PHOTOS Teresa Giudice and family celebrate Gia’s 12th birthday

Teresa Giudice and daughter Gia Giudice celebrate Gia's 12th birthday

If The Real Housewives of New Jersey‘s Teresa Giudice were to publish a cookbook for drama, certainly inviting family and friends (including Joe and Melissa Gorga) to her daughter Gia’s 12th birthday party would seemingly be the featured recipe for disaster. But, if these wonderful photos are any indication, the shin dig appeared to go off without incident!

When they’re not feuding, the Giudices and Gorgas are some beautiful fams! Sadly, Joe Gorga had the flu and was unable to attend. Teresa expressed her sympathies for her brother on Twitter prior to the party by writing, “My poor brother with this horrible flu. Everyone, please, get your flu shot!” But just because Joe was sick, that didn’t stop his wife Melissa Gorga, son Joe Jr. and daughter Antonia from attending the festivities, which were held at Space Odyssey USA in Englewood, New Jersey:

Melissa Gorga and son Joe Gorga Jr. Melissa Gorga and daughter Antonia Gorga at Gia Giudice's 12th birthday party

Also in attendance at Giafest were rumored new housewives (though more than likely just “friends of the housewives”) Kim DePaola (aka Kim D) and Jennifer Dalton (below right), the latter bringing her daughter Reign along.

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Kim D Kim DePaola and Teresa Giudice together  Teresa Giudice and Jennifer Dalton with her daughter Reign

Teresa expressed her excitement just prior to attending the party by tweeting, “Headed to Gia’s big birthday party! They grow up so fast, don’t they?” And Gia isn’t the only one growing up fast! Check out this wonderful shot of Gia’s little (though getting bigger!) sister Audriana Giudice:

Joe and Teresa Giudice's daughter Audriana Giudice

And yes, the Gorga and Giudices even posed for a peaceful group photo together!

The Giudices and Gorga pose for group photo at Gia Giudice's 12th birthday party

So could it be that Teresa Giudice and Melissa Gorga have mended fences? If you’ll notice, there were no Manzos in attendance at Gia’s party. Could we have a new dividing line for The Real Housewives of New Jersey Season 5? I guess we’ll have to tune it and see!

  • Honeybear

    Goodness gracious, the outfits these people wear to a kid’s birthday party…

    • dev

      i was thinking that when seeing the booty skirts too! but if you see what she let her twelve year old wear, you can’t be too surprised

  • Remie

    Who dresses like that to a child’s party???

  • Remie

    And who lets their 12 year daughter dress like that???

  • ameliaBedelia76

    Why are there 2 Joe’s in this picture? Also, what shame that Gia wore that. A 12 year showing off her body is what is wrong with this country. Have some modesty for a minute. And all that B.S with Kim G and she was at the party? Teresa is farce and so is everything else in her life.

    • LO that is Joe brother. And also she is only wearing it cause she dances.

      • GingerAnn1212

        My daughter has been dancing for over 10 years, since she was 3 and has NEVER had the need to wear an outfit like that in public.

        • So,people are different!SHe wore it,and that’s it!

  • Jay

    Teresa’s “smile” is the exact same in every picture. Creepy

  • Where are the Wakiles?

  • I love Gia outfit.I used to wear the exact same thing when I used to dance!
    Didn’t Melissa know you where supposed to wear white,shows she dropped by!
    Looks like they had a great time though!