Why did Tara and Brian from The Sisterhood get fired from their church?


A major plot point for pastors Tara and Brian Lewis of TLC’s The Sisterhood is the fact that they were recently fired from a church in Atlanta that they moved from L.A. to join. They have a dream to become televangelists, and are struggling with making new friends in the ATL and connecting with their co-stars.

It turns out they’ve told different stories about why they were fired from their new church.

On the show Brian, a born-again Jew, tells his new acquaintances that he discovered he and the 300-member church’s elders had differences about the vision and direction of the church.

“There was difficulty coming to an agreement on the purpose and kind of direction of the church. Being the senior pastor, I thought I was going to be entrusted with the vision and it was difficult. In the end they just kind of pushed a letter in front of us.”

Tara added “After six weeks of being here, they said ‘We release you.”

After the premiere episode aired a few weeks ago, Brian did a lengthy interview where he said he regretted doing the show, claimed that they edited all the Godly stuff from the show, and said he wasn’t prepared for all the gossip and back biting going on. He also said that the real reason he was fired from his church was because he was filming the TLC show. Guess that’s the difference of purpose they were having:

The couple now has a local TV show called Phenomenal Life Today. According to their website the show airs Saturdays at 7 a.m. Both Tara and Brian are listed as hosts, which is interesting because part of the plot of The Sisterhood involves Brian trying to push Tara out so he can do the show alone.

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  • Soncie22

    Sooo, what’s the reason for them being fired?

    • Babson_Chick

      WTH knows!!

  • jblxxx

    He’s really giving me Gay vibes…just saying

  • jason m

    I’m gay and I am so confused! Brian is so gay, but he maybe choosing to be in a relationship with a girl.

    • JennyGump

      Jason – I am getting the same gay vibes from Brian. I am a straight woman who dated a man last year who I also got major gay vibes from. I tried to ignore it, telling myself I was imagining it. But I couldn’t ignore my gut feelings after a while. Can you tell me why a man would date a woman or marry one if he is gay?

  • Child of The Most High God

    For all of you who who are judging God’s children, Pastors Brian and Tara, you need to stop.! The Lord will fight with those who fight against them and He will perfect those things which concerns them…..

  • Blessed

    This was a really great interview! I believe he has a heart for The Lord. He and his wife was my fav on the show. They seemed genuine and not messy. I don’t believed he is gay! Please don’t spread rumors. God bless! :-)

  • nixxy

    This couple is crazy as Hell. God did not tell you your son is going to be the next jewish black president (first, whatever) for gods sakes, wouldnt God have more important things to be telling people?? people in a much higher position of power who are doing things in the world right now?? who can effect billions of lives?? they arent even really jewish so how can he be the first black jewish pres?? i dont think thats gonna hold up. i feel really sorry for this young man.. his parents living through him and not letting him live his own life. Not to mention, NOBODY likes a bible thumper!!! but she wont listen to anybody who tries to explain to her how to better get people to open up and communicate by not preaching to them, but by relating to them as human beings, and maybe you can preach after that.