Jenelle Evans files assault charges against husband Courtland Rogers

Jenelle Edwards and son Jace out with her new boyfriend Courtland Rogers

The saga going on between Jenelle Evans and Courtland Rogers has officially been taken to a new, much more serious level. Earlier today in North Carolina, the Teen Mom 2 star filed assault charges against her husband of a month and a half, and it may result in Courtland being thrown behind bars.

We spoke with Jenelle’s attorney Dustin Sullivan who confirms reports that Jenelle went to the magistrate in North Carolina this morning and filed four charges of assault on a female (including at least one of assault on a female with an unborn child) against husband Courtland Rogers. He says there is a court date set for some time in February but Courtland has yet to be served, which makes since given that he is reportedly in Michigan right now. (I am sure many will jump to the conclusion that Courtland left the state because he was “running from the law,” but obviously there is no way to confirm — or deny — that right now.)

Sullivan goes on to say that Jenelle will be defended by the state of North Carolina in the matter.

Though we aren’t certain if Jenelle’s charges apply, North Carolina passed the Unborn Victims of Violence Act (often referred to as Ethen’s Law) in April and it took effect in December. “The legislation deems that anyone who commits murder, manslaughter or assault against a pregnant woman is guilty of the same crimes against the fetus, regardless of whether an attacker knows about the pregnancy,” according to WRAL. (Click the link to learn more about the law.)

While it has yet to be reported when the alleged assault occurred, it’s probable that it went down on Tuesday morning before Jenelle was admitted to the hospital. The two had been fighting after Courtland snuck out of their home for a wild night of drinking. Following that, Jenelle claims to have found messages between him and other women. Tensions were at an all-time high.

Courtland, who has been much quieter than usual since yesterday, recently spoke with Radar and is denying all charges. “I did not hit my wife,” Courtland insists. “This is not true at all.” However, Courtland did flee the state yesterday, which sort of raises a red flag. Earlier this month, Courtland had appeared in court and although it was never revealed how that court date went, it is very possible that he could be on probation, which means that these charges could very well land him behind bars.

Despite Courtland’s denials, the source insists that Jenelle was assaulted and has bruises on her face from the incident. In addition to that, Jenelle even claimed to have possibly fractured her skull.

  • Jamie

    This girl is such a mess. But props to her for taking action in an abusive situation. I just wonder what his side of the story is.

    • hfudjd

      I’m sure this is for show and she’ll drop the charges.

  • ashley

    She’s such a piece of trash. Every time she breaks up with someone, she claims they’ve hit her. Then, when they make up, oops she lied. Sorry, don’t believe her.

    • Nia

      Hey Ashley, lets not pass judgment against her because we were not there. If she was abused by the men that have been in her life, she is suppose to notify the police. She is doing the right thing by putting these men behind bars. I refuse to talk badly about her based on putting the men who have abused her, behind bars. And by the way, she did not say that her ex Josh had abused her. She simply broke up with him. I think we should change the way we lash out negatively against women who are abused. If she was abused, her character or life style shouldn’t get in the way of our concern for her well being. I hope she and her unborn child are ok.

      • The problem people have with her claims is that she’s supposedly threatened exes (husband included in that) with taunts of how she’ll cry abuse and have them put in jail. That’s a disgusting, LOW thing to do. I find it very hard to believe that she would toy with Courtland and throw tantrums on twitter if he really did some serious damage to her. Wouldn’t you be terrified? Avoiding all contact? HAPPY that he skipped town, not crying about it and making more threats? That would make a hell of a lot more sense and I also think its obvious that Jenelle is an attention seeker. If there were bruises we would have been the first to see them before any hospital or a lawyer. She’s going to cry wolf too many times and end up getting exactly what she deserves.

        • Nia

          Its the cycle of domestic abuse. You shouldn’t crucify her for it. A lot of women go through it.

      • Ace

        She was only with Josh a couple of weeks by the looks of things, not long enough a relationship for her to label him an abuser I guess. Maybe we would somehow believe 3 guys abused her, if she didn’t say Kieffer and Gary did it, and then go back to them, and then say Gary didn’t actually do it, and it wasn’t Kieffers fault blah blah blah. Sorry, don’t believe it either.

      • Mickey

        No, she didn’t say josh abused her but during her after episode thing she said “i found out stuff about josh after we broke up that i wish i knew before i brought jace around him”. So she smeared his name too. Just saying.

      • Mia003

        How is she doing the right thing by going back to another guy that abused her when she is pregnant with another guys baby! I don’t think that child is safe. She said Gary beat her and choked her so now that she is pregnant with another guys baby she is going back to him and putting her child in danger! If she cared about her child she wouldn’t have gone back to a guy like that and Yes that makes her TRASH to go back to a guy like that and put her child in danger. She does not care about her kids only attention.

      • burkey

        Well you just said we can’t pass judgement because we weren’t there.. yet you’re assuming she was abused even though you weren’t there to see it. So its ok to pass judgement as long as you believe Jenelle?

  • Kayla

    If he is still going to court for what he was earlier, he isn’t on probation. His court dates got continued until March, need to update.

  • Laura

    Honestly with how many times she has claimed abuse, it’s really hard to trust her. The sad thing is that she is just making it harder for anyone out there that really is being abused because it makes people skeptical

  • ameliaBedelia76

    Don’t believe anything this chick says. Every dude she dates she claims in abusing her. When her and Courtland were fighting last month she said she was going to tell everyone he beat her and that was a LIE. Just like everything else in her life is lie. Jenelle has mental issues that she does not take care of. She will create any story to get attention. I bet in a week or so she will “miscarry” the baby.

    • Allie

      I’m starting to believe that Jenelle as well as Leah (the first time she got “pregnant” with Jeremy) just made up the stories for publicity and money, and then miraculously suffered miscarriages.

      • awoman

        Let’s see Leah’s episodes before making that call. For all you know, we’ll see an ultrasound and hear a heartbeat in two weeks.

  • Lili

    I honestly think that if Janelle does have bruses its from self harm. You can easily bank your own head into something and you can also easily punch yourself. I am bipolar and when I would have one of my worst episodes (Thankfuly now not so often) I would bang my head and hit myself. I know im a freak lol but sometimes shit would get to me that bad but I am learning to control and live with this and having a child has been the best thing to happen to me since now I have more of a reason to better myself

  • jr

    Just saw Jenelle posted a screen shot of a convo between her and Courtland’s ex and baby momma. Apparently she is pregnant by him too!!!

  • Nathan

    Why is it that some women seem to get beaten by every guy they date? Are they just so annoying that they incite every guy to violence; are they making it up; are they consciously or unconsciously attracted to guys who beat women? I don’t get it. My ex-mother-in-law was the same way. Married 4 times and every guy she was married to beat her.

    • Kelly

      It’s a cycle. Girls who have been abused tend to jump from one abusive relationship to another. Sometimes they can change it themselves but often they need help. It’s also common for women to lie to protect their abuser. It’s possible jenelle is telling the truth about the abuse, but obviously it’s difficult to tell because she changes her stories so much.

    • me

      Wow! I hope no one dates you. So annoying to get beaten up?!? NO ONE DESERVES TO BE BEATEN UP. Maybe you are abusive to women in your life and make up the excuse that they are annoying and deserve it but NO WOMAN DESERVES TO BE ABUSED. Got it? I hope so. I sure hope you don’t have daughters. What an awful things to say.

      • Nathan

        What? Chill out. I never said that anyone deserved to get beaten. I was simply pointing out that it seems odd that so many women claim to be beaten by every guy they date. And, yes, some women can really get under a guy’s skin and make them act out in ways that they normally wouldn’t. And, yes, I have a daughter. And, no, I have never beat a woman. Of course, I also avoid women like you, so as to not put myself in a position of having to deal with an annoying, nagging woman.

    • Demona

      I suspect with her mental issues she dates a low caliber to begin with of men and then she pushes them. A lot of people with the destructive, yelling, and aggressive tendancy she has shown do that. She will literally stand there and push, push, push, then beat on that hot button that she knows will tip them over the cliff. Be it yelling, slapping them, pushing them, punching them and daring for them to hit her back. Then there’s the issue of the class of “dudes” not gentlemen that she dates. They don’t seem the type of men to let a woman push them around without pushing back. (Nowhere in here did I justify the men fighting back)

  • Nathan

    They’ll get back together next week and she’ll swear he never hit her.

  • Allie

    Why should the law and the justice system give a **** what happens to this girl? She broke the law by smoking weed every day for over three years. The “state of North Carolina” shouldn’t be so quick to defend her.

    • lex

      Its smoking weed its not that serious. Getting abused is. And weather or not she’s lying is for “the state of north Carolina” to decide. I don’t understand how smoking weed should result in not being defended for being abused though…

  • Allie

    Jenelle also claimed on her formspring that Andrew abused her when they were together. Along with Keiffer, Gary, and Courtland, that makes four abusive boyfriends in a row. Something tells me she eggs it on or enjoys it.

  • Dani

    It is not uncommon for a woman to be stuck in the cycle of abuse and go from one abusive relationship to another Though considering it is Jenelle, lying is a high possibility.

  • sue

    well ,, I don’t don’t doubt every guy she dates abused her . because she only dates losers so , im pretty sure most of them did hit her

  • Mickey

    I called that sh*t! I knew that psycho b*tch was gonna play the abuse card!

  • Burkey

    I mean I wouldn’t put it past him but at the same time there’s a good chance she’s lying since she always claims her bfs are abusive. Plus Jenelle can get pretty crazy as we’ve seen when she is angry and I highly doubt that if there was physical abuse in their relationship that it was only Courtland. These two BOTH probably went at it like the trashballs they are.

  • lala

    straight up dysfunctional. I am sad for the unborn baby, and Jace. he will never know what it’s like to have a put together family. Barbara best still take care of him and probably the new baby too.

  • Psychologist

    So I am by no means a fan of jenelle but I don’t think she is lying for the show. If the courts are involved there has to be serious proof to what she is saying I.e. incident reports, hospital records, e.t.c. Also if she lies she can get in major trouble so I do not think its lies. I think she is stuck in a cycle of being with guys that abuse her. It’s sad and I hope she gets help.

  • Mia003

    She could be lying because she is mad he went out all night like she did a few weeks ago. How can she get mad that he was out all night when she did the same exact thing to him and she is mad that he was talking to girls but she was talking to her ex. If she dosn’t like abuse why would she go back to her ex boyfriend that physically abused her and has anger problems! Also she pregnant with another guys baby and going back to her abusive ex? She could have just gone back to her moms house and could be with her son or go to a hotel or get her own apartment. What is wrong with her? I don’t see no hope for this girl. If he is abusive and she dosn’t like being abused then why would she go back to another abusive guy? Also did you see the way she treats her friends and her mother?! She is crazy. I would not be surprised if she attacked him. I am not saying that he didn’t hurt her but she might have attacked him too. I would not be surprised if she was still on drugs either. This girl has no self respect pregnant with another mans baby and going back to a abusive ex. I am scared for this child that I am sure Barbara is going to be raising soon. She needs a break poor barb from raising kids.

  • Allie

    I almost feel bad for Jenelle. She began dating Andrew after meeting him on Myspace when she was 14 years old and he was 21. Where was Barb during all of this? I understand Jenelle is pretty uncontrollable, but you really have to look at who raised her. We don’t act like this because we weren’t raised around people acting this trashy and abusive. But we really don’t know what kind of mother Barb really is. Would you let your 14 year old date someone who was 21? She should have forced it to end. Where is Jenelle’s father when his 14 year old daughter was being raped statutorily? I really blame her parents for the way she turned out. Barb raised Jenelle and she is the way she is, and he is almost fully raising Jace, which leaves me to believe he will turn out just like her. I pray she can get off the drugs and the drama and turn her life around, but I don’t hold out much hope for that happening.

    • Allie

      **she is almost fully raising Jace.