PHOTOS Jenelle Evans and Courtland Rogers get new tattoos!

Jenelle Evans and husband Courtland Rogers

So what is there to do in Oak Island, North Carolina early on a Saturday night (without getting arrested)? Let’s see, you could drive down and check out the big fat alligator that eats deer and lives under a bridge. Or you could pop in at “Sweepstakes” and try your luck at video poker. Or maybe you could go for a romantic (but chilly) stroll on the beach. Or you could stay in and Play Black Ops with friends. Or…. you could get some new tattoos!

That’s what Oak Island’s most infamous daughter Jenelle Evans Rogers and her husband Courtland Rogers did last night, and they posted the results on Twitter this morning. Jenelle went with the combination of two visual elements we’ve seen elsewhere on her body with a floral skull design on her right forearm:

Photo of Jenelle Evans skull and rose tattoo on her right forearm

You might also notice that the tattoo includes a feather, which I HOPE is Jenelle making a humorous reference to her now infamous Ke$ha “That’s why I got all these feathers in my hair, for the concert” comment 🙂

Jenelle also posted the original inspiration for the piece along with the tweet, “now if course I didn’t have money for the actual detailing buttttt this is the pic that inspired me:”

Drawing that inspired Jenelle Evans' skull and rose arm tattoo

She later responded to questions about the significance of the design by tweeting, “just a random design that I found very unique”

Courtland, on the other hand, wound up not getting a new tattoo, but instead added some color to an older tattoo of a rebel flag underneath the illusion of torn skin:

Jenelle Evans husband Courtland Rogers' rebel flag chest tattoo

Of course there was a huge backlash over the rebel flag with people tweeting accusations of racism, to which Courtland responded by explaining, “I love black people !! This tatto was dedication to my grandma.” He later added, “So I gotta tattoo finished that was in dedication to my grandma she always told me if I was gonna do that to my body then I had to have that” and “That tattoo has no specific reasoning my grandma was alive when i started it and died before i got it colored in she picked it out not me !!”

Here is a before and after photo of Courtland’s rebel flag tattoo with and without the colors added:

Courtland Rogers has color added to his rebel flag tattoo on his rib cage

Someone later asked Courtland if his grandmother was racist, to which he adamantly replied, “hell no !!! The flag don’t just mean racist !! It was her culture back then !!Of course there’s gonna be a hater”

Jenelle also got in on the discussion, responding to a commenter who pointed out that Courtland had to know the tattoo would get this sort of respone by tweeting, “I knowwww… We seen it coming lmfao but he had to get this colored in or u couldn’t tell what it was.” And she answered another tweeter’s question about what Courtland knew about the Civil War by writing, “his grandmother actually owned the very first railroads here in NC… He knows a lot. His grandmother asked him to get this tatt.”

Jenelle’s tattoo joins her every-expanding skin art collection that includes a large leopard on her right hip, a butterfly skull on her lower back, the letter “J” for Jace on her neck, a rose on her shoulder, and a massive cherry tree blowing in the wind on her back.

* Author’s Note – I realize Jenelle moves around quite a bit and probably doesn’t actually live in Oak Island any more, but As long as she’s still within a 30 mile radius then she will always be in Oak Island in my mind!

BONUS! Here’s Courtland’s infamous “Alnost Fanous” tattoo

  • Kari

    …I thought they were getting divorced…

  • Burkey

    I’m all for tattoos being I have quite a few myself so I try not to judge other people’s ink.. but I just feel like she should think about them longer before she gets them or find a better quality artist. The cherry blossom tree on her back is pretty but some of her others not so much.. that leopard one on her hip is not very well done..and I mean she has YOLO tattooed on her for god sake. It’s a trendy saying from a rap song that people will barely remember a few years from now..

  • Holly

    I believe she also has “YOLO” on her right shoulder/neck/clavicle area, which is the dumbest tattoo idea I’ve ever seen or heard of. I love Jenelle and following her every move, but that is just downright stupid! Also, in reference to the new one posted here, what kind of a person gets a huge spur-of-the-moment tattoo in such an obvious location on her body just because she “found the design unique”. The general rule of thumb regarding tattoos is to be in love with something specific and meaningful for a minimum of about 1-3 years! God! Her whole body is going to be covered with nonsense before she’s even 25 years old!

    • Cheermom

      She will then be just like Maci & Kailyn lol

      • Holly

        that’s right! i forgot them two are covered with pointless ink too!

  • Melissa

    I really love Jenelle’s, but Courtland’s is horrid. It doesn’t even look close to the illusion it’s supposed to. I’ve seen tattoos of the skin pulling back like that that are awesome, but his is just plain bad. I hope they are putting more color in it sometime!

  • teddybear101

    She has a enough money for tattoos but not enough for a lawyer. To get jace back

    • ashley

      And I hope she never gets him back! He’s better off right where he is. Hopefully she won’t get pregnant again for a long time, but knowing jenelle she’ll probably get on a bi-polar high and her and courtland will think It’s a good idea to have a baby.

  • P

    All I gotta say is



  • Mrs bags

    They should save $ for the details.. Stupid!

  • michele

    Neither of those are great tattoos, especially his. So many better things to do with money than waste it on crap like that.

  • “…Do not mark your skin with tattoos….” Lev. 19:28, The Holy Bible.

    • spottedgiraffe

      Old Testament got overrided by the New Testament. I’m sure God doesn’t care. That being said hers are ugly

    • Mickey

      The Bible also condones slavery and marital rape and stoning adulterers and non married rapists and women who don’t obey their husbands soooo

  • Sarah

    I’m sorry but all I can think when I hear any new news about them is: They are truly just pathetic. Enough is enough.

  • A Confederate flag tattoo…that’s classy for sure (NOT). I wish that Jenelle would spend more time concerned about her son than getting new ink.

  • tab

    pure trash.

  • KH

    Man she has a loot of tattoos. Not only does she have the ones you mentioned but she has yolo, a key, Jace Vahn on her wrists,a heart that all the teen mom 2 girls got, & that saying on her stomach. I’m not judging, I’m just saying that’s a lot.

  • Yup

    lol she’s dumb but let her.. & my husband has a tattoo of a rebel flag so i like it haha.

  • Mickey

    His tattoo is to cartoonish, you can tell a new school artist did it. He should have stuck with old school

  • Getting tats together…great! Now if they could just stay clean & sober together.

  • Me

    Her tat looks very mediocre compared to the inspiration design. And as for his..its just stupid for someone to get a CONFEDERATE flag (note this, Starcasm writers) if they have never lived in the true South before. Ugh.

  • Allison

    Oh look, two deadbeat parents getting more trashy tattoos! I thought they were getting divorced.

  • Jenn

    I like how everyone is focused on that one main tat on him when I see three more just as equally worse ones on him. You really think he was going to actually get a good one, with meaning?

  • suomynona

    Given up the recent news that Jenelle is 6really weeks pregnant, wouldn’t this mean she was pregnant but when she got tattooed???