EXCLUSIVE Ashlee Wilson-Hawn and Kahdijiha Rowe’s fight details from celebrity stylist Keon Brunson

Big Rich Atlanta Ashlee Wilson-Hawn Kahdijiha Rowe

Ashlee Wilson-Hawn made her reality TV debut last week on Style Network’s new series Big Rich Atlanta, and while she’s only been in the spotlight for a short time, she’s been all over the headlines. Most recently, reports have surfaced that Ashlee’s infamous (but yet to actually air) birthday party brawl with co-star Kahdijiha Rowe wasn’t an attack like Ashlee had claimed, and that it was actually Kahdijiha who was the victim. However, an insider who attended the party tells a different story.

“Ashlee’s version of events were totally fabricated,” one source claimed to Reality Tea. “There is  footage that shows Ashlee throwing a glass at Kahdijiha and Kahdijiha was simply defending herself.” In addition to the claims that Ashlee was the aggressor, the source also claimed that her bald spots were the result of years of extensions gone wrong — not from the hair pulling that Ashlee had claimed.

But now, celebrity hair stylist Keon Brunson is speaking out about Ashlee’s hair and the drama that went down behind the scenes between Ashlee and Kahdijiha at her birthday party.

“Ashlee was never bald from extensions. She’s always had nice healthy full hair,” Keon begins, adding that after the party was a different story entirely. “Even now, Ashlee has a complete bald spot in the side of her head which had to be filled in with extensions.”

Ashlee Wilson-Hawn hair after fight with Kahdijiha Rowe Big Rich Atlanta Ashlee Wilson-Hawn hair pulled out allegedly by Kahdijiha Rowe
^ Photos of the damage to Ashlee Wilson-Hawn’s hair after Kahdijiha Rowe allegedly pulled it out during a fight (via Reality Tea)

Keon, who also does fellow Atlanta reality star Marlo Hampton’s hair, brought a friend with him to the party and that man ended up in the middle of Ashlee and Kahdijiha when the drama went down, which forced him to act as mediator when things got ugly. “He had to pry Kahdijiha’s hands off of Ashlee’s hair. Ashley was frantic,” Keon recalls. “Everybody was in awe that the situation had gone that far. It was horrifying. Her hair was all over the floor due to the pulling and tugging, and her head was bleeding and bruised.”

After being pried away from Kahdijiha and the drama at the party, Ashlee fled the scene and went to a different restaurant, where Keon later found her crying with her hair matted from all the tugging.

As they were leaving the restaurant to head home, Ashlee was once again confronted by Kahdijiha and her aunt. “They continued to taunt her,” Keon says. “They even got out of her their cars and were yelling things at her like ‘We’ll beat your a** again.'”

As for all of the claims being brought against Ashlee, Keon says simply, “She is lying. She or whomever is speaking to her is lying.”

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  • Nia

    That is disgusting! grow up and act like a lady. Nothing that this woman (ashley) could have said deserved her being beat and her hair being ripped out. these women (the attackers) deserve to be put jail for their actions.

  • ATLson

    BS The boyfriend is standing right there at the scene. If it was that bad he would have jumped in to help Ashley. Bar fights nothing new to him

  • Ok… So people have a choice, believe Ashlee’s hairdresser or believe some mysterious unnamed source? I’m gonna go with the hairdresser.

    • Lori Grahm

      You are going to believe a someone who calls himself a “Celebrity Hairdresser” yet he has no clients that are celebrities? He is a liar by virtue of that false claim in an of itself.

      • I would rather believe someone who is willing to be named and take the heat from people like you, than someone who is hiding behind anonymousity. And I’m sorry, writing a bad check isn’t big enough to warrant his testimony false

        • Disconnect

          Yes it is and Ashley a C U N T.

        • Jessica

          Jeff you are delusion … I have watched you all over Ashlee and Kahdja’s twitter timeline… You just want to be famous… If you believe in piece and non violence why do you and Ashlee keep tweeting her messing with her. I know plenty of Victims and they would not have to balls to keep taunting someone who brutally beat them. Especially since

          • Jessica

            Kahdja isn’t responding you and Ashlee’s tweets dummy!! She has an attorney… ASHLEE SHOULD GET ONE!!!

  • Ladybug

    Ashlee should not have put her hand on anyone if u did not want to be hit back it not about being a bully or gettho it about u hit me I’m going to hit u back

    • She didn’t put her hand on anyone… Hence the reason why she was not arrested or facing any charges.

      • Disconnect

        Oh yes she did! Ashley kept grabbing Kahdijiha’s stomach and calling her fat. Do you have eyes? Ashley’s the WORST type of girl and her type should be extinguished from the planet. I’m not a violent person but after watching her last two episodes, I would love nothing more than beating her smug ass.

      • Jessica

        I think you are brainwashed or just stupid… To file a warrent only costs $30 and you can file on anyone!!! Since you read all of the articles and respond do you remember the one that say filing a false report is a felony as well… She will get what’s coming just you watch! You and Ashlee are both doing this all for attention … You just watch she will get what’s coming to her!!!

  • Theharshglareofthespotlight

    He is no celebrity hair stylist, what a liar. He fled SC to start a new life in GA after writing bad checks and screwing so many people over. His only claim to being a celeb hairstylist is that he does extensions on two trashy women on trashy tv shows? Hardly a celebrity hair stylist. Frederic Fekkai, Ken Paves, Oribe are Celebrity Hair Stylists, Keon does extensions and bad ones at that. Make you go bald.

  • I’m sorry, but he was charged almost a decade ago for a bad check for less than $500… Hardly a criminal compared to felony battery like Khadijha.

  • Ang71

    Ya’ll act like this is the first time there has been a cat fight on a reality show. GTFOH defending these chicks. They’re all catty b*tches who think they’re better than the next. I’m sure the network will love the ratings.

  • The TRUTH

    Jeff Dornik WHY are you on EVERY blog defending Ashlee???? Every blog I go to I see your name. Fighting HARD…Are you Ashlee or her lawyer? Oh, Ok…

    • Jessica

      I noticed that as well… JEFF IS ON EVERY BLOG DEFENDING ASHLEE!!! I found out they are friends so all day him and his wife Kristen sit on blog sites and social media defending her. Its crazy … This chick is wrong and got what she asked for. She has been a bully since episode 1!!! You can’t bully people then expect to yell attack and promote non violence when you started the fight by putting your hands on her first. This chick doesn’t know what to do now so she has her lame friends and stupid hair stylist trying to clean up her mess!!!