burkey

      YUP. I think Jenelle’s brain might actually explode if one day suddenly no one was interested in her craziness. If more and more websites and blogs just stopped caring and stopped posting about her she would not know what to do with herself. I understand these sites like it because they get the inside scoop and MTV is more concerned about their earnings not the actual people on their tv shows but seriously HOW many people are gonna stand around and like you said for lack of a better word, continue to motivate this girl to stay on her self destructive path. All these people who are her fans and supporters don’t seem to realize that in the end Jenelle will be the one who pays for all of this. Wether she ends up in prison for drugs and violating probation, in a psych facility after she finally has a psychotic breakdown or dead from an OD there is no positive outcome for this girl if she doesn’t change her life.

  • micro OP

    Avoid life, cry about life. Avoid life, cry about life.

    Babs needs to stop taking her in. She’s an enabler

  • YoungChoppa

    I wanna give a shout out to all the people who still after aaalllll of this believe that she miscarried or was ever pregnant to begin with…
    Oh, and I also wanna give a very special Shout out to all the people who still think that Jenelle is a “good mom” who is doing every thing she can to earn money to get Jace back, and that everyone else including her mom and all of her exes are just tearing her down. Have fun swimming in denial shawty and I ain’rt talking about the river in Egypt.

    • andiecohenn

      That was awesome! I laughed so hard.

  • Kelly

    She has serious mental issues.

  • tab

    more proof that she wasn’t really pregnant. after a miscarriage, a womans body continues to bleed and contract, it’s quite painful and uncomfortable. i’ve been through that and i can assure you that there’s no way i would have felt like walking around shopping and then going out to a club.

    also, what a klassy “club”, serving drinks out of red plastic cups.

  • lala

    ……… disgusted…… there comes a point when I just have to shake my head and pray for the gal

  • Jenn

    such trash

  • andiecohenn

    Too bad Jenelle cant switch places with Amber. Maybe being locked up would do her crazy self some good.

  • khristina

    uhh..shes a wild immature young girl..she was probably relieved and won’t grasp what happened until she matures

  • Mikayla

    I am so happy she shared a picture of a hot dog. My day will now resume.

  • Paige

    Gary Head looks like a monkey.

  • sara

    When my mom miscarried she had to stay in the hospital so they could keep an eye on her so she didn’t bleed out. So i’m calling Bull Sh*t

  • i dnt knw wats wrng wit jenelle after i had my miscarriages i wuz hurtn 2 damn bad 2 do any thng she just a lost soul she lookn 4 luv n all da wrng places i feel sorry 4 her mom barbra and her jace its best dat she just stay out dey lives until realize dat all she needs is her family until then she jus plan lost

  • Jenelle…how about staying out of bars and clubs and into school and Jace’s life?

  • burkey

    She needs ALOT of good smacks lol. Honestly this girl just needs to have a psychotic break already so her mom can legally commit her to a facility or something.. that seems to be the ONLY way anyone will ever be able to control her other than prison



  • Deidre Windsor

    Jenelle should be put off the show….this miscarriage was a good thing for her mother who has taken care of little Jace…all of his life and surely does not need to raise another. I feel sorry for that little boy with Jenelle as his mother. At least Jenelle’s mother is a woman who cared deeply for her daughter and tried to give her advice she should have taken.

  • Allie

    I almost feel bad for Jenelle. She began dating Andrew after meeting him on Myspace when she was 14 years old and he was 21. Where was Barb during all of this? I understand Jenelle is pretty uncontrollable, but you really have to look at who raised her. We don’t act like this because we weren’t raised around people acting this trashy and abusive. But we really don’t know what kind of mother Barb really is. Would you let your 14 year old date someone who was 21? She should have forced it to end. Where is Jenelle’s father when his 14 year old daughter was being raped statutorily? I really blame her parents for the way she turned out. Barb raised Jenelle and she is the way she is, and she is almost fully raising Jace, which leaves me to believe he will turn out just like her. I pray she can get off the drugs and the drama and turn her life around, but I don’t hold out much hope for that happening.

  • ameliaBedelia76

    seriously, how mentally degranged can a person get? Gary is on twitter acting like Janelle is bleeding through her pants YET w/i 24 hours she is shopping, drinking and going out all night? What a fake and disgusting person all of these indiv. are. This b*itch wants to put up pics and statuses that she loves JAce and they “are hanging out”. How about being a mother and taking care of him 24/7, not partying all night, living with some dirtbag who you claimed abused you and you trash talked all through the year. Let’s stop acting and posting articles that Janelle was even pregnant, it was FALSE!! let’s stop writing as if it was true.