Jenelle Evans is pregnant with baby #2

Jenelle Evans and husband Courtland Rogers in her car

Jenelle Evans is expanding her family. The Teen Mom 2 star and her husband will welcome their first child together this fall, which means Jenelle’s son, Jace, and Courtland’s daughter, Jordan, will both be getting a little brother or sister — and speaking of Jace, Jenelle is sure that his new baby will help her regain custody.

“Me and Jenelle are so happy that she’s pregnant,” her husband Courtland Rogers tells Star Magazine. “She told me, ‘I’m looking forward to a second chance.’”

As part of that second chance, Jenelle is hoping that she will prove to everyone (especially the court system) that she deserves to have custody of her son. “She thinks if she can prove that she’s a good mother, she can get Jace back,” Courtland adds.

Teen Mom Jenelle Evans with son Jace Evans

And that just may work. Jenelle is married now and if she’s staying clean and staying focused on her family and her work, that will definitely weigh heavily in her case to get Jace back. However, she’s still going to need the money to get to court, which she recently told fans she didn’t quite have.

According to the mag, Jenelle is about six weeks along and her due date has been set for September 4 — the couple’s nine month wedding anniversary, which means they could have actually conceived their baby on their wedding night right after they celebrated at Jenelle’s favorite hang out — the Olive Garden!

Just yesterday, Jenelle hinted that she was staying clean for more than just the sake of being drug-free. She wrote, “I’ve been clean for months now and there’s a reason.”

Congratulations to Jenelle and Courland on their new addition!

UPDATE – So what do you think about the big announcement? Click this link and take our poll!

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  • K


  • Mandi

    There needs to be a law where if you loose custody of a child you shouldn’t be allowed to reproduce anymore. Typical in this day and age irresponsible people popping out baby after baby that the grandparents end up raising. No wonder society it going to shit!!!!

    • I agree with you…

    • :))))))))

      HAHAHAHA the only person who disliked this comment is Jenelle. Come on people you don’t and should not have second chance with kid, it’s a human being for gods sake not a dog

      • You shouldn’t treat dogs badly either or neglect them….

        • :))))))))

          yeah but if you want a dog and it don’t work you take them to SPCA and end of the story, you can’t do that with a child, ohhh wait she did that with Jace already, except SPCA is Barbara.

  • ohhhhno

    Great, so now she can rub baby number two in Jace’s face and he can wonder why he wasn’t good enough for her to spend time with. I hope Babs takes this baby too, because Courtland and Jenelle seem like they are both too unfit to be parents.

    • Kari

      You seriously read my mind. I hope that poor Jace realizes he was perfect and that it was his mom that was a screw up :/

  • Ally

    Wow, my heart just dropped when I saw this article.

  • Apryl

    How does she not have money for court to get Jace back? She gets a new pair of uggs and tons of victorias secret clothes every week. Not to mention the brand new car she just bought. She has the money, just doesnt feel like taking care of her kid. The same exact thing is gonna end up happening to this baby. I really hope that they both get their act together for their kids sake.

    • becca

      rumor has it they done it for money, and mtv is paying for the wedding too, getting married so soon. not sure, either way there is a new baby in the pic and he deserves a mother and a father..something jace hasnt had. maybe this child will make her realize how much of jace’s life she has missed and will start over fresh with him and hopefully for her sake, one day he wont resent her for this.

  • Lisa

    Congratulations on their new addition? You can’t be serious. The writers on this site are as dumb as the losers they cover. This girl is an irresponsible junkie who will either get the baby taken away at birth because it tests positive for drugs or it will be dumped on Barbara later. Nothing to congratulate someone for.

    • Courtney

      I REALLY hope this isn’t true and its just another one of Jenelle’s stupid publicity stunts and that she just wants attention because if its true this is HORRIBLE! Someone needs to MAKE her do constant drug tests! She can’t even take care of her own body let alone make it safe for a child! The fact that they are such horrible parents that they had their children taken away from them SHOULD NOT be allowed to have custody of their new baby! If you can’t take care of the kids you already have then you shouldn’t be allowed to have custody of the new baby! You know they did this on purrpose and that’s the most disgusting part! Jenelle needs to realize that the things she does affects others way more than herself and she can’t just start something and always expect others to finish it or clean up her messes! I hope they take her baby away from both her and Courtland. It’s not fair to punish this baby before he/she even has a chance. Two pregnancys by 21 are NOT on accident! She’s doesn’t care that her irresponsible behavior has serious consequences FOR OTHER people, she only cares about what she wants. Disgusted by this news!!!

  • Areyouserious

    Anyone else suspicious that her due date is EXACTLY 9 months after their wedding. Which is when teu want us to think she got knocked up. Too bad it doesn’t work like that. You would think someone who has been pregnant and given birth would understand that too. I doubt she’s pregnant at all. They are just broke junkies that need money and its an easy way to get it. She’s either going to have a tragic miscarriage, or when her and COURTLAND get into one of their public train wreck fights she’ll admit it was fake and blame it all on him somehow.

    • Exactly! She is not pregnant! Kieffer and Jenelle tried the same scheme on MTV! Get real people!

  • LaDy


  • LaDy

    I hate to say this, but if she’s been abusing drugs for any amount of time, a short stint of not abusing drugs is not going to make her body a very place to gestate a child. A lot of the medications she was on to help her get clean/ manage withdrawal carry pretty hefty warnings of birth defects. This is a very sad situation. Not to mention the fact that, if she doesn’t have money to go to court to get jace back, how does she have money to raise another child?

  • smh

    Umm didn’t she recently get a tattoo, its illegal to tattoo pregnant woman….js.

    • Well it’s not illegal, so technically you CAN, but most tattoo artists will refuse to do it. I wouldn’t recommend it because of the risk of infection. Your immune system is suppressed(because its protecting baby) so you might heal slower. Getting the tattoo can send your blood pressure and heart rate up because tattoos hurt. This might put the baby into unneeded distress.

      • Ashley

        Getting a tattoo while pregnant is probably the least harmful thing jenelle has done to the unborn baby, sadly.

  • steph


    Why are you congratulating her on another pregnancy when she can’t (and wont) even take care of her first child?


  • She can’t even take care of her first child. I really hope this is a made up story.

  • Babs high blood pressure

    I just don’t understand Jenelle’s reason and logic. “Yeah we’ll have a baby, even though we both aren’t actively involved in our first childs life, that will show the court how responsible we now are”.
    She’s still very childish, only a few hours ago she was starting twitter drama with Tori and Alison, so how can she think shes mature to care for two children? Also how can she not afford a lawyer but she can afford a new baby? I don’t have a baby but I heard that in a childs first year you have to spend around $800 a month on them. Surely less then lawyer bills, also if Babs deemed her a fit enough mother I’m sure she’d give her custody of Jace in a flash.
    I just hope maybe this new baby can give her a push to move on with her life, grow up and be a responsible adult, some how I just can’t see it though. So sad.

  • ohmygeez

    This girl is just determined to run her life into the ground. One bad decision after another but this one takes the cake. A revolving door of guys, homes, jobs (or does she even work?) and school. A baby is NOT a band-aid or quick fix for your messed up marriage!

  • Savannah

    Oh god, I just about threw up in my mouth just now. What an awful thing. People should NOT be allowed to have children until they have been proved fit enough to take care of their first one. I hope this baby is taken from her ASAP, and hopefully she doesn’t screw it up while its in utero.

  • sammi

    Neither she or courtland have custody of their kids, their both addicts and now they produce a baby. Wow. This baby is gonna be so drugged out and addicted its a shame. I dont doubt for one second that she didnt do drugs or drink with Jace, its no way in hell she didnt. What a waste she is.

  • Cheermom

    Hmm- not even one month ago Starcasm ran a article about Jenelle admitting to using Hydrocodone. God knows what else she is taking or is on. Lets pray that she is at least honest with her Dr about what substances she is on, has been on, or withdrawing from. I also, like everyone else, am sickened by the news of a new baby on the way. She is constantly fighting with Courtland, doesn’t even seem remotely close to having her life stable enough to bring another child into the world. Highly doubtful, but all we can do is hope the train wreck that is Jenelle will put her big girl pants on, stop the drama, and start being a responsible mother for BOTH her children & stop playing victim.

  • Ridiculous

    You know its so funny how people can sit here and judge other people on their mistakes. I am sure each and everyone of you have someone in your family or know someone who has had to let someone else raise their child because at the time they just couldnt do it! Jenelle was a very young girl when she got pregnant and yea you can say that so were the other ones.. But take a look at their familys and then look at Jenelles. Her mother is just as crazy as she is.. and to be honest if my mom was like that too there is NO way in hell I could stand to be around her and still live a sane life. So what if shes pregnant again!! This time around she is older and I am sure has learned her mistakes.. Yall need a life if all yall can do is sit on your computers all day and bash this girl.. Yall are nothing but a bunch of bullies who are no better than she is! Get a damn life and take a look at your lives before you judge someone else.. !

    • Veronica

      Someone hit a nerve with you lol

      • Ridiculous

        I am so tired of hearing how awful this girl is.. She is the only one whos life shows the real struggles in a teen pregnancy.. So hit a nerve? No.. Im just tired of all the bullies and all the “know it alls” This is why there are so many suicides over people being bullied

    • Lmg

      Actually everyone in my family has raised or is raising their own children. Her motherhas custody not because Jenelle was young. She got custody because Jenelle is an addict. You are right she is older and she SHOULD KNOW BETTER but her life is still in shambles. She is still dealing with legal drama, drug addiction, and she hasn’t really made a good life for herself. The fact that she can’t get her own life together nor get custody of her son shows that she is not ready for a second child.

      • Ridiculous

        You know I come from a VERY great family and I have cousins who were unable to care for their children and their parents are raising them.. So I know there has to be someone you know may or may not be in your family.. You dont know anything about Jenelle whether it be shes still on drugs, legal drama or whatever else it may be.. You are reading what other people say about her and nothing has come from her mouth.. I think you should have learned this a long time ago.. Dont belive everything you hear..

    • seriously?

      She couldn’t do 2 weeks of jail time for the crimes she committed because she had tickets to a stupid kesha concert and she dropped out of college because she had to unpack… she obviously can’t get her priorities straight… do you honestly think she will put a babies needs before her own? She didn’t the first time why would she now? None of the other girls have their mom raising their baby so being young has nothing to do with her not having jace. She’s just a fck up

    • seriously?

      Kailyn has no support from her mother or father and she’s doing just fine… janelles immature that’s why she can’t raise a child…a baby raising a baby

      • Ridiculous

        Kailyn may not have support from her mother or father but she has support from the ONE person that is needed the most… The baby’s Dad.. Janelle may have been immature but she made a very mature desicion in letting her mom help with Jace..

    • Me

      You, my dear, need to learn the difference between the term ‘mistakes’ and ‘total f*ck ups’

  • Veronica

    BABS is expecting a new baby in a few months (: Everyone pray that this child comes out healthy!! And is placed in BABS good hands.

  • Wow Janelle you’re getting caught in more lies. Its actually dangerous to conceive so soon after a surgery for ovarian CYSTS.

    • Whogivesarattsass

      She never had surgery for cysts in November that is when she went to rehab.. I had the cyst surgery and was fine in 4 weeks.. she is just a liar. plain and simple

      • Even if she had the surgery early November that was barely 3 weeks. I’ve had the surgery twice, once in 2008 and once in 2010, and I know for a fact they told me it could be life threatening to carry a baby for longer than 3 weeks. My surgeries were out-patient, meaning I got to go home the same day. She was in the hospital for days, meaning (if she really did have a surgery and this wasn’t related to heroin or other drugs) that her surgery was much more complicated, dangerous, and risky, and her body needs to heal not be pregnant.

  • Damn she is stupid. No education, no real income, contributes nothing to Jace having a proper support system, and then goes and pulls this shit? Give it 30 days before CPS is coming to snatch that child

    • ameliaBedelia76

      you have no idea how I wish CPS would intervene. I have a cousin who are wonderful foster parents. There are people out there whowould love to have these children. Janelle and her junkie husband are a total joke.

  • Kara

    Poor Jace.

  • Jess

    Thankfully, this child will probably never have to deal with Janelle as a mother. The state will most likely take the baby away when it is born because they are both heroin addicts with intense arrest records who are not allowed custody of the children they already have. This is an incredibly sad situation for the rest of the family, and I hope that Barbara will be able and willing to take on another young child.

  • D

    This makes my heart hurt, both for Jace and the alleged unborn child 🙁 a cycle of dysfunctional families

  • This story could not be more false! They only sold the store for drug money. Expect her to have a miscarriage soon. Kieffer and Jenelle tried this same scheme, only MTV busted them

    • ameliaBedelia76

      I have heard this before on the blogs but not in the actual news. I would love to read the story. I can’t believe this skank even gets media time. She is disgusting.

  • jeff

    Oh this is going to be fun to watch… like following a car you know will eventually crash in a hell fire of carnage.

  • Rebeldutchess

    What a travesty!, so to feed your own selfish needs you decide to go and get pregnant again?, history will predict the future of this unborn Child.

  • I’ve heard that they are lying so they could sell the “story” to get money to move! Give it 2-3 months and there will be a “miscarriage”…. Im guessing due to her “ovarian cysts”. And the writers of starcasm are pathetically stuck up her butt.

  • Furthermore, who announces to the world a pregnancy at 6 weeks espcecially when theyve struggled with “ovarian cysts”. Hmm. I’m sensing its a ploy.

  • awoman

    I wonder if the baby will be “arriving early”…maybe 4 weeks early? It would explain the shotgun wedding.

  • awoman

    How long ago was she in rehab again?

  • sdfjksher

    Nice going Jenelle, when you get the first one taken away, just make another!

    You are irresponsible, moronic, and a sad excuse for a human being. I hope you’re reading this, Jenelle, because you need to know the whole world hates you.

  • I hope that the baby will be healthy and all will go well, with no complications. However, I do not understand this girl AT ALL. Why on earth would you bring another child into the world when you treat the one that you have like an afterthought? Seriously. Is she going to spend more time and effort with this child? How is that going to make Jace feel when he sees his mother with a new family? This doesn’t make sense to me. Poor Jace. I wonder how Babs is going to react to this.

  • Mickey

    I’m praying this is just a hoax! The LAST thing this girl needs is another baby that she won’t be taking care of. Poor Babs, she should be spoiling her grandbabies and sending them home, not sending them to their Mommy to get spoiled and then fighting them into a bath and then to bed.

  • Jenelle drinks in pics

    There are pics of her drinking!!! WTF? She is an idiot.

  • Whogivesarattsass

    She makes me SICK. If she thinks ANY court will give a bi polar drug addicted 21 yr old who is pregnant with yet another kid her first child back she is just insane. This kid will end up RIGHT in the same place Jace is.. With Barb. Poor Barb she is in the second half of her life and she is a mother of 2 kids under the age of 4.. How sad. Jenelle is a selfish narcissist. And her husband cant even see HIS own kid. How gross these two are.

  • Kelly

    I’m so sad for Jace, Jordan, and the new baby. If any of these kids end up with jenelle and courtland at this point then they have no chance in life.

  • So sad, a “second chance”? What, did she give up on being a mother to Jace? Ugh. This truly makes me sick. Another reason why couples should have to apply for a license in order to procreate. She has a child that she couldn’t raise and STILL hasn’t proved that she is stable enough to be his mother again.

    • Cindy

      Couples should have to apply for a license in order to procreate? You ignoramus. I’m sure you voted for Obama too.

      • Stop being a dumbass, Cindy….or should I say Jenelle? It would never happen in a million years, but I would support anything that prevented shitty parents from having helpless children who only turn into effed up adults. Next time you get the urge to contribute to the adults’ conversations, I suggest you walk away from your computer and take a break first. Or better yet, read a damn book.

  • l

    I’ll probably sound really mean, but I sure hope she miscarriages.

  • Allison

    Oh FFS, no!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Cassidy

    Well Barbara’s gonna have another one to raise… here we go again.

  • I’m pretty sure this is a sign of the pending apocalypse.

  • I also don’t like the way they phrased the “second chance” comment. It intimates that she’s giving up on Jace and starting fresh with this new child. Why not try to start fresh with the one she has?

  • congrats babs

    How is she prego when she just went Nd got a tattoo with her so called husband and not to mention her admit to the hospital for a “cyst” rupture. . More like detoxification from all those drugs she js clearly addiced to. Smh wow poor girl she is really stupid as they come.

  • Stephanie

    I wonder what Barbara thinks of this?!! Poor Jace, poor unborn baby.

  • Jenn

    Great another kid I’m going to end up footing the bill for…..I don’t even have any of my own.

  • Sara

    Will she lose custody to this one too?

  • Katie D

    if her due date is sept 4th, then she got pregnant around dec 12th. That is my due date too…and I know exactly the day bc we were trying.

  • u are NOT the father lol

    Its prob not even Courtland baby … maybe she is just doing the samething she did with jace father who we know he is not…. if I was Coutland DNA test

  • Ridiculous

    And they didnt have any help at all? The young ones didnt have their parent helping? They werent on some kind of government assistance? I find it really hard to believe that the young ones had no help at all… So youre telling me that they are still with thier childrens father? and have not had another boyfriend? All this trouble with the law I havent heard anything about this girl in a really long time.. and a giant f*ck up huh? Is leah a giant f*ck up for sleeping with other men while she was married?

  • The last picture of her and Jace looks like she just taught him how to take buckets…

  • bree

    what do u people care if shes having another kid or not? worry about ur life before u go judging others. i guarantee half u people on here are sluts, trash or shouldnt have kids ur selves. make ur life perfect before u turn around and bash others.

    • AreYoUForReal

      What does concern me right now is your grammar. Are you five? By the way, maybe Janelle should make her life better for her SON. He’s going to wonder why the hell he wasn’t good enough for her to raise.

  • AreYoUForReal

    With all that Olive Garden she guzzles down on the regular, it’s DEFINITELY the heroin keeping her thin. She’d be wearing a belly if she was as clean as she claimed she was,

  • Bobbi-Jo

    They both should’ve been sterilized after their first go at parenting failed. Her age means nothing. Theyre a

  • meshia

    i think for the ones who dislike her should shut up cause i like her . she a human. & i congratzzz her .

  • Brianna

    Just sad…