Washington Heights cast Twitter accounts

MTV Washington Heights logo graphic

MTV is ready to introduce the world to the cast of Washington Heights tonight. Because we’re all about helping a viewer / reader out, I thought I’d put together a list of available Twitter accounts for the cast.

Frankie from Washington Heights


Frankie Reese (photo):


Fred Rasuk:


J.P. Perez (Audubon):


Ludwin Federo:





rico from Washington Heights


Reyna Saldana:


Taylor Howell:


Rico Rasuk (photo):


Jimmy Caceres:





The one cast member I couldn’t round up is Eliza Jefferson. You can check out cast photos and bio info provided by MTV in a previous post here. In addition, we put together a helpful maps post that highlights exactly where Washington Heights is located relative to New York City’s massive scope and burroughs.



  • d0rsia

    anything with the word “heights” attached is never a good thing. mtv should just change their name to mindless television network.

  • Kmr

    Eliza Jefferson is Quincy’s cousin, Diddys cute ass step son. She has an Instagram.