MUG SHOT Teen arrested after posting about drunk driving on Facebook

Jacob Cox-Brown mug shot photo teen arrested after posting about drinking and driving on Facebook

18-year-old Jacob Cox-Brown (mug shot above) of Astoria, Oregon was arrested on New Year’s Day after police were tipped off to a post he had made on Facebook bragging about hitting another vehicle while driving drunk on New Year’s Eve.

Here’s Jacob Cox-Brown’s original post:

Jacob Cox-Brown original Facebook post about driving drunk on New Year's Eve and hitting another car

Astoria Police Officer Nicole Riley was made aware of the post by one of Jacob’s Facebook friends, and another friend called Astoria police Sgt. Brian Aydt with the same tip.

Earlier that morning, officer Riley was on the scene of a hit and run accident in which “a white-colored Scion had been sideswiped, leaving significant damage to the car.” There were “several pieces of tail light and bumper cover” recovered at the scene, believed to be from the car that caused the damage.

After receiving the tips about the Facebook post, Sgt. Brian Aydt and another officer went to Jacob Cox-Brown’s house and found a vehicle with damage consistent with the accident that also matched the debris found at the scene.

Cox-Brown was arrested and taken to Clatsop County Jail. He was charged with two counts of failing to perform the duties of a driver.

According to KGW, “Deputy Chief Brad Johnston said the teen was not charged with drunken driving because the Facebook post is not sufficient evidence that he was intoxicated.”

Jacob Cox-Brown Facebook profile of the teen arrested afte posting about drinking and driving on Facebook

“Astoria Police have an active social media presence,” reads a Wednesday press release from Astoria Police. “It was a private Facebook message to one of our officers that got this case moving, though. When you post … on Facebook, you have to figure that it is not going to stay private long.”

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  • Maria

    Mom and Dad must be so proud.

  • awoman

    Astoria, Oregon! That’s where they filmed The Goonies!

  • steph

    What a moron

  • ashley

    Bet he wouldn’t think driving drunk is so “classsic” if a drunk driver killed someone he loves.

  • PaigeMyrissa

    Astoria is like an hour away from where I live. Way to represent, moron -_-

  • Mickey

    My dad lost a best friend due to drunk driving. I had to watch his heart break once a year when that time came around. This idiot better not get out for a while. Who the hell BRAGS that they’re driving drunk?!? Stupid teens these days!

  • Chantel

    What a loser

  • Burkey

    I know it shouldn’t.. but this type of stupidity and disregard for others that so many people in this world continue to show simply baffles me. I know there’s plenty of people who stupidly drive drunk, especially younger ones who are not mature enough to think through the consequences, but even many of those people aren’t stupid or arrogant enough to then post it on facebook like its some joke. Plenty of people who choose to drive drunk then regret it wether something bad happens or not and this kid seems to just think he’s cool..

  • Sunshine


  • Me

    I was hit by a drunk driver and never fully recovered. He ran a red light and was speeding as I was turning left. He not only totaled my car but totaled my life. I think I should have at least gotten his truck. He wasn’t insured. Wasn’t here legally. Was 3 times the legal limit. He was out of jail on bail before I was out of the ER. I wish people would think. Get a designated driver. Call a cab. Drink at home and don’t go anywhere. Stay the night wherever you are at. It’s not really that hard. And this guy celebrated getting his car out of the impound after being impounded for a month.