Jenelle Evans suffers miscarriage

Jenelle Evans reportedly suffers a miscarriage

Jenelle Evans has reportedly lost her baby. Just one week after announcing her pregnancy, the Teen Mom 2 star received the sad news after being admitted to the hospital for the second time this week. Earlier in the day, Jenelle had been in pain which led her to seek medical care.

“Jenelle lost the baby this morning,” a friend of hers tells Radar Online. “She’s sad and upset, but she’ll make it through.” The friend also revealed that Jenelle hasn’t spoken to husband Courtland Rogers and all day and has yet to tell him the unfortunate news.

Jenelle and Courtland had split earlier this week after a night out on the town led to Jenelle finding out that he had allegedly been cheating on her with multiple women. One day later, Jenelle was admitted to the hospital for what was reported as a possible miscarriage but later returned home, still pregnant.

The following day, Jenelle announced that she would be divorcing Courtland “ASAP” and headed to a North Carolina courthouse where she pressed charges of assault against him and later reported a possible fractured skull.

Currently, Jenelle is still in the hospital, but she’s not alone — her ex-fiance Gary Head is with her. Moments ago, he tweeted, “With [Jenelle] at the hospital. Hopefully she gets better. I think I’m about to vomit or faint.” He later added, “All this blood. I’m surprised she’s still standing. I’m surprised I’m still standing.”

Jenelle has also been on Twitter this morning. Shortly after 6:00 am, she wrote “Ouch,” followed by “This is the end I think” at 10:30 am.

UPDATE – Gary Head has continued to tweet updates from the hospital, including a couple photos:

Someone asked how Gary was able to see the blood he mentioned above and he responded by writing, “on the fact that it’s coming threw her pants, I don’t need to see her naked to believe her”

“Some people have no consideration of others. I don’t know anything about a fake pregnancy but @Juliagoolia2010 and myself haveseen the blood”

“I’m the only friend she has besides Tori. I can’t believe people are thinking we are hooking up”

“Jenelle knows I’m not over @jadedolph but nobody likes to sit in a hospital room alone. I’m her friend. NOTHING more #truth”

Gary Head at the hospital with Jenelle Evans who is reportedly having a miscarriage
“Patiently waiting” (with the photo above)

Jenelle Evans miscarriage view from the hospital
“What is this thing? I’ve had bigger screens in my car.” (with the photo above)

Some asks, “she has a husband. Have you guys contacted him to let him know this was happening?” and Gary tweets, “on the fact that he’s in Ohio with another woman and she only has her mom and tori as friends. She has NOONE”

“been told since Friday she was bleeding. Then today I was with @Juliagoolia2010 & we saw it ourselfs”

“this is def not that friend of the month. Too much blood has been lost. This is way bigger than that”

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  • stephanie

    Who tweets during a miscarriage?

    • jeff


      • stephanie

        Thanks for clarifying 😉

        • jeff

          lol it wasn’t meant as a ‘omg obviously’ more like a ‘*sigh* that crazy p.o.s does.’

    • Rachel

      Someone who wasn’t pregnant in the first place.

    • Tiff

      No kidding sick girl

  • jeff


    • Kelly

      Not funny. Regardless of whether or not this baby was real, this situation is not something to joke about.

      • jeff

        Yeah it is, because that child doesn’t need to go through life with that p.o.s of a mother. Just because she lost the baby doesn’t mean we now get to feel bad for her. She’s better off, the kid is better off, Barbara and Jace are better off. It is what it is. Life isnt rainbows and kittens and sometimes these things are for the best.

        • Kelly

          No it’s not. If the baby was real and died its not something to laugh at. the death of a child is always sad, even if the mother is a pos. If it was fake then she obviously has more than just drug issues to deal with, either way its an unfortunate situation. I never said I felt sorry for her and I never said she was ready for another child, so don’t put words in my mouth. Grow up.

          • jeff

            I grew up in the real world hun. Good luck with your head in the sand.

            • Kelly

              My head is in the sand because I think jokes about miscarriage are in poor taste? I do just fine in the real world thanks. Either way I’m not going to argue anymore, it won’t do any good anyway.

          • Lia

            I 100%% agree! Even if Jenelle isn’t the “best” mom on the planet she was probably still excited about restarting her life over with this new baby and it was ripped away from her. I find so sad that anyone would even say that it was a fake pregnancy. Someone said the same thing about Kim and Kanye, was she faking it…… NO!! R.I.P baby Evans~ Rogers

    • Mia003

      She probably told Gary to punch or kick her in the stomach.

  • Joei

    As nuts as she is, I wouldn’t wish that hurt on any one. :(

  • Srah

    Regardless of how jenelle acts and her past- no one should suffer the emotional and physical pain of a miscarriage. Hope you get well soon.

    • burkey

      she most likely didn’t

  • MPmom

    You’re assuming she was being truthful about being pregnant in the first place…

  • Bebe

    The drama used to be funny to follow, but this is just sad.

  • Lydia

    What’s strange is the “I think this is the end” tweet. There are pills that terminate pregnancies (you take the pills and bleed everything out, rather than getting a D&C). Perhaps she took that route.

    • Rachel

      Perhaps no she didn’t. She wasn’t pregnant at all. Women who have been pregnant were incredibly skeptical over her “sonogram” photos. This was all a ploy to sell a story for a few bucks.

      • Lydia

        I wasn’t defending her, relax. I was giving a different perspective

  • jessica

    She was never pregnant.

  • Youngchoppa

    This b***h was never pregnant everyone called this at the beginning, she and Courtland sold that pregnancy b.s to star. It’s no coincidence that right after he leaves she tragically ‘”miscarries”. I give it a couple weeks before they’re back together and the baby is miraculously fine.

    • Lia

      That’s awful that you would say that! She may or may not have been pregnant, but she probably was.

  • Anne-Marie

    aw, rest in peace fake baby.

    • Rachel

      This post is 100X better that the one with the 22 votes.

    • Renee Landry

      bahahah best comment EVER!!!!

      • ashley


    • Lia

      That is not even the slightest funny! It was still a baby! Just because Jenelle is in the head lines a lot doesn’t mean she made this up….. R.I.P baby Evans~ Rogers

      • Anne-Marie

        real miscarriages aren’t funny. fake ones are. do a little research before preaching your holier-than-thou lecture.
        radaronline paid her and courtland $20,000 for this story; they need heroin money.
        this girl uploaded a picture of her “sonogram” (which was actually her ovary sonogram) when she was 6 weeks pregnant. an hour later she uploads a picture of her “baby bump”. keep in mind her “baby” is no bigger than an appleseed at 6 weeks. immediately after leaving the hospital after her “miscarriage”, this worm is tweeting pictures of herself out shopping and bragging about how she’s going out dancing and clubbing that night. just read through her twitter from yesterday to see her talking about “losing so much blood LOL” or “this is the end I think”. she’s a disgusting parasite who I believe is beyond help at this point.

  • Miss L

    Well my heart goes out to her. No matter how much of a hot mess she is. She deserves a little bit of compassion. Not a lot but a little.

  • awoman

    It is always hard and sad when someone loses what they believed would be their child, regardless of the circumstance, regardless of whether in the end, this may be the best thing, it is still hard. The moment you find out you are pregnant, your mind starts to build a relationship. You imagine what they will be like and you picture what will happen. You look at your calendar and think about when their birthday might be.
    When that is ripped from you, it is a loss.
    No matter my thoughts on what terribleness this child was coming into, I know that it is a loss. I’m sad that Jenelle and Courtland have lost their child.
    Hopefully, they can divorce, learn from this mistake, and move on as soon as possible.

    You know, assuming this is all true and all. It’s sad that I feel the need to add that, but I do. :-/

    • B

      Really? What about her living 3 year old? How about building an actual relationship with him, having him living with her to spend his birthday with him, seeing him grow every day? How about that?
      I agree with your sentiments for anyone else. But she’s proven she doesn’t give a crap about her child.

  • amberc88

    hahaha your welcome starcasm!

  • amberc88

    WTH, i told you about this story on the last thing u posted about khloe kardashian, 10 min later this story pops up than u delete my your welcome comment?? hey i am the one who kept u guys alert slackers!

    • starcasmnet

      This writer was already working on the story. That’s why it popped up 10 minutes later. Your comment wasn’t deleted, either, it’s right above this one.

  • Shannon

    Praise Jesus!!!!

  • paigemyrissa

    Oh yeah, nobody saw this coming *eyeroll*

  • tab

    i don’t believe she was even pregnant to begin with.

    this site should be renamed “jenelleveansupdates (dot) com, that’s all y’all ever talk about her. stop giving her so much attention!!

  • Jayson

    Does this now mean Courtland could be charged with homicide? I mean he did fracture her skull amongst other injuries which could have led to the miscarriage. Then again, Jenelle makes up so much shit who knows anymore. I bet her real name isn’t even Jenelle…it’s probably Gertrude.

    • 1GrayGal


    • Anne-Marie


  • jennd

    very sad

  • Miss-Mandy Lynn

    oh lordy this is shocking by shocking I mean not at all

  • Tilly

    she deserved it. this is God’s way of saying it.

  • nun ya

    I bet she did it on purpose sine they split up.

  • s

    I bet she did it on purpose since they split up. It would have been another baby for her mother to take care of.

  • Laura

    Obviously she isn’t lying about being at the hospital if Gary is tweeting pictures of the hospital and he is there with her. Dumbass people.

    • Mickey

      No but she’s probably lying about WHY. Just because she’s in the hospital doesn’t mean it’s because of a miscarriage, especially since she’s all full of lols and went shopping after leaving the hospital

    • Anne-Marie

      …also, just because she showed up at the ER doesn’t mean she was ever admitted. Dumbass people.

  • treasure

    soooo ironic how Gary “abused” her when they split and so did Courtland and so did Kieffer….. they may be douchebags but obciously so is she!!!! I never believed she was pregnant either. and if she was then I will pray for her unborn baby to r.I.p….. it’s just a little too coincidental that this happens right after courtland left. hell how domyoumguys know she didn’t abort the baby

  • mama theis.

    Funny….cause when your in the stages of a threatened miscarriage, doctors put you on strict bedrest. Up only for the restroom. I’ve been there and done that. She was off galavanting around town with Gary….if the was even pregnant to begin with and really did miscarry its her own damn fault. Don’t give her any sympathy.

  • gigi

    As Gomer Pyle says: “Surprise, surprise, surprise!”

  • DramaQueen

    I’m having a hard time believing she was even pregnant to begin with. If she was, my sympathy and condolences go out to her. Now with that being said, I’m thankful that she isn’t bringing another child into the world for Barb to raise and for those two to both ignore.

  • Holy

    Something is not right here. Why do we live in a world where a phony celebrity gets to make TWENTY THOUSAND DOLLARS off a fake pregnancy?! I bet whichever news source paid for it is really kicking themselves now. The only thing that’s got me thinking is that ultrasound photo that was released. Did that thing have a date on it? Could have been from when she was pregnant with Jace…

    • dee

      ‘Kicking themselves’? No, they’re calling her to set up the new story about how sad she is or whatever. Cuz even tho they payed her 20 grand they made 3 million selling that mag to ‘losers’ like us that are following this story.

      • Holy


  • Sammeh

    If this is true why would she be IN the hospital (assuming she didnt have a D&C but thats an outpatient procedure regardless). I had a miscarriage last month and they def dont put you in the hospital. And I for damn sure wasn’t tweeting. Also assuming the procedures for miscarriages are similar everywhere.

    • Jenn

      Maybe they didn’t put you in the hospital but when I had mine I was. I had emergency surgery. Not all d&c’s are out patient. Depends on the circumstance.

      • Lizzy

        Yea for emergency circumstances obviously. But she didnt say anything about emergency circumstances or a D&C.And around here they ARE outpatient unless something happened during and Im not far from Jenelle.

      • jayna

        she postin pics of herself dressed up and talkin abt goin shoppin with gary, so it wasn’t serious and she def didn’t say anything abt d&c. and where im from theyre outpatient too

  • Maiko Higa

    Whelp, Gary’s not a marine with that chin strap. I want to know what he is doing for work now? And why he would forgive janelle for saying he chocked her with a sheet?

  • Tracey

    Awww poor jenelle i luv her but i think it was for the best

  • Nikki

    Wow, when my friends are in the hospital suffering through something so traumatic, I’d make sure the first thing to do is Tweet pictures of myself, then write back and forth to them on Twitter talking about how I was going to vomit, followed by a “lol”. These people are absolutely ridiculous, white trash scum of the earth. There was no baby, as everyone predicted, and thank God for that. No child should be brought into the world to be surrounded by a bunch of losers like these.

  • Allison

    “Miscarriage” …right.
    More like abortion.

    • ashley

      Exactly what I was thinking! Especially after reading these comments…

      Jenelle just tweeted, “And the deed is done.” And then “U can f*** me over, I f*** harder.”

  • manbeeeehywh

    She’s so pathetic. She goes from having a “Miscarriage” to shopping….. I mean seriously.

    • Jen B

      Seriously. I know after my miscarriages I was way too exhausted and emotionally distraught to even think about leaving my house for weeks. Further proves there was never a baby.

  • Sabrina Denny

    If she was pregnant all the drugs probably killed it..but poor jennelle right???….LOL

  • Ace

    Yep, I feel so sad for Jenelle after seeing all this on twitter:
    10hrs ago: And this is the end I think.
    9hrs ago: Thank god Gary is here for me.
    1hr ago: (retweet) Gone shopping with PBandJenelly – Gary
    19m ago: mmmmm :) *attached photo of new vest she just got while shopping*
    11m ago: HAHAHAHA god you make me laugh *picture of some rapper dude or something*

    amongst other tweets about her new hair and items she bought shopping

    I guess 8 or less hours is all it takes for Jenelle to get over her miscarriage. She sounds just so devastated. Oh let me guess Jenelle fans, that is just ‘her way of dealing with things’, right? Shopping a few hours after her miscarriage and smiley faces?

  • Sara

    The baby that never existed!

  • msdinmd

    The heefer had the nerve to retweet that she was out having a good time with friends. Are you kidding me i’ve had three miscarriages prior to he healthy birth of my daughter and guess what afterwards your body is emotionally drained. Even if she had an abortion they would of told her to stay home and rest especially the first 24-48 after the procedure to minimize bleeding.. SHE WAS NEVER PREGNANT. Very odd Courtland has commented on this “Miscarriage” which would be odd of him. Since day one of this pathetic marriage he tweets more than jeanelle i’m sure he’d tweet about the loss of the baby.

  • MaHawk

    Jenelle is tweeting on twitter like nothing happened she is talking about shampoo and Rting a fan that said her hair looks better darker and she even tweeted Gary ”Just like old times”. This was all after the whole hospital thing. I am really hoping this pregnancy was fake if not she has some serious mental problems. Go to twitter read her recent tweets and she doesn’t even to seem to be upset or letting it phase her. Like wtf. something is NOT right. I hope this was fake.

  • Geniya

    i know jenelle the baby existed .
    just as much as i know jenelle
    i dont know jenelle

  • Guest

    I’ve had 5 miscarriages before and they were all early in weeks up to like 8 or 9, and with none of those miscarriages did I bleed more than a normal period. I feel sorry if she did miscarry, but my guess is that she was faking the entire pregnancy or she had a molar pregnancy. That ultra sound looked empty to me and being pregnant 8 times (losing 5) I think I know what I am looking at.

  • jean

    Starcasm staff, please do a story about how jenelle went shopping and to a club immediately after her miscarriage.

  • Burkey

    Wow. This is shocking. NOT. If this is true I feel bad for the lost life but there is a big part of me that doesn’t fully believe she was pregnant to begin with. She just continues to do things that discredit her. First of all, if you think you’re having a miscarriage why would one of the first things you do be to tweet about it? Why would tweeting even be anywhere on your mind for that matter? And secondly, if you’re having a miscarriage do you really want your ex/”friend” telling everyone how much you were bleeding? Like it just seems like over kill to me.. you don’t need to tell everyone she’s bleeding like that or any other specifics of whats going on.. unless you’re trying REALLY hard to convince people of something..

  • Tiff

    Tweeting about her miscarriage while she’s losing it??!! Sick and twisted. She’s got isdues

  • Cody

    She is on heroin. Just watch for it when you watch the show. Light eyes and smalls pupils are signs of people high on opiates. I used to be an addict and I can spot it a mile away.